Best 8 Kayak Storage Bag Reviewed For 2023 (Factors, Comparisons, And FAQs Explained)

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A kayak storage bag protects your Kayak against dust, rain, and sun, and prevents develop some defects, especially when it is not in use. Now, if your kayak’s length is 10 ft, you should buy a kayak cover at least 12 ft long. This is because if you buy a kayak covering the same length as your kayak then you will find it very difficult to store the kayak. Moreover, the cover won’t last long for tight fitting. If you are planning to store your kayak outside then you must buy a waterproof kayak cover that is made of higher denier that is also resistant to U.V. rays.

Best Kayak Storage Bag

Below is the list of the best kayak storage bags we have researched. You can start by going through this list before reading the whole article to get a sneak peek of the products, features, and prices. 

1. Best Overall – No products found.

2. Best For Off-Season Storage – No products found.

3. Easiest Transportation – No products found.

4. Easiest To Use – No products found.

5. Best For Heat Resistance – No products found.

6. Best For Indoor Storage – No products found.

7. Most Durable – No products found.

8. Most Versatile – No products found.

Comparison Of The Best Kayak Covers

In this section, we have a comparison table for you to help compare the products more easily, which will play a big role in helping you decide which one will satisfy your needs most.

Name  Best for Specs  Kayak size
No products found. Best overall Heavy-duty fabric, sturdy, handle strap, full cut 10ft
No products found. Off-season storage Polyester, drawstring 9.3ft-10ft
No products found. Easiest to transport  Quality material, revolution design, adjustable straps, buckles 9ft-10ft
No products found. Easiest to use Straps design, adjustable bandages 11.8ft-13.5ft
No products found. Heat resistance 300D Oxford fabric, waterproof, adjustable bandages 12.3ft-13.5ft
No products found. Indoor storage 210D Oxford Taffeta, easy on/off, durable 7.8ft-9ft
No products found. Most durable  420D Oxford fabric, straps design, easy to use and store 10ft-11.4ft
No products found. Most versatile Premium material, straps design, easy on/off 10.2ft-11.4ft

1. i COVER Kayak Cover: Best Overall

No products found.

Brand  i COVER
Package dimensions  11.8×7.6×4.5 inches
Package weight 1.59 kg

You will be delighted when your Kayak serves you for a long time. To achieve this, you have to ensure that the safety and protection of this Kayak are your priority by covering it with a durable storage bag. I COVER Kayak Cover Canoe Storage Dust Cover has all you need. It is made of 600 Denier PU coated Marine Grade that is waterproof, tear-resistant, and U.V resistant. This cover is easy to clean and ideal for all-weather protection.

All you need to do is just slide in your Kayak and zip close to make it completely covered and protected. To ensure maximum waterproof, make sure you store your Kayak on its side or bottom-up with the zipper on the bottom to prevent water entry through the zipper.

Key Features

1. Heavy-Duty Fabric And Reinforced Sewing Stitches.

 This kayak storage bag is made of 600 Denier PU coated Marine Grade waterproof fabric perfect for tear-resistant and UV-resistant. This material is ideal for weather protection. The seams are sewn with reinforced stitches ensures extra durability.

2. Sturdy Handle Strap. 

It is sewn at each end of the cover to make it much easier when caring and fast to insert in and remove. The zipper is almost halfway long, making it easy to slide in your Kayak without struggling, and zip close it for complete coverage and superb protection from the elements such as U.V., rain, spiders, leaves, and limbs

3. Full-Cut

 This allows it to have an extra room where you can place your paddles, life jackets, and other kayaking fishing accessories


1. It fits most kayaks.

2. Durable and U.V. resistant


1. Not 100% waterproof

2. GYM TOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover: best for off-season storage

No products found.

Brand  GYM TOP
Package dimensions 8.9×7.24×4.92
Package weight 0.78 kg

You should not be worried about finding a quality kayak storage bag when this GYM TOP cover is on the market. It has all the qualities you should look for in a kayak bag. Being UV-resistant, you can store it even outdoor without worrying. It is also waterproof so that no water will get in without your knowledge and destruction in the process. This kayak bag fits many kayak sizes ranging from 7.8ft to 18ft. The elastic drawstring makes this cover easy to put on and off without using any tools.

