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If you have kayaks then you can’t afford to miss a Kayak ceiling hoist for storage. Some of the best kayak ceiling hoists in the current market are RAD SPORTZ 2028 single kayak storage, EXTREME MAX 3004.0204 kayak hoist, HARKEN kayak overhead garage storage hoist, RAD SPORTZ kayak hoist set, POWERFLY garage ceiling kayak storage, CHAMPION POWER equipment, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • While buying a kayak ceiling for storage, there are quite a few things that you should consider like the weight of the kayak, garage size, safety features, lift system, etc.
  • RAD Sportz 2028 Single Kayak Storage Strap comes with stainless steel heavy-duty eye bolts with a carrying capacity of 55lb
  • The load limit of the Bike Lane Products Kayak Hoist is 125lb and it has a self-locking mechanism that prevents accidental release
  • You can use the Extreme Max 3004.0204 Kayak Hoist to store a kayak as well as bicycles, a ladder, or even a canoe
  • Kayak Hoist Set is a 2 kayak storage hoist and it uses a pullet system that has a safety locking mechanism to provide excellent security while loading the kayak

In this article, we have included key features of this kayak ceiling hoist, a guide that will help you choose the best hoist when purchasing, and a comparison table that will enable you to compare them easily. Also, the article contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will answer some of the questions that we may not have answered. Join us to know more.

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Above is the list of our best kayak ceiling hoists that are available in the market. The weight of your kayak and the needs you have will determine the kind of kayak ceiling hoist you’ll buy as they support kayaks to specific limit weight, as we have discussed below.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Kayak Ceiling Hoist And Storage 

When looking for a ceiling hoist to store your kayak, you should consider several factors. This will ensure that you get among the best in the market to satisfy your needs to the fullest. We have compiled a list of these factors that will help you make your purchase without much of a struggle while at the same time getting something of quality.

1. Weight

Kayaks and canoes weigh differently, and it is essential to know the weight of your kayak to identify the ideal way of storing it. Knowing the weight of your kayak will enable you to determine whether you will use a hoist system or a wall mount kayak hoist. It will also help you to decide if you will use an electric or manual lift system.

2. Garage Size

The size of your garage will determine whether you will use a garage hoist or rack. Garage racks are perfect for more room, while garage hoists are ideal for small garages. With a kayak hoist, you need to check if your garage has enough ceiling height to accommodate your kayak. 

3. Safety

When choosing a kayak storage hoist, ensure that it has a safe-locking mechanism to prevent your kayak from being accidentally released. This will guarantee you and your total kayak safety. The best kayak hoist, electric, or manual lift system storage must have a safety lock mechanism so that your kayak does not fall when hanging from the ceiling.

4. Electric VS. Manual Lift System

When you are purchasing a hoist system, you will have to decide whether you will buy an electric or manual lift system. You have to remember that manual lift is cheap, easy to maintain, and requires you to exert more strength to lift the kayak. In contrast, an electric hoist system is expensive but makes your work easier when lifting the kayak as you won’t use force to lift it. You can suspend heavier loads for the electric hoist, giving you more confidence with any kayak weight, while the manual lift limits you to just a small weight. You also have to consider that the electric lift requires regular maintenance and may develop malfunctioning at some point. 

5. Strength Of The Attachment Point 

The attachment point is where you connect your kayak system in the garage, that is, on the ceiling or the wall. Most kayaks have an average weight of 30-70 pounds, and this weight will increase when your garage hoist is added up. Therefore, ensure that your attachment point will support that weight. 

6. Installation And Assembly 

The kayak hoist you purchase should have the required assembly and installation instructions that will help you to assemble and install your hoist. You should seek help from professionals in case you doubt your instincts. 

Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table that will help you compare our selected best kayak ceiling hoist according to their material, package weight, and load limit.

Product name Material Package weight Load limit
No products found. Metallic fiber3.73kg55lb
No products found. blend3kg125lb
No products found. nylon3.06kg120lb
No products found. Stainless steel45lb
No products found. Rubber coated hooks3.24kg100lb
No products found. steel6.05kg125lb
No products found. Stainless steel125lb
No products found. Stainless steel3.08kg125lb
No products found. Galvanized steel440/880lb

1. RAD SPORTZ 2028 single kayak storage

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Brand nameRAD SPORTZ
Package dimensions10.55×8.5×6.54 inches
Item weight1 pound

If you are considering some of the best ways of storing your kayak off the floor, securely, out of the way, then RAD sports 2028 got you covered. This kayak storage hoist comes with stainless steel heavy-duty eye bolts, so you have the option of mounting it to the wall or the ceiling. The straps are adjustable and have buckles for quick loading and unloading. The carrying capacity of this hoist is 55lb, so you should check the weight of your kayak before you buy the hoist. It includes a pair of straps for one kayak.

1. Versatile- this hoist can be used both indoor and outdoor as it is weather-resistant.

2. Easy to use- loading and unloading your kayak will be easy because of the quick-release buckles that this hoist is equipped with.

3. Robust- the eye bolts made of heavy-duty stainless steel ensure that your kayak is held in place. 

2. BIKE LANE products kayak hoist

No products found.

