Are Hobie Kayaks Worth The Money?

Fact Checked By James A Rockey | Post Updated On: November 22, 2022
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Yes, Hobie kayaks are worth every coin you pay for them. These boats have quality construction and premium features that are not found in other low-cost boats. The materials and unique designs bring about the cost of Hobie kayaks.

Key Takeaways

  • Hobie Kayak is a very renowned brand when it comes to quality watercraft as well as comprehensive parts and accessories
  • The price of different types of Hobie Kayaks starts way above $1000 and it can range from $1400 – $7000+
  • Hobie kayaks are made from the highest quality linear polyethylene material that makes the kayak lightweight but extremely durable
  • The outer skin of the kayaks is made from ASA polymer to offer impact resistance and unmatched durability
  • Hobie Kayaks have pedal technology that allows hands-free propulsion in any direction

How Much Do Hobie Kayaks Cost?

Before we explain the pricing of Hobie kayaks, let’s have a look at their kayaks and their prices. The table below lists all the Hobie kayaks currently in the market and their prices.

Mirage pedal kayak seriesThese kayaks have a pedal propulsion system and kick-up fins
Mirage passport 10.5$1499
Mirage lynx $2699
Mirage compass$2349
Mirage passport 12.0$1699
Mirage compass duo$3499
Mirage Outback $3149
Mirage revolution 11$2749
Mirage revolution 13$2899
Mirage oasis$4449
Mirage inflatable pedal kayaksThese inflatable kayaks are powered by the mirage drive technology and kick-up fins, and they are convenient, portable, and high performing with drop-stitch construction
Mirage Itrek 9 ultralight $2199
Mirage Itrek 11$2799
Mirage Itrek 14 Duo$4199 
Mirage Itrek fiesta$ 5,399 
Mirage pro angler 360 series These are the ultimate fishing kayaks built around 360 drive and kick-up fin technology for power in every direction
Mirage pro angler 12$ 4799
Mirage pro angler 14$4999
Mirage pro angler 14 mike Iaconelli edition$5299
Mirage pro angler fishing kayak seriesPro anglers are geared to put you on the fish with the Mirage Drive 180
Mirage pro angler 12$3899
Mirage pro angler 14$4049
Mirage island seriesThese are multi-mode performers that can be used to fish, sail, paddle, and pedal
Mirage adventure island $5299
Mirage tandem island $7499

Five Reasons Why Hobie Kayaks Are Expensive

Five Reasons Why Hobie Kayaks Are Expensive

 As you can tell from the table above, Hobie Mirage kayaks are not your average kayaks. These are premium kayaks with extraordinary features that make them stand out even in terms of pricing. So, what are you getting when paying over $1000 for a kayak? Here are some of the reasons why Hobie kayaks are expensive.

1. They Are Made From Durable And Expensive Material

Hobie kayaks are made from the highest quality linear polyethylene material that makes the kayak lightweight but extremely durable. This material also makes the kayaks recyclable and repairable. The material used to make these kayaks is expensive, and the technology used also adds up to the cost.

These kayaks have an ACE-TEC construction to make them last for years while delivering optimal performance. Hobie kayaks do not reduce their value even with years of use. This construction features a molded, lightweight, and watertight EPS foam core and fiberglass reinforcement to improve performance and stiffness. The outer skin of the kayaks is made from ASA polymer to offer impact resistance and unmatched durability. The vessels also have molded external inserts for maximum strength.

The Hobie Mirage inflatable kayak series are made from 550 denier PVC, making them lighter and more durable. These kayaks are worth paying more for since the materials used in construction are top-notch and will last for years.

2. They Have A Unique Design Which Adds To The Cost

Hobie Mirage kayaks are known for their unique designs for both hard-shell and inflatable kayaks. You will always spot a Hobie kayak when you see one since they are not the generic kayaks found in the market. The technology used to come up with these unique designs is expensive and translates to the final cost of their kayaks.