Key Features

Made Of Polyester

This cover is made of polyester that reflects sunrays ensuring that it is 99% UV-resistant. It is also light, durable, and dust-proof, protecting your Kayak from damage that may be caused by weather conditions, including sun, snow, rain, and even dust.

Fits Several Sizes

This storage bag can fit several kayak sizes ranging from 7.8 ft to 18 ft enabling you to use it on any kayak size of your choice within the range. The elastic drawstring ensures that it fits snugly on your Kayak without coming off.

Drawstring Bag

It comes with a drawstring bag that will help you store your kayak cover when not in use. The drawstring ensures the safety and cleanliness of the bag. 


1. Very lightweight

2. Durable

3. Good quality

4. Fits well


1. Material looks cheap

3. VULKIN 9-12ft Kayak Cover and Carrier: Easiest To Transport

No products found.

Package dimension 14.6×10.2×4.6 inches
Package weight 1.04kg

It would help if you always had peace of mind without worrying about the tearing and ripping of your Kayak because VULKIN has got you covered. Its durable materials will protect your Kayak against elements such as the sun, snow, and dust, making it best for you. It has a revolutionary design that will help you carry it easily or even hang it when you are not using it. This cover guarantees you maximum satisfaction as it will meet and even exceed your expectations. It is perfect for you as it can fit several kayaks ranging from 9ft to 12ft in length.

Key Features.

1. Quality Material.

It is made of long-lasting and strong material that offers protection against elements such as rain, sun, and dust to your Kayak, hence extending the life span of your Kayak.

2. Revolutionary Design.

This design makes VULKIN best for storage and protection. It also allows you to carry your Kayak solely along with your oar and paddle for some short distance. The sling will help you to lift, stabilize and handle the Kayak when carrying, storing, or even hanging it when you are not using it.

3. Adjustable Strap.

The strap is lightweight with a thick pad that ensures your muscle does not get fatigued.

4. Buckles.

VULKIN cover has double stitching and a scratch-free grip pad that will help you carry the load and prevent cover sliding.


1. Suitable for various kayak sizes.

2. Strong and durable.

3. Has a wheel for easy transportation.


1. Cord may be weak.

4. ANZID Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover: Easiest To Use 

No products found.

Brand  Anzid 
Package dimension 11.42×10.63×6.3 inches
Package weight 1.10kg

As a kayaker, everything will be perfect for your Kayak if you have this cover. You will not have to worry about the well-being of your Kayak as this cover will serve you to satisfaction. It is made of polyester oxford durable material that is water-resistant, dust-resistant, and weather protection.

It has an elastic drawstring that ensures you can put it on/off easily. The two-strap design ensures that your cover is prevented from being blown away. It is coated inside with silver that helps it to reflect sun rays. 

Key Features

1. Protective Material.

This Kayak cover is made of a water-resistant premium polyester material that is also good for dust-resistant. It is coated with silver inside that helps reflect sun rays away, therefore giving your Kayak required protection from sun, rain, and dust, making it last longer.

2. Straps Design.

It has two straps that are essential for preventing the cover from being blown away. They also prevent it from collapsing due to rainwater gathering on the top.

3. Adjustable Strap. 

This strap provides maximum comfort as it has a thick pad that will help you to have reduced muscle fatigue, contrary to manual lift or traditional dolly. 

4. Adjustable Bandages. 

It has three adjustable bandages that extend from 60-100cm that will enable you to adjust them as per your needs. It gives your Kayak desired protection against damages that may be associated with rain, wind, and billow.


1. Easy to carry.

2. Completely water-resistant.

3. Simple to use.


1. The color may fade.

5. LIBZAKI 300D Kayak Cover: Best For Heat-Resistance

No products found.

Package dimensions 14.49×10.43×4.37 inches
Package weight  0.97kg

This LIBZAKI kayak cover is among the best in the market since it will satisfy your every need. It is made of 300D Oxford fabric that is anti-dust, waterproof, and UV-resistant and will protect your Kayak from all such weather conditions, including snow, so you will not have to worry about leaving it outside for long periods. They come in two colors, silver, and orange, and come in several sizes that can fit in kayaks of any size, depending on the one that you will choose. 

