The 9 Best Kayak Cup Holder In 2023 (Reviews, Comparisons & Factors)

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A cup holder can be an excellent kayak accessory for you if you love drinking your favorite drink while kayaking. There are various types of kayak cup holders available amount them you can opt for rail-mounted cup holders. This type of cup holder is durable and you can easily mount the holder on the rails of your kayak.

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  • Best Value: No products found.
  • Best Versatility: No products found.
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  • Best For Can Koozies: No products found.
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9 Best Kayak Cup Holder

What’s The Best Kayak Cup Holder For Budget?

If you have a little budget at hand, the No products found. can make a great add-on to your kayak. It costs less than $15, yet has everything you need to enjoy your kayaking day. If it’s mounting, you can fit it anywhere and without relying on the rails.

Even so, the No products found. is our overall best kayak cup holder, all thanks to the cool design and general pricing. Of course, many will argue it’s for bikes and motorcycles, but you can fasten the clamp on the coaming.

Here is a summary of the system and some other alternative kayak cup holders you might like:

Best Overall: No products found.

Rugged, waterproof fabric body, easy to clean, effortless to mount, can hold a variety of cup sizes, and a drain hole on the bottom

Best Budget: No products found.

So affordable, sturdy plastic material, quick to install, holds cold or warm cups and can be used with almost any kayak

Best Value: No products found.

Two kayak cup holders, reasonable price tag, tough steel material, offers a stable grip, straightforward to mount, and can fit most kayaks

Best Versatility: No products found.

Has plenty of storage spaces, holds various cup sizes, can lock the dry-seal hatch, and is straightforward to attach to the kayak

Best Design: No products found.

Keeps the drinks cold, has generous pricing, is straightforward to mount, can stick horizontal/ vertical surfaces, is sturdy and long-lasting 

Best For Can Koozies: No products found.

Holds wider water bottles or cups with a koozie, offers a secure grip, simple to attach/ remove, and fits most kayak rail systems

Alternative 1: No products found.

Has a high impact plastic body, is effortless to install, fits most kayak models, accommodates wider water bottles and cups with a koozie

Alternative 2: No products found.

Hold slim beer cans, stick to a smooth flat surface, keep the drinks cool, straightforward to set up, work with a variety of kayak models, strong and durable

Alternative 3: No products found.

Has reasonable pricing, works with various cup sizes, is easy to install/ remove, fits many kayak rail track systems, and is durable.

The Best Kayak Cup Holder Sizing Comparison Chart

Here is a summary of the diameter and the height of the various kayak cup holders. It will help you determine which product will fit the thickness of your water bottle or beer can.

Kayak Cup Holder BrandUnique QualityDiameter
No products found.Best Overall3.5 by 4.1 inches
No products found.Best Budget3.8 by 4.3 inches
No products found.Best Value3.0 by 4.0 inches
No products found.Best versatility17.0 by 17.2 inches
No products found.Best Design3.4 by 5.4 inches
No products found.Best for Can Koozie3.8 by 4.4 inches
No products found.Alternative 13.8 by 4.3 inches
No products found.Alternative 22.9 by 6.1 inches
No products found.Alternative 33.2 by 4.0 inches

The 9 Best Kayak Cup Holder Reviews

In this part, we’re going to look at the detailed description of the nine selections of cup holders. We’ll look at the key features, advantages, and drawbacks that you ought to know before you shop. Hopefully, it’ll be interesting and helpful.

Best Overall: Kemimoto MU-BZH0191-02 Bar Kayak Can Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions‎ 3.94″L x 3.94″W x 5.12″H
MaterialStainless, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Mesh, Steel

As was mentioned, the Kemimoto design is our first recommendation if you’re looking for a great cup holder for your kayak. It’s more suited to boats and maybe bikes that have a rail rod, but you can also use kayaks that have a coaming. The mounting clamp has a 360-degree adjustable profile that you can use with verticle or horizontal bars, ranging 0.6 to 1.75-inch thick.

At about 4 inches in diameter, the kayak cup holder can handle a wide 24-oz bottle with ease. It also has a drawstring closure so that you can tighten the top when using slimmer bottles like18-oz or 12 oz.