Brand nameBIKE LANES
Product dimension10.63×9.33×8.39

Store your kayak overhead and out of the way using this kayak storage hoist. They have smooth pulleys and latches that make using them easy (loading and unloading). This gives you an effortless time even when dealing with heavy kayaks. The load limit of this hoist is 125lb. The hooks have a rubber coating To prevent them from scratches. They can be used with a ceiling of up to 12ft. It has a self-locking mechanism that prevents accidental release, so be sure that your kayak is safe when you use this product.

1. Rubber-Coated Hooks- the hooks are coated with rubber to prevent your kayak from getting scratches, and the double straps ensure the safety of your kayak.

2. Easy Installation- mounting this hoist to your ceiling joist or rafter is simple and requires the use of minimal tools. 

3. Robust Engineering- this hoist allows you to lift kayaks of up to 125lb. If your kayak is light, then you can keep some of your kayaking equipment inside the kayak, leaving you more room I’m your garage.

3. Extreme Max 3004.0204 kayak hoist

No products found.

Package dimensions11.3×6.2×4.7 inches
Item weight 110.23lb

This hoist offers the versatility of a high order with a 120lb capacity. You will store more than just kayaks. You can use it to store bicycles, a ladder, or even a canoe. You can operate this hoist alone due to its ease of use. It has a locking mechanism to ensure maximum security for your kayak. The hardware in this package includes pulleys, lift hooks, straps, mounting hardware, and 50 feet hoist rope. The 50ft gives you added convenience in lifting. That is not all. This hoist ensures that each side is lifted at the same rate.

1. Wide Use- the kayak hoist system can lift and store kayaks, canoes, bikes, and ladders. 

2. Safe- it is equipped with a locking mechanism that ensures the safety of your kayak.

3. One-Person Operation- this hoist can easily be used by a single person because of its ease of operation.

4. HARKEN kayak overhead garage storage hoist

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Brand nameHARKEN
Product dimensions12.01×9.61×2.52 inches
Item weight4.41lb

This overhead kayak hoist is made of stainless steel in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty. It can be used with Pelican, International, Delta, and Current Designs. However, it is compatible with any canoe or kayak brand. With an anti-drop system, you can be sure that your kayak is safe at all times since there will be no accidental release, and it allows even weight distribution. You can efficiently operate it alone by just parking your car below the hoist and securing the load. You have three options of lengths that you can choose from, that is, 10ft, 12ft, and 16ft. It would help if you decided this according to the height of your garage as you don’t want it to hang too low. 

1. 5-year warranty- this is among the few ceiling hoists with such a long-time warranty. What other assurance do you need when even the manufacturer is willing to wait five years for anything to go wrong?

2. Compatibility- this kayak hoist is compatible with Delta, Current Designs, Pelican, and other kayaks, canoe, or paddleboard brands.

3. Anti-drop system- it has self-locking cleat grips that prevent any accident.

4. Available in 3 lengths- you can choose from different lengths, that is, 10ft, 12ft, and 16ft, according to the height of your garage.

5. MRHARDWARE kayak hoist

No products found.

Package dimensions14.33×11.34×3.35 inches
Item weight3.4kg

Every kayaker is ambitious about the wellbeing of his kayak so that it can serve them for long. For this to be achieved, the storage of the kayak is what will matter most. Therefore Mrhardware is here to do this for you. This hoist is strong as it can lift a kayak of up to 100lb. It has a protection ring that reduced friction, thereby increasing the longevity of the rope. Hooks are coated with rubber to prevent them from scratches. Installing won’t take you long as it is very easy, and you will use minimum tools. 

1. Safety locks- This hoist has a safe locking mechanism that prevents your kayak from accidental release. You will not be worried about your kayak falling to the floor.

2. Rubber-coated books- their hooks are covered with rubber to ensure that they are kept off scratches.

3. Easy to install- It will take you a very short time to mount your ceiling hoist, and you will require minimum tools for the process.

4. Robust engineering- It’s sturdy, and you can lift heavy products of up to 100lb. It is a kayak hoist that anyone will like to have.

6. RAD SPORTZ kayak hoist set

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Brand nameRAD SPORTZ
Product dimensions12.75×14×10 inches
Package weight 6.05kg

Don’t lament that you have no room to store your kayak or canoe when we have this kayak hoist in the market. You can store your kayak overhead and put it out of the way. It has smooth pulleys and patches that guarantee you an easy time when lifting the kayak. The rope locking mechanism ensures that there is no accidental release. It can suspend a kayak of up to 125 lb. The hooks are covered with rubber to protect them from being scratched.

1. Pulley System- This hoist uses a pullet system that has a safety locking mechanism that will guarantee you an easy time when loading and unloading your kayak.

2. Set Of 2 Ceiling Hoists- The set of 2 kayak storage hoists is perfect for suspending kayak overhead conveniently. They are best for a ceiling of up to 12ft.

3. Versatile- The safe locking mechanism on this hoist prevents the kayak from accidental falls.

4. Rubber-Coated Hooks- The books of this hoist are covered with rubber to protect your kayak from being scratched.

7. GREAT WORKING TOOLS kayak hoist lift

No products found.

