Best Kayak Battery Box

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What type of battery box will best suit your need mostly depends on the type and the size of the battery you are using. That being said, you should buy a battery box that is durable enough to withstand rough conditions on the water. You should also consider the weight of the battery box. This is because you don’t want to carry heavy weights when you are planning to kayak for long distances!

Best Kayak Battery Box

Best Kayak Battery Box

Here, we have a list for you if you don’t have time to go through the whole article. By clicking the link, you will find the product on amazon with seller details and current price. 

  1. Lightest – No products found.

  1. Best Weather Resistant- No products found.

  1. Best For Group 27 Batteries- No products found.

  1. Best Overall- No products found.

  1. Best Force Resistant- No products found.

  1. Best For Extreme Temperatures- No products found.

  1. Strongest- No products found.

  1. Best For Small Kayaks – No products found.

  1. Best Dual Battery Box- No products found.

Comparison Table

In this section, we have all the kayak boxes in a table to help you compare more efficiently and, in turn, decide which of them pleases you and suits your needs most.

Name  Best For Specs  Rating 
No products found. lightest Lift-off lid, hold-down strap, lightweight 4.6
No products found. Most weather-resistant Rugged, UV-resistant, safe 4.9
No products found.   Mounting kit, straps, high-quality polyethylene  4.6
No products found. Best overall Dual integrated circuit breaker, non-slip rubber, direct USB charger 4.6
No products found. Best force resistant Large handles, ventilated, hold-down straps 4.6
No products found. Extreme temperature Charger and cable, 12v battery, in-built handles 4.5
No products found. Strongest  Rugged, UV-resistant, ventilated 4.3
No products found. Small kayaks Dual circuit breaker, external ports, built-in battery meter 4.6
No products found. Dual battery Polyethylene, hold-down straps  4.6

1. Camco Heavy Duty Kayak Box: Lightest

No products found.

BRAND Camco 
ITEM DIMENSION  11×9×13 inches
WEIGHT 2.07 pounds

This kayak battery box is black, lightweight, and heavy-duty at the same time. It is corrosion-resistant, ensuring that you can go with it through any weather conditions without worrying if it will withstand it because it will. It has a lift-off lid, and woven hold-down straps that ensure your battery remains inside. This battery box fits size 24 batteries with additional headroom for battery terminals. 

Key Features

1. Lift-off lid

This battery box is featured with a lift-off lid that secures your battery inside. It is also effortless to put on and off.

2. Hold-down strap

If you doubt if the lid will manage, then worry less because it is equipped with durable woven hold-down straps that help ensure that the lid is in place.

3. Lightweight 

At just 29 pounds, this box is one of the lightest battery boxes in the market today, so it will not add too much weight to your kayak.


1. Easy to upgrade or alter to fit your needs.

2. Good quality.

3. Very sturdy.


1. Cheap-looking plastic.

2. Flimsy lid.

2. NOCO HM462 Dual L16: Best Weather Resistant

No products found.

ITEM DIMENSION 18.13×15.75×19.5 inches
WEIGHT 9.48 pounds

This battery box is used to store 6-volt batteries. It is equipped with a four-corner fastening system and a lid for easy installation, large cable entry holes used for heavy gauge wires. That is not all; this box is well-ventilated to release battery gases and an acid reservoir. The material protects it from every corrosion agent like UV, extreme temperatures, and even chemicals. You can, therefore, use this battery box in your kayak without worrying about corrosion.  All its features work together to ensure the best end product for you.

Key Features 


It is designed to withstand extreme conditions with up to -40°F and acids, gases, and other contaminants.


This box consists of thermoplastic UV stabilizers that ensure it is UV-resistant. With this box, you will not worry about kayaking in the sun for long hours, for years.


This battery box meets the United States Coast Guard’s Code of Federal Regulations and the American Boat and Yacht Council’s requirements. It has been tested to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality possible. It limits the likelihood of water getting inside, accidental contact of battery terminals while at the same time ensuring adequate ventilation.


