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A Complete Guide On Buying The Best Canoes Made With Fiberglasses

If you are looking to get into waters for some adventure or you are new to it, then buying a canoe might be a difficult task. Since going into waters is dangerous as well, it is essential to understand that you need excellent quality and durable products as it is about your life too. Generally, people compromise with quality because of inexpensiveness, but that should not be the case. One should buy a decent quality canoe that provides safety and security, is technologically upgraded, is best quality-wise, and affordable too.

The factors will ultimately be beneficial to the buyer as his safety will be ensured, and also he can enjoy the best of adventures freely. In this regard, we bring you a completely researched review of the best canoes that you can rely on and buy for yourself.

Why Buy A Fiberglass Canoe?

Why Buy A Fiberglass Canoe

One must wonder why to buy a fiberglass canoe over wooden boats; we are here to present you with the answer to that. 

1. Some boats need to be waterproof as wood is easily affected by water. Also, it requires constant efforts to ensure that it remains waterproof. But a fiberglass canoe does not require that. It is waterproof itself. 

2. The most inducing factor is the fact that a fiberglass canoe is very cheap in comparison to other kinds or types of kayak or canoe making it a better alternative. 

3. A fiberglass canoe is very strong in comparison to some other kinds of canoes. While some canoes can break easily a fiberglass boat cannot break as easily as it is extremely strong and more durable. 

4. A fiberglass canoe cannot carry many dents and is safe and secure to use. 

All these benefits are more than enough to convince anyone that a fiberglass canoe is indeed a better alternative! If you are considering buying a canoe in the replacement of an old one or you are buying a new one, we might be able to help you out with the best fiberglass canoes.

We are here to give you a proper review of the best canoes that you can buy. So let’s get started!

Top 6 Fiberglass Canoe Of 2022 (Best Picks)

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1. Discovery 158 Recreational Canoe

This is a versatile sporting canoe that is good for all hand rowing, paddling, or motoring. The canoe features exceptional carriage capacity and all its features make it a wide choice amongst the buyers. With excellent durability and pinpoint quality, the canoe will give you a completely different feel and experience. 


1. Lightweight, durable, agile stable and easy to handle. 

2. Nylon webbed seats that allow free flow of air. 

3. Ultraviolet rays protected. 

4. It supports two peddlers and has about 1150 pounds of capacity.

5. Lifetime hull warranty and has a unique sleek design. 

6. Affordable 


1. It cannot carry more than 2 persons. 

2. The color might be different as shown in the picture 

3. Cannot ship outside the US. 

2. Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe 

A lightweight boat delivers huge performance for both anglers and hunters. The boat is a combination of a simple and classic canoe with agility and smooth handling, making it a hybrid canoe. This spacious canoe with its features will provide you with a completely different experience.


1. The canoe is very comfortable and gives you the best of both angling and hunting so if you enjoy fishing you can very well use it for that. 

2. The agility and durability of the canoe are out of the question. 

3. The canoe has a comfortable backrest and hand rest with an ample amount of space. 

4. Has a handler for quick access materials that you might need in emergencies or regularly. 

5. Available in different colors. 


1. While the product is indeed good quality there are genuine reviews on websites to prove that. 

2. Cannot ship outside the US.

3. Discovery Sport 15 Square Stern Recreational Canoe

This is a versatile and tough canoe that can carry more than two people at once depending upon the way the canoe is being used, that is, whether it is peddled or motored. This canoe offers a perfect balance of speed and capacity. It has nylon webbed seats which are also ultraviolet rays protected to allow free flow of air. Produced by one of the oldest and reputable firms, the canoe comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also durable and excellent in quality. 


1. Has a generous beam and full-length stabilizing chime that ensures a dry ride. 

2. Space for more than two people. 

3. Includes vinyl gunwales and easy carrying handles

4. Excellent reviews online. 

5. The canoe is capable of holding a lot of capacity. 


1. Cannot be shipped outside the US 

2. Slightly expensive 

4. Old Town Guide 160 Recreational Canoes

A durable and agile canoe, this boat is a breakthrough in design and structure. The canoe can hold two people at once. It has exceptional stabilizing because of some of its features, making it a better alternative. It also has a backrest with the seats making it more comfortable. It has a holder for ash and can hold up to the capacity of 1250 pounds. This canoe is excellent and also affordable, considering its features and other specifications.


1. Unique cross-section and stabilizing chime providing it stability 

2. Moulded handles to use the canoe from truck to water and back again. 

3. The hull comes with a lifetime warranty 

4. Available in various colors 

5. Is affordable to buy. 


1. The canoe cannot be shipped outside. 

2. No public review present acting as evidence of all its features. 

5. Discovery 119 solo canoe 

This compact and fun-to-handle canoe is excellent for all kinds of activities that include hunting, angling, paddling, etc. If you are into fishing and love some alone time, then this is the canoe for you. The canoe is compact and can only afford one person at once. The seats are nylon webbed and ultraviolet rays protected for the free flow of air. The best part is this canoe is very cheap. With 500 pounds of capacity and smooth hand handling, the canoe is being chosen widely by people. The canoe is extremely good quality and reliable. One can, at any time, choose this for kayaking and fishing!


1. The pros include that it has nylon webbed ultraviolet rays protected seats for the free flow of air. 

2. It is extremely affordable in comparison to other canoes. 

3. A perfect choice for fishing. 

4. It is durable, agile, and easy to use and handle. 

5. The hull comes with a lifetime warranty. 

6. It has various color variants. 


1. It cannot be shipped outside the US. 

2. It can handle only one person at once and is more compact with less space. 

6. Old Town Guide 147 Recreational Canoes

This canoe is known for its durability, stiffness, and agility. While the features allow it to be extremely stable, it provides with others because of which you can enjoy both peddling and motoring. The hull comes with a lifetime warranty. Produced by one of the oldest companies, this canoe is extremely good in quality and adjustable. The canoe also has space for two people with backrests and handles to provide support and maintain balance.


1. Unique cross-section and stabilizing chime providing excellent stability. 

2. Available in different colors. 

3. The seats are bow and stern making it extremely comfortable along with the added advantage of a backrest making it more preferred. 

4. It can hold up to 900 pounds of capacity and has ash carrying yoke. 

5. The canoe is extremely durable and of excellent quality. 


1. Cannot ship outside the US 

2. It is a little expensive in comparison to other canoes. 

Final Note

So if you are waiting on buying a canoe that is worth your money and is equally safe and secure then you can always prefer buying the fiberglass canoe as they offer excellent quality and features that can induce anyone into buying them over other kinds of canoes present in the market. 

The best factor includes the fact that it is much cheaper in comparison to other kinds of canoes, making it a better alternative, and considering other factors such as strength and agility, a fiberglass boat is a fantastic option, and one can always choose it over others.

As mentioned in the list above, you can study the pros and cons of each of the canoes and go through the links mentioned and choose the canoe that best suits you. If you enjoy fishing or peddling through the waters or going around islands, then these are the canoes for you. So why wait? Go and have your adventure now!

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