Best Cargo Nets For Kayaks 2023; Buying Guide Included

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Some of the best cargo nets that you can buy for your kayak are Zoe sunny two-pack cargo net, Powertye Mfg 15in×30in large cargo net, CZC AUTO Black Latex Bungee Cargo Net Stretch, Powertye 50152-2 Black cargo net, ATDORO Black cargo Nets, Xixiying kayak canoe Deck Cargo Net.

Key Takeaways

  • You must buy cargo nets that are made from UV-resistant material and waterproof since they will be used in the water
  • The Zoe Sunny Two-pack Cargo Net is made of high-quality rubber that is covered with high-strength nylon so you can extend the length by 200%
  • Powertye Mfg Large Cargo Net comes with plastic hooks that prevent scratching or marrying of racks which is very convenient
  • The Seah cargo net is perfect, especially for small kayaks like the kayaks that the kids use
  • CZC AUTO Black Latex Bungee Cargo Net is made of latex bungee material that can stretch up to 30″×30″

Our Top Choices For The Best Cargo Net For Kayaks

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The above list is for our top choices that are currently in the market. If you want to find out more, you should go through the rest of the article. If you don’t have enough time, click on the link provided under each cargo net, where you will get availability and price information. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Cargo Net For Kayak

This section has put together factors that you should look at before buying a cargo net for kayaks. These considerations will ensure that you get the best cargo net according to your needs. You don’t want to buy something that is so good but does not fit your needs. 

1. Material

To get the cargo net that suits your needs, lasts long, and always looks new, you have to know the suitable material from which your cargo net is made. Since paddling is an activity that takes long hours on the water and in the sun, you should ensure that the cargo net you purchase is made from a water-resistant or at least waterproof and UV-resistant material. This will give you more confidence when you go paddling. Most cargo nets are made of high-quality latex rubber and covered with nylon sheath to make them waterproof. The latex rubber increases the elasticity, and some can stretch up to 100%.

2. Hooks

A cargo net comes with hooks that ensure that it has a way of putting it into place. It would help if you looked for one with movable hooks to have enough space to move it about and to the most needed areas. Some hooks are made of plastic, while some are made of metal. The ones that are made of plastic are good since they do not scratch your kayak.

3. Size

The size of the cargo net should be slightly smaller than your deck, although it will also depend on the size or the shape of your cargo. You should choose one that will fit your needs right.


Price is one of the first things we tend to look at when buying anything, especially when on a budget. You cannot buy something too expensive for you so you go for the one you can afford. Always remember that being relatively cheap does not always mean low quality; vice versa is also true. Focus mainly on quality rather than price.

Comparison Table

This section has a comparison table that will help you compare the material, size, and rating for easier decision-making.

Product nameOriginal sizeWhen stretchedRating out of 5
Zoe sunny 2-pack cargo net15.7″ ×15.7″31.5″ ×31.5″4.4
Powertye  Mfg 15in×30in a large cargo net15″ ×30″30″ ×45″4.5
Seah 15″ x 15″ Cargo Net 4.4 mm Diameter 2″ x 2″ Small Mesh with 6 ABS Hooks15″ ×15″30″ ×30″4.5
CZC AUTO Black Latex Bungee Cargo Net Stretch15″ ×15″30″ ×30″4.5
Powertye 50152-2 Black cargo net15″ ×15″30″ ×30″4.6
ATDORO Black cargo Nets17”×17”34”×34”4.5
Xixiying kayak canoe Deck Cargo Net15″ ×15″30″ ×30″5.0
8JCHL 15″ ×15″ cargo net15″ ×15″30″ ×30″4.6

1. Zoe Sunny Two-pack Cargo Net

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Brand Zoe sunny
Item weight 11.4 ounces

Paddling is made safer, more fun, and more convenient with this cargo net. You will hold your extra luggage or that that you want to put at close reach with it. It is available in a pack of two. The bungee cargo net is made of high-quality rubber that is covered with high-strength nylon. This material provides elasticity, and the length is 200% extendable. It is tough and durable, so you need not worry about how long this cargo net will serve you. It has 12 pieces of adjustable metal books that are heavy-duty and durable. You can secure any size items using this cargo net as the grids are 3″ ×3″. Its diameter is 4mm, heavy-duty, which can bear a strong pulling force. 

High Quality- this Zoe sunny cargo net is made from quality rubber and covered with high-strength nylon ensuring that it is strong, wear-resistant, and durable. 

Adjustable Metal Hooks- it comes with 12 adjustable and durable metal hooks that are rust-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable.

Widely Used And Portable- this cargo net can be used for motorcycles, bicycles, kayak quads, and canoes. 

