Best Inflatable Kayaks For Ocean In 2023 ( Reviews & Comparisons)

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Some of the best inflatable kayaks of the current market are Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak, Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Kayak, Aquaglide McKenzie 125 Inflatable Kayak, Intex Excursion Pro Kayak, Flydem Inflatable Kayak, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The best part of the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak is, it is made from saltwater and UV-resistant material and it has a weight capacity of 650 pounds
  • Saturn FK396 fishing inflatable kayak is best for fishing and it has enough space at the front and back covered with splash guards
  • Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Person Inflatable Kayak will give you an excellent tracking experience in the sea and ocean thanks to its tracking fin
  • Flydem Inflatable Kayak is a versatile kayak and you can use it as a solo or tandem kayak

This article reviews some of the best inflatable kayaks in the market meant for ocean and sea use. We also have a buying guide that will help you know what features you need to look for and a section to answer any questions. Please stick with us to the end to get enlightened and find the perfect kayak for you.

Top 8 Inflatable Kayaks For Ocean

Here’s our list of the best inflatable kayaks for use on the sea or ocean. This list gives you an idea of what to expect and has links to check the price and buy the product.

1. Best Overall: No products found.

2. Best For Fishing: No products found.

3. Most Rigid: No products found.

4. Best For The Price: No products found.

5. Best For Tandem Use: No products found.

6. Most Durable: No products found.

7. Most Versatile: No products found.

8. Allrounder: No products found.

The Comparison

Kayak name Best forCapacity WeightMaterial 
No products found.Overall 650 pounds32 poundsMolded PVC (polykrylar)
No products found.Fishing 700 pounds43 poundsHeavy-duty PVC
No products found.Rigidity 250 pounds23 poundsPVC
No products found.Price 220 pounds19 poundsPVC
No products found.Tandem use 600 pounds 
No products found.Durability 400 pounds39 poundsHigh molecular PVC
No products found.Versatility 400 pounds18 pounds21-gauge PVC
No products found.Performance 600 ponds49 poundsPlastic 

The Reviews

1. Best Overall: Sea Eagle  SE370 Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak

No products found.

If you are into kayaking and water sports, then Sea eagle is not new to you. This kayak tops our list because it ticks all the features we are looking for in an ocean kayak. The kayak is made from saltwater and UV-resistant material. It is lightweight, weighs 32 pounds, and can hold more than you expect. This kayak has a weight capacity of 650 pounds, making it ideal for carrying all your essentials. This vessel is designed for durability and strength; it features two molded skegs that stand the test of time and ensure rocks and other obstacles don’t damage your kayak. We highly recommend this kayak and assure you of its quality and durability. 

Key Features

1. It Has A Three-Person Capacity– this kayak is spacious and comfortable enough to fit three persons or two persons and a pet or child. If you are looking for a kayak suitable for those family adventures, then this is it.

2. Lightweight And Easy To Haul– the kayak weighs 32 pounds, making it easy to carry to the ocean. Hauling the kayak to the water is also easy and enjoyable due to its low weight.

3. Durable And Rigid– the sea eagle 370 is made from polykrylar, making it resistant to saltwater and UV rays. This construction makes the kayak durable without affecting its weight or functionality.

4. Has Excellent Tracking And Stability– this kayak has three air chambers meaning that in case one is punctured, you will still be safe. It also has two skegs at the bottom to give you directional control and improved tracking


BrandSea eagle 
Material Polykrylar 
Weight 32 lbs
Capacity 650 lbs
Accessories Two paddles, two inflatable seats, a carry bag, and a foot pump

1. Spacious and built for comfort

2. Easy to set up

3. Ideal for children and pets

4. Puncture resistant


1. Storage may be limiting

2. Best For Fishing: Saturn FK396 fishing inflatable kayak

No products found.

