The 8 Best Kayak Cockpit Cover Reviewed For 2023 (Factors, Comparisons And FAQs Explained)

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A kayak cockpit cover keeps dust and moisture out of your kayak while in storage and protects your kayak from various damages. If you are planning to buy a kayak cockpit cover then you should consider the length of your kayak and buy a cover that is longer than your kayak. Some important features of kayak cockpit covers are waterproof, UV-resistance, durability, etc.

8 Best Kayak Cockpit Cover Reviews

Kayak Cockpit Cover VS Kayak Spray Skirt

Put simply, these two are types of covers for the cockpit of a kayak. They are both designed to sit along the cockpit rim and protect the sitting area. But then, a spray skirt is primarily to keep the user dry when kayaking. So, you’ll be using it when you are already in the vessel. 

On the other hand, a kayak cockpit cover is placed when parking the vessel for storage or if you wanted to transport it. Some of the advantages you get to enjoy from the accessory include: 

1. Keep Out Water: the cover helps keep the cockpit dry even after heavy rains. Hence, preventing mold or mildew from forming while at the same time enhancing durability.

2. Keep The Inside Clean: it locks out dirt, dust, and debris that would otherwise collect on the seat of your canoe

3. Pet And Bug-Proof: the worst thing is to feel a snake or rat wandering out while you’re in the middle of the lake. Luckily, a cockpit cover can help shut out any animal or insect who may want to nest and (maybe) breed inside your kayak

4. UV Protection: some covers have superior UV protection to prevent damage on the seats or the kayak body fading.

5. Comfortable Travels: the cover can help stop air from blowing inside the kayak cockpit if you’re transporting it on the roof of your car. Hence, minimizing the chances of it coming loose (from wind force), which could cause serious damage or injury.

6. Temporary Storage: the cover can offer a good dry-seal hiding place for small items, in particular, when camping.

7. Save On Prep Time: If your kayak is dry and free of dust, dirt, and animal poop, you’ll use less time preparing. Hence, enabling you to enjoy your water tour for longer hours.

What’s The Best Kayak Cockpit Cover?

In general, the No products found. is our first recommendation for anyone looking for a decent cover of the Kayak cockpit. It’s not only budget-friendly but also convenient and reliable in keeping your water cart clean.

But again, each kayak cockpit cover is limited to several features and capabilities. Hence, the reason we have picked eight alternatives so that you can check out that fits your requirements.

Here is a quick summary of the kayak covers before we put them under our big microscope.

Editor’s Choice: No products found.

Has a durable construction, secures well, straightforward to attach, reasonable pricing, and perfect for on car transportation 

Best Of Value: No products found.

Includes two covers, has universal sizing, a generous budget, covers a large cockpit, effortless to put, and water-resistant

Best of Versatility: No products found.

Has a tough construction, easy to install, secure with elastic drawstring, padded shoulder strap, and has built-in oar loops

Best Of Storage: No products found.

Covers the entire kayak top, friendly budget, straightforward to install, industrial-strength design, and can repeal harmful UV

Best of Budget: No products found.

Very affordable, quick-release hooks, compatible with any kayak brand, heavy protection against water/ bugs, strong and long-lasting 

Best Of UV Protection: No products found.

Covers the whole top, strong sunlight protection, durable 3-layer construction, reasonable pricing, blends well in bushes, and has a universal sizing 

Best Of Tandem: No products found.

Available in various sizes, fits well, effortless to install, offers superior protection, compatible with any kayak brand, and has a durable build

Alternative 1: No products found.

Has durable nylon oxford material, snugs along the edges well, quick to install/ remove, and fit a variety of kayak brands

The Best Kayak Cockpit Cover Size Dimensions Comparison Chart

Here is a summary of the length and the width of the various kayak covers we reviewed. It will help you determine which product will fit your water vessel perfectly without compromising the functionality.

Kayak Cockpit Cover BrandUnique QualityLength and Width
No products found.Best Of AllN/A(uses special indexing)
No products found.Best of Value 60.0 by 29.0 inches
No products found.Best of versatility156.0 by 36.2 inches 
No products found.Best of Storage157.2 by 40.1 inches
No products found.Best of Budget60.0 by 29.0 inches
No products found.Best for UV Protection157.2 by 40.1 inches
No products found.Best of Tandem216.0 by 40.7 inches
No products found.Alternative 1 56.0 by 24.0 inches


Many of these kayak cockpit covers have various sizes to choose. We only listed the largest, thus you can visit the product page to see the other sizes available.

