Best Kayak Carry Handles

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Some of the best kayak carry handles are KingBra kayak carry handles, Pactrade marine durable handles for kayak, House deco 2pack kayak carry handles, HLOGREE kayak carries handle, Inheming kayaks handle, Teantech kayak carry handles, Borogo kayak side mount carry handle, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • While buying a kayak carry handle, you should consider quite a few things like size, material, grip, price, etc.
  • KINGBRA kayak carry handles provide a comfortable grip due to their ergonomic design and high-quality PVC
  • INHEMING kayaks handle is made from high-quality rubber and nylon that are sturdy and durable
  • Pactrade Marine Durable Rubber Handles for Kayak are made from thermoplastic rubber so you can expect maximum strength and durability while using them
  • If you are looking for versatile kayak carry handles then TEANTECH Kayak Carry Handles will be the best option

This article has key features of these kayak carry handles, what you have to consider before purchasing any kayak handle of your choice, and a comparison table that will help you identify their similarities and differences so quickly and decide on which one to buy. To add to that, we have a part of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will tackle any concerns that you may have. Let’s dive right in.

Best Kayak Carry Handles.

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The list shown above is our top 10 best kayak carry handles that are available in the market. These handles come with extra kayak accessories that include screws that are used in their fixation. These handles are made of solid and long-lasting materials that ensure you don’t buy others every time. The installation is easy and won’t take you long. We have discussed a buying guide below that will give you an idea of what you should consider when purchasing kayak carry handles.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Kayak Handle

Getting the correct kayak handle to satisfy your needs perfectly requires much research, and sometimes, what you get doesn’t even satisfy you. You, therefore, have to consider several factors before you decide which handle is the best for you. These factors include:


You should consider the size of the kayak handle you want to buy. This will ensure that you get the handle that will fit your needs perfectly. A handle of good size should be enough for you to put your hand through without any struggle. Most handle lengths are 11 inches. With such length, you will have enough space to tighten it down and for your hand. 


Most kayak handles are made of rubber, and the screws they come with are made of nylon. Nylon is strong, and it will ensure that the screws last you for a long time. It is solid and stiff and does not wear out easily, even in mating parts. The screws do not wear out easily for this reason. Rubber, which is used on the handles, makes them strong, durable, and lightweight. With these two materials, you can never go wrong.


You should look for a kayak handle that will offer the best grip. A good handle is ergonomic, preventing it from slipping. It also ensures that you are comfortable when carrying your kayak.


When buying a kayak handle, you should look for what the package contains. This will be important in deciding whether you need the package contents or not. There’s no need to spend an extra dollar to purchase what you already have. Instead, you can buy one that has what you need.


One way or another, considering the price of the kayak handle that you want will help you in the decision-making process. When you know how deep into your pocket you are willing to go, you can then understand which kayak handles you can’t buy

Comparing The Best Kayak Carry Handles

Below is a comparison table that will help you make better decisions about which kayak carry handle to buy, by your needs. The table comprises the name, material, package weight, rating, size, and package content of these handles

Product nameMaterial Package weightRatingLength Width Package contents 
No products found. PVC0.3kg4.6 out of 511.02 inches0.98 inches4pc handles 
No products found. Nylon, rubber0.1 pounds5.0 out of 511 inches1.22 inches2pc handles
No products found. Thermoplastic rubber0.2kg4.6 out of 510 inches1.5 inches4pc screw, 4pc nuts, 8pc washer, 2pc handles
No products found. Nylon, rubber0.18kg4.6 out of 511.42 inches1.22 inches2pc handles, 4pc nuts, 4pc screws
No products found. Nylon, rubber0.19kg4.6 out of 527.5cm3cm2pc handles, 8pc screws
No products found. PVC0.51kg4.9 out of 510.63 inches4pc handles, 12pc C-shaped buckles, 16pc screws,24pc rivet,24 pcs waterproof rings
No products found. Rubber, nylon0.41kg4.7 out of 511.4 inches1.0 inches4pc handles, 16pc screws
No products found. Rubber, nylon0.7pounds4.7 out of 511.22 inches1.0 inches4pc handles, 8pc screws, 8pc nuts
No products found. Rubber, nylon0.47kg4.7 out of 527.5cm0.9 inches4pc handles, 8pc screws
No products found. Rubber, nylon0.2kg4.8 out of 511.02 inches0.9 inches2pc carry handles, 2pc paddle drip rings, 6pc stainless steel screws

