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What will be the best inflatable stand-up paddleboard for you depends on quite a few things. There are various types of paddleboards available and they serve different purposes. If you are looking for stability then you should buy a larger board but if you are looking for speed then you should choose a small and narrower paddleboard.

Since there are many options available with each of them with unique features, the decision can get quite complicated. But once you know about the best inflatable stand-up paddleboard, the choice gets quite easy. Let us help you make the right decision about the inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

An Inflatable SUP Bestsellers List

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How To Choose The Right Paddle-Board?

It is amusing to paddle in the ocean, but the right paddleboard can make the experience better. The choice of the paddleboard will depend on its weight, volume, and size.

If you are looking for a beginner SUP board; then there are plenty of right paddle boards available on the market that have better stability but lack speeds and wave handling capabilities. 

If you are up to Longer and Expert SUPs; then go for boards that have better loading capabilities and are perfect for touring extra miles (longer distances) and have excellent wave handling abilities. 

If your plan to exercise with your SUPs only, then make sure it is inflatable, easy to use, and comes with perfect sizes between 9′ – 10.6″.  It’s very challenging to get on the first SUP at the beginning but steady SUPs will make your journey comfortable. 

The SUPs come with a variety of weights, so pick one that suits your body weight. The lighter SUPs come with a weight of 18 Pounds and the heavier one is up to 30 Pounds.

There are different type of SUPs available that are made of different materials and serves different purposes. The popular paddleboards are – Epoxy SUPS, Inflatable SUPs (iSUPs), Racing SUPs, Touring SUPs, Yoga SUPs, and Surfing SUPs. 

So, in general, if you want to know what should you look for when buying a paddleboard – then you have to look at 3 things to decide before you buy one. You have to check the constructions, the stability, and the versatility. If you are up to inflatables one, then check how many layers of PVC have been used to build that board. While talking about Stability,  the board should be 10 to 12 inches long and up to 33 inches wide, and up to 240 liters full. Regarding versatility, can your board face the strong wave on the sea or can you sit on your board for yoga? Ask yourself, check the manual and then decide. 

Now you get the idea, which one to pick. 

Which Is The Best Stand Up Paddle Board? 

By analyzing 10+ SUPs features and reviews on Amazon, we have classified them with skill levels, suitability on different water conditions, build quality, inflatability, and compatibility. Here is our best SUP Pick that serves everything you want. 

iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board (Best For Long  Distance Riders & Tandem Paddle Boarding)

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Material4 layers of PVC
Item Weight‎ 9 Kilograms

Some features to look at- 

1. iRocker is made from 4 layers of PVC. 

2. Strongest SUP board ever for any kind of tough riding. 

3. Comes with a perfect size for beginners to advanced borders like 11 Feets Long, 32 Inches Wide, and 6 inches thick. The Nautical Inflatable paddleboard dimension is – 10’6″ or 11’6″ Long x 32″ Wide x 6″ Thick Board Weight 20 lbs.

4. iRocker iSUP Weight Limit of up to 240 lbs.

5. Not narrow and thus suits with expert paddler as well. 

6. The weight of the iRocker is 24 Pounds and is stated as lightweight but durable enough. 

7. Constructed with a large bungee and extra d-rings to make it all the future gears. 

8. Side fins are removable based on the water depths and conditions and you have awesome flexibility here to customize your SUP. 

9. Backpack Carry Bag

10. Single Chamber

11. Fiberglass Paddle

iRocker claims that inflating your board with this pump is 50% easier and 100% faster than with a standard dual action hand pump.


Top 5 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board In 2022 (Best picks)

In a hurry? Check the bestseller top Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board from Amazon. Just check the product link, the details, and the price.

Best Inflatable SUP Board

It is amusing to paddle in the ocean, but the right paddleboard can make the experience better. The choice of the paddleboard will depend on its weight, volume, and size. There are multiple options available for the paddleboards which you can select from according to your needs (some actually covers most of your need and owns pretty all-rounder performances).

1. Peak Expedition Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board (Best Design & Quality iSUP)

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BrandPEAK Paddle Boards
MaterialAluminum, Polyvinyl Chloride
Item Weight19.5 lbs

When it comes to paddleboards, the peak expedition boards are best with their design and quality. The board is specially made for exploring the waters. The nose and tail of this paddleboard will be suitable for your gear in every situation. The nose and back (tail) of the paddleboard is built for sunny and stormy conditions. The board is made for every water activity, including fishing, touring, or paddling.

