Best Kayak Trailers For 2023 (Single, Double, Sports & Budget-Friendly)

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If you love traveling and like to explore new places with your kayak then the kayak trailer will be essential gear for you. If you are planning to buy a new kayak trailer then you should consider the size and weight of your kayak, as well as the type of your vehicle. You should choose the kayak trailer very carefully because you don’t want to face the hassle of the “return and refund” process.


What Is A Kayak Trailer?

A kayak trailer is a piece of gear or equipment connected to the rear of a kayak that is used to carry accessories (or cargo) like a paddle, life jacket, anchor, and other items on your excursion and assist in transporting heavy loads by hauling them through the air or water. It helps to make transportation of the boat easier.

These are typically made of lightweight, metal materials and are meant for easy transport. They are also usually foldable in order to fit into the limited space on kayaks.

Besides Kayak Trailer, there is a similar type of trailer found on the market called the Kayak Trolley cart. Kayak trolley carts are an excellent solution for transporting difficult-to-handle kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. They help you transport them to an ideal spot quickly without having to struggle or get your hands dirty.

Many people are buying these trailers because they find them helpful for their Kayaking trips, but it’s important to remember that not everyone has access to one and they are not necessary.

Which Kayak Trailer To Pick? – The Comparison

We have analyzed all the top kayak trailers in the market and compared them below. Just go and check’em all – 12“1 

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​​​​Which Kayak Trailers Are Best?

Which Kayak Trailers Are Best

Below we have made a list of some of the most popular kayak trailers in the market. These do well in different areas and range in price. It should be noted that they are not in order of our preference, as only you can make a decision on which trailer best suits your personal needs.

1. Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer (Best Kayak Trailer For Bikes/Bicycles)

No products found.

Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎33 Pounds
Warranty Description‎1-year manufacturer

Highlighted Features:

1. You will need a rear luggage rack when installing the hitch. Simple and sturdy design to fully support your boat.

2. These bike kayak trailers are available in lengths from 8′ – 10′ and widths ranging from 3′ in one size only. Fits any size, from a small dinghy to the biggest yacht, with adjustable width.

3. The Rambo cycle trailer weighs 300 pounds when used as a hand cart or 70 pounds when attached to the bike. Strong enough to hold up your boat, but small enough to take on the go–even as you hop on your bike.

4. This rock-solid bicycle trailer includes tie-down straps, which are meant to secure your boat when not in use.

2. M-K Kayak Canoe Carrier (Best Foldable Kayak Trailer)

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Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎30 Pounds
Number of Wheels‎2

Highlighted Features:

1. 1.5mm stainless steel pin with high tensile strength and low weight.

2. Lightweight aluminum frame with sturdy steