Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak Review;( Price, Features, And Specs Explained)

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Aqua Glide Navarro 130 kayak is a one-person open deck recreational touring kayak. This kayak is 13 feet long and has a unique Hex Shell-covered pontoon hull and a drop-stitch hard bottom floor; the kayak is built for adventure and inspires confidence with its stable tracking.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aqua glide Navarro line of versatile kayaks is the industry leader when it comes to drop-stitched floors and pontoon-style hulls
  • If you are looking for an inflatable touring kayak that is not too expensive then Aqua Glide Navarro 130 will be the best option
  • The Aqua glide Navarro 130 kayak costs $699, and it is an excellent price for a convertible inflatable kayak
  • The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 has a deck cover made from 600-Denier Hexcel Ripstop Polyester
  • The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 has paddle holders on each side of the kayak to hold your paddle which is very convenient

This article takes you through everything you need to know concerning the Aqua glide Navarro 130 kayak; we review the kayak in detail and let you decide if it is worth buying. Please stick with us to the end.

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Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak; What Is It, And Who Is It Meant For?

The Aqua glide Navarro 130 is a convertible inflatable kayak that has a rigid drop-stitch floor. It is designed as a recreational touring kayak that is comfortable and stable in any weather condition. The kayak is a charmer and also very functional, giving you immense value for money.

This kayak is meant to cater to various user segments; it is best for anyone looking for an inflatable touring kayak that is not too expensive. 

How Much Does The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak Cost?

The Aqua glide Navarro 130 kayak costs $699, an excellent price for a convertible inflatable kayak. Compared to other similar kayaks, the Aqua glide Navarro is quite affordable and worth buying.

Features Of The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Convertible Inflatable Kayak

1. It Has A Deck Cover Made From 600-Denier Hexcel Ripstop Polyester

This kayak features an open deck cover that protects from elements, puncture resistance, durability, and UV protection.

2. Has A Removable Rigid Bottom Drop-Stitched Floor For Stiffness And Durability

The signature drop-stitched floor makes the kayak stiff, and durable and improves performance. You can easily remove it for cleaning and take it back with ease.

3. It Comes With A Core 2.0 Padded Seat With A Supportive Backrest

The Aqua glide Navarro 130 is comfortable even when you need to paddle for long hours; this is because it has a padded seat with a breathable and supportive high backrest that keeps you cool on warm days.

4. Features Hook And Loop Strips That Hold The Seats Firmly In Place As You Paddle

The seat pad is connected to hook and loop strips running along the floor to hold the seat firmly in place while paddling. This makes the kayak more comfortable, and you experience no fatigue even on long paddling adventures.

5. Has Foot Braces That Attach To The Floor For Customized Height Adjustment

The foot braces ensure that your feet maintain a comfortable position as you paddle.  They are easy to install since they are attached to the floor. The best part about the foot braces is that they can be adjusted according to the paddler’s height.

5. Features A Storage Space Beneath The Deck That Can Be Accessed Quickly Through The Zippers On The Bow And Stern

This zippered access cargo hold allows for easy retrieval of gear from both sides of the kayak

6. It Has A Bungee Deck Lace Rigging That Provides Convenient Storage To Dry Bags And Other Gear That Is Not Stored In The Hull

The kayak has bungee cords that come in handy to hold the gear that won’t fit in the storage beneath. This lacing system ensures your gear is held securely throughout the adventure.

1. It comes with an inflatable deck raiser that raises the deck to shed water and offer ample legroom

2. Has paddle holders on each side to hold your paddle as you enjoy other activities

The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 has paddle holders on each side of the kayak to hold your paddle. These come in handy when you need to retrieve gear from the storage, enjoy a non-paddling activity or take a break.

7. Comes With A Weedless Tracking Fin That Is Easy To Install And Offers Improved Tracking On The Water.

The Aqua glide Navarro 130 kayak offers excellent tracking on the water thanks to this tracking fin. The fin is removable, quick-release, and easy to install; you won’t need any specialized skill to install it. When the fin is attached, you will notice improved control and tracking as you paddle.

8. Has Molded Carry Handles At The Bow And Stern And Comfortable Side Handles For Easy Carrying

Whether you are carrying the kayak with a friend or by yourself, you will not struggle. It has molded carry handles that allow for easy 2-person carrying and side handles for one-person carrying.

9. Its Stern Has A Drain Plug That Lets Out Water When Cleaning The Kayak 

If you’ve used different kayaks, you know that this is an excellent and functional feature. Nothing is as irritating as having a kayak that you have to flip over each time to let out water. The drain plug expels any water to ensure the kayak gets clean and also dries fast.

Specifications Of The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak

Brand Aqua Glide
MaterialHexcel 600-denier ripstop polyester
Best useFlatwater kayaking
Length13 feet
Width39 inches
Weight 35 pounds
Number of paddlers1-person
Maximum weight capacity400 pounds

How Does The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak Perform On The Water?

This recreational touring kayak is meant for all-around use and is specially designed for flatwater kayaking. We tested the kayak and compiled feedback from other users to give you a comprehensive review of this vessel’s performance. Here’s our rating based on comfort, stability, and maneuverability;

1. Comfort 

The Aqua glide Navarro kayak is super comfortable to paddle for any water activity. When you get on the kayak, it feels enclosed, almost as if it is hugging you. The seats are padded and have a supportive backrest to ensure you don’t experience any fatigue. The kayak also features adjustable foot braces that ensure your feet remain comfortable regardless of your height. It also has ample storage space for stowing gear to ensure you are not inconvenienced as you paddle.

2. Stability

This kayak is amongst the most stable inflatable kayaks I’ve come across. The drop-stitch floor makes it even more stable, and you are guaranteed your safety on the water. As a flatwater kayak, the stability is impressive and will exceed your expectations.

3. Maneuverability 

The Aqua glide Navarro 130 kayak offers excellent maneuverability and tracking. It has a tracking fin that makes it even better. With this kayak, you can paddle in a straight line and cut corners with ease.

Our overall rating of this kayak’s performance is ten out of 10. It delivers what the manufacturer has promised and beyond.

Strengths Of The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak

1. Quite affordable of its quality and features

2. Designed for durability and superior performance

3. Has a tracking fin for improved tracking

4. Ample storage options

5. Features molded handles for easy transport

6. Stable enough for paddlers of all skill levels

7. Has solid and heavy-duty zippers

8. Comfortable and easy to handle

Weaknesses Of The Aqua Glide Navarro 130 Kayak

1. Doesn’t do well in whitewater


The Aqua glide Navarro 130 kayak is one of its kind; it is affordable and offers excellent performance and durability. If you’ve considered purchasing this kayak, do not postpone the fun by hesitating to buy. We think it is worth buying, and every fun-loving kayaker should own one.


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