The following are included with the paddleboard package:

1. Aluminum travel paddle

2. Backpack

3. Pressure action pump

4. Travel fin

5. Phone case

6. Coil Leash

The paddleboard is made with quality materials to provide a lighter body and durable performance. The board is built in a compact size for easy storage and transportation. You can easily carry it in your car to move anywhere. Also, you can quickly inflate the paddleboards within 5 to 7 minutes using an electric pump. And if you are using a hand pump with high pressure, it won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

This paddleboard is very stylish with matching color combinations. You will get the paddle, travel bag, and leash in the same color. Moreover, the paddleboard has carry handles to provide a better mechanism for entry and exit into the water.


1. It has thicknesses of 6 inches that make this paddleboard stable and provide a non-slipping grip while you ride over the water

2. There are handles for carrying the nose and tail

3. There are bungee systems for both the front and rear gears

4. It can easily fit an extra person or light-weighted extra material like a cooler

5. The design is made stylish with topographic prints over the nose and tail


1. You cannot attach any seat to the board. 

2. The bag has just a single big pocket

2. Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (Best Lightweight Inflatable SUP)

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MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Item Weight19 Pounds

This paddleboard is unique with its attractive and amazing built. The board is ready to provide all the features you need for paddling. This stands up paddleboard is the one you will find among the best inflatable stand-up paddleboard list. It is lighter compared to similar models. The paddleboard weights a mere 21 lbs. The paddleboard is accompanied by a leading dual-action Bravo hand pump to inflate the board. The third-generation attached fins are replaceable and reliable; you don’t need any screws on it.

The boat has numerous other features that make it one of the best in the market. There is a stock fin of 8 inches that makes the paddleboard inclined to its headed direction without any misconfigurations in direction. The tri-fin design of the paddleboard makes it better with tracking (including moving forward without any turns). There is a dual-layer PVC on the paddleboard. The second layer of patented PVC provides the right stiffness, and a rigid structure prevents any slip from the rider.


1. The board is lighter than the other boards. Also, it is made of strong and upgraded PVC. With this, it gets the stiffness of a hardboard delivering qualities of the standup paddleboard.

2. It is the first one to create a green-colored board. It included other features including a diminutive nylon bag. There is also the Atoll Bison over the deck parts and bottom of the board.

3. There is a universal fin box to help use any replaced aftermarket fins. The fin box can move up to 3 inches into the center for the various paddle conditions.

4. The tri-fir approach of design makes tracking easier in any water condition.


1. Quite stiff 

2. Seam joints are not very detailed

3. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (Best Budget SUP)

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Color‎Olive Green
MaterialDouble PVC
Item Weight13.89 Pounds

It is a premium paddleboard to experience the best water adventures. This board is designed to deliver a better stand-up paddleboard option. The board is perfect for every skill level. The serene life stands up board has an inflatable wide design with a non-slipping feature to provide better balance for everyone. The sliding glides are easy across the surface.

You can take this paddleboard everywhere as it gets you quick inflation and shorter blowing up time, deflation, and storage capacity. Each of these paddleboard packages comes with an ankle cuff, air pump, storage bag, and safety leash. The superior maneuverability increases the board’s stability. The triple bottom panel helps get better speed and steer for kids and adults.


1. Standard for single person paddleboarding

2. These are inflatable paddle boards with PVC 

3. There are three bottom panel fins available to you


1. Not that many significant cons here

4. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (Best Blow Up Paddle Board)

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Color‎Multi Color
MaterialQuad Core PVC
Item Weight17.5 Pounds

Out of the multiple stands up paddle board options, this will be quite an appropriate option to go for. The paddle board is equipped with all the accessories to go with the paddleboard journey. The Roc paddleboards are made with the best quality military-level material to provide the best experience of paddleboarding. The material used in this board is quite durable and lightweight to get the best paddleboarding experience.

The extra-wide and creative designs make paddleboarding easier for people of every skill level. You can use this board at any water body, including oceans, lakes, or rivers. The boards are made with appropriate length and width to handle the weight limit of 275 lbs.

Everyone likes to get everything in a single place. This paddleboard comes as a complete package to provide everything you need while you are in the water. You will get the board, paddle, leash, air pump, and even the storage bag to enjoy paddle boarding.

The boards are made with the best service and reliability assurance. The reliability is assured with the 1-year warranty that comes with this stand-up paddleboard. The inflated paddleboards are suitable for touring, fishing, and any other water-related activity.