Most kayakers love to explore fishing in the ocean since it is a breathtaking experience. If you’d love to fish in the sea, get this kayak. It withstands the sea waters with vigor due to the high-pressure deck floor that makes it rigid enough for the sea. Its material is also reinforced with a double layer PVC to make sure fish do not puncture it. The kayak has enough space at the stern and bow covered with splash guards to store your stuff and keep them dry. If you are unsure about safety, this kayak has a multi-chamber construction that keeps it afloat if one chamber is punctured.

Key Features

1. Has A High Weight Capacity– this Saturn pro angler has a weight capacity of 700lbs, making it able to support three people and enough gear for a full-day adventure.

2. Has Enough Storage For Your Equipment And Gear– the kayak has enough space at the front and back covered with splash guards to ensure your luggage stays dry.

3. Reinforced on the floor and air tubes to makes sure it is not punctured or damaged by fish.


Brand Saturn 
Weight43 lbs
Material Heavy-duty PVC
Weight capacity700 lbs
Accessories Two aluminum benches, hand pump

1. Spacious with enough storage space

2. Easy to set up

3. It comes with aluminum benches that can be used as rod holders or mounting for devices


1. Seats are purchased separately

3. Most Rigid: Advanced elements Lagoon 1 Kayak

No products found.

This advanced elements kayak is popular for its unique and compact shape that allows it to cut through ocean waves with ease. Thanks to its tracking fin, the kayak is easy to set up and has excellent tracking in the sea and ocean. It has an air tube cover and six-chamber design that makes the vessel extra safe. The kayak features a high back seat for more comfort and a mesh pocket for storage. The kayak comes with an inflatable spray skirt to keep you dry throughout the adventure.

Key Features

1. Extremely Lightweight And Easy To Carry- this watercraft weighs 23 lbs making it easy to carry even for long-distance adventures. 

2. Designed For Safety And Durability-  the vessel has an air tube cover that adds stiffness and protects the kayak from abrasion and punctures. It also has six air chambers that make the extra kayak safe since if one punctures, you can use the other five comfortably.


BrandAdvanced elements
Weight23 lbs
Capacity250 lbs
Material PVC

1. Durable and stable

2. Comfortable and easy to maneuver

3. Lightweight and easy to set up


1. Limited storage space

4. Best For The Price: Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak Set

No products found.

Your tight budget shouldn’t come between you and your favorite water sport. This Bestway hydro-force cove kayak is an affordable kayak option that can handle ocean water. You can use the kayak on inland ocean waters if you are not ready for the open ocean. Children and small paddlers can use the kayak since it is compact and a suitable size for them. This vessel is made from PVC, making it durable and robust enough to withstand waves and other obstacles on the ocean. It has a removable fin at the center that helps improve the kayak’s tracking ability.

Key Features

1. Lightweight And Easy To Carry– this hydro force cove only weighs 19 pounds making it extraordinarily light and easy to haul once inflated.

2. Comfortable Sit-In Design – the cockpit has a sit-in design that comes with an inflatable chair that allows you to customize it to your desired comfort level. The kayak is also relatively stable even when you encounter waves

3. Has A Bungee Lacing For Your Storage– the kayak has bungee lacing at the stern and bow that you can attach dry bags to keep them away from the cockpit.


Material PVC
Weight19 pounds
Capacity220 pounds

1. Compact and easy to carry

2. Easy to inflate and deflate

3. It can be used by children and small paddlers


1. Space might be limiting for some paddlers

5. Best For Tandem Use: Flydem Inflatable Kayak

No products found.

Most tandem kayaks are either unsuitable for oceans or too expensive, but not this fly dem kayak. It is an affordable option for two people who want to experience sea kayaking, and the best part; it comes with all you need to get started. You can choose to use the kayaks as a tandem or solo kayak, and we love that versatility. It has ample storage space at the bow and stern that allows you to keep your gear secure and dry throughout the adventure. The vessel comes with a high-pressure output pump that will enable you to inflate it in under ten minutes, collapsible paddles, and life vests.

