How Much Do Bennington Pontoon Boats Cost?

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If you are interested in buying a luxury pontoon boat, then Bennington is a great brand to consider. The brand customizes the boat according to customer preference: you choose the floorplan and length of your boat to determine how much you will pay. Their boats have a price ranging between $14 995 to $ 280,193.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bennington pontoon boats are equipped with Seastar power-assist hydraulic steering and it is one of the main reasons people love their pontoons
  • Bennington offers a structural and decking warranty for life and gets another 10-year warranty from bow to stern
  • Bennington pontoon boats have a two-tone sim text vinyl contoured with detailed stitching
  • Bennington 168 SLV is one of the bestselling Bennington pontoon boats and it will cost you $22,495

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Bennington 

 Why You Should Buy A Bennington

Bennington pontoon boats started as a small company in 1997 whose vision was to build the best pontoon boats. We could say that their vision has guided them to success because currently, they are the best brand in the world and the most trusted. Below are some reasons why most people prefer it and why you should consider buying this brand.

1. Hydraulic Steering

The Bennington pontoon boats have been equipped with Seastar power-assist hydraulic steering. This steering ensures that you use less effort to avoid trouble while at the wheel. While driving, you will not have to use energy because the engines offer a higher horsepower. With such capabilities, you will enjoy the ride much like anyone else in the boat.

2. Keels 

These pontoon boats have reinforced keels that act as guides at the bottom of the tubes. They are used to protect your boat in case the water you are sailing in is too shallow. If you go sailing in salty water, you should consider getting your boat additional solid keels.

3. Warranty 

Whenever you want to buy something that will cost you a large amount of money, you always consider the warranty. A warranty gives you more confidence in a product, and the longer the warranty period, the more confidence you will have. Bennington offers the best warranty policy in the industry. You will get a structural and decking warranty for life and get another 10-year warranty from bow to stern. This tells you a lot about this brand. A high-quality product provides a great warranty policy because of their confidence in their product.

4. Luxurious 

When buying a pontoon boat, luxury is a major factor that you should look at. Who would like to be on a pontoon boat that is not luxurious? Whatever your purpose with a pontoon boat, it should provide you with comfort. Bennington understands this; no wonder they build their boats in such a way that you will feel comfort and luxury. The pontoon boats have a two-tone sim text vinyl contoured with detailed stitching. It is further coupled with dense foam underneath, making the seats plush and comfortable. The floor is woven vinyl complementing the seats well, and the lounge is large. 

5. Furniture 

Bennington offers premium furniture with an ergonomic design that adds comfort to your seating. High-density foam will support you and ensure that you are comfortable while enjoying yourself on the water. The boat furniture has been designed to be comfortable and resists moisture.

6. Thru-bolt Technology 

While other pontoon boat manufacturers use a screw to hold their hulls together, Bennington does not. They have a more reliable technology that can hold your hull for several years. They use the thru-bolt technology on every boat hill, so whichever you will choose, you will choose with confidence, knowing that it cannot let you down. You will use your pontoon boat for several years without feeling the effect on your hull, and the ride will be as stable as can be.

7. Additional Performance Foils

Bennington pontoon boats use additional performance foils for hydrodynamic lift. They will also give your pontoon boat a higher acceleration, top speed, and better stability. Nothing gives you more confidence than riding on a stable boat. Other models like SPS, ESP, and ESP-10 have another advantage, like easy turning. 

Bestselling Bennington Pontoon Boats

Bestselling Bennington Pontoon Boats

This section will take you through some of the bestselling pontoon boats that Bennington has manufactured. 

1. Bennington 168 SLV 

The Bennington 168 SLV is one of the benches with the most popular floor plans. It offers flexible seating and has a lot of under-storage, and as we all know, the more storage available, the better. The model features a full-width L-bench. It measures about 17’7″ in length. The specifications are as follows:

LOA: 17’4.5″

Pontoon length: 16’4″

Deck length: 15’11”

Pontoon diameter: 23″

Fuel type: Gasoline

Person capacity: 7 people

Hull weight without an engine: 1488lbs

Price: $22,495

2. Bennington 20 SLV 

The Bennington 20 SLV is one of the bestselling models. The construction is of a high standard with great floorplans that you will love. This model has the L-plan, which offers large seating space and storage for extra gear. If you want to party on your pontoon, you don’t have to worry because this model comes with an all-in-one kicker stereo system that will keep booming as long as you want. For safety purposes, a fire extinguisher is included. The specifications of this model include:

Pontoon width: 25″

Engine: 90 Yamaha

Hull material: aluminum 

Fuel type: gas 

Price: $35,000

3. Bennington SL 188

This is one of the model’s most affordable entry-level pontoon boats, yet they offer everything you may want in a Bennington. It has 8′ narrow beams under the pontoon that provide better support and balance, ensuring better stability. These also reduce water resistance. It is 21′ long and has a capacity of 7 people with enough room for everyone who will be there. An L-seat with storage and two other seats will ensure that you fit perfectly. To make them lightweight, aluminum side panels have been used. The following are the specifications:

Horsepower: 60HP

Capacity: 7 people

Fuel capacity: 25.8 gallons

Price: $16,166

Are Bennington Pontoon Boats Worth The Price?

Bennington pontoon boats are worth every penny that they are sold at. This world-class brand delivers luxury, comfort, and elegance to everyone who buys it. When you buy a Bennington pontoon boat, you are not only paying for the brand name: even though it contributes to its price: you are also paying for quality artistry and well-thought-out features. 

Bennington pontoon boats are made with a high level of keenness that ensures that they get the best for every boat so that every customer is satisfied with what they buy. You are served with nothing less than quality. Customers also enjoy uniqueness since no Bennington boat is made the same as the other.

Comparison Table

This section will take you through some of the Bennington pontoon models and compare their specifications. This will help you understand better. We will get an example for every series that has been produced.

Series nameBoat lengthModel typeHorsepowerWeight(lbs)Beam 
G series (18 GL)20’PONT AL5018388’6”
Q series (23 QCL)25’PONT AL5027028’6”
QX series (25 QX FAST BACK)27’PONT AL5029528’6”
R series (21 RL)23’PONT AL5022908’6”
RT series (20 RT FAST BACK)23’PONT AL5008’6”
RX series (23 RXSB)25’PONT AL5027028’6”
S series (16 SL) 18’ PONT AL2514888’6”
SV series (168 SFV)17’PONT AL2514888’
SX series (16 SFX)18’ PONT AL2514888’6”
SXP series (18 SLXP)19’PONT AL5016638’6”

Final Thoughts 

As seen in the article, Bennington pontoon boats are a great choice for anyone looking to invest in one. They are made with love and are of great quality; they are expensive but worth the price since they are luxury boats. Their furniture is amazing, and the arrangement is also favorable for any group that wants to enjoy themselves.





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