The 8 Best Kayak Cockpit Cover Reviews

In this section, we now analyze the key features, pros, and drawbacks of the various kayak cockpit covers. The aim is to give you a heads up so that you know what to expect (including the hidden defects) before you cash in the check.

Editor’s Choice: Seals Skirts FBA_A-CS1.2BKSS Deck Kayak Cockpit Cover

No products found.

BrandSeals Skirts
MaterialCargo cover material

Key Features:

1. UV protection

2. 14x size options

3. Hull security strap

4. Adjustable bungee cord

5. Tough cargo cover material

As was mentioned, this is our overall best kayak cockpit cover on our list. It’s not only budget-friendly but also a do-it-all accessory that every kayaker would love to have.

If it’s compatibility, the product is available for the smallest to the largest decks, and ACE to the ZET brand. So, you literally can’t lack a size that will fit your kayak. 

The kayak cockpit cover consists of a rugged cargo cover material, with double-stitched seams. Thus, providing a sweet balance of water resistance, UV protection, and high durability. It secures on the cockpit rim using a unique bungee cord with rim grip technology. Then, there’s another belly strap to give an extra grip on the cover around the rim edges. 

Even so, Seals Skirts has listed the sizes of the cockpit covers with a unique indexing instead of the regular dimensions. So, you will need to visit their website to confirm the deck index number fit for your kayak.


1. It secures well and snug

2. Feels tough and durable

3. Has a reasonable pricing

4. Can be used for traveling

5. So easy to install/ remove

6. It’s compatible with most kayak brand


1. Lacks clear instructions

2. It’s a pain to determine the correct size

Best Of Value: Explore Land Universal Waterproof Kayak Cockpit Cover

No products found.

BrandExplore Land
Material600D marine grade polyester

Key Features:

1. 2x kayak cockpit covers

2. Marine-grade fabric

3. Quick-release hook

4. Adjustable bungee cords

5. 60 inches long, 29 inches width

If you own two sets of kayaks, this piece could save you a lot. It consists of two sets of covers, each featuring a solid 600D Marine Grade fabric with waterproof treatment. Hence, you can leave it in the open without worrying about mess by rain or dust and debris.

The kayak cockpit covers come with multiple bungee cords that you use for securing. You can use the sewn hooks to connect the cover to the deck lines so that the drape can have a firm hold, especially during transportation. 

The covers are universal to Kayak brands and models. So, it’s an excellent concept if you have a picky vessel that’s hard to fit the Seals Skirts deck lids.


1. It has a friendly budget

2. Fits perfectly and snugly

3. Can cover a large cockpit

4. Effortless to put and remove

5. It can work on any kayak model


1. The fabric doesn’t stretch 

2. Its cord clips and hooks are plastic

Best Of Versatility: VULKIN 9-12ft Adjustable Waterproof Kayak Cover

No products found.


Key Features:

1. 9-12 feet long

2. Elastic drawstring

3. 420D nylon material

4. Oar loops with Velcro

5. Red double stitching

6. Adjustable shoulder strap

Although you’ll pay about $10 more than the others, this kayak cover might have the features you’ve been looking. It has a simple, yet an exclusive style that enables you to do more than sheltering your vessel.

For instance, the cover has an adjustable shoulder strap that you can use to transport your kayak from the car to the water. The buckle for this strap has an industrial-strength design, similar to that of the other two straps to prevent the wind from blowing it off.

Another thing, the kayak cover has a tough 420D nylon construction and can fit a 10.5 feet kayak with ease. It does have an elastic drawstring (with fastener), thus shouldn’t be an issue to hold tight over the kayak. 

Furthermore, the cover has integrated loops with Velcro to secure the oar in place. So, you’ll have all your water sporting equipment and accessories in one place.