Key Features

1. It Can Be Used As A Solo Or Tandem Kayak – this watercraft is designed for tandem use, but it can easily be adjusted for use by a solo paddler without losing its balance or stability.

2. Features Ample Storage Space At The Bow And Stern – you have covered storage areas at the bow and stern where you can store your extra gear

3. Has A High Weight Capacity– the weight capacity is 600 pounds which is enough for two persons, luggage, or even a pet.


Capacity600 pounds
AccessoriesTwo collapsible paddles, life vests, and pump

1. It can be used for solo and tandem kayaking

2. Enough storage space and weight capacity

3. Three air chambers for safety


1. Its width might compromise speed

6. Most Durable: Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

No products found.

Intex kayaks are known for their excellent construction and durability, and this particular kayak is no exception. It is made from super-tough laminate PVC and has a polyester core that makes it resistant to damage from sunlight, impact, or abrasion. It has high-pressure inflation that adds to its rigidity and stability. The kayak is easy to inflate and deflate because it has high-pressure spring valves. The kayak comes with all accessories you might need for a comfortable adventure at the ocean.

Key Features

1. Ample Storage Space At The Bow And Stern– this vessel has enough storage space and stainless steel d-rings for tying down dry bags and other gear.

2. It Has A Rigid Construction That Allows More Air Pressure And Rigidity–  the kayak features a 3-ply super rugged construction with high molecular PVC that can withstand gasoline, oil, and saltwater without any effects.

3. It comes with mounting brackets that are removable and adjustable


Weight39 pounds
Capacity400 pounds
Accessories 86″ aluminum oars, high output pump

1. Durable yet lightweight

2. Resistant to salt water, oil, and gasoline

3. Extra stability and rigidity


1. Rod holders point inwards

7. Most Versatile: Sevylor Quikpak K1 kayak

No products found.

This Sevylor kayak is the most versatile watercraft you can ever come across; it is easy to inflate and takes less than five minutes, allowing you to spend more time on the water. It has a backpack system that also turns into a seat. These features make the kayak functional and easy to carry for any adventure. It is made from rigid PVC construction with a tarpaulin bottom for protection against punctures. 

Key Features

1. It Has Multiple Air Chambers To Guarantee Your Safety In Case Of A Puncture– these air chambers help you stay afloat even when one chamber is punctured.

2. Designed For Comfort– it has a backrest that you can lean back on, a multi-position footrest to allow you to find a comfortable position,

3. Has Ample And Secure Storage– has a secure storage area where you can safely store items with bungees


Brand Sevylor 
Material21-gauge PVC
Accessories High-pressure hand pump, a foldable paddle, backpack/seat

1. Strong and durable

2. Easy to set up and deflate

3. Designed for comfort


1. You might need to purchase a better paddle

8. Best For Performance: Aquaglide McKenzie 125 Inflatable Kayak

No products found.

This Aqua glide kayak is designed for excellent performance, durability, and portability. It has versatile and technical features that make it the perfect kayak for the ocean. It is rugged enough to withstand large waves and currents. It has durable construction consisting of evobeam technology and Duratec construction that ensures your vessel doesn’t leak or puncture unexpectedly. You might have to spend a bit more than average, but you will not regret buying this kayak.

Key Features

1. Solid And Durable Construction– made with the most robust materials and latest technology to ensure it lasts for decades without falling apart.

2. Can also be used for river kayaking


Brand Aquaglide
Material Plastic
Weight 49 pounds 

1. Lightweight but durable

2. Excellent performance

3. Great for river kayaking too


1. Relatively expensive

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Inflatable Kayak For Ocean (Buying Guide)

1. Stability 

When choosing an inflatable kayak, stability is one of the factors that you shouldn’t overlook. Always consider the primary and secondary stability of a kayak before purchasing. Primary stability is the ability of the kayak to remain stable while in flat waters, while secondary stability is its ability to stay firm when tipped on one side. For ocean kayaks, secondary stability is paramount for the kayak to remain stable even in wild ocean waves. If you want ultra stability, go for a large and wide kayak since the width comes with stability.