1. Water-resistant.

2. Sturdy.

3. Easy to use.


1. Flimsy lid.

2. It might be a bit large.

3. SEACHOICE 22080 USCG; Best For Group 27 Batteries 

No products found.

BRAND Seachoice 
ITEM DIMENSION 8×15×9 inches
WEIGHT 1.6 pounds

Seachoice battery boxes are a good choice for you since you will get a product made by those who understand precisely what you need. They are made by boating and fishing enthusiasts who know exactly what you need. They have quality marine accessories to ensure that they function correctly, allowing you to have a great experience in the water when kayaking. 

It is made with black, high-density polyethylene ensuring that you get yourself a sturdy battery box to withstand weather conditions. Apart from battery boxes, you can get anchors and anodes from Seachoice. It contains size 27 batteries so well and contains accidental acid spillage.

Key Features 


You have to ensure that your battery is safe as it could be and dry throughout by using the strap to tighten the lid of the battery box.

High-Quality Polyethylene 

This kayak battery box is made of high-quality polyethylene that gives it maximum strength. This material is not easily affected by acid and adverse weather conditions that may not be favorable to other materials. 

Lift-Off Lid

This lift-off lid makes accessing battery cables and wires easy for you. So you do not have to worry about wires hanging all over the place.


1. It is of high quality. 

2. Fits the battery well.

3. Sturdy.


1. You may get the wrong size.


No products found.

BRAND  Newport Vessels 
ITEM DIMENSION 12×10×17 inches
WEIGHT 3 pounds

Having a battery box that protects your battery and, at the same time providing easy access to connect your motor’s power cable to the terminals of this intelligent box is what you will always yearn for. Newport vessels smart battery box has a functioning power and charging station that can charge your devices while out on the water because it has a USB and 12V DC power outlet that will help you with this.

The outer shell has a LED battery meter that displays the battery state of your motor. It also contains a test button and two waterproof breakers for 60amp trolling motor terminals and 10amp boat accessory charging ports. There is a rubber at the bottom of this battery that will ensure your box remains to stand still.

Key Features.

1. External Battery Ports.

This will ensure that the connection of the tour trolling motor or accessory to the ports of the battery is safe and accessible without necessarily opening the box.

2. Dual Integrated Circuit Breakers.

The box is integrated with 10Amp and 60Amp circuit breakers to ensure maximum protection of your trolling motor AMD other accessories from any electrical damage.

3. Built-In LED Battery Meter. 

Having this meter will help you know your battery’s charge level by pressing and holding the test button.

4. Non-Slip Rubber.

 With this, it ensures that your battery standstill firm by keeping it in place.


1. Perfect for solar generator set up.

2. It has external ports to connect your motor and other accessories without opening the box.

3. It’s simple to mount.


1. Sometimes instructions that come with this box may be misleading


No products found.

BRAND  Attwood 
ITEM DIMENSION  15×19×21 inches
WEIGHT 2.05 pounds

Before purchasing any battery box, you will ensure that you buy the one that will keep you and your battery safe. Atwood standard battery box guarantees safety to your battery, and it can fit different sizes of batteries. The box is constructed using an acid-resistant material and strap which resist a force of up to 350 pounds. The space of this box is big enough to fit batteries and additional wires. Your battery can be locked using a robust hold-down strap that is on the box.

Key Features

1. Polypropylene:

Attwood standard battery is constructed using polypropylene material that ensures maximum acid resistance.

2. Hold-Down Straps: 

This box has straps that can resist forcing up to 350 pounds.

3. Ventilated

On top of this battery, there is a wide opening that ensures your battery is well ventilated.

4. Large Handles: 

This box has handles that have rolled edges that will make you carry it without much struggle.


1. It can fit a wide variety of batteries

2. It is large enough to fit both the battery and other additional wires.

3. It is built according to ABYC standard E-10, meaning that it is very safe.


1. It does not have a USB port.

2. This box lacks external terminals or circuit breaker

3. It does not have a battery meter.

6. STEALTH CAM 12V MARINE BATTERY BOX; Best For Extreme Temperatures

No products found.

