Best Kayak Deck Rigging Kits For 2022( Buying Guide And FAQs Included)

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Our top choices for the best deck rigging kits are the CLIO deck rigging kit accessory, GUENTECH kayak deck rigging kit, HLOGREE Store PVC D-ring patch, TOBWOLF kayak bungee kit, DASMARINE deck rigging kit, CLIO deck rigging kit with D ring, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Kayak deck rigging kits come in handy to secure your luggage in extra storage compartments of your kayak
  • Different kits have different attachment accessories therefore, you should pick a deck rigging kit based on your kayak type
  • If you are searching for a multipurpose kayak deck rigging kit, the CLIO deck rigging kit accessory will be the best option for you
  • GUENTECH Kayak Deck Rigging Kit comes with a bungee cord that is made of marine-grade elastic material that absorbs shock
  • HLOGREE Store PVC D-ring Patch is UV-resistant and wear-resistant and it can be easily cut to customize your needs

This article entails the features of the deck rigging kits, a comparison table, factors that will help you choose the best, and a section for FAQs to answer questions you may have.

Our Top Choices For The Best Deck Rigging Kits

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The list above is among the best that is in the market today. If you don’t have time to go through the whole article, you can click the link, and it will take you to Amazon, where you will see their prices and availability. Below are factors to consider when choosing a kayak deck rigging kit that will serve you well. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kayak Deck Rigging Kit

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kayak Deck Rigging Kit

Before you start hunting for a deck rigging kit, you should know what features you are looking for to get the best one in the market. You have to consider several things; some are general factors, while others will depend on your preference and how you want to use your deck rigging.

Package Content 

To choose your kayak deck right kit correctly, you have to know what is in the package and what you need. There is no need to spend an extra dollar buying what you already have in your house, and sometimes it just increases the clutter. Every kit has different contents, and whether you buy it or not should depend on whether you already have it. Well, unless you want something specific.

Type Of Kayak

Different kits have different attachment accessories. For instance, some have D-ring patches, and some have pad eyes. For pad eyes, screws are used, meaning that you cannot use them with inflatable kayaks. The D-ring patch, however, is only glued down to your kayak, allowing you to use it on inflatables. You have a choice of which kit to buy, depending on the type of kayak you own.


Price is another factor that needs to be considered before deciding which deck rigging kit should be bought. You don’t want to spend a lot on something that is not worth that much. Sometimes, price does not always dictate quality. It would help if you also looked for customer reviews to help understand the product better. 

Comparison Table

The table below will help you quickly compare these products in relation to packaging content and rating before looking at them in-depth.

Product NamePackage Content Rating out of 5
CLIO deck rigging kit accessoryOne pc 19.7 feet long and 5 mm diameter marine-grade bungee cord, 12pcs nylon pad eyes, 4pcs cord hooks, 4pcs J-hooks, 28pcs stainless steel screws, 28pcs rivets with 28 waterproof gaskets rings4.7
GUENTECH kayak deck rigging kit1pc 8 feet 1/4-inch elastic marine-grade bungee/shock cord6 pcs D Ring with 6 PCs 304 M6 stainless steel screws, 6pcs Nylon J hooks with six stainless steel screws, 2pcs Nylon Bungee Cord Ends4.6
CLIO deck rigging kit with D ring4 Pack of Stainless-steel D rings Pad PVC Patch Patches, 1 PCs 12 Feet (3.6 M) bungee shock cord long, 1/4 (6mm) diameter, 4 Pcs Bungee cord Hooks4.
DASMARINE deck rigging kit1pc 27FT Marine Grade Bungee Cord, 14pcs Pad Eyes,4pcs J hooks, 33pcs Stainless Steel Screws, 33pcs Well nuts 33pcs Washers5
HLOGREE Store PVC D-ring patch6pcs 10.8cm large PVC D-Ring Patch
6pcs 2.58in Cord Hooks, 1pc Bungee shock cord(5mm 6m)
PERCARE Premium kayak bungee cord deck rigging kitOne sheet of installation instructions and deck rigging designs, 8 feet of marine-grade bungee/shock cord, 6 Nylon Pad eyes and 13 Pcs stainless steel screw, 2 Nylon J hooks and 2 Pcs stainless steel screw, 2 Kayak Cord Hook Nylon Bungee Hook for Shock Cords 3/164.5
SPORBA Kayak pad eye kit, expanded deck rigging kit10pcs nylon pad eyes ,26 pcs screws, 26pcs rivets, 5pcs hooks clips, 4pcs cord end hooks4.7
TOBWOLF kayak bungee kit1pc Bungee Cord, 2pcs Hooks, 10pcs Buckles, 20pcs Screws4.2