It has an elastic strap ensuring that it fits snugly on your Kayak, and it is easy to put on/off. This cover comes with a 1m handle that is adjustable, so you can easily transfer your Kayak from one place to another. This cover is anti-tear, making it durable, and has straps that ensure it is not blown away by a strong wind.

Key Features 

300D Oxford Fabric 

This upgraded material has a double-sided P.V. silver coating that reflects sunrays protecting it from U.V. radiation. It is also waterproof and tear-resistant, serving you in the best way for a long time.


With 3000 PA of water pressure resistance, this kayak cover can withstand even heavy rains without leaking into your Kayak.

Adjustable Bandage

LIBZAKI 300D kayak cover comes with three adjustable bandages that range is 60-100cm, enabling you to adjust them accordingly. This ensures that your Kayak is protected from wind, rain, and billow. The elastic straps ensure that it will perfectly fit onto your Kayak and is easy to take it off/on.


1. Great material.

2. Strong plastic clasps.

3. Good quality.

4. Very durable


1. The fit may not be very strong.

6. MAYMII 2.6m-6m: Best For Indoor Storage

No products found.

Item weight  0.57 kg
Package dimensions  8.82×8.5×4.06 inches

The MAYMII kayak cover is of high quality to satisfy you in the best way. It comes in several colors, such as blue, black camo, and digital camo. The sizes also vary depending on the size of your Kayak, starting from 7.8ft-18ft kayak sizes. For this reason, you should always double-check the size of your Kayak to ensure that you get the right size cover.

You can use it for a long period of storage and even a quick cover for your Kayak. It is made of high-quality polyester that is waterproof and UV-resistant. However, you should not store it in the sun for a long time as it cannot withstand that. The plastic drawstring makes it easy to put on/off and ensures that the fit is snug. This cover is light and easily foldable when you want to store it.

Key Features

210D Oxford Taffeta 

The material of this cover is 210D Oxford Taffeta that has a silky feel which reflects sun rays. This quality makes it waterproof, anti-dust.

Easy On/Off

It is easy to put on and off due to the elastic drawstring that you will pull to give it a snug fit and ensures that it stays in place and that nothing can get in, not even bugs.


This kayak cover is durable due to the material it is made from, which is waterproof and UV-resistant. It is very easy to operate without the use of any tools giving you maximum convenience.


1. Easy to install.

2. Fits well.


1. For indoor storage only.

7. MOORE 100% Waterproof Kayak Cover: Most Durable

No products found.

Brand  MOORE
Item weight  2.61 pounds 
Package dimensions  11.54×10.12×4.5 inches

Give your Kayak enhanced protection with this kayak cover from MOORE. It will successfully avoid any damage caused by nature. It is UV-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof, ensuring that your Kayak is fully protected. The technology used in making the cover gibes it maximum water resistance, non-crackability, aging resistance, and all-weather protection. 

It comes in two sizes, so you should confirm the size of your Kayak before making an order. The package includes a kayak cover, buckle rope, and storage bag to store when not used. The elastic hem of the cover gives it a tight fit for your Kayak to minimize the possibility of anything getting in. 

Key Features 

420D Oxford Fabric

420D Oxford fabric is waterproof and can stay in the rain for a long time. It is also UV-resistant and dust-proof, ensuring that weather conditions will not destroy it. Enhanced with anti-scratch and anti-aging technology, it will always look as good as new. 

Straps Design

For added protection to your Kayak, this cover has five straps that keep in place with no risk of being blown away by the wind. These straps have a quick-release buckle making them easy to install and remove.

Easy To Use And Store

It is light and easily folded, then put in the storage bag for later use, ensuring you have it as when you stored it. The buckles are also easy to install, and the elastic bottom is easy to take on/off. The double stitching on the hem makes this cover durable.


1. Versatile for various sizes of kayaks.

2. Fits well.

3. Durable.

8. KOHREE Kayak Cover: Most Versatile

No products found.

Package dimensions 12.7×7.2×4.8 inches 
Package weight 0.75kg

KOHREE kayak cover provides perfect protection for your Kayak since they block the sun, snow, rain, dust, and even bug damage. It is very lightweight, making it easily portable and easy to use due to the elastic drawstring. These covers are in two sizes; you should confirm the size of your Kayak before you place your order to ensure that it fits perfectly on your Kayak. Two straps have been added to ensure that it is not blown away by wind or collapse due to rainwater gathering on top. This gives you 100% assurance that it will stay put no matter water.