BRAND  Stealth Cam 
ITEM DIMENSION  10.25×5×5.5
WEIGHT  6.65 pounds

It will be fun for you to have a battery box that can survive in extreme temperatures, as this box does. It is waterproof, making the durability of the battery increase. It has a built-in handle which ensures that you can carry and transport it easily. You can buy this box with a solar panel to help you have an extra charging option. Having a charger and a 10-foot cable will help you to charge your phone and other devices.

Key Features

1. Waterproof. 

This box being water-resistant, the battery will be free from water, hence increasing its durability.

2. In-Built Handles. 

This handle ensures that the battery can be transported easily, making it increase the battery life.

3. Charger And Cable. 

The power station of this box includes a charge and a 10-foot cable that ensures quick charging of devices.

4. 12V Battery. 

This box comes with a 12V battery that ensures you have an efficient supply of power and giving you the option of having an all-in-one solution.


1. You can buy it with a solar panel.

2. The charger and cable will help you in charging your devices.

3. Being waterproof will increase the durability of your batteries.

4. It has everything consolidated in one box.

5. Requires less storage space.


1. Some boxes may have an AC connector that does not fit the socket on the battery.

2. Some may not have an automatic charger.

7. NOCO HM484 8D Battery Box; Strongest

No products found.

ITEM DIMENSION 24.4×15.4×12.3 inches 
WEIGHT 9.18 pounds

If you have a battery for the size 8D group, including a 12V marine and boat, this box will give you the battery storage solution you require. This battery box has a four-corner fastening system together with a captive lid that will make installation easy. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, acids, and other contaminants. You can leave this battery box outside for many years with no worries of it cracking or fading.

Key Features.

1. Rugged.

This helps it to provide ultimate protection to your battery in low-temperature environments that is down to -40°

2. UV-Resistant. 

8D Commercial-grade battery box has thermoplastic modified by UV stabilizers that makes this box highly UV resistant.

3. Ventilated. 

This box has openings that help in releasing the battery gases. 

4. Safety.

Having this battery box will guarantee your battery safety as it does not allow water to enter. It collects all battery acids and also protects you from coming into contact with battery terminals.

5. Easy Installation

The four corner fastening system and the captive lid make it be installed easily.


1. It is easy to install

2. It can fit three types 24 batteries

3. Can survive in extreme temperatures

4. It is well ventilated


1. It’s not suitable for 4D batteries

2. Some may have a defective lid

3. Does not have a USB port.

8. Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Centre; Best For Small Kayaks

No products found.

BRAND Minn Kota
ITEM DIMENSION 16.65×12.55×9.55 inches
WEIGHT 4 pounds

This box is suitable for small boats and kayaks; therefore, if you have one or plan to have one, it will suit you well. It has an in-built battery meter, which will help you to see your current battery state of charge. It has an accessory port that will enable you to charge some other devices. Its terminals can be easily accessed without struggle. It can fit 24 and 27 size batteries, and it can work perfectly in harsh weather conditions. You can connect your trolling motor to battery terminals and charge the battery without removing the battery out or open the box. Having two integrated circuit breakers means that you can break the circuit for battery terminals and accessory ports.

Key Features

1. Dual circuit breakers. 

With this feature, you can break the circuit for both the battery terminals and the accessory ports.

2. In-built meter

This box has a built-in battery meter that displays the current battery charging status.

3. External ports. 

This will allow connecting your trolling motor leads and charger leads quickly without opening the battery.

4. 24 and 27 batteries. 

This box is excellent as it fits both size 24 and 27 batteries.


1. It is easy to access terminals 

2. It has external ports that make it easy to connect trolling motors and charge leads.


1. It does not have a USB port.

9. Camco Heavy Duty Double Battery Box; Best Dual Battery Box

No products found.

