Best Kayak Outriggers & Stabilizers Of 2023 | Pick One When Stability Is Concerned!

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A Guide To Select The Best Kayak Outriggers 

If you have a kayak then you can add kayak outriggers to the sides of a kayak to provide stability and prevent capsizing. You can buy pontoon outriggers, hull outriggers, inflatable outriggers, and retractable outriggers, depending on your needs. For example, if you are facing a problem with storage space then you can buy inflatable outriggers because these types of outriggers can be inflated or deflated as needed. 

Top 6 Kayak Outriggers & Stabilizers Of 2023 (Best picks)

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Factors That Need A Consideration Before Choosing The Right Kayak Outrigger

Many people think that a kayak outrigger is simply a piece of plastic or metal that you attach to your kayak paddle to make it easier for you to stay in the water. However, they are actually designed with various features and benefits that can help improve your experience in the water. Some of these features include adjustability, weight distribution, portability, and more.

Kayak outriggers come with different characteristics and qualities. You should be able to choose the right outrigger which is beneficial to you in every way without spending a fortune on the outriggers. The following factors can help you decide your requirements or help you choose the best kayak outrigger for you. 

1. Stableness Of The Outrigger 

This is one of the most significant factors when looking for an outrigger. Because the main motive of an outrigger merely is to provide stableness to your outrigger. The outrigger that will be chosen by you should necessarily be ultra-stable, providing enough wide stance so that a person could even stand on the kayak. The staleness of the kayak should also be according to the height of a person. If the person is taller, the outrigger needs to be extra stable than it needs to be in the case of a commonly sighted person.

2. Inflatable Or Not

There are mainly two types of outriggers available. Namely, inflatable ones that can be filled with air at the time of their use and solid PVC, which are absolutely solid outrigger that creates a force of buoyancy. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. The inflatable outriggers are very easy to carry, making them highly portable. While solid PVC outriggers are highly durable as compared to inflatable outriggers, they are not quite easy to store. The material plays a major role in deciding the right outrigger for you.

3. Installation

The installation or the mounting of the outriggers is another very important factor to consider before buying them. It should be ensured that your kayak is not left with too many holes to mount the outriggers. Also, while the installation of outriggers, it should be assured that the outriggers don’t come in the way of the paddles. The outriggers should necessarily be easy to install and not involve too many complications in their installation. There is no point in buying an outrigger that you are not able to install yourself or have ended up giving damage to the outrigger and kayak.

If all the above factors are very carefully considered and worked upon while searching for an appropriate and best outrigger for yourself, you would surely end up having the best one installed on your kayak. All these factors are equally important while comparing the outriggers that you are about to buy. 

So, Let’s Check What Are These Factors At A Glance:

1. Adjustability- Along with ease of use, some outriggers have an adjustable foot brace height which will be perfect for individuals with different levels of skill level and height differences.

2. The weight capacity: The capacity of the outriggers is the maximum weight of the boat that can be carried without any issue. The bigger the outrigger, the more weight capacity it has. The weight capacity of a boat is a crucial factor in determining how much effort it takes to move the boat.

3. Gives stability while paddling

4. Reduces the risk of tipping or capsizing in rough conditions

5. Translates into more support for the torso and legs

6. Foot adjustment straps make it easier to get into the swing of things

Try Out These 6 Outriggers Which Can Result In The Most Ideal Outrigger For Your Kayak

The following products are full of characters that will surely attract your eyes to them. These 6 products would surely fulfill your requirements regarding an outrigger that would help the kayaks to be ultra-stable. These products will give you the best opportunity to compare and pick the best out of them. 

1. Meter Star 2Pcs Kayak Inflatable Outrigger 

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‎Approx. 90 cm/35.4 inch, Width: Approx. 28 cm/11 inch




Float Stabilizer

The product is specially designed for sports activities kayaks. The product includes four repair patches. These inflatable outriggers are great for kayaking. This outrigger is one of the most lightweight, easy to use, and also can be inflated with minimal effort, and also can be dis-inflated within seconds. This makes it one of the best kayak outriggers. The height of the outrigger is very easy to adjust, and also the outriggers are very lightweight. It weighs about 2.6 lbs in total. 


1. Very easy to use and install

2. Very durable and also highly portable 

3. Adjustable height of the outriggers

4. Easy to handle by anyone


1. A little high priced

2. Pactrade Marine Boat Kayak Canoe Outrigger Stabilizer System

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‎Pactrade Marine


‎40 x 6 x 4 inches




Inflatable outriggers

1. Durable Inflatable Outrigger System: This is a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use kayak stabilizer system. It was developed with an in-built inflatable tab, which makes it suitable for most kayaks. This is the ideal outrigger system for beginners and pro paddlers as well! Do you like to fish? If so, then these stabilizers are perfect for your boat! They’ll help keep your vessel afloat with ease, even in the most challenging of conditions. Your friends will certainly love this as well!

