Best Fiberglass Canoe Paddles: Review And Buying Guide

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If you are looking for the best fiberglass canoe paddles then you can choose from MoiShow SUP Paddle, MorTime 87 in Kayak paddles, YVEELEN Alloy SUP Paddle, Apurioni kayak paddle 222cm/87.4in, Karltion SUP Paddle, LBW stand-up paddleboard paddle, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The weight of a paddle is one of the most important things that you should consider when buying a fiberglass canoe paddle
  • YVEELEN Alloy SUP Paddle has an adjustable aluminum alloy shaft that stays firm as long as it’s locked
  • MoiShow SUP Paddle has a durable PP mad fiberglass blade which is strong enough to resist the waves’ strength caused by the winds
  • Carlisle Magic Angler Kayak Paddle is asymmetrical, lightweight, and slightly curved to produce smooth and powerful strokes
  • The 3-piece construction of Karltion SUP Paddle makes it easy to pack and fit your height

Our Choices For The Best Fiberglass Canoe Paddles

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 Above is a list of some of the best fiberglass canoe paddles in the market. Below each one is a link that will take you straight to Amazon, where you will check the price and availability. Through the links, you can also get similar items that might interest you. Below is a comparison table for the products.

Comparison Table

This section has a comparison table comparing the length, weight, and more straightforward comparison of the products. This will ensure that you make a more informed decision based on the information in the table.

Product name LengthWeight
YVEELEN Alloy SUP Paddle68-85 inches2lbs
MoiShow SUP Paddle65-85 inches2lbs
MorTime 87 in Kayak paddles86.6 inches 2.1lbs
Carlisle magic angler kayak paddle90.5-102 inches2.5lbs
LBW stand-up paddleboard paddle.68-82 inches2lbs
Karltion SUP Paddle65-85 inches1.87lbs
SYMBOSIA Angler fishing lightweight Fiberglass kayak paddle94.5-99 inches  3lbs
Apurioni  kayak paddle 222cm/87.4in87.4 inches2lbs

Factors To Consider When Buying Fiberglass Canoe Paddles 

Factors To Consider When Buying Fiberglass Canoe Paddles 

Before you start your research on buying or replacing your old paddle, you have to know what the must-haves are for a paddle to be considered reasonable. However, we don’t want good; everyone would choose best over good, so we have these factors. Just ensure that you look for the following factors to get some of the best paddles.


The weight of a paddle is one of the most important things. It would help if you looked for a lightweight paddle that will make rowing easy for you. The heavier the paddle is, the harder it will be for you to paddle. Using a heavy paddle will slow you down and tire your arms fast, and the consequences will be not enjoying your trip. A paddle made with fiberglass and carbon fiber is lightweight and composite for your canoeing trips.

Grip Shape

There are generally two types of grips, namely, t-grip and palm-grip. Palm grips are wide and have the shape of a fan, making them comfortable and giving you power when paddling in flat water. T-grip is thin and narrow; on the other hand, it provides the paddler with total control and is a good idea for kids or beginner paddlers.

Shaft Design

Shaft design comes in two types; straight and bent. A straight shaft is versatile and is best for river situations. A bent shaft is not as versatile as a straight shaft but is very efficient when paddling. It is suitable for flatwater paddling. A bent shaft has an ergonomic design that will make your paddling easier.

Paddle Shape

The shape of the paddle you buy will determine how easy or hard your paddling will be, depending on the water you paddle. A wide blade is suitable for shallow or fast-moving waters, while slow waters will be good with a thin and long blade.

1. YVEELEN Alloy SUP Paddle

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Brand name YVEELEN
Package dimensions38×9.5×2 inches
Item weight2.13 lbs

Get yourself a fiberglass canoe paddle made of 3rd generation of PP+ fiberglass that makes it hard, durable, and of high quality, which floats on both salt and fresh water. YVEELEN Alloy SUP Paddle has an adjustable aluminum alloy shaft that stays firm as long as it’s locked. The storage bag will make it easy to carry, protect it from scratches and damage while traveling. Also, having a smooth carbon fiber handle will ensure that your hand is not injured during paddling. Be sure to use fewer efforts as you move faster. It doesn’t have a rivet connection; instead, it’s connected with a steel screw button that won’t rust. 

Heavy-Duty- Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and a weight of only 2.13 lbs. that is strong and durable. The T- type handle has an ergonomic design and is gripped to avoid slipping. The aluminum rod is strengthened to avoid being deformed by force.

Abs Locking Device Design: This design makes it easy to adjust to a position of your choice and it will take you a few seconds to assemble it. The design is unique, and the adjustable stainless steel screw makes the rod body not rotate. The distinctive groove of the aluminum tube is reinforced with rib to increase strength.

Package- The paddle comes with one intermediate connecting shaft, 1 T-shaped handle, and two-piece paddle blades.

