Best 8 Canoe Carts Reviewed For 2023 (Factors, Comparisons, And FAQs Explained)

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Weight capacity and the type of wheel are the main two factors that you should focus mostly while buying a canoe cart. You should pick a canoe cart that has more weight capacity than your kayak. For example, if your canoe weighs 200 lbs. then you should buy a canoe cart with a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. to 350 lbs. Depending on where you are planning to carry your canoe, you have to choose the wheel type. If you want to transport the canoe to a beach then you should pick a canoe cart that has beach wheels.

In this article, we have a list of the best eight canoe carts, with the features of each one, pros, and cons. We also have a table that will help you compare easily, a section for factors you should consider when buying a canoe cart. But, that is not all; we have frequently asked questions for any questions that you may have. So, read on to see the best 8.

Best Canoe Carts

Best Canoe Carts

In this section, we have a list of the best eight canoe carts in the market today. So if you have no time to go through the whole article, you can look at this list and get a hint of these. We have also included a link that you can click, and it will lead you straight to Amazon, where you will get the latest prices.

1. Best For Beach – No products found.

2. Best Overall – No products found.

3. Best Heavy-Duty – No products found.

4. Best Universal – No products found.

5. Best For Extra-Large – No products found.

6. Best For Home Use – No products found.

7. Best For Portage – No products found.

8. Best For Gravel – No products found.

Comparison Table

In this section, we have a comparison table for you to help compare the kayak carts more efficiently, which will play a significant role in helping you decide which one will satisfy your needs most.

Name  Best for Specs 
No products found. Beach  Large wheels, aluminum alloy, all-terrain wheels.
No products found. overall Puncture-free wheels, adjustable rubberized pads, tool-free assemble, durable.
No products found. Heavy duty Easy loading and unloading, two height options, aluminum alloy.
No products found. Universal  Stable structure, airless wheels 
No products found. Extra-large canoes    Adjustable plastic wheels, spring button design 
No products found. Home use High-strength material, fashionable design.
No products found. Potage Easy disassembling, large-diameter wheels
No products found. Gravel  Flat-free tires, 150 pounds

1. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart Inflatable Beach Wheels-Best For Beach

No products found.

Brand  Wilderness systems 
Item weight  15 pounds
Item dimension  32×34×16 inches  

Worry not about how you will transport your kayak to the beach when you have this cart. It has two beach wheels that roll over soft sand quickly, and they can carry kayaks up to 330 pounds, and the wheel will never go flat. You can also swap wheels with others sold separately when you want to increase the carrying capacity to 450 pounds. This cart has security straps that ensure your kayak does not slip when loading and unloading, meaning there is no reason to have kickstand or scupper posts. It is made of marine-grade and heat-treated alloy that makes it strong. This canoe cart is collapsible to help you store easily and also fit large kayak hatches.

Key Features

1. Large Ball On Style Beach Wheels

These wheels help the cart to roll over the sand easily. In addition, they cannot puncture, so you will not worry about having a flat tire.

2. Made Of Superior Material 

This cart is made of marine-grade, heat-treated aluminum alloy, ensuring that it is solid and durable.

3. Has Security Straps

It has two security straps that prevent your kayak from slipping, giving it maximum stability.

4. All-Terrain Wheels

These wheels are sold separately to swap them on the same frame when you want to increase the carrying capacity.


1. Can transport heavy kayaks.

2. It can serve in all terrains.

3. Easy to pull in the sand.


1. The wheels may not hold pressure.

2. RAILBLAZA  CTUG  kayak or canoe trolley cart- best overall

No products found.

Item weight  9.6 pounds
Item dimension  6×10×30 inches

The C-TUG kayak and canoe cart are made for sports lovers who want style accompanied with results, as it is rugged and looks good. Made of non-corroding engineering polymers and stainless steel reinforced axles, it is built to last. Delivers maximum results in all sorts of terrains that you may go through on your way to and from the water. It is easy to use and requires no tools to assemble or dissemble as long as you know what you are doing; this will last just a few minutes. When transporting your kayak or canoe, you will place it on the rubberized pads. Due to the ease of dismantling, you can store it in your canoe when on water and take it with you. It is very lightweight and can support up to 120kg so worry not about overloading your kayak or kayak trolley. 