2. Adjusted to your Kayak Length: You’ll be happy to know that the outriggers/stabilizers come with mounting hardware. Now you have two options for a float: grey and black. The grey one will provide a softer landing, but it is less visible underwater compared to the black. With the dual-valve system, they connect well with your steel rods so you have length flexibility. Locks are provided for the ferrules of rods to secure the sidekicks.

3. FREE Floating Keychain: Purchase this outrigger today, and get a FREE keychain for your purchase. This durable and made-to-last keychain is perfect for repelling water and is available in multiple colors. This keychain is great for those who need a lot of space in their pockets or bags. It will also protect your keys from getting damaged if they’re dropped by mistake.

4. Additional Information: Repair patches are mounting hardware is provided. The floats are 32 inches in length, the side arms and 39 inches in length, and the mounting bar is 27-1/2 inches in length. That makes a total of 7 pounds when you add it all up. Do you need a wide float with maximum capacity? If so, this is the one for you. It has an expandable enough width to accommodate your clients and their comfort needs and can also be compressed for easy storage when not in use.

5. Ensure your kayak with a one-year limited product warranty.

3.YakGear Kayak & Canoe Outrigger Stabilizers         

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‎One Size


Aluminum, Plastic



The product is best for stabilizing your kayak because of its stability feature and wide stance. The products include outriggers for both ends which are very easy to use. The outriggers weigh around 350 pounds in total which includes the weight of both the outriggers. The outriggers are very easy to carry and making them one of the most picked outriggers out there. 


1. Easy to carry due to the lightweight

2. Adjustable height of the outriggers

3. The extreme durability of the product

4. Highly stable


1. Needs drilling to install

2. High-priced outriggers

4. Mexidi PVC Inflatable Kayak Outrigger Stabilizer Kit

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‎35.4 *11 inch





The product is in the form of a kit and has almost everything you need to install the outriggers and provide extreme stability to your kayak. The product is particularly an inflatable kayak that can be easily inflated by anyone. There is only one valve through which air can easily be released within seconds. The outrigger is not at all heavy. 


1. Very easy to install 

2. Extremely light weighted

3. Highly Durable as it is made of PVC

4. Easy to carry


1. Height cannot be adjusted

5. Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System

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‎‎32 x 9 x 9 inches





This product contains four units which include two stabilizers and two pole mounts. The lightweight characteristic of the product makes it one of the best ones out there. The height of the sail can be adjusted easily by anyone handling the outriggers. The product is inflatable and made up of PVC. The width of the stabilizer is 32 x 9 x 9 inches with a weight of 10 pounds. 


1. Easy To Install

2. Easy to carry from one place to another

3. Adjustable height

4. Durable product


1. A little Overpriced

6. Brocraft Kayak Outriggers/Stabilizers System and Two Power Lock Rod Holder

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‎‎32″ long aluminum Outrigger arms


Stainless Steel



This product comes in a set that includes 32″ long aluminum Outrigger arms and yellow-colored durable and molded PVC floats. The height of the float is fully adjustable which is really simple to do. The product has characteristics that make them great for adding up to the stability of a kayak as it is made from Stainless Steel. The outrigger is very easy to use and can provide a very wide stance. This inflatable outrigger is very easy to inflate and you won’t need anyone’s assistance. 


1. Easy to inflate and deflate within seconds

2. The product facilitates adjustable sail height

3. Highly portable and also highly durable

4. Easy to install and handle

5. Made with Stainless Steel


1. Weak Pole mounts

All the above-mentioned products have very attractive characteristics that can really help you provide the stability that your kayak requires when you go fishing. The products are very easy to install and can be handled very easily due to their lightweight characteristics of the products. The inflatable outriggers are very easy to inflate and can be installed very quickly and brought to work very fast. The material used to manufacture the stabilizers is PVC which makes the product highly durable. All these characteristics make these products the best Outriggers for your beloved kayak. 


Do They Attach To Scotty Rod Holder Bases? Like Can I Mount Bases On My Other Kayaks And Use The Outriggers On Them.?

If you’re looking to mount this Scotty rod holder base on your other kayaks, the answer is yes. You can install a Scotty rod holder base on any of your fishing kayaks that has a hole in the deck for mounting and attaching it via hardware.

Does The Kayak Outrigger Kit Come With Bolts And Nuts For The Outrigger Mounts?

The kayak outrigger kit includes all of the necessary hardware, including bolts and nuts.

How Would I Attach Outriggers To My Sot Kayak? One Strap Under The Yak And One Over The Hull? Thanx!

Outriggers are attached to the top of your boat with a strap that goes around the outside of the boat. Underneath this strap, there is another strap that goes around the bottom of the hull and attaches to another bolt on top of the outriggers. This second strap helps secure and stabilize your boat.

If you’re new to kayaking, a lot can go wrong if you don’t properly attach these straps. You’ll have no stability on your ride and will be bouncing all over trying to balance out in the water! Having an experienced friend help with attaching these straps is recommended.

Are Kayak Outriggers & Stabilizers Worth It?

If you want to paddle out on the water with an inflatable kayak, then you need to make sure that the kayak has good and sturdy outriggers. Kayaks with cheap outriggers will not provide any stability. Even if your weight is below the manufacturer’s suggested maximum, you may find your kayak moving around too much for comfort.