More on that, the can holder has two sides mesh pockets that you can use for small items like sunglasses or card fishing bait. And since the body is 600D Oxford fabric, you won’t need to worry about rust or dirt.


1. It has a sturdy and durable design

2. The fabric is easy to clean

3. Quick and effortless to mount

4. Can hold a variety of cup sizes

5. Features a drain hole on the bottom

6. It has reasonable pricing.


1. It doesn’t fit all kayaks

2. It’s a bit shaky with heavier items.

Best Budget: Scotty #310 Bulkhead Drink Kayak Cup Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions‎ 7 x 5 x 5 inches

Summary Features:

1. Sturdy plastic material

2. Wide tapering design

3. Predrilled screwing holes 

4. Horizontal/ vertical mounting

Although it only costs about twelve dollars, this cup holder can make a great addition to your canoe. It has a sturdy plastic body, with a spacious interior that you can use with a wide water bottle or coffee mug. You can also with slim beer cans, albeit it might be wobbly on wavy waters.

The cup holder is straightforward to mount or remove when not in use. It has both the bulkhead and gunnel mount. So, you can mount horizontally or vertically. But again, the mount doesn’t fit into the integrated kayak rail tracks. So you’ll need to improvise at the compass recess or any other slot without causing any damages.


1. It’s very affordable

2. Feels strong and durable

3. Easy and quick to install

4. Will hold cold or warm cups

5. It can be used with almost any kayak


1. It doesn’t hold to the kayak rail track

2. It has limited mounting descriptions and instructions.

Best Value: SwirlyGig SkiffDaddy Kayak Drink Cup Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions7″L x 4″W x 6″H
MaterialSteel with PVC Coating

Summary Features:

1. 2x kayak cup holders

2. About 3-inch diameter

3. Manufactured in the USA

4. Easy-hook attachment

5. Hard-drawn steel with PVC coating

While it’s not the best-looking design, this set can hold your beverage cans firmly and securely. It consists of two cup holders, each featuring a spiral construction with a tough steel and PVC coating to protect against the harsh weather elements.

Both can holders have a spacious and deep interior that will keep your items in place without the chances of spilling. They have a fixed 3-inch mouth and a tapering profile. So, it might not be the best option for your wide water bottles.

Furthermore, the kayak has a simple attachment, which you can hook on the horizontal coaming or deck rim as long it falls within 114 inches thickness. 


1. It has a reasonable price tag

2. Has a tough and durable build

3. Offers a solid and stable grip

4. Straightforward to attach and remove

5. You can fit almost anywhere within the reach


1. Not ideal for wider/ insulated water cups

2. It can only hang the water bottler facing outside.

Best Versatility: Wilderness Systems 8070001 Kayak Konsole Cup Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions17” x 17.25”

Summary Features:

1. Tough plastic material

2. Universal cup holder

3. Dry-seal locking hatch

4. Bonus mesh bag

5. 17” x 17.25” in size

If you have a Wilderness Systems Pungo kayak, this piece should be a must-have. It has a simple yet lovely design, with two slots that you can use to hold your bottle of wine and a glass as you merry on the blue waters.

The cup holder has a universal sizing that you can use with the standard water bottles up to 32 ounces. If not that, you can use the cup holder as quick storage for hooks, pliers, and bug spray, albeit there’s an added mesh pocket and a larger compartment for that purpose. The larger hatch is even water-tight so that your casual clothes, electronic gadgets, or food can remain dry and fresh.


1. It has plenty of storage spaces

2. Can hold up a variety of cup sizes

3. You can lock the dry-seal hatch

4. Features a sturdy and durable body

5. It’s Straightforward to attach on supported kayaks


1. It’s relatively  pricey

2. Takes pretty much space of the cockpit

3. Tricky to fit on kayaks with a molded dashboard

Best Design: Toadfish Teal Non-Tipping Suction Surfing Kayak Cup Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions340 Milliliters
Material‎Stainless Steel

Summary Features:

1. Suction cup bottom

2. Stainless steel material

3. Double-walled vacuum

4. Vertical/ horizontal surfaces

5. Standard 12-ounce water bottles

Overall, this cup holder has the coolest design of all. Of course, not that it has any intense sophistication we can say, but the bottom has a suction cup. Thus, make sure your beer can stick around even after you meet up with hungry waves.