2. MoiShow SUP Paddle

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Brand nameMoiShow
Package dimension32×7.8×1 inches
Package weight0.58kg

Do you have a tight budget that won’t allow you to spend on purchasing carbon paddles? MoiShow SUP Paddle is the best option for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, this paddle will make your taxiing enjoyable. It is lightweight but durable, which you can use for long before replacing. Being reinforced with PP and fiberglass, it resists strong waves. You can adjust this paddle to suit your length needs; it doesn’t matter whether you sit or stand. You don’t have to worry about losing your paddle in the water, as MoiShow SUP Paddle can float in both salt and fresh water.

Lightweight-The weight of this paddle is only 2lb which makes it easy to carry, transport, and less tiresome when paddling. The floating design will prevent this paddleboard paddle from sinking when it falls into the water.

Adjustability- Having a unique double locking device allows it to adjust from 65″ to 85″, making your length needs, whether you sit or stand to be met. Different heights of your family will also be met.

Premium Material- The aluminum shaft has high strength and is durable, but the lightweight paddle can be used for long and is not deformed by force. The durable PP mad fiberglass blade is strong enough to resist the waves’ strength caused by the winds.

Universal- It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler. All the paddlers can use this paddle.

3. MorTime 87 In Kayak paddles

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Brand nameMorTime
Package dimension25×7.5×3.5 inches
Package weight1.09 kg

Save your money from replacing your paddles every time by purchasing 87 Kayak paddles that will serve you for years. The high aluminum alloy shaft is sturdy and durable to resist heavy waves. Your hand is prevented from getting blisters due to the soft wrap that is on the handle. Fiberglass-reinforced PP blade reduces resistance and increases control and stability. The feature of being lightweight and detachable in two sections makes it very easy to carry. If you’re a beginner, then this is your best choice.

The sturdy And Durable-Aluminum alloy shaft is of high quality, and the fiberglass-reinforced PP blade lasts for years, and it will give you the best experience of kayaking you deserve. Its sturdiness will save you money, as you won’t be replacing it every time.

Design-The aluminum alloy shaft and fiberglass reinforced PP blade reduces resistance and increases control and stability. The handle has a soft wrap that will prevent your hands from getting blisters. You can also use it to kayak in any lake, river, creek, beach, or marsh.

Easy To Store- The paddle is lightweight and detachable, making it easy to store and carry without struggling.

4. Carlisle Magic Angler Kayak Paddle

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Brand name Carlisle paddles
Package dimension89×7×1.2 inches
Package weight1.29 kg

This paddle has what many kayak anglers want. It has a slightly curved blade shape and fiberglass shaft that produces smooth and powerful strokes. Its adjustability helps it be used with wider platform kayaks or tall and short anglers. The J-notch cutout that is on the blade helps in freeing snagged lines and hooks. The blades are reinforced with propylene fiberglass that ensures it offers excellent power when on the water. In both cold and hot temperatures, you’ll hold your shaft comfortably because it is lightweight and wrapped with fiberglass, making it strong. The post has an imperial/ metric ruler printed on it, which will help you measure the size of the fish. After you’re done with paddling, you can break down this paddle into two pieces for easy carrying and storing.

Printed ruler- You won’t have to buy a ruler when having this paddle, as it has a metric/ imperial ruler printed on the shaft that you will use to measure the size of your fish.

J-notch- The blade has a cutout that you will use to free snagged hooks.

Comfortability- The fiberglass shaft of this paddle is lightweight, strong, and wrapped to help you hold it comfortably in cold and hot weather. The wrapping also prevents your hand from getting blisters while paddling.

Blade Design-The blade is asymmetrical, lightweight, and slightly curved to produce smooth and powerful strokes.

5. LBW stand-up Paddleboard Paddle.

No products found.

Brand name LBW
Package dimension33.75×8.5×2  inches
Package weight0.97kg

Are you looking for a better fiberglass canoe paddle to take with you on the water for paddling? This paddle is what you need. It assures you that you will have a great experience on the water. It is flexible in all water conditions due to its adjustability. If you want to enjoy the serenity of the lake, adjust the paddle to around ten inches above your head and if you’re going to deal with waves, change your paddle to about eight inches above your head. Whether a beginner or experienced paddler, this paddle will meet your needs.

Excellent Design- T-shaped design handle has non-slip grips, increases the control, and prevents falling off when paddling. The paddle is also lightweight and buoyant, which makes it float on both fresh and saltwater.

Marine-Grade Aluminum Material-LBW stand-up paddleboard paddle is made of durable and robust aluminum alloy with evenly distributed weight to increase its strength and stability. Fiberglass blade and durable PP increase their durability, and you’ll enjoy your adventures in the water.

Adjustable-It has adjusted double holes metal latches that allow you to adjust this paddle to the length of your choice with its size range. It can be changed from 68″ to 82″.

