3 Day Kayak Trip Locations And Events In The USA (NY): 6 Amazing Places To Kayak In New York

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Some of the best 3-day kayak trip locations in the New York, USA are the St. Regis canoe area, Hudson river, Niagara river, Fulton chain lakes, Genesee river, and Raquette river. Some popular kayak events in New York are The Sunrise Kayak Tour On Carman’s River, Branch And Sunsets Event At Watermark Pier 15 NYC, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The Saint Regis canoe area is about 18,400-acre and it has lots of waterways, ponds, and streams, which are for longer paddling trips
  • The best part of the Saint Regis canoe area is, it will give you an all-around experience that includes fishing, hunting, camping, horse-riding, etc.
  • The Hudson River has some small waterfalls and it is best for slow-moving water paddle in any direction
  • In The Niagara River, the lower section will be best for beginners and intermediate paddlers
  • The Fulton chain lakes are eight lakes and these lakes are excellent places for paddlers who want a relaxing trip  

Top 6 Amazing Places To Kayak In New York

Amazing Places To Kayak In New York

New York state has over 70,000 miles of streams and rivers, not forgetting the reservoirs, ponds, and lakes all around. You will have lots of fun as you explore the waters in New York state regardless of whether you are an experienced or beginner kayaker. We are going to explore the best locations for 3-day kayaking trips. These locations will give different experiences and sceneries throughout the three days.

Kayaking spotLocation lengthWhere to start/launch
St. Regis canoe area Towns of Brighton, Santa Clara, and Harriet town  121 pond acresLittle green pond campground, fish hatchery road, Paul smiths NY 12970
Hudson river Sleepy hollo NY315 miles Waterford 
Niagara river Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, NY36 miles Lake Erie
Fulton chain lakesOld Forge3481 acresEight lake campground boat launch
Genesee river Rochester 4 miles Genesee boat launch
Raquette river Adirondack mountains146 miles Axton landing / Tupper Lake 

1. St. Regis Canoe Area To Tupper Lake

The Saint Regis canoe area is the only designated canoe area in New York, and it’s open year-round for recreational paddling. The area is about 18,400-acre has lots of waterways, ponds, and streams, making it ideal for longer paddling trips. 

You can access the water at upper St. Regis Lake, a little clear pond, Hoel pond, and a long pond. One of the most popular kayak and canoe trips that will take you three days or less is the seven carries. It travels from Little clear pond through St. Regis Pond, green pond, long little pond, the bear pond to lower St. Regis Lake.

Paddlers are advised to be aware of blocked and muddy trails along the way that cannot accommodate wheeled canoe carriers. You will have one or two portages on this trip, but the sceneries and adventure make the portages bearable and worth it. The best part about this location is that you can also enjoy fishing on some waters, hunting, camping, and horse-riding to give you an all-around experience.

2. Hudson River Greenway Water Trail

The Hudson River is a great place to explore slow-moving water that allows you to paddle in any direction. You can embark on this trip for multiple days and start at the boat ramp in Waterford and explore the mohawk river, the shores of Peebles Island state, and some parts of the Erie canal. This river has some small waterfalls that are scenic but can cause rapids on the island’s southern side. However, it is easy to paddle through them since they are class I/II rapids.

3. Niagara River 

The Niagara River is well-known thanks to the Niagara Falls that split the United States and Canada border. Kayaking down this river is an excellent opportunity to enjoy beautiful sites and sceneries. The river offers different experiences to paddlers of all skill levels. For beginners and intermediate paddlers, the lower section is the best place to enjoy your trip. This section is calm and has great sites, including the old Fort Niagara.

For experienced kayakers looking for some thrill, the upper river before the railroad bridge is the place to go. It has strong currents and lots of water making it ideal for white water kayaking. You will need to be cautious as you paddle on this section of the river.

4. Fulton Chain Lakes

The Fulton chain lakes are eight lakes in Adirondack Park that extends across 3481 acres. These lakes are excellent places for paddlers who want a relaxing trip and those trying out long-distance paddling for the first time. The only downside of kayaking on these lakes is that you need to watch out for motorboats all the time.

5. Genesee River 

Multi-day kayak adventures are more enjoyable when you have different sites to enjoy. The Genesee River stretches 4 miles and gives you scenic views of waterfalls and deep gorges. It is fast-flowing with a rapid rating of class I and II. You need to have some white-water experience before you start your kayak trip on this river. You can start your trip inside the state park at adventure calls outfitters, 7051 lower falls road, Castile, NY 14427. If you are looking for a kayak trip that will incorporate a nightlife experience, this is the perfect destination. Genesee River is a popular kayaking destination, and you need to plan your trip and book your kayak rentals in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments.

6. Raquette River 

For paddlers looking to see wildlife on their kayaking trip, we recommend the Raquette river any day. This river stretches 146 miles, and you can launch at Tupper Lake or Axton, landing for longer trips.  This location offers a relaxing and unbeatable paddling experience on calm water that is ideal for beginners.

What Are Some Kayak Events In NY?

Kayak Events In NY

Kayak events haven’t regained popularity since the lockdown and organizers have gone slow to create such events. However, there are a few events you can look out for and call in advance to be sure of the regulations in place. Some of these events include:

1. The Sunrise Kayak Tour On Carman’s River

This event is organized by JMC getaways and is ideal for both kayaking and canoeing. It is held in Brookhaven, and charges start at $30. this year’s event is scheduled for Saturday 6th November starting at 6:45 AM.

2. Branch And Sunsets Event At Watermark Pier 15 NYC

This event is held every Saturday at watermark; it involves all watersport enthusiasts coming together to enjoy the outdoors while indulging in their favorite foods. With this event, you can expect to spend anything between $100- $400, depending on your meal and drink choices.

How To Prepare For A Kayaking Trip To NY And Kayak Laws For NY State

Before you can decide to embark on a kayaking trip, you need to understand your destination and prepare adequately. It is essential to know what the law requires of you and what you need to guarantee your safety. 

Kayak Laws In NY State

1. You must wear a PFD at all times while canoeing and kayaking between 1st November and 1st May. During the rest of the year, you can kayak without wearing a PFD, but you need to make sure you have enough PFDs that are within reach for everyone onboard.

2. It is illegal to kayak under the influence of alcohol in NY.

3. If your kayak has a trolling motor, you need to ensure it is registered

4. Children below age 12 need to wear a PFD at all times.

What You Need When Kayaking In NY

For most kayakers, myself included, packing for you’re multi-day kayaking trip is as exciting as the trip itself. It is perfectly fine to get excited, but this excitement often leads to us forgetting some essentials for the trip. Below is a checklist for what you need to carry on your trip to NY

1. A swimsuit to keep you from getting wet and cold

2. A hat and sunglasses to keep you cool and protected from sun rays

3. Bug spray and sunscreen

4. A water bottles

5. Flashlight 

6. Enough money for kayak rentals and food

 7. Your phone and maps

Summing Up

New York state has a lot to offer regarding waterways and sceneries; paddlers enjoy a great time in these locations and head on to discover others. Plan your trip and enjoy the great waterways of this state; let us know where you choose and share this with your kayaking friends so that they can also enjoy venturing to new destinations.



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