Our Top Eight Deck Rigging Kits Reviewed

  1. CLIO Deck Rigging Kit Accessory

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Brand CLIO
Package weight 0.4kg
Package dimension 8.54×6.26×1.85 inches

If you are searching for a multipurpose kayak deck rigging kit, the CLIO deck rigging kit accessory will serve you right. It can be used to make kayak paddle keepers, kayak deck kits, kayak anchors, troopers, hammock straps, and much more as long as you are creative enough. This package contains a marine-grade bungee cord, pad eyes, cord hooks, j-hooks, stainless steel screws, and gasket rings. These contents will enable you to make a deck rigging on your kayak without having to worry about buying other gear to finish your deck rigging. The bungee cord is 19.7 feet long with a diameter of 5mm. It is strong, durable, and easy to cut, so you can easily personalize it to the length you want. The screws are made of stainless steel to prevent rust. The rubber washers are waterproof and ensure water tightness. With this deck rigging kit, you can go on long trips with confidence since you’ll have extra and safe storage for whatever you’ll be taking with you.

Wide Use- this kayak deck rigging kit can be used for many things like kayak paddle keeper, kayak anchor trolley, nets rope, hammock straps, and repairs and replacement. They can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Lightweight- the contents of this kit are lightweight. With this, you will not have to worry about them adding weight to your kayak. 

Durable- marine-grade nylon bungee cord, stainless steel screws, and aluminum rivets are all made of durable and robust material that will give you long-time service.

2. GUENTECH Kayak Deck Rigging Kit

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Package weightO.25kg
Package dimension 6.5×5.51×1.18 inches

Deck rigging your kayak is made easier with the help of this kit. It contains most of the things that you will need to set up your deck rigging. The package includes a bungee cord that is made of marine-grade elastic material that absorbs shock. It is 8′ long and ¼” to maximize its strength and durability. These features make it perfect for long trips since it can withstand pressure. The D-rings are made of nylon and stainless steel and can be used to grasp paddles, rods, and nets with the help of a leash. This kid can be used widely and fit on the bow, stern, or front of your kayak. It adds a lot of storage to your kayak and can be used for long trips. The versatility of this kit allows you to customize it and use it according to your needs. You can also give your kayak a new look with this kit.

Material- the bungee cord is made of elastic marine grade material, and D-rings are made of nylon and stainless steel. The screws and J-hooks are made of stainless steel. These materials ensure strength and durability. 

Wide use- this kit has various benefits, including adding storage to your kayak. It can also be used with boats and canoes for fishing and camping. 

Versatile- customize the look of your kayak with this kayak deck rigging kit.

3. CLIO Deck Rigging Kit With D-ring

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Brand CLIO
Package weight0.25kg
Package dimension 9.13×6.26×1.18 inches 

This kayak deck rigging kit comes in a package containing stainless steel D-rings, 12 feet of bungee cord, and bungee cord hooks. The bungee hook is made of marine-grade nylon. It is UV-resistant and durable. It can be used to install a tie-down strap or deck kit. The elastic bungee cord is made of a latex rubber core surrounded by polyester. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions, enabling you to kayak even for long hours without fear of destroying it. It is strong, durable, and easy to cut so you can use it for anything. It absorbs shock, helping you to hold items to your kayak. The D-ring is made of stainless steel and PVC. The D-ring patch is suitable for inflatable kayaks. This kit can be used both indoors and outdoor due to its ability to withstand harsh weather. It can be used widely as long as you are creative.

Wide application- this kit can be used both indoors for exercise and fitness, and outdoors. It can be used on roof racks, groundsheets, boats, caravans, kayaks, and general use.