1. KINGBRA kayak carry handles

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Package dimensions8.5×6.57×1.85 inches

If you are looking for a sturdy kayak handle that you can use with almost every kayak in the market, then the KingBra store got you covered. This store produces handles that provide a comfortable grip due to its ergonomic design. It can be used for various purposes, including handles for toolbox accessories and fitness equipment. The material from which it is made is high-quality PVC, making it resistant to wear and tear, and it does not fade, so no more worries if you have to stay in the sun for long hours. This handle is easy to operate and offers maximum security when carrying your kayak because of the two holes on each side of the handles where you drive in your screws. It is 28cm in length, offering you enough space to put your hand through.

1. Ergonomic Design- the plastic handle has an ergonomic design that ensures that you do not have trouble carrying it. It is comfortable to hold and anti-slip.

2. Made Of PVC- the PVC from which this handle is made is non-toxic and odorless. It is also environmentally friendly and will give you a long time service.

3. Easy To Operate- this handle can easily be installed on your kayak in just a few minutes. You can also remove them at any time you feel like it.

2. INHEMING kayaks handle

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Brand name INHEMING
Package dimensions6.77×4.64×1.45 inches

Theming kayak handles are made of high-quality rubber. They are sturdy and durable. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort even as you carry your kayak. With anti-slip strips and a contoured grip, holding this handle is easy. You can easily use these handles as a replacement for kayaks, canoes, and toolboxes. If worried about ease of installation, worry no more. These handles are easy to install as you just screw them down to your position of choice. This package includes two-pack kayak handles for you to install on either side of your kayak.

1. Wide Application- these replacement handles are perfect for Ocean kayaks, Emotion kayaks, and Perception kayaks. Also, they can be used with toolboxes, crates, boats, and canoes.

2. Easy To Install- you only have to punch holes to put the screws through, ensuring to leave enough room for your hand.

3. Durable- these handles are made of high-quality rubber and nylon that are sturdy and durable. They will, therefore, serve you for a long time.

3. PACTRADE marine durable handles for kayak

No products found.

Brand namePACTRADE
Package dimensions  14×4×0.5 inches

These handles come in a package containing a pair of handles for either side of your kayak. It also has four pieces of screws, four pieces of nuts, and eight pieces of washers. They can be used on kayaks or canoes. The end webbing is doubled and stitched for extra security, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose. High-quality thermoplastic rubber will ensure durability and strength.

1. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)- these handles are made of thermoplastic rubber, ensuring maximum strength and durability. It will serve you for a long time, thus giving you value for your money.

2. Strong- the end webbing of these handles is doubled and stitched to give them maximum strength.

3. Application- these kayak handles have a wide application and can be used with kayaks and canoes.

4. TEANTECH kayak carry handles

No products found.

Brand name TEANTECH
Package dimensions 3.94×1.18×1.18

If you are interested in handles that you can use anywhere, you should try Teantech kayak carry handles. They have a wide application, from carrying suitcases, can be installed indoors or used to replace old kayak handles. They are made of high-quality rubber and nylon, making them sturdy and durable. They have an ergonomic design that makes using them easy and comfortable. The plastic buckle prevents slipping. You can easily install them on your kayak.

1. Ergonomic Design- The ergonomic handle has a contoured grip that ensures you are comfortable carrying your kayak and that it doesn’t s.

2. Material- it is made of high-quality rubber and nylon which makes it sturdy and durable.

3. Wide Application- you can use these to install handles in literally anything. You can use them in kayaks, and canoes, and install handles in toolboxes and suitcases.