1. Creative design

2. Complete package

3. 1-year warranty


1. The pump gauges are not too effective

2. Difficult to inflate

5. Tower Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (Best SUP To High Pressure Inflation)

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BrandTower Paddle Boards
Item Weight11.8 Kilograms

This paddleboard is an inflatable board with a high-pressure air pump, deck pad, center fun, handhold, and a carrying strap. It is a great companion for you over any water-related activity like yoga, fishing or sunbathing.

The most attractive feature of this paddle boat is its design. The board is made with accurate height and width for better balance and stable flow in water. The bottom-level fin is quite helpful in maintaining the speed and handling the moves. Unfortunately, the paddle is not perfect for adults, but they are best for children and teens. The paddleboat is made of military-level material to ensure durability.

The board kit is a complete solution for all kinds of necessities while paddleboarding in any water. This paddleboard comes with a 2-year warranty. Another fantastic feature of this paddleboard is anyone who is not an experienced surfer can use this board.


1. Great design

2. Military material

3. Top-quality

4. Portable


1. Rigid

2. Fast and maneuverable in the water

7 Ways to Store a SUP

1. Use a SUP Paddleboard Storage Rack

SUP Paddleboard Storage Rack is a product that can hold up to 6 paddleboards and 4 kayaks, with an adjustable height. SUP Paddleboard Storage Rack helps you free up space by storing all your SUPs and kayaks in one place.

The rack is portable, so you can take it with you to the beach or to the lake. It is also easy to assemble: all you need are a screwdriver and some instructions.

The rack has ample space for your boards, so they won’t be piled on top of each other and damage each other’s fins.

2. Build a Wall Rack for SUP

In this project, the goal is to create a wall rack for the SUP board.

The design is based on a 90 degree angle. The two vertical pieces will be 15″ inches tall and the two horizontal pieces will be at 12″ inches tall. The boards are held together with four screws in each corner and a hinge on the back.

3. Using a Garage/Garden Caddy for storing SUP

When it comes to storing your surfboard, you want to take the necessary measures in order to avoid any damage.

No matter how careful you are, there are always extra risks when you store your board outside of a protective case.

A caddy is a great storage solution because of its durability and the fact that it can be used for other purposes when not being used as a SUP rack.

4. Placing SUP in the Vehicle:

SUP is placed in the vehicle with the nose facing away from the driver and to the outside of the vehicle.

The SUP should be securely strapped to a rack or carrier.

A good rule of thumb is to place your SUP on a rack that is at least as high as your roof height.

5. Use a Storage Bag: Board bags are popular because they protect the board from dirt and water that might get on it while stored outdoors or in a garage. Board bags are also lightweight and easy to carry around for quick access to the board when needed. They come with convenient shoulder straps for carrying them over your shoulder too! Board bags come in different sizes so if you need more room than just one bag offers, you can get a bigger one too!

6. Where to Store Your SUP

With a few exceptions, when storing your SUP, it is best to store them in a case on the ground. The reason for this is because a case on the ground will protect your SUP from being damaged by water or sun exposure.

The exceptions to this rule are if you have too many boards and do not have enough space in your case, or if you have an oversized board (larger than 9’). In these cases it is best to hang the board vertically so that the nose of the board does not hit anything while it is hanging.

7. Upright, Downright or Sided?: There are two schools of thought on how to store your board. While some recommend storing it upright, others recommend keeping it on its side. If the board is stored upright, it is more likely to fall over and less likely to stay in a stable position. And if the board is kept on its side, you may have to clean it less often because of blowouts and stains that will not be able to dry.

How to Protect Your Stand Up Paddleboard from Scratches, Abrasions and Uv Damage

Paddleboards are a fairly new invention and they are made of a tough material that is resistant to damage. They can last for years with the right care. That being said, even with the best care, scratches and abrasions may appear on your board from time to time. The good news is that if you take the appropriate precautions, it is possible to protect your stand up paddleboard from these types of damage altogether.

  • Keep your board in its bag when not in use so it doesn’t get crushed or damaged by other objects in storage such as car doors or furniture.
  • Store it in an area out of the sun, away from salt water, and away from mosquitoes
  • Get regular tune-ups by a professional
  • Use the right paddle
  • Carry your SUP with two hands when possible
  • Rent a roof rack for your car
  • Pack it properly for travel and storage

Clean the board regularly with a damp cloth or mild soap and water solution to remove any dirt, dust, or fingerprints.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inflatable Paddle Board

Q: Which is the most stable SUPs out there? 

The most stable and strong board is Blackfin Model X Family Board. It has a capacity of 450 Pounds. The second best stable SUP is iRocker. 

Top inflatable sup

Q: What are the general Stand up Paddle Boarding rules on the water? 