Variety: the contents of this kit come in different colors, and you are at liberty to choose the color you like and that which will look better with your kayak. You can have grey, black or white, and the difference in pricing is just a few cents.

  1. DASMARINE Deck Rigging Kit

No products found.

Package weight0.45kg
Package dimension 8.15×4.65×2.48 inches

The DasMarine deck rigging kit comes as a complete package, everything that you may need is included. You will get a 27 feet long bungee cord, pad eyes, nuts, J-hooks, washers, and stainless steel screws. With this kit, all your deck rigging problems will have been solved. Whether you want to place deck rigging on your kayak for the first time, or you want to replace one that is worn out, this one got you covered. The bungee cord is marine-grade, and stainless steel bolts support the freshwater environment. The 27′ bungee cord enables you to use it for different purposes since you can cut it to pieces. This kit can be used widely for deck rigging your kayak, canoe, fishing boat, or ship equipment. Installing and dissembling the deck rigging is easy when you use this kit.

Easy Installation- installing this deck rigging to your kayak is easy, and you can disassemble it any time you want. The attached stainless steel screws make this more accessible and less time-consuming.

Complete Attachments- this kit comes with full attachments that ensure your accessory is secure, including J-hooks, stainless steel screws, and washers to ensure water tightness. It is also lightweight and easy to carry.

High-quality Material- the bungee cord is marine-grade, and the screws are made of stainless steel. These materials ensure strength and durability. You can be sure that this kit will last due to these materials.

5. HLOGREE Store PVC D-ring Patch

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Package weight 0.39kg
Package dimension8.86×6.54×1.73 inches 

This is the perfect kit for your inflatable kayak. It is very convenient and easy to use as you only need to glue the patch down to your desired position. This easy installation enables you to save time. The bungee shock cord is made from a latex rubber core and polyester. It is UV-resistant and wear-resistant and can be easily cut to customize your needs. This kit comes in white and gray, so you can choose which one goes well with your kayak. Kayak patches are solid and lightweight. They are also durable and can serve you long enough as long as you take care of them. It can help carry your gear, from camping equipment to snorkeling gear, food, and even extra clothing. The convenience that this kit provides is what everyone wants.

Easy Installation- nothing is more satisfying than a deck-right kit that is easy to install. It gives you peace of mind and an easy time. This is precisely that; installing it is as easy as 123, no need to worry. Just glue it down to your position of liking, and the major part is done.

Superior Grade Bungee Cord- the bungee cord is made from rubber latex core and polyester. This makes it strong, UV-resistant, flexible, and wear-resistant. 

Replacement Accessories- this kit can be great for replacing accessories in your PVC inflatable kayak, boat, raft, and dinghy, or paddleboard. 

6. PERCARE Premium Kayak Bungee Cord Deck Rigging Kit

No products found.

Package weight0.14 kg
Package dimension 5.6×4.9×0.7 inches

Enjoy yourself on the water as you kayak by having a deck rigging kit that will create more storage space for your kayaking gears; therefore, you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind because of space. It doesn’t matter how long your adventure on the water will take, PERCARE deck rigging kit will give you peace of mind. It comes with various accessories: marine-grade bungee cord, pad eyes, and stainless steel screw; among others, you will not be required to buy these accessories separately.  To make it watertight, apply waterproof silicone around the screws. It’s made of marine grade that is strong and durable and ideal for long trips.

Easy To Adjust- The adjustability of the deck rigging kit will give your kayak a custom look, as you will adapt it to fit your specific needs.

Quality Material- The bungee cord is made of marine-grade material that is strong and long-lasting to serve you for a long before replacement. This makes this kayak deck rigging kit to be suitable for long trips.

Extra Accessories- PERCARE deck rigging kit comes with accessories that include Nylon J hooks, stainless steel screws, marine cord bungee cord, and Nylon pad eyes. It also has installation instructions that will help guide you on how to design.

Excellent Customer Service- PERCARE stores prioritize the satisfaction of their customers, don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance when you get defective or missing parts.

7. SPORBA Kayak Pad Eye Kit, Expanded Deck Rigging Kit

No products found.