5. HOUSEDECO 2 pack kayak carry handles 

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Brand name HOUSEDECO
Package dimensions6.34×3.31×1.5 inches

This package has two handles with eight pieces of screws. These handles can easily fold and unfold to your liking. They have two holes on each side to ensure maximum security. The ergonomic design prevents slipping and gives you comfort when carrying. They are easy to install and remove, so that shouldn’t stress you. They can be used for several purposes, such as a kayak handle, luggage handle, and pet backpack handle. These Housedeco carry handles are made of quality rubber and nylon, durable, and strong for use. You should note that the black handle is hard while the orange one is soft. Their performance is, however, the same.

1. Sturdy And Durable- these kayak handles are made of high-quality rubber and nylon. This material makes them solid and durable; thus, they will last you for a long time.

2. Comfortable- the handles have an ergonomic design that makes them easy to use. They are also anti-slip.

3. Variety- you have a choice between the black, hard handles and the soft orange handles. You can choose these according to the feeling you want on your hands, and their performance is the same.

6. HLOGREE kayak carry handle 

No products found.

Brand nameHLOGREE
Package dimensions8.11×5.31×2.24 inches

Are you worried about the best kayak handle that is perfect for replacing old and worn-out handles? HLOGREE kayak handles are what you need. It is ideal for making an additional handle. Furthermore, it does not only apply to inflatable kayaks but can also be used with Pescador kayaks, Perception kayaks, Ocean kayaks, and other brands of kayaks. It is sturdy and durable with high-quality PVC material. The contoured grip will make you handle it comfortably without slipping. 

1. Ergonomic- this handle has contour grips below the groove to prevent slipping when you hold it up and feel more comfortable.

2. Extra Kayak Accessories come with five additional products, including 24 waterproof gasket rings with 24 pieces of rivets, 12 C-shaped buckles, four kayak carry handles, and 16 self-tap drilling stainless steel screws for fixation.

3. Pro Customization- these kayak handles are made of professional customization. Superior nylon makes the handles tremendous and fits perfectly for a long time.

4. Quality Handle- the handle is made of solid and durable rubber of high quality, making it used for a long time. It is slightly flexible, enabling easier paddling.

5. Material- it is made of high-quality PVC material that is very strong and durable to use for a long time.

7. DAMMERUNG 4pc Kayak carry handle 

No products found.

Package dimensions6.5×5.94×1.24 inches

It will be ideal for you to have an easy time when replacing your kayak carry handle or making an additional handle for your kayak. Dammerung kayak handles are here for you. These side-mount carry handles can be applied in different kayaks, canoes, and boats. It can also be used as suitcase handles, luggage, and door. The well-made side handles are soft and firm to ensure that they serve you for a long time. The ergonomic handle with a contoured grip helps in preventing it from slipping. Installation won’t be hectic for you as it is effortless to install. 

1. Material- these kayak carry handles are made of high-quality 600D that is slightly flexible rubber. The hands feel comfortable while holding it. This material is solid and long-lasting.

2. Included Hardware- this kayak handle comes with four products: four kayak carry handles and 16 drills of stainless steel screws that are sufficient for you to use in kayaking and easy to be mounted at the side of the kayak or canoe.

3. Anti-slip Design- the handle is designed so that it doesn’t slip when holding it. Also, it makes your hand feel comfortable.

4. Application- it can be used to replace worn-out handles or make additional handles for kayaking. It fits different kayaks, canoes, and boats. The handle is also suitable for suitcases and doors.

8. SPORBRA 4pc kayak carry handles 

No products found.

Brand name SPORBRA
Package dimensions7.95×5.83×.54 inches

Even though this kayak carry handle is not perfect for an inflatable kayak, it’s a handle that will leave you with a smile on your face if you have other types of kayaks. It’s made of high-quality nylon and rubber that is long-lasting and waterproof. Using this kayak carry handle, you will be able to pull or carry your canoe or kayak with less effort. You can also fix the paddle on the kayak at the same time. That is not enough; this kayak handle is used in kayaks and used on most kayaks and dinghies. The handle is designed with a contoured grip to prevent slipping. It also comes with extra kayak accessories such as screws and nuts that will help you fix it.