1. It has a tough and durable design

2. Easy to put and remove

3. Offers a neat and secure cover

4. Keeps your kayaking gear together

5. Ease carrying the kayak by the shoulder


1. It’s a bit expensive

2. The cord lock is relatively weak

Best Of Storage: Kohree Outdoor Protection Kayak Cover

No products found.

MaterialPolyester Oxford

Key Features:

1. 13.1 feet long

2. Silver coating

3. Tough Oxford polyester

4. Built-in elastic drawstring

5. Two locking security straps

The Kohree cover is an excellent idea if you want a larger roof to take care of your whole kayak. It comprises a tough oxford polyester to prevent water penetration and a silver coating to reflect sun rays. 

The sleeping gown is a perfect fit for a 13.1-inch long kayak, but you could also get it in an 11.5ft size for your slightly smaller canoe. You can use the elastic drawstring to dress the kayak without a hassle. Then, close the two available security straps to prevent it from collapsing in case the rainwater gathers on the top or else getting blown off by the wind.


1. It covers all kayak top

2. Has a great price

3. Repeals water and harmful UV

4. Quick and straightforward to install

5. It has a well-made and durable design


1. The stitching is relatively poor

2. Not intended for car top transportation

Best Of Budget: Explore Land Single Universal Waterproof Kayak Cockpit Cover

No products found.

BrandExplore Land

Key Features:

1. Universal size

2. Waterproof coating

3. Adjustable bungee cords

4. Quick-release plastic hook

5. 600 denier polyester material

This is a great piece if you need a nice Kayak cockpit cover without having to invest much. It features a well-made 600D marine grade polyester material, with an extra waterproof coating to prevent rain and debris from entering the hatch. 

The cover is a perfect fit for the regular 40 x 23-inch cockpit but has a 6o-inch variant in case you have a bigger kayak. It has a quick-release hook that you use to attach to the deck lines for the drape not to slide or blow off.

Furthermore, the cockpit cover comes with three sets of bungee cords. So, you can hold the cover from the top, center, and bottom edge with a tight grip to serve both storage and transport purposes. 


1. It’s very affordable

2. Quick and effortless to put

3. Feels strong and long-lasting

4. Nice protection from bugs and water

5. It’s compatible with any kayak brand


1. It has flimsy plastic hooks

2. Tricky to stretch for tight coverage.

Best Of UV Protection: MOOCY 10ft-12ft Outdoor Kayak Storage Cover

No products found.

MaterialDouble-layer camouflage fabric

Key Features:

1. Camouflaged style

2. Elastic drawstring

3. Three layers of material

4. Up to 12-inch long kayaks

5. Waterproof and UV protection

If you’re planning to leave your kayak tied on the dock, this MOOCY design could be a great saver. It consists of a three-layer construction, featuring a PEVA coat on the top, HDPE in the middle, and soft cotton in the back. Hence, protecting your kayak against damage by harmful UV light and rainwater without leaving scratches.

The kayak cover is pretty long as you can use it to cover the entire top, including the cockpit, deck, and stern. It has an elastic drawstring that makes it easy to dress and undress while at the same time keeping it in place.


1. It’s sturdy and durable

2. Has a reasonable pricing

3. Features universal sizing

4. Easy to put and remove

5. It blends near the bushes wells.


1. It’s not ideal for traveling

Best Of Tandem: Dulcii 8.5-18ft Universal camouflage Kayak Storage Cover

No products found.

MaterialAnti UV fabric

Key Features:

1. 6x different sizes

2. Silver-coated underside

3. Tough waterproof front

4. Two straps with a buckle

5. Elastic drawstring with fastener

If you’re looking for a storage cover for your Tandem kayak, this Dulciii model could fit the bill. It’s available in six different sizes, with the largest enough to cover a 17-inch long vessel. 

The cover has sturdy construction to keep out not only dust and bugs but also harmful UV (underside) and rainwater (front). It has a nice camouflaged shade, which makes it easier to hide your kayak in the bushes when camping.

Furthermore, the kayak cover has an elastic drawstring with a fastener to ensure it snugs well and tightly. It also has two additional straps with a locking buckle to prevent collapsing in when rainwater collects on the top or else getting blown off.