Another great feature of the device is the double walls that create a vacuum to keep your beer can cooler. It also has a well-made build, with a solid stainless steel body to protect against rust and ensure durability.

Furthermore, the can holder has a slightly large interior that you can use with the standard 12-ounce beverage cans with ease. It also has a nice seal on the top and enough depth so that you can put slim cans without the risk of spilling.


1. It helps keep the drinks cooler 

2. Has a generous price tag

3. Feels sturdy and long-lasting 

4. Straightforward to mount and use

5. Offers a firm and secure hold

6. It can stick on a horizontal or vertical surface


1. It will not stick on rough surfaces

2. Doesn’t hold very strong on plastic

3. No ideal for drinking cans with an insulator

Best For Can Koozie: Yakattack SSO-1001 MultiMount Kayak Cup Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions1″L x 1″W x 1″H
Material‎Stainless Steel

Summary Features:

1. Wider or insulated cups

2. 3.8-inch diameter top

3. 100% made in the USA

4. Adjustable gear track stud

5. High-impact plastic material

If you’re looking for a nice cup holder for your can with a koozie, the Yakattack design does fit the bill. It has a 3.8-inch and 3.6-inch diameter for the top and bottom respectively. So, even your 32-inch Nalgene bottles can fit without a hassle.

The cup holder comprises premium materials, with a solid plastic to give firmer support to your cup while still ensuring durability. It has a T-bolt at the bottom, which you can fit into the rail track system of your kayak. But if you have a Feel Free Lure 10 or any other kayak model from this brand, you’ll need to get the track adapters (separately).


1. It has a slightly large interior

2. Offers a firm and stable grip

3. Has a rugged and durable build 

4. Simple to attach and use

5. Fits majority of kayak rail systems

6. It has a friendly budget


1. It lacks a water draining hole

2. Pretty wide for holding thin beer cans

Alternative 1: Scotty #309 White Bulkhead Coffee Mug Cans Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions4.75″L x 5″W x 6.5″H

Summary Features:

1. Tapered cup holder

2. Two large side slits

3. Tough plastic construction

4. Bottom or side mounting

5. 4-inch top, 3 inches bottom

This is a great alternative if you need a wider cup holder for your big drinking habits or a can with a koozie. It has a tapered design that measures about 4 inches on the top, 3 inches on the bottom, and 4.25 inches for the overall height. So, you can even use a bit thinner cups with minimal chances of spilling.

Just as the name, the cup holder comes in a solid plastic build, with a decent white shade to blend with your flamboyant kayak. It also has multiple mounting options, including a bulkhead/ gunnel mount and a post mount. So, you can attach it in place on a horizontal board or a vertical console wall. If not that, you can attach an adapter to fit on the rail track system of your kayak.


1. It has a strong and durable design

2. Effortless and quick to install

3. Doesn’t need additional parts to work

4. Can use in most kayak models and brand

5. It can hold wider water bottles and cups with a koozie


1. Who Is The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS For

2. You might need to put holes in your kayak

3. No ideal for phones. Mp3, or keys (too large side slits)

Alternative 2: Toadfish Slim Teal Non-Tipping Can Cooler Cup Holder Pack

No products found.

ColorWHITE 2-Pack
Product Dimensions340 Milliliters
Material‎Stainless Steel

Summary Features:

1. 2x non-tipping cup holders

2. Bottom suction cups

3. Sturdy stainless steel

4. Removable rubber gasket

5. Double-walled cooling vacuum

If you need a simple but cool holder for your beers, this product set can make it up for you. It consists of two cup holders, both featuring a sleek design and a slim profile for holding thinner beverage cans or water bottles. 

The can holder has a sturdy stainless steel body for solid support and a longer lifetime. There’s also a double-walled vacuum that helps keep your drink cold until the last sip. Then, the bottom has a suction cup to help keep the item upright by just sticking on a flat surface. So, you won’t need to get other parts to use it or else drill holes on your precious water toy.