Key Features

1. Puncture-free wheels

You do not have to worry about having a puncture on the wheels of your canoe cart with this C-TUG cart. The wheels are high-grip, ensuring no puncture happens. It also includes a kickstand, and it can get through all terrains, so you can paddle anywhere you want without excuses. 

2. Adjustable rubberized pads

No matter the size of your kayak or canoe, it will be for this cart because the pads you should place are adjustable.

3. Tool-free assembly 

You can assemble and disassemble in just a few minutes without using any tools. This makes carrying it around easy, and you can assemble it quickly, even when in a hurry.

4. Durable Construction 

This cart comprises non-corroding engineering polymers and stainless steel reinforced axles, which do not rust. The hull pads are thermos-bonded and will last long.


1. Easy to assemble

2. Simple

3. Sturdy

4. Adjustable pads


1. Kickstand looks weak

2. Not universal size-confirm before purchase

3. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart- Best Heavy Duty

No products found.

Brand  Wilderness systems
Item weight  13 pounds
Item dimension  32×25.5×16 inches

This canoe cart can transport up to 450 pounds with ease. It comes with flat-free wheels, so you will not have to worry about getting punctures when you least expect. Storing this cart is easy since it breaks down quickly into parts. You can keep it in your canoe when on water. You will also have two height options depending on which size and shape of your canoe. The width is adjustable to ensure it does not twist or flip sideways, and loading and unloading this cart is easy, so kickstands are not required. It is made of marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminum-alloy giving it ultimate strength, ensuring that it lasts for a long time.

Key Features 

1. Easy loading and unloading 

You do not need a kickstand or scupper post to load or unload this kayak cart as it is stable without it. 

2. Two Height Options

You can choose to use the height that is best for the size and shape of your kayak. For example, 18 inches is for odd-shaped hulls that would rub or cast wheels, and 16 inches provide a low center of gravity preventing tip over.

3. Aluminum Alloy

This cart is made of marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminum-alloy giving it the strength and durability that everyone looks for 


1. Sturdy 

2. Adjustable height 

3. Very stable


1. Short straps

2. Bulky

4. Codinter Kayak Cart, Canoe Dolly Trolley-Best Universal 

No products found.

Brand Codinter 
Item weight 6.6 pounds
Item dimension  28×15.5×6

Kayaking will be fun if you have a kayak cart that can help you carry your kayak through woods and rough surfaces. Consider having a kayak cart made of corrosion-resistant materials if your main point of kayaking is in saltwater. You will have no worries when you have a codinter canoe cart. This cart has solid wheels, and it is made of aluminum material that supports heavy loads.

You can carry this cart using your shoulder when your hand is occupied with other goods. It has widened shoulder straps that will help you to achieve this. In addition, on the mainframe of this cart, there are rubber pads that protect the hull.

Key Features.

1. Stable Structure.

This kayak cart has four quality aluminum tubes with stainless steel hardware that makes it robust and durable. It also has rubber pads that protect the hull.

2. Airless Wheels And Kickstand.

The airless wheels help this kayak cart to work smoothly in any terrain. In addition, the kickstand is stable to ensure that the kayak cart stays put when loading and unloading.

3. Carrier Type. 

This cart can carry various kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards with a width less than 80cm.


1. Powerful and durable

2. Easy to carry.


1. Not suitable for transporting inflatable boats.

5. Onefeng Sports Airless End Kayak Cart-Best For Extra-Large

No products found.

Brand Onefeng sports
Item weight 6 pounds
Item dimension  29.84×11.5×4.96 inches

Are you looking for a kayak cart that will suit your extra-large kayak? Then onefeng sports airless end kayak cart is what you should have. It’s perfect for kayaks that have a width of up to 24 inches. Its height can be adjusted from 9.8 inches to 17.7 inches, and you can adjust each gear to 2 inches. The wheels are plastic, lightweight, non-slip, and environmental-friendly. A solid aluminum frame ensures that this cart remains strong. Rubber protectors ensure that the hull is protected, and it has rubber bumpers that ensure the frame on the foot is protected from wear. The connection of the tires makes them be used for a long time due to the attachment of the spring button to the trolley tube.