2. Powertye  Mfg 15in×30in Large Cargo Net 

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Brand namePowertye 
Item weight3.2 ounces

The powertye Mfg is 15″ ×30″ and has 2″ ×2″ mesh that is small enough to allow you to hold your items of any size, be it large or small, without the worry of falling off through the spaces. You can now paddle peacefully, knowing that your essential items are close by. These nets are made with premium quality latex bungee material. This material stretches far, and the shape remains intact when not stretched. The latex is covered in a nylon sheath that ensures it looks as good as new throughout. It is durable and UV-resistant, helping in ensuring that you will use it long enough. You have a wide range of colors to choose from, unlike other cargo nets. It comes in three colors: red, orange, and black, so you’ll select the one that goes well with your kayak, or you can choose the red or orange one for safety purposes. This cargo net comes with plastic hooks that prevent scratching or marrying of racks. They are movable and have sub-hooks on the back for odd-shaped cargo. If your hooks break when using them, you can get a free replacement, as long as you contact the seller on Amazon. Isn’t that amazing and cost-effective?

Powertye’ Hook Guarantee- if hooks on the cargo net break when using them, you are guaranteed a free replacement, as long as you contact them.

Strong- the cargo net is made from premium latex, and a heavy-duty nylon sleeve protects the bungee material. It is strong and stays in shape, making it durable.

Application- this net can be used for security items in trailers, SUVs, boats, and kayaks so that you can use it in several places. You can even use it with a kayak this time and use it in your SUV next time if you are working on a tight budget.

3. Seah 15″ x 15″ Cargo Net 4.4 mm Diameter 2″ x 2″ Small Mesh with 6 ABS Hooks

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Brand nameSeah 
Item weight10.2 ounces

The Seah cargo net is perfect, especially for small kayaks, for example, ones that kids can use. It can stretch up to 30″×30″ from 15″×15″, so you will not worry about elasticity and how much you can carry. This cargo net comes in four colors: army green, blue, orange, and red, giving you a wide range of colors to choose from. It is flexible and can be used to hold your cargo on your bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, and kayak. It is made of a natural latex core, which provides superior flexibility, elasticity, and waterproofing. The mesh is just 2″ ×2″, so you will carry any size load without worrying about falling off. It is also waterproof and 5mm thick, ensuring strength and durability. The hooks are sturdy and can bear weighty loads. 

Any Size Cargo- the small mesh enables the support of even smaller cargo that you may want to hold when paddling.

Durable- the cargo net is made of a latex core and covered with a UV-resistant nylon sheath. The net is 5mm thick, giving it strength and durability.

Wide Application- this net is made well to suit most of your needs. You can use it in your SUV, motorcycle, bicycle, and kayak, as long as the size fits.

4. CZC AUTO Black Latex Bungee Cargo Net Stretch

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Brand nameCZC auto
Item weight 6.3 ounces 

Secure your gear and other belongings from falling off the kayak with CZC AUTO Black Latex Bungee Cargo Net Stretch. It’s a cargo net that is highly elastic and made of latex bungee material that can stretch up to 30″×30″. Your cargo won’t fall through the mesh, as it has a smaller mesh of 2″×2″, which ensures your items are well secured. 

The cargo net hooks are adjustable, therefore, enabling you to resize your net so that it can reach and fit in different anchoring positions. It has a wide application, as you can use it on a motorcycle, bicycle, and even snowmobile to hold luggage.  Don’t hesitate to contact them when the product has a problem after receiving or using it. Your money will be refunded within 30 days.

Premium Material- This cargo net is made of a high-quality latex bungee material that has a thickness of 3/16″ and high elasticity, which can stretch from 15″×15″ to 30″×30″.

ABS Hooks. The net is equipped with superior hooks that are adjustable and rust-free. You can resize the net to fit your needs and anchor the positions you want.

Small Meshes- CZC AUTO Black Latex Bungee Cargo Net Stretch has small meshes of 2″×2″ and 3″×3″ depending on the size of the luggage net. These meshes hold small goods and prevent them from falling.

Wide Application- This net will not limit you to only using it on kayaks, but you can also secure goods no motorcycle, bicycle, snowmobile, ATV, or canoe.

5. Powertye 50152-2 Black cargo net

No products found.

Brand namePowertye 
Item weight10.5 ounces

Don’t struggle with holding your cargo on a kayak when there is Powertye 50152-2 Black cargo net. It is made to last long, as its bungee material is covered with UV-resistant nylon, which increases longevity. It does not lose its shape, even when unstretched, and it stretches far to hold large cargo. Your small goods won’t fall off from the kayak through the meshes, as they are smaller and tighter, to prevent them from falling. If any hook breaks while using this net, contact them on Amazon, and it will be replaced for free.

Materials- It is made from premium latex bungee material that is strong and stretches far to accommodate oversized cargo. The bungee material is protected by a nylon sleeve that is UV-resistant, which increases durability. Also, it maintains its shape, even when not stretched.

Hooks- Each net has six durable ABS plastic hooks with an adjustable sub-hook that provides ultimate versatility. Your hook will be replaced for free if you contact the seller on Amazon after it has broken down while in use.

Wide Uses- This net stretches up to 30″×30″, which makes it great to be applied to secure items on trailers, cars, cars, and SUVs.