Item dimensions6×12×12
Item weight6.68lb

Are you looking for an easy and excellent way of storing your kayak and saving some space in your garage? GREAT WORKING TOOLS is perfect for you to store your kayak overhead when not in use. Having this hoist means you will not be troubled and have difficulties storing your kayak because it has a smooth, double pulley system and adjustable straps that will help you through the storing process. This ceiling mounting hoist is perfect compared to simple overhead hooks because you will not be required to lift the kayak off the ground. The pulley system and the rope lift can hold up to 125lb. The deluxe strap is designed in a way that eliminates fragile hooks as your kayak is protected. You can mount this hoist directly to the ceiling joist and up to 12ft. This hoist is perfect for kayakers of any age. This is your solution if you are a senior sportsperson who might have difficulties lifting your kayak overhead.

1. Capacity- the thicker gauge rope with the help of quality, engineered pulleys make it easy to lift a kayak of up to 125lb

2. Heavy-Lifting- smooth pulleys, hooks, and latches make it easy for you to lift and store your kayak. What you have to do is slip adjustable straps around the front and rear of your kayak. Use the heavy rope to lift your kayak safely.

3. Safety- this kayak ceiling hoist guarantees you and your kayak 100% safety as its hooks are covered with anti-scratch rubber to protect your kayak. A secure locking mechanism on the pulley prevents accidental release that could cause injuries to you or even destroy your kayak. All you have to do is follow the mountain and usage instructions to avoid any failure that you may accrue. 

8. POWERFLY garage ceiling kayak storage

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Brand namePOWERFLY
Package dimensions 11.34×6.26×4.46 inches
Package weight3.08kg

We have this for you if you are looking for kayak storage that suits almost any kayak. This kayak hoist has an adjustable system that ensures it fits different kayak sizes. It has high-quality stainless steel hooks attached to an adjustable strap, making your kayak more secured. A 26ft rope with a pulley system helps you raise your kayak quickly to the height you desire. It is very strong due to robust fabric and strong metal parts that make it hold up to 125lb, meaning that your kayak weight, paddles, and other gear will be catered for. The installation of this hoist is very fast as it has mounting hardware that is included. Ensure your ceiling is strong enough to hold the system and the load, and it should also have installation space of about 20 by 4 inches. 

1. Strong- it’s made of high-quality stainless steel hooks, robust fabrics, and strong metal parts that can hold up to 125lb. 

2. Adjustability- the system is fully adjustable with books and is suitable for low and high ceilings making it suit almost any kayak.

3. Easy Installation- you will have an easy time installing your kayak as it has hardware that will help you in this process.

9. CHAMPION POWER equipment 

No products found.

Item dimensions14.6×6.9×5.7 inches
Item weight34.2lb

Don’t stress yourself lifting your kayak while storing while we have Champion electric hoist in the market. It has a remote control and pulley hook that makes your operation easy. It has lifting spending of 33fpm that is best for 440lb single line capacity, and 16fpm lifting speed at 880lb dual-line capacity. The hoist is strong to last long. It has an electric motor of 850W that is ideal for lifting heavy kayaks. It comes with mounting hardware and clear instructions that will help you to mount safely. It’s designed with a stop bracket, line blocker, and heavy-duty hand-held and durable cabled wire. The strap brackets shut down the hoist automatically if the line blocker starts to pull it upwards. With this, the cable wire is prevented from retracting too far on the spool and destroying the hoist.

1. Safety- the stop bracket and line blocker provide an automatic break.

2. Durability- it’s made of long-lasting 39.4ft wire cable that can lift 440/880lbs weight capacity and provide services to you for a long time.

3. Powerful- this hoist has a powerful electric motor of 850w with a heavy-duty wire capable of lifting heavy kayaks or other tools. The tethered remote control enables you to quickly and safely operate the hoist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we have questions that we think you might have but have not been answered. We have tried to answer them to the best of our ability.

1. What Is A Kayak Hoist?

A kayak hoist is a pulley system that I designed to store kayaks off the ground. Operating most kayak hoists is quite easy and can be used by a single person. With a kayak hoist, you can also easily do repairs and inspect the hull of your kayak conveniently.

2. How Do You Store A Kayak From The Ceiling?

When you are not using your kayak, you should ensure that it is out of the way and safe. Hanging it from the ceiling will give you both space and safety. You can suspend your kayak from the ceiling using a pulley system. A pulley system gives you an easier time, and most are easy to operate. The only trouble with a kayak hoist is during installation; however, it is very easy to use afterward. You can also use ceiling racks to store kayaks on the ceiling. They hold the kayak snugly against the ceiling. 

Wrap Up

As we conclude, we are hopeful that you have enjoyed the article and learned a few things. Buying a kayak ceiling hoist and storage is not easy, especially for a first-timer, or if you want a change, but that has been made easier for you with this article. Our pick is Champion power electric hoist. It is very powerful and sturdy, and the remote control ensures you do not use strength when loading and unloading your kayak. However, if you are on a tight budget, RAD sports is another from us. It will offer you excellent service, at a low cost.



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