Package weight0.14 kg
Package dimension5.08×4.72×1.73 inches

Customize your kayak with this deck rigging kit. You can now go kayaking stress-free, knowing that your equipment is safe as long as you use this kit. SPORBA  deck rigging kit includes nylon pad eyes, screws, rivets, hook clips, and cord end clips. If you don’t already have one, the only thing you should look for is a bungee cord that will fit through the pad’s eyes. Always remember to use a marine-grade bungee cord. You can use this kit for kayak paddles, canoe paddles, fishing rods, and even indoor uses. The kayak bungee hook is made of premium-grade nylon which makes it durable. The tri-grip rivet made of the aluminum mandrel is durable and corrosion-resistant. It ensures your accessory is held tightly and saves you time. J-hooks, pad eyes, and tow kayak cord hooks are POM plastic, providing maximum strength and durability. 

Material- The tri-grip event is made of solid and durable material that will serve you long before it wears out. It is corrosion-resistant. You don’t have to be stressed about corroding when it comes to contact with water. The hooks are solidly constructed and made of premium-grade nylon, which makes them durable.

Package- This deck rigging kit has various accessories, including 26 pcs O rings and 26 rivets, ten nylon pad eyes, five hooks clips, and four cord end hooks.

Wide Application- Ideal for kayak paddles, fishing rods, hard kayak rope buckles, and any other item you will need to fix it. It can also be used for outdoor tend accessories, luggage accessories, and furniture.

Functional- The deck rigging kit adds more storage space to your kayak and helps you fix items for more accessible transportation.

8. TOBWOLF Kayak Bungee Kit

No products found.

Brand Tobwolf 
Package weight 7.6 ounces
Color Black

Have yourself a deck rigging kit with durable and steady accessories that will enhance your experience on the water. Having a TOBWOLF rigging kit marks the end of experiencing storage problems in your kayak and makes it stable and safe when kayaking. It has a bungee cord, stainless steel screws, nylon pad eyes, and hooks that will help you fix your kayak items. The screws are corrosion-resistant and cannot be damaged when they come in contact with water. The installation and adjustment of the buckles with the screws will take you a few minutes to do them. The advantage of this kit is that you can apply it not only on kayaks, but you can use the accessories on canoes and boats.

Material- It has nylon pad eyes, latex bungee cords, and stainless steel screws. Which makes them be used for a long- The screws are corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for long-time use.

Easy To Install And Adjust- To fix these accessories to your kayak is as easy as 123, and it will take you a short time, and you’ll be through with the installation process. To adjust it to your desire, if the rope is too tight or too loose, elongate or shortens the rope at the ends and knot it to fix, it at the point you wish.

Wide application- You will not be limited to using this kit on kayak only; you can as well use it on a boat or canoe if you have any of them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This is the section that will address questions that you might have concerning deck rigging kits. Read on to get answers to some of these questions.

1. What Is Kayak Deck Rigging For? 

Kayak deck rigging is an accessory you can’t afford to miss for your kayak or boat. It allows you to store extra gear and give you a handle you can use to be back from or water with ease. To add to that, you can use it to secure your paddle or other belongings.

2. How To Install Bungee Deck Kit

1. Mark places you would like to drill using pad eyes and J hooks as a template.

2. Pad eye installation can be either with inside access or without. With inside access, drill holes of about 5/32 inch where you had made markings, and with the use of pliers or a screwdriver, secure the screws. 

3. Without inside access, drill the holes of about 3/16 inch where you had made markings, and using the rivet gun, secure the rivets. Be careful to ensure you use waterproof silicone in any place you drill. 

4. A combination of the two (pad eye installation with access and pad eye installation without access) can be applied at different parts of the kayak or boat.

Wrapping Up

We are hopeful that you have learned a thing or two even as we come to the end of this buying guide. We are confident that you are now able to choose the best kayak deck rigging kit to match your needs. Our pick is the GUENTECH kayak deck rigging kit. It comes with almost everything accessory you may need to have in a kit. So if you have nothing for deck rigging, this is the best option. However, you know your needs, and you should choose accordingly.



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