1. It’s available in various sizes

2. Fits well and tight

3. Easy and quick to operate

4. Offers superior protection

5. It has a rugged, durable build


1. The outer shade tend to discolor 

2. Not intended for car top transportation 

Alternative 1: Perception P7-P13 Truefit Kayak Cockpit Cover

No products found.

BrandPerception TrueFit

Key Features:

1. Five sizes available

2. Easy on, Easy off

3. Nylon oxford material

4. Cockpit size guide chart

5. Bonus urethane coating

Last but not least is an alternative kayak cover that you can use to keep bugs and water out of the cockpit. It only covers the cockpit area, thus not an ideal choice if you wanted to protect the whole canoe, especially from harmful sunlight.

The cockpit cover is available in five different sizes, all optimized for Perception brand kayaks. However, you can also use with a different kayak brand as long its size matches that of the target Perception model.

Fortunately, the kayak cover does include the size of the cockpit it can fit. So, it’s pretty easy to get the exact fit for your toy. The material is a tough nylon oxford, with an extra urethane coating to deliver an exceptional weathering performance.


1. It fits well and snugly

2. Has a nice stitching

3. Feels strong and durable

4. Straightforward to install/ remove

5. It fits a variety of kayak sizes and brands


1. It’s a bit pricey

2. Lacks extra protection for car top transportation

Quick Guide: The 5 Key Things To Look When Shopping For A Kayak Cockpit Cover

A good cover for the kayak cockpit is not the cheapest or most expensive, rather which serves the purpose well. For the eight selections we have above, you’ll notice each has unique characteristics that stand it from the others. So, it’s up to you to recheck the details to make sure it’s what your kayak wants.

In any case, five crucial tips to consider when making your choice include:

1. Type Of Cover: this means you decide if you need a cover that only covers the cockpit or the entire top and for home storage or traveling needs. 

2. Compatibility: make sure the cover you pick is compatible with your machine. If in doubt, you can choose a universal brand like No products found.Explore Land or MOOCY.

3. Sizing: to avoid struggling in installation or “unaccounted” leaking into the kayak, make sure you pick the right size of your cockpit cover. You can even measure the longest length and width of your cockpit to be certain before ordering

4. Capabilities: the last thing you want is to buy something that doesn’t serve your purpose. So, it’s good to check and recheck the cover you get has exact features you’re interested in. If you want a kayak cover that’s fit for transportation, ensure it has the means to hold well without the risk of blowing off. Then, outdoor kayak covers should have great protection again rain, sun rays, dust, bugs, and animals. 

5. Durability: the cover you get should be able to serve you for a long time without problems. Otherwise, it will be a total waste to buy something that only tears apart after a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a kayak cockpit cover worth it?

Without a doubt, a cockpit cover is something any kayaker should have. It’s not very expensive to get but can save you hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise use to replace accessories like seats. If it’s the storage covers, there are even no chances of your plastic kayak contacting harsh sunlight rays. So, it will serve the intended lifetime and you won’t need to buy another soon.

Which is better, cockpit cover or storage cover?

It’s safe to say a cockpit cover and a storage cover can be both helpful if you use them accordingly. However, a versatile cockpit cover like No products found. is a much better choice if your wallet allows. You can use it to keep your kayak clean and dry when in storage, as well as during transportation on the car roof. 

What Are The Best Kayak Covers Under 50?

Various kayak cockpit covers have different designs, features, and capabilities. So, it’s good to always shop around so that you can compare that has something better to offer in your favor.

The seven best covers that you can use to take care of your kayak for under 50 dollars are:

Editor’s Choice: No products found.

Best Of Value: No products found.

Best Of Versatility: No products found.

Best Of Storage: No products found.

Best Of Budget: No products found.

Best Of UV protection: No products found.

Best Of Tandem: No products found.

Final Thoughts:

A cockpit cover is an item you should have in hand, whether you only need to store or travel with your kayak. It helps keep your kayak clean inside, which means you’ll only need to carry it to the water directly from the storage. Hence, save an hour-worth of time that you could have spent dusting, drying, or trying to get rid of wild bees.

But anyway, we hope the article was helpful and you have been able to get the right kayak cockpit cover for your case. If still in doubt, you can check No products found.  and No products found.. They’re not just our favorites but also have a pretty high recommendation from other avid kayakers.

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