BRAND  Camco
PACKAGE DIMENSION 22.5×12.1×9.2 inches
WEIGHT 6.69 pounds

Are you looking for a heavy-duty box that is corrosion-resistant? Don’t be worried because this box will give you a solution. It is made of heavy-duty polypropylene that causes it to be durable. This box can hold (2) 6V group GC2 batteries or (2) 12V group 24/24m batteries. It has strap clamps with a screw that ensures maximum resistance to force. Also, it has an additional 2-inch headroom that is specifically for battery terminals.


1. Polypropylene. 

This material is solid and corrosion-resistant, which makes it to be long-lasting.

2. Straps

They ensure that the lid on the box is secure. 

Ports. This box lacks external terminal connectors, but it has ports that will help you to connect your trolling motor cables through the lid to your battery.


1. Heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant

2. Very sturdy

3. Easy to upgrade


1. Does not have external terminal connectors.

2. The lid may be flimsy.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Kayak Battery Box,

Here, we will go through the main things you should look for when buying a kayak battery box. This will ensure that you get one that will serve you and fulfill your needs in the best way possible. You will get among the best kayak battery boxes in the market.

1. Material 

When purchasing a good battery box, you will have to consider which material it is made from. Most marine battery box manufacturers use high-grade plastic for this purpose. Plastic could be the best material since it does not react with chemicals; therefore, the battery will be safe inside such a material. With the suitable materials, you can be sure to have a battery box that will last you for years because of its ability to resist corrosion from chemicals and even weather conditions. Putting the pollution factor aside, plastic is the best material.

2. Design

Do not complicate yourself by choosing a battery box that is only pleasing to the eyes but cannot perform its purpose perfectly. You might just be wasting your money. Instead, focus on how well the battery box will serve your needs.

3. Durability

A good kayak battery box should be made from sturdy and high-quality materials like marine-grade plastic. You should go for a box made so well to deal with all corrosion agents like acid from battery and weather. When kayaking, it is evident that your battery box will face adverse weather conditions, so you will need one that will not let you down after using it for just a short time. You don’t want to keep going back to the shop, investing in the same product, over and over again.

4. Straps 

You would want a battery box that ensures safety for your battery. This is why you should consider buying one that comes with straps. This will help keep the box in place so it won’t come off. You should ensure it is a heavy-duty strap that will last you long. The strap ensures that what’s kept in the box stays inside. 

5. Protection

The purpose of a battery box is to protect the battery from anything that may be harmful, like water and chemicals. So, you should ensure it is waterproof and corrosion-resistant from such elements. It should also have a provision for releasing gas and acid from the battery safely. This way, you are 100% sure that your battery is safe.

6. Price

Value for money is one of the factors that you need to consider because you don’t want to feel as though you have lost it wasted your money. Expensive does not always mean good quality. You should look at the reviews and ratings from other customers before you make a purchase. This will help you get a battery box that will give you good value for money.

Frequently Asked Question

This section will take you through questions that you may be asking yourself but have not been answered in the article.

1. How Do You Keep A Kayak Battery Dry?

Keeping a kayak battery dry is a simple task. You should just look for a good kayak battery box. Most of them are waterproof because of the material they are made from. You will not have to worry about water coming into contact with your battery. If you don’t want to buy a new one, you can DIY a battery box of your liking.

2. How Do You Secure A Battery Box In Your Kayak?

There are two ways you can use to secure your kayak battery box.

1. You can use Velcro if your battery box is small.
2. A more sure method is using glue to stick it down on your hull, and it will stay down without any problem.

Wrap Up

We have taken you through various best battery kayaks with their features, pros, and cons, and you will now choose what suits your specific need with ease. Our top pick is the Newport vessels trolling motor smart battery box. This is because it has every part you may need, including; external battery ports, dual integrated circuit breaker, built-in LED battery meter, and Non-slip rubber. It is also affordable and ideal for multiple situations due to its versatility. The final decision as to which battery box you will buy will ultimately depend on you and the needs you want it to fulfill. We hope that picking a kayak battery box will be easy and seamless for you with this information. Good luck! 

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