Some manufacturers sell inflatable kayaks with wheels as well as outriggers. For most situations, these are not necessary–especially if you have a small boat and are not going to be carrying anything heavy.

The main advantage of having inflatable outriggers is they don’t interfere with paddling, maneuvering, or any other boat-related activity. They also tend to come in more colors than typical rigid paddles. This may appeal to some people’s aesthetic sense or desire for variety.

How Long Should My Kayak Outriggers Be?

In this case, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on the conditions and what you as a paddler are looking for.

Before considering outriggers, it is important to understand what they are. Outriggers are an accessory used in conjunction with kayaks to help create stability in moving water and to maintain balance. They work by providing an extra point of contact with the water under your kayak’s hull, allowing you to rest your weight on them rather than the water itself.

Long Outriggers Use-Case For Kayak:

Kayak paddlers usually use long outriggers to counteract the tendency of the kayak to turn and paddle in circles during the trip. The long outrigger is also useful in preventing capsizing. The longer it is, the greater its ability to prevent capsizing.

The long outrigger has many uses, from kayaking and canoeing to river rafting as well as sailing and rowing. It typically comes in sizes ranging from small (6-12 feet) up to large (18 feet).

Outriggers are used for applications such as dinghy towing, deployment and retrieval, and mooring diversions.

The Shorter Outriggers Use-Case:

The use of shorter outriggers in commercial fishing is increasing as they have been proven to be more efficient than standard long boats and trawlers. The short length enables boats to maneuver into position quickly, and the reduced drag also improves fuel efficiency.

Outrigger canoeing use-case: Outrigger canoeing would be impossible without shorter outriggers which provide a more stable platform for navigating through rough waters and in shallow water.

My Kayak Is Pretty Stable But Not Enough To Stand And Fish. Will These Stabilizers Enable Me To Stand And Fish?

I’ve been out on the water for hours with my kayak. I am surprised that it is so stable, but I can’t stand it and fish. Could these stabilizers help me?

Buying stabilizers isn’t necessary for a kayak to be stable. But they will help you stay upright while fishing and not flip over onto your back.

A side benefit is that they will keep your boat floating in the event of a puncture or something else happening.

With These Outriggers Will I Be Able To Stand Up Without Tipping Casting And Casting A Cast Net From My 12 Foot Kayak?

When you are casting a net or using an outrigger, you want to avoid the inconvenience of tipping over. If you are using a cast net, simply having three or four outriggers on the side should prevent any tipping. The same goes for using an outrigger pole during casting with a fishing rod and reel.

Many fishing rods and reels come with either fixed-length guides or adjustable-length guides which can be used to adjust the height of your rod slightly. These usually have one or two metal pins on them that can be removed and replaced by longer ones to raise the rod up by several inches. A common practice among fishermen is to use these pins as outriggers when they need extra support in order to prevent tipping over while casting their net or cast net.

What Are The Benefits Of Extra Flotation?

You have the potential to have more stability in your kayak when traversing rougher water over a long distance.

What Is The Lixada Kayak Stabilization System?

The Lixada Kayak Stabilization System allows for paddling in any weather condition without fear of capsizing.

These pontoons are available in white and PVC. They measure 34.6 inches long and are geared for balance and stability on the water.

What’s The Best Way To Get Started With A Kayak Outrigger? How To Set It Up?

Kayak outriggers have been in use by people for centuries, but they are a relatively new idea for outboard boat use. Many people today are trying to decide how to get started with this type of boat, and the first step is usually where to set up the outrigger.

The best way to set up an outrigger is on a kayak or similar vessel that has a skeg or rudder system. A skeg or rudder system will be needed in order for the outrigger’s tines (spikes) to catch the water and stay firmly planted on both sides of your vessel. The next step is to remove the paddles from your kayak and attach them securely on each side of your vessel so that you can easily move them while you’re navigating

On top of that, you’ll also be able to get your outrigger installed and affixed to your kayak in no time.

What Is The Best Way To Fit Kayak Stabilizers?

With a universal crossbar, you’ll never compromise on the fit either. It’s designed to extend about 20 inches from each side.

Kayakers with kayak stabilizers have the best possible result if they attach them to their kayak just below the cockpit. This prevents them from having to buy a new kayak when buying a new set of stabilizers.

Kayakers often find it difficult to find the perfect fit for their kayaks because of all the different sizes available. They can purchase a new boat, but then they will need to spend money on attachments and attachments that are not designed for their current boat, which is expensive.

If you have an old or used kayak that doesn’t have stability issues, then you can purchase a brand-new set of stabilizers without spending additional money on a whole new boat.

Compare And Choose Wisely

When you are going to buy outriggers to bring stability in your kayak, it is advised to compare first and choose the right one as per your need or requirement. There is an end number of options available, and some of the best among them are mentioned above. You can find these outriggers extremely useful and fulfilling.

Every outrigger has the same function, but the right outrigger for you is the one that satisfies your requirement exactly the way you want. The product should be a great value for money and one that could really enhance your kayaking experience.

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