Key Features 

1. Adjustable

The height of this kayak cart can be adjusted from 9.8 inches to 17.7 inches, and its gear can be adjusted to 2 inches, making it suit kayaks up to 24 inches. 

2. Plastic Wheels

They are environmentally friendly, odorless, and non-slip. In addition, you can assemble them quickly due to having a spring button.

3. Spring-Button Design

Unlike other kayak carts, these carts have a spring design attached to the trolley tube, which boosts the durability of the wheels.

4. Capacity 

It has a carrying capacity of 150 lb that will allow you to transport your canoe/kayak easily.

5. Material 

It is made of a solid aluminum frame and rubber protectors on each arm, ensuring that they protect your arm. On foot, there are rubber bumpers that protect the structure from wearing.


1. Easy to assemble and install.

2. The wheels are very stout.

3. It has a perfect design.


1. It may not hold a square shape.

2. It may miss some parts.

6. ILOKNZI Black Samurai Short Shaft Kayak Cart – Best For Home Use

No products found.

Item weight 3.04kg
Item dimension  17.72×14.13×6.1 inches

Whatever kayak size you have, ILOKNZI black samurai short shaft is one that you should consider having. It is adjustable to fit the curvature of the bottom of your kayak. The plastic plate ensures that the bottom of the kayak is well-fitted to prevent it from slipping. To add to that, it is made of high-strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials. This cart has stainless steel shrapnel marbles that will facilitate the installation. The suction cup is also very powerful to prevent slipping. This canoe cart has polymer material tires that make it easy to cross different types of terrains. 

Key Features

1. High-Strength Tire Design

It has five strong wheel banners that allow this kayak cart to adapt to various roads meaning that it can move through rough surfaces, bushy areas, and low and high steps.

2. Material 

This kayak is made of high-strength materials, including non-rusting aluminum profiles and plastic. These materials are durable and can be used in any environmental condition.

3. Fashionable Design

To prevent the hulk from sliding, each plastic plate is equipped with a suction cup and 16′ tightening belt. The whole cart is permeable, allowing water to drain by itself. 


1. Fashionable design

2. Easy to assemble

3. Sturdy 

7. Attwood 11930-4 Kayak And Canoe Cart- Best For Portage

No products found.

Brand  Attwood 
Item weight 4.06kg
Item dimension  28.5×6.5×13.25 inches

Terrain should not be a problem that will hinder you from transporting your canoe to the water. Having an Attwood kayak and canoe cart means you will be able to take your canoe to water without any difficulties, even across uneven terrain. This cart has wheels that have a large diameter that cannot deflate. It is easy to disassemble to fit different kayak hitches. Once you have this kayak cart, it will be easy for you to move a canoe in a portage, a launch point, or a parking lot.

Key Features

1. Disassemble

You can disassemble this cart easily when you want it to fit into your kayak hitch.

2. Capacity

This canoe cart can handle a weight of up to 100 pounds and transport it without worries. 

3. Large Diameter Wheels

These wheels cannot deflate, and having them ensures your cart is stable when transporting your canoe.


1. Easy to transport canoe by one person.

2. Disassembles easily.

3. Wheels are sturdy and durable.


1. It May is not perfect for long-distance.

8. TMS Cart Canoe/Kayak-KY001- Best For Gravel

No products found.

Brand  TMS
Item weight 7.93 pounds
Item dimension  13×22×9.25 inches 

Having a canoe cart that will help you to easily transport your canoe from the parking lot to the lake without much hassle is what will put a smile on your face. This kayak is designed to hold your canoe by the hull in a V-shaped cradle. Cradle arms are joined together with a nylon strap to ensure that the cradle does not open too far. Part of the support strand has Hspring-loaded stand to help keep the cart propped up onshore to ensure that you load your kayak quickly out of water. The flat tires have large diameters that make the cart stable on uneven terrain, sandy areas. In addition, this cart is foldable and easy to store.

Key Features 

1. Flat-free tires

These tires have large diameters to ensure maximum stability on uneven terrain, more so in sandy areas. In addition, they can support a weight capacity of 150 pounds.

2. Materials

The cart has a solid metal frame and foam bumpers on each arm to enable the protection of your kayak hull. The strong durable-leg kickstand makes loading easy. It also has stainless steel fasteners and a chrome lynchpin. 