6. ATDORO Black Cargo Nets

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Brand nameATDORO
Item weight6.9 ounces

If you’re looking for an ideal net to secure your products on a kayak, then this net is perfect for you. It’s made of high-quality LATEX material that is stretchable extra far and doesn’t lose shape, even when not stretched. The woven nylon sheath that covers it is UV-resistant to give it the longevity to serve you. Storing and carrying can be done without the mess; all you need is to roll it into a compact size and keep it.  Furthermore, it’s highly elastic and rigid, which can stretch up to 34×34 inches, making it best to secure your goods. ATDORO Black cargo net has manual knots that are durable compared to plastic knots, making it conveniently secure for large cargo. Having wide application enables it to be used on a motorcycle to secure—helmets, bicycle rear sets, and canoes, among others. The meshes are small to prevent smaller items from falling through them.

Quality Material: The material used to make ATDIRO Black cargo Nets is more highly elastic than general rubber and strong enough to secure heavy items. The latex bungee is covered with UV-resistant nylon that increases the durability of the net.

Adjustable Hooks. This net comes with 12 pieces of durable plastic hooks; therefore, your items won’t be scratched by them. You can adjust these hooks to different places you want without much struggle.

Easy To Store-Storage of this net won’t be a problem for you. Roll it into a compact size and store it without a mess.

Suitable For Both Small And Oversized Items- Don’t worry about the size of your goods. This net can secure both small and large objects, as the meshes are small(2.3″ ×2.3″) and can stretch up to 4.6″ ×4.6″, making it better to secure all sizes of your cargo.

7. Xixiying Kayak Canoe Deck Cargo Net

No products found.

Brand nameXixiying
Item weight 5.9 ounces

Who doesn’t like a cargo net that will be used for a long without replacement? This net is what you need to secure your gear and other belongings on your kayak. It is made from wear and sun-resistant material, making it have a long life span. The ABS special plastic hooks are rust-free and will not cause scratches on your items. The pretty handy doesn’t slip, as it has interwoven cross-cords that help to prevent slipping. Other than using this cargo net on a kayak, you can also apply it on a motorcycle paddleboard, or ATV, to hold cargo.

Quick Adjustments- The size of your cargo shouldn’t be stressful to you; this is stretchable to secure loads of different sizes from falling off your kayak. The stretchability also helps it to hold your goods tightly in position as you kayak.

Elastic Bungee Cord- This bungee cord net is highly flexible because it is made of high-quality rubber, making it more durable and holding loads of different sizes. It is covered with strong nylon that increases the strength of elasticity.

Pretty Handy– It’s anti-slip because of the interwoven cross-cords that prevent it from slipping or gasping. It will give you an easy time securing your items.

8. JCHL 15”×15” Cargo Net

No products found.

Brand nameJCHL
Item weight5.6 ounces

Are you looking for a more reliable cargo net? Here we have the best for you. JCHL cargo net bungee has a diameter of 5mm, making it super strong and durable. This will help you to use it for a long time without doing a replacement. It can bear heavy cargo due to manual knots, which are durable compared to plastic knots. Its elasticity helps it to secure loads of different sizes. The small meshes of 2″×2″ will secure your small items from slipping. If you have this cargo net, you can also use it on a motorcycle, paddleboard, or snowmobile to hold your things. JCHL team is willing to give you any assistance you may need because they aim to provide a customer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Small Meshes- The size of your cargo shouldn’t stress you. This cargo net has small meshes of 2″ ×2″ that will prevent small items from falling off your kayak through the meshes.

Elastic Material-This net uses a premium latex bungee that is elastic and can stretch up to 30″×30″ to hold heavy and many items and keep them safe from falling off. 

Wide Use- The advantage of this cargo net is that you are not limited to using it on a kayak only, but you can also apply it on a motorcycle, canoe, ATV, or snowmobile for holding items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do I Store My Cargo Net?

Before you purchase any equipment, you have to know how and where to store them; the same applies to a cargo net. The advantage of this net is that keeping it when not in use is very simple and takes less space. You roll it into a compact size and insert it in a carrier bag if you have one, and if not, after rolling, put it at a designated rack on your kayak, car trunk, or rear rack of your motorbike.

2. Do I Need A Cargo Net For My Kayak?

Whether to have a cargo net will depend on the kayaker and what he wants to secure. On our side, it’s good to have it because; you can use it to secure different cargo of different sizes. Also, laws demand that you have a cargo net if you are transporting any goods so that what you are transporting has limited or no movement as you drive.

3. What Cargo Net Is Made Of?

Most cargo nets are made of highly elastic latex material that is strong to hold different loads. It has a Nylon rope border and a mesh that has 4 points reinforced with loops.


After going through this article, we believe that it will significantly impact you and help you make a sound decision on which cargo net you will use on your kayak. We have chosen Xixiying kayak canoe Deck cargo Net to be our pick because, other than being made of solid and elastic material, it has interwoven cross-cords that will prevent help it from slipping. The final decision lies in your hands, as you know better which one will fit your needs.


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