1. It can stick to any smooth flat surface

2. Feels strong and durable

3. Helps keep the drinks cool 

4. Straightforward to set up and use

5. Can work on a variety of kayak models/ brands


1. It’s relatively expensive 

2. Not the best for wide/ cans with a koozie

Alternative 3: Brocraft SG_B077ZTG22N_US Kayak Track Drink Holder

No products found.

Product Dimensions4.8 x 4.69 x 4.25 inches

Summary Features:

1. Tapered and deep

2. Predrilled drain holes

3. T-shaped mount stud

4. Kayak track systems

5. Sturdy nylon plastic material

Last but not least is a lovely alternative if you have a small budget at hand or don’t want to risk investing in uncertainty. It’s a sturdy plastic and a steel rail track to keep your loaded can in position without spilling or even slanting.

The cup holder is relatively big as you can put up to 20-ounce or 24-ounce water bottles without a hassle. But then, the device has a tapered style, featuring a wide mouth and a narrower bottom. So, a small cup or can wobble as you paddle along rough waters.

More on that, the cup holder has multiple predrilled drain holes. So, you won’t need to bother drilling or worry about it holding water.


1. It’s very affordable

2. Can hole various cup sizes

3. Easy to install and remove

4. Has a strong, durable design

5. It can work on most kayak rail track systems

Quick Guide: The 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Good Kayak Cup Holder

There are several things that hold dear the overall functionality of your kayak cup holder. They will determine the way your coffee cup or beer can fit and how you enjoy your kayaking tour.

These Factors Include:

1. Size: ensure you pick the right inner area that fits your gulping habits. If you do it big or use a cup with an insulator, a wider cup holder is a perfect choice.

2. Compatibility: Different cup holders have different designs and mounting requirements. So, make sure you choose the right piece for your kayak brand.

3. Stability: The last thing you want is your cup dancing along with the rough waters as you paddle. So, make sure your prospective cup holder holds your drinks securely as it’ll also prevent accidental spilling.

4. Material Quality: It makes no sense to buy a cup holder today, but then it breaks after two days. So, check and make sure the previous users commend its durability.

5. User-Friendly: The worst thing is to get a product that takes hours to set up or keeps on breaking loose from its mount. Also, a cup holder that’s easy to use can help make sure you make the most of the little time you have for kayaking.

Does The Wilderness Kayak Konsole Comes With a Cup Holder?

Wilderness Systems has been one of the top providers of recreational kayaks for over three decades. Their equipment is not only high performance but also comes in brilliant colors to get you where you want to be in style.

Also, most Wilderness Systems kayaks come with an integrated dashboard that can have cup holders for your favorite refreshment drinks, a removable dry-box, and or mounting smartphones. A good example is the No products found. that you can attach to your Pungo kayak.

Sadly, however, the Kayak Konsole is specifically for Wilderness Systems kayaks. You can use it with some recreational kayaks 12-feet and above, yes, but there’s no guarantee it will fit. So, you’ll need to consult first if you have Lifetime, Necky, or Perception kayaks. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is A Kayak Cup Holder Worth It?

While they ought to, many Kayaks don’t actually with a cup holder, yet it’s very crucial. As a paddler, you can use the gadget to keep your tour refreshment drink within the reach for better kayaking moments. You could also use the cup holder to keep small items like pliers, card fishing baiting, or even sunglasses. And if you’re using the Wilderness Systems Konsole Cup Holder, you’ll have an added advantage of the dry-seal hatch.

2. What’s The Best Kayak Cup Holder For Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120?

Wilderness Systems is one of the top providers of a recreational kayak. The Tarpon 120 is one of the colorful series from the brand and the best if you would love to bring the furry friend onboard.

Some of the best cup holders you can use on the Wilderness Systems Kayak model include:

1. No products found.

2. No products found.
3. No products found.
4. No products found.
5. No products found.


 While it might seem like any other accessories, a kayak cup holder can make your water moments something to enjoy. Not just to bring your beverage close on hand but also to ensure you can paddle for longer hours without getting parched. 

In the article, we’ve covered various alternatives that you can use to choose the best kayak cup holder that suits your needs. But if still confused about which to choose, you can check out the No products found. and No products found.. They both are budget-friendly, strong, a bit large, and highly recommended by previous users.

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