Key Features

Premium Material 

This cover is made of durable polyester oxford so that it will serve you for a long time. It is waterproof, anti-dust, and UV-resistant, protecting your Kayak from all types of weather damage.

Straps Design 

The cover is improved to ensure maximum protection by using two straps equipped with buckles; this way, it cannot be blown away or collapse when rainwater gathers on top.

Easy On/Off

Putting this kayak cover on and off is very easy because of the elastic drawstring. Using it is very convenient and easy. You can put it on/off even when in a hurry.


1. Very durable material.

2. Fits well.

3. Easy on/off.

4. Thicker than other covers.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Kayak Storage Bag To Purchase.

We have compiled major factors for you to consider when purchasing a kayak storage bag for your Kayak. They will help you to make a good decision on which store to buy without wasting your penny. These factors include:

1. Length And Width

You need to identify measurements of your Kayak before choosing the right storage bag for it. You will have to consider the length and width of your Kayak before purchasing its storage bag to prevent wasting your penny. To buy the bag that won’t give expected protection to your Kayak from the elements of rain, sun, and dust. Remember, not all kayak storage bags will fit your Kayak exactly as expected. Therefore, you should buy a little larger size to be sure it fits your Kayak. Avoid purchasing those storage bags with too much extra length to prevent the accumulation of water that falls on your Kayak, more so when you’re living in an area that receives heavy rainfall.

2. Material

This is the most important factor to look at before deciding which kayak storage bag you want to buy. You should purchase a higher denier(thick fabric) with any additional reinforcements to boost your bag’s durability. Look for a kayak storage bag made of waterproof material and withstand sharp objects, rips, and tears.

3. Waterproof

You should consider buying a kayak storage bag that is water-resistant to prevent water from accessing your Kayak. Polyester and oxford taffeta are excellent waterproof materials that are durable. This will help your Kayak serve you for a long time, even if you’re located in rainy or snow areas.

4. Durability

It will not be cost-effective for you to keep on buying storage bags for your Kayak every time. Therefore, you will have to purchase a storage bag made of strong and heavy materials that will stop rips and tears, thereby protecting your Kayak for a long time.

5. UV-Protection

One of your responsibilities is to ensure that you maintain your Kayak’s paintwork and durability. To achieve this, you have to buy a storage bag resistant to U.V. rays because the rays will weaken your Kayak, causing imperfections and failures. If your cover is not UV-resistant, you will have to ensure that you store it indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will answer questions that we think you may have but have not answered in the article. 

1. Do Kayak Covers Work?

Yes, Kayak covers help reduce weather damage on your Kayak since most of them are waterproof and UV-resistant. Using a cover will enable you to store your Kayak even outside without getting destroyed. If you keep your Kayak indoors, a cover will protect it from dust and bugs.

2. What Are Kayak Covers Made Of?

Kayak covers are made of Oxford, polyester, or oxford taffeta that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and dust-proof that allow you to store your Kayak well without fear of destruction.

3. How Can I Store My Kayak?

When you want to store your Kayak, you have to put several things into consideration, for instance, the season and availability of storage space. If it is an on-peak season, storing it outside is the best option since it will be easily accessible. If it is an off-peak season, you have to decide if you want to keep it outside or inside. This will also matter because you have to look for somewhere with enough storage space to accommodate it. If you have a garage, we recommend that you store it there. 

Wherever you store your Kayak, you have to ensure that you put it on a cover. For outside storage, the Kayak will be protected from weather damage, whereas, for inside storage, the cover will protect it from bugs and dust. Also, ensure that you keep your Kayak off the ground. You can do this using a kayak rack.

Wrap Up.

Having taken you through various kayak storage bags and discussed them deeply, we are sure that it will be of great help as you look for the best storage bags to satisfy your need to provide maximum protection to your Kayak. On our side, we have picked I COVER Kayak Cover to be our best because of the excellent features it has, such as having a zip that makes the sealing of the Kayak easy while providing reinforcement. It’s your choice to decide which kayak storage bag will meet your expectations and satisfy your needs. Happy shopping!

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