2. Material

Inflatable kayaks are either made from PVC or Hypalon due to the durability of these materials. Some kayaks are reinforced with other materials for more solid construction, making them more resistant to tears. When looking for an ocean kayak, it is advisable to go for one that’s built for toughness. Ensure the material of the kayak can withstand UV rays and strong water waves without leaking.

3. Solo Or Tandem

If you are unsure of which kayak to go for, we recommend getting a tandem kayak. This way, you can enjoy adventures with your family and friends whenever you want. Ensure you choose a kayak that’s spacious enough and comfortable too. If you are carrying a pet for your adventures, consider the space for the pet too. Some kayaks indicate that they are big enough to fit three persons, but they may not be too comfortable.

4. Inflation Time

The time it takes to inflate your kayak will depend on the kayak size and pumping speed if you use a hand pump. Most kayaks come with foot pumps and take less than 10 minutes to pump. When buying a kayak, check its size and consider how long it will take to inflate. You don’t want to spend the better part of your adventure day getting your kayak ready.

5. Tracking 

Some inflatable kayaks claim to have excellent tracking, but on the water, they might not track as well. Tracking is a big deal for inflatable kayaks because they don’t come with a tracking rudder. A kayak that has excellent tracking mostly has rigid and high-pressure floors for best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions On Inflatable Kayaks For Oceans

In this section, we answer some common questions on inflatable kayaks for oceans. If you have any questions that have not been answered in the article, you will find the answer in this section.

1. Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe For The Ocean?

Yes, if an inflatable kayak is made for ocean or sea kayaking, it is safe to use on the ocean. Kayaks specifically made for ocean kayaking have stronger materials and are more stable than regular ones, making them withstand rougher waters. Sit on top kayaks are more preferred for ocean kayaking since they won’t fill up with water if they capsize.

2. Should I Wear A Life Jacket When Kayaking In The Ocean?

Since you never know what to expect when going out on the water, ensure you consistently wear the proper safety gear. That should include your life jacket or any personal floatation device and the appropriate attire for the water. The basic safety equipment for kayak safety consists of a life jacket, a GPS map or compass, a bilge pump, a first aid kit, dry bags, a tow bar, and a flashlight. With these, you can be sure to enjoy your adventures without much worry. It is always best to be safe than sorry as you head out for any adventure or water sports.

3. How Can I Stay Safe When Kayaking In The Ocean?

To start kayaking in the ocean, you should have some experience in kayaking since, as a beginner, you might find paddling in the ocean challenging and unsafe. Before you venture into ocean kayaking, ensure you are confident in your paddling skills since you may encounter large ocean waves. Also, ensure you know how to reenter your kayak if you dump since it is bound to happen.  You should stay close to the shore and mind the tides since sometimes, they change the shoreline. Have two paddle leashes to hold your paddle in place to ensure you don’t lose it and another for tying yourself to the boat. You can also use thigh straps to keep yourself to the boat and prevent unnecessary dumps. There are many tips on how to stay safe in the ocean, but most will depend on where you are. Ensure you understand your environment; know where rip currents and tidal areas are, and avoid them. Also, ensure you have your safety gear with you and if you are kayaking in a remote location, have a radio for communicating in case of anything.

Final Word

Inflatable kayaks are gaining popularity due to their versatility and ease of use. Not only are they easy to transport, but they are also easy to set up and deflate. Most of them are also quite affordable to help you enjoy your adventures without breaking the bank. When choosing an inflatable kayak, ensure you have outlined your needs to find one that will work well for you. We are sure that from our guide, you have already decided which one to buy. If not, we recommend getting the sea eagle 370 since it is versatile, durable, tried, and tested. With this kayak, you are assured of quality, durability, and versatility. Depending on what features you are looking for, you can choose any other kayak on our list since their quality and reliability are guaranteed. We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect kayak and happy kayaking!



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