1. Material- this kayak carry handle is made of 600D nylon that is sturdy and durable to give you a long time of service. When holding it, the hand feels comfortable.

2. Installation- this carry handle is easy to install as it comes with screws that you will use in its installation. Therefore, you will not have to spend extra buying screws. Being slightly elastic will help you to paddle and do replacements for old ones.

3. Application- it is limited to replacing old handles, but it can widely be used in making other handles for kayaking, applied in suitcases and doors.

4. Design- it’s designed with a handle groove to prevent it from slipping and grabbing more stably. 

9. BOROGO kayak canoe boat side mount carry handles

No products found.

Brand nameBOROGO
Package dimensions 7.2×4.5×2 inches

Don’t struggle to carry your kayak when we have a Borogo kayak carry handle. It’s a side mount carry handle suitable for carrying various kayaks except for inflatable kayaks. The rubber is strong, enabling usage for a long. It’s also waterproof, ensuring that it remains in good condition even when it comes in contact with water. The ergonomic handle prevents it from slipping. Apart from kayaks, this handle can be applied to canoes, boats, and other watercraft. It’s suitable for the replacement of old handles or for making additional handles for a kayak. The installation and removal of this handle are straightforward; therefore, you will not spend much of your time in the process. Comfortable design with a contoured grip and humanized groove design will make your hand comfortable.

1. Ergonomic- the well-made side handles with soft but strong webbing can be used for a long time. The ergonomic handle and contour grip ensures that you carry, lift and transport your kayak without struggling. Grips also at the handle prevent slipping when carrying your kayak.

2. High-Quality- the handle is suitable for indoor and outdoor use because of the high-quality rubber that it is made of. These materials are solid and durable.

3. Widely Use-it is used not only to replace old handles but also to make additional handles for kayaks. It is fit to carry various boats such as Ocean Kayaks, Perception kayaks, Pescador kayaks, and other brands.

10. TENSPAL kayak side handle 

No products found.

Brand nameTENSPAL
Package dimensions11.02×0.9×0.9 inches

Looking for a good and long-lasting kayak carry handle? Tenspal kayak carry handle got you covered. This side mount carry handle applies to all kinds of kayaks and canoes. It’s made of long-lasting material that is strong to serve you perfectly. The package of this handle comes with 2pc of kayak carry handles, with each handle having three stainless steel screws that you will use to install it. Each carry handle has humanized groove design that will make your hand comfortable. It can be mounted on the kayak’s side, making it easier for you to carry and pull your kayak using less effort. Having a black bungee cord strap and drip rings that are for a paddle, it will be easy to accommodate your paddle rod. 

1. Easy To Apply- the handle is easy to use; all you must do is install the side mount carry handle to the kayak and use it comfortably.

2. Material- it is made from a high-quality material that is strong and durable, and it fits most kayaks.$

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section has answered some questions we think might be going through your mind before or even after reading this article. We have responded to them to the best of our ability hoping that you have gotten a thing or two.

1. What Are Kayak Handles Used For?

Kayak handles can be used for various purposes. The main goal during manufacture, however, was to provide you a way through which you could move your kayak comfortably, to and from the beach and anywhere else you may want to move it. These handles can also be used to provide or replace handles for suitcases or toolboxes. This explains to you how much versatile these kayak handles are.

2. Can You Add Handles To A Kayak?

Yes, you can add handles to a kayak. This may be if the handles that the kayak already has are worn out or are in locations where you don’t need them.

3. How Can I Install Kayak Handles?

Installing kayak handles is very simple. Start by determining the location on your kayak where you want your handle to be. The position you choose should be where your kayak will be balanced and stable when you carry it. Mark and drill holes for the rivets or screws. Compress the rivets or screws and ensure they are tight enough.

Wrapping Up

As we have come to the end of our article, we hope you have learned a thing or two. We hope that you are now in a position to buy a kayak handle without too much struggle. If you want to have the best which we recommend, then it is HLOGREE. It comes as a whole package for these kayak handles, with 4pc handles, 12pc C-shaped buckles, 16pc self-tapping drilling screws, and 24pc rivets with 24pc waterproof gasket rings.




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