Hobie kayaks feature a new kick-up fin technology which includes adding fins and rudders to the kayaks for improved tracking and control. These kayaks also have pedals and sail kits that allow hands-free propulsion. Hobie kayaks incorporate designs, features, and technology that makes them excellent performance. The boats are also specialized for specific activities and come with features to support these functions. 

With all these features, it becomes apparent that you have to pay more to own this kayak than other simple kayak designs.

3. These Boats Are Made In The USA, Which Means Higher Production Costs

Hobie kayaks are manufactured in California, and this means that the cost of labor and production is higher than for boats made in third-world countries. Costs such as energy, factory costs, and repairs are substantially higher in the USA compared to other countries. American-built boats also mean superior quality, which must reflect in the price.

4. Hobie Kayaks Have A Pedal Technology That Allows Hands-Free Propulsion In Any Direction

One of the other reasons Hobie kayaks cost a fortune and are worth paying for is the pedal technology. The mirage drive with glide technology available on both hard-shell kayaks and inflatable ones makes the kayaks worth buying. The technology allows kayakers to enjoy hands-free propulsion and relax while on the water. This feature comes in handy, especially when fishing since you can concentrate on casting and reeling. The mirage drive with glide technology also adds to the speed and maneuverability of the kayaks.

The kayaks also have kick-up fins that help to improve tracking performance. These fins are easy to launch and remove when paddling in areas with obstacles and vegetation. Considering the comfort and peace of mind that comes with having these features on your vessel, the kayaks are worth buying at their recommended retail price.

5. They Have Sail Kits And Other Well-Thought-Out Accessories

Sail kits make these kayaks ride through the wind impressively, and you can move without having to paddle so long as it’s windy. They also help the boat tackle the wind and rough weather impressively. Hobie Mirage kayaks also come with all the accessories you need to get started on the water and have a comfortable adventure. These accessories include twist and seal hatches, bottle openers, comfortable seats, pumps, paddles for inflatable series, and many others. These accessories add up to the kayak cost but are worth paying for because of the convenience they provide.

How To Choose The Right Hobie Kayak For You

How To Choose The Right Hobie Kayak For You

Hobie Mirage has more than 20 kayak models to choose from. Finding one that fits your needs can sound complicated when you have all those options to choose from. This section gives you some useful tips on choosing a kayak that will work best for you.

1. Consider What You Plan To Use The Kayak For

Hobie makes kayaks ready for different adventures, but you might want a specialized kayak for your specific activity. If you plan to do serious angling, consider a kayak with more significant hatches for your extra tackle and one that comes with features such as rod holders and mounts for your fish finders. If you want a kayak for family adventures, go for a spacious kayak with enough weight capacity for your family. Choose a kayak whose accessories attend to your needs.

2. Consider Your Size And Weight

It goes without saying that bigger kayakers will need a bigger kayak. If you are a tall paddler, consider getting a kayak whose cockpit will feel comfortable for you.

3. Choose A Shape That Compliments Your Most Preferred Activity

Hobie kayaks come in different shapes, and each is designed for different needs. Short and compact boats are great for paddlers who want to access shallow water and handle sharp turns.  Long and slender boats will work well for those looking to cover longer distances. We recommended trying out the kayaks before you buy so that you are in a better position to choose the right one.

Conclusion: Should I Buy A Hobie Kayak?

Hobie kayaks are amongst the most expensive kayak models in the market worldwide, but they are worth every penny you spend on them. They are built for durability and maximum performance and come with unique features and accessories to ensure comfort throughout your adventure. If you are an experienced kayaker who knows what they want in a kayak, then a Hobie kayak is worth buying. You get all the premium features in a kayak and are guaranteed to have the kayak for years. 

Buying a Hobie kayak is a worthy investment that will change how you experience kayaking. Go ahead and get that kayak to start enjoying nature in a better way.


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