According to the US Coast Guard, a paddleboard is classified as a vessel and must comply with the rules and regulations that a vessel adheres. The children under 13, must wear a Personal flotation device (PFD) that is approved by US Coast Guard and it should be perfectly sized for the wearer. This means, you can’t wear your Dad’s PFD. 🙂 

You must have a white light at the dawn or dusk to let other vessels see you even far from 1 mile and you should carry a whistle always while paddle boarding. 

The Positive and Negative sides of Blow Up Paddle Boards. 

Are Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Any Good? The Pros and Cons of Blow Up Paddle Boards.

Q: Are Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Any Good? The Pros and Cons of Blow Up Paddle Boards.

There are a lot of confusion about a SUP and iSUP. Its because, some thinks the iSUPs can be your next blow up paddle board if you don’t care about the PSI while inflating and if anything bad happens on the water like facing a sharpen stone head or something like that. 

Here are some general good and bads things about Inflatable boards. 

The good thing – 

  • Easy to store. 
  • Convenient to transport. 
  • Super lightweight and carrying this is a pleasure. 
  • Durable and Rigid. 

The bad thing – 

Besides, all of those positive things about iSUPs, there are some Cons of a Blow-Up Paddle Board to know about in detail before you are going to have one. Let’s jump in – 

  • You have to allot an extra 15 to 20 minutes to inflate the paddleboard before you are in the water. 
  • You should give it a time when you want to deflate it too. 
  • Rigid paddle boards are better in terms of speed surfing while the iSUPs are not. 
  • Lower weight capacity if you buy a cheap inflatable paddleboard. 

Q: What Can You Do with an Inflatable Paddle Board?

You can do everything that a Rigid Paddle Board can do for you. From your professional needs to your leisure, everything is possible with an inflatable paddleboard, and here is a list to check it out – 

  • Fishing
  • Working with Fitness especially with Yoga and Pilates.
  • Ocean or Lake Surfing
  • Whitewater/river SUP
  • SUP racing games
  • Long-distance Touring and multi-day excursions
  • Paddling to look after child and pet on water
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Traveling and adventures
  • Paddlers meet up 
  • Windsurfing
surfing with iSUP

Q: How do I stand on a Paddle Board?

If you are just starting out and new to paddle boarding; then just begin with kneeling down and paddling ahead. And doing so, once you get some trusts on you; then sit on the board facing your knees forward and paddle. And eventually, start moving up your one knee and then again use your both knee and stand up  at the last stage. 

Q: What are inflatable paddle boards made from?

Traditional Epoxy or Rigid paddleboard are made from Foam Constructions, Expoxy Resin, carbon or Wood, or Fibreglasses. Whereas, the Inflatable Paddle Boards are made from PVC that uses the drop stitch construction or structures so that when it gets inflated, it ends up a durable isup and behaves like a rigid paddleboard. 

Q: What is the Average Cost of a Paddle Board?

Based on the technology used on different inflatable boards, the price ranges starting from 300 USD to 3000 USD and above. The average price of a SUP board is $750 to $800 to be exact.

Q: How long does it take to inflate a paddle board?

The answer to this question depends on the type of paddle board you have. If it’s a traditional, inflatable paddle board, most boards will need about 5 minutes of blowing before you can get on the water. If it’s a soft-top or inflatable top paddleboard, they are often ready to go in around 3 minutes.

This is really dependent on how much air pressure is needed to get your board up and running–most often 3-5 minutes for an inflatable stand-up board and 5-10 minutes for an inflatable sup.

Q: How much PSI do you need for an inflatable SUP?

There is a lot of confusion about the PSI needed for an inflatable SUP.

Typically, a high-quality inflatable SUP will need at least 8PSI to fill properly. If you have a low-quality board, you will need more PSI to get it inflated enough for use. For example, if you have an inexpensive inflatable SUP that requires 12PSI to inflate fully, then it may be time to replace your board with a better quality one that can be inflated with less PSI (8PSI).

The same goes for paddleboards. A high quality paddleboard may only require 5PSI while a lower quality one may require 10PSI or more.

Q: Inflatable vs. Solid: Which Standup Paddleboard Is Best?

A stand up paddleboard is a board that is used to propel the surfer on the water. The paddler stands on the board and uses a double-bladed paddle to move forward in the water. There are two types of boards that a surfer can choose from. Inflatable boards are inflatable with air or foam and made with flexible materials such as PVC or neoprene. Solid boards are usually made out of rigid materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or epoxy resin and polyester resin

The advantages of a solid board over an inflatable one is stability in choppier conditions, durability for rougher waters, and ease of repair. However, inflatables offer portability because they can be deflated and stored away easily, less weight for transportation.