6. Karltion SUP Paddle

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Brand name Karltion
Package dimension33×9×1 inches
Package weight0.84kg

This cost-effective fiberglass canoe paddle is what you can’t afford to miss. It is lightweight yet durable to help you use it for years without any thought of replacing it. The 3-piece construction makes it easy to pack and fit your height. Ensure that any element such as salt, sand, and silt left in the ferrule is removed by rinsing with warm before you reassemble; if left there, they’ll affect the adjustability. Compared to carbon blades, the blade of Karltion SUP Paddle dies not to get damaged easily. It also has a spring catch design that makes it firm and stable. The handle has T-shaped with grips that prevent it from falling off when paddling. Its teardrop blade has a streamlined design that helps it slide fast in the water, making you freely enjoy your time on the water.

The long-lasting material-The construction of the aluminum shaft is strong, lightweight, and durable to resist the water and tear of the river paddling. The blade is strong and won’t be damaged easily.

3-piece construction: This construction makes it detachable and makes it easy to carry and fit your length precisely. When you want to use it, assemble it as required and enjoy the experience. It floats on water, preventing it from sinking when it falls into the water accidentally.

Suitable to all paddlers- It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler; all can use this paddle. Karltion SUP Paddle is an all-around paddle that can be used in flat water and small waves.

7. SYMBOSIA Angler Fishing Lightweight Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

No products found.

Brand name Pelican
Package dimension53.5×1×1 inches
Package weight 1.29kg

You’ll have the best experience on the water when having the right equipment. The shape of the blade depends on where you want to use it. If you’re going for long-distance and casual paddling, low-angle blades are the best because they are narrow and long. High-angle blades are super for maximum power because they are short and wide. The blades are fiberglass which increases their durability and performance. The paddle is less flexible, making it impact-resistant and suitable to use when paddling in rocks. The shaft of this paddle is made from aluminum, which is pretty durable. It may not be appropriate to be used in hot and cold conditions; that is why the paddle has PVC sleeves or PU coatings that will help you use it in cold and hot weather. Being lightweight will enable you to use it for a long time without getting fatigued.

Ovalization– The shaft goes from a rounded shape to a bit of an oval shape known as indexing, which shows where to place your right hand.

Fairly Durable- The aluminum material is more rigid, making this paddle used for some time, but it may be tricky to use in hot and cold. This is why it has PVC sleeves or PU coatings that will help you use in all weather conditions.

Fiberglass- The fiberglass blades are excellent for durability, which makes their performance high for recreational kayakers who will get the best out of this paddle. It is not much flexible, which makes it impact resistant, that enables paddling even around rocks.

8. Apurioni  Kayak Paddle 222cm/87.4in

No products found.

Brand name Apurioni
Package weight24.2×9×1.8 inches
Package dimension 0.95kg

Explore the world with the Apurioni paddle, which comes in different colors, ranging from white, red, black, blue, green, yellow, and orange, allowing you to choose the color you like most or even go with your moods. This paddle has a four-piece construction, with a firm and securely fitting ferrule that will give you an easy time when storing and moving. The shaft is made of aluminum alloy, and the blade is made of fiberglass. This paddle is an excellent compliment for a canoe, kayak, or inflatable boat. The blade is lightweight and durable, so you won’t have to worry about your arms tiring when you’re just starting to have fun in the water. The shaft gives you the confidence everyone deserves when canoeing and provides a comfortable grip.

Lightweight- the blade is fiberglass reinforced, making the paddle lightweight so you can easily keep paddling without tiring or having blisters.

Four Pieces Construction- the paddle can break into four pieces and has a secured fitting ferrule. This will enable you to carry and store with convenience.

Material- the shaft is made of aluminum alloy, and the blade is fiberglass, making the paddle both lightweight and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section has compiled a list of questions that we think you might be asking yourself as you come to the end of this article. We are optimistic that we have answered your questions to satisfaction.

1. How Long Should Your Paddle Be?

If you are paddling in a canoe, then your paddle length will depend on the shape of your shaft. For a straight shaft, the size should be between 52″ and 60″. For a bent shaft, it should be between 48″ and 52″.

2. What Is The Best Finish For A Canoe Paddle?

Pure tung oil will give your paddle an excellent finish and will not darken it, and your paddle will last long. However, if you want darker wood, you can use dark tung oil for the best results.

3. Where Should The Heavier Person Sit In A Canoe?

The more experienced paddler should sit at the canoe’s stern since this is where steering takes place. If you are just two, then the heavier person should sit there. This will help distribute weight well and balance your canoe, reducing the chances of tipping. 


As we wrap up, we are confident enough that we have given you basic information on the best fiberglass canoe paddles that will provide you with the best adventure on the water. The factors to consider while purchasing these paddles, plus the features of each, will help you decide which one you’ll buy. We have chosen Carlisle magic angler kayak paddle as our pick due to its impressive features such as J-notch that will help you to free snagged hooks, printed ruler on the shaft which you can use to measure the size of your fish, and its blade is designed to produce smooth yet heavy strokes. But on which one to buy will depend on your needs, make a bold decision and purchase a paddle that will meet what you want.



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