3. Stand

The support stand has a Spring-loaded stand that ensures the cart is propped up onshore to quickly load out of the water.

4. Capacity

This cart is made of sturdy and durable material to support a kayak of 150 pounds weight capacity.


1. Great tires to survive in sandy areas.

2. Quick assembly.

3. Strong and durable.

4. They are reasonably priced.


1. Tires are not perfect for highway use.

2. The pin holding the tires onto the cart may slightly hit the air valve, causing a wheel break.

3. Wheels may not be good in the sun.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Canoe Cart

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Canoe Cart

There is a lot you should consider when you are choosing a canoe cart. First, you have to go for a cart that will satisfy your needs and wants fully. For you to get among the best canoe carts in the market, you should consider:

1. Wheels

You should look for puncture-proof wheels, especially if you want to transport them on rough surfaces. This will also give you freedom, and you will manage to go through any terrain. A kayak cart with wide wheels will support your kayak better and will provide you with stability. It would be best if you looked for a strong rotation and which the weight of your canoe will not break.

2. Adjustable Width

If you have more than one size or brand of kayak that you need to transport, look for a cart whose width you can adjust. This way, you will have enough space to carry both your big kayak and a small one.

3. Weight 

You should consider the weight capacity of a cart before buying. This will be based on the weight of your canoe or kayak. You should have to buy a cart that will support the weight you need to support and even more. However, if you have an inflatable kayak, the weight capacity will not be much of a problem. It would be best if you also considered the weight of the cart itself. It should not be too heavy to make work harder than easier.

4. Storage

A good cart can be easily assembled and dissembled and stored when not in use. This will help ensure that it is always safe, even from theft. You can keep it in the storage of your kayak or even in the car while occupying a minimal space at the same time. At this point, the weight also matters. You do not want to overload your canoe in the name of storing your cart, yet you could buy one that is light enough for your canoe.

5. Price

You cannot budget for money that you do not have. If on a budget, you can still get a good quality cart. Remember, expensive does not always mean good quality, and relatively cheap does not always mean poor quality.

6. Materials 

You can get carts made of all sorts of materials, including composite plastic or steel. Most are made of aluminum that ensures your cart is lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant, all in one material. For added resistance to corrosion, some carts are powder coated. The hardware should be made of stainless steel. This gives you not only strength but also corrosion resistance. Shun away from plastic hardware for maximum safety; you can also swap them for metal ones.

7. Bumpers

You should get a cart with bumpers to ensure that your canoe is protected from scratches. Of course, you don’t want your kayak getting marks from a cart, yet this can be prevented. It also keeps your kayak from skidding, ensuring safety and stability.

8. Straps

Tie-down straps help maximize your canoe’s safety or kayak on the cart, ensuring that it does not fall off. A cart with straps will be better than one without. You should consider a strap that is easy to tie and untie rather than ratchet straps. Buckled straps will do the trick in this situation. If the cart does not come with straps, you can install yours, ensuring that they are solid and durable 

Frequently Asked Questions

This section has questions that we think you might be asking yourself, yet they have not been addressed in the main article. This will help you understand better the issues that you may have.

1. What Are Kayak Carts Used For?

These carts are used to help you transport your kayak to and from water, and any other time you may want to move it. They have wheels that enable you to pull or push them, making it easier to move your kayak. You can even connect the cart to your car for long-distance travel.

2. Do I Need A Kayak Cart?

This will depend on the type of kayak and its weight. Using a cart with a heavy kayak will do much help. It will also depend on the amount of gear you have with you as you don’t want to go back and forth getting things from your car.


As we come to the end of this article, we hope you have learned a thing or two from us. We believe that you can now purchase a good canoe cart that will serve you and fulfill your needs. For us, RAILBLAZA CTUG is the best. It is among the very best in the market, with incredible features, including its puncture-free wheels, adjustable rubberized pads that can fit most kayaks. It is also easy and fast to assemble and disassemble without any tools and is made from durable material, and it can last you for years. If we were to choose for you, we’d choose this cart. This being said, the ball is in your court since you understand what you are looking for better. With our buying guide, you will get an excellent canoe cart.  

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