Q: What is the best brand for inflatable paddle boards

1. The F-One Project (Best for Beginners)

2. The Globe Lady Lisa (Best Board Value)

3. The Tommy Bahama Islander (Best Mid Range Board)

4. The Red Paddle Kai (Best Board for Heavy Riders)

5. The BIC Sport Cayman 12’6″ Soft Top Deck Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (Most Durable Board)

6. Earth Lounge’s Fitted Surf & SUP Boards with Custom Designs! (Most Exclusive Boards) 2nd Place, Best of Show, ISA World Stand Up Paddle Awards 2015

7. Innova Paddle Boards is an American company that specializes in manufacturing inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUP) for all skill levels, weight capacities, and styles. Innova’s most famous product is its range of inflatable SUPs. The company says their paddles are lightweight and strong enough to withstand waves without breaking or bending, making them perfect for beginners or expert surfers alike.

Q: Are Costco paddle boards any good

Costco has a variety of paddleboards on offer, from low-end models to more expensive ones. These boards are all made with high-quality materials and are durable for on-shore or off-shore use. The boards also come in many sizes, so you should be able to find one that works best for you.

Q: How safe are inflatable paddle boards

Inflatable paddle boards are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Consumers should take care to buy an inflatable with sufficient thickness to provide maximum protection from punctures and wide enough to control their feet properly.

Consumers should be aware of two major safety risks with inflatable paddle boards. One is that it’s possible to puncture the board and the other is that a person may fall off the board and face-plant into the water.

Some inflatables also come with handles on either side for easier gripping, which can help reduce chances of falling off.

Q: How Long Should a SUP Be?

A SUP (stand up paddle board) can range in size from 6 feet to 12 feet. This is because it is based on the weight and height of the person who will be using the board. A typical size for a beginner, would be 10 feet long. Larger boards are better for more experienced riders who need to carry cargo on their boards and have a larger area to stand on while paddling.

A smaller board such as a 6-foot long sup would be used by someone who is under 5’5″ in height.

The length of the SUP is important and it can vary based on what you intend to use it for. For recreational purposes, most SUPs are either 9-11 feet or 10-12 feet long. However, if you are an experienced paddler or looking to use your SUP for professional purposes such as filming, then a longer one is more appropriate.

Q: What are sport-specific SUPs?

Sport-specific SUPs, also known as “short boards” are designed for surfers who need to maneuver with less water resistance and more agility. The sport-specific SUP is smaller and lighter than a long board and is often used in the surf break where there is some kind of obstruction. It has a shorter length (mostly from 5’ to 6’) and a narrower width (from 20” to 24”).

The dimensions of this type of board are smaller than those of a longboard. However, it is very effective in handling waves that are close to the shoreline. If you want a board that can work well in shallow waters, this might be the best option for you.

SUPs in this category are those designed for sports like yoga and fishing.

Q: What are the best deck pads for yoga?

If you are looking for the best deck pads for yoga, you need to consider what type of surface you are practicing on. Deck pads that are made from rubber or cork will work well on hardwood floors or concrete. A high-density foam deck pad will work better on carpet and provide more cushioning.

It is important to consider the thickness of your pad as well. If it is too thin, your hands might slide out of place and put pressure on your wrists or elbows. If it is too thick, you may have a difficult time getting into certain poses like downward dog because there might not be enough room between the ground and the edge of the mat.

For instance, if you plan to do yoga on your board, you’ll want to look for a generous deck pad with a relatively flat surface (deep grooves will be uncomfortable against your skin), a center handle that lies flat (some come with handles along the edges instead), and a bungee system at one end to keep belongings safe.

Q: How much volume is a SUP?

The volume of inflatable paddle boards is a measure of their buoyancy and ranges from 160-380 liters for inflatable models (keep in mind that this number varies for hardboards).

Q: What size stand up paddle board should I buy?

When looking for a kayak, make sure you have a special focus on the volume of the boat. For example, if you are 180 pounds and carry 10 pounds of gear, your ideal kayak should have 266 liters or less.

Q: What is a planing SUP?

A planing SUP is a paddleboard designed to be ridden. This board is meant to be ridden on the water, not walked on. This board is usually wide and flat and has a stabilizing fin in the back.

Planning SUPs are the ones with a wider nose and flatter surface, that can ride on top of the water.

There are many paddle boats available for you, but inflatable stand up paddleboard will bring you the best with fun while paddleboarding. Moreover, it is easy to carry even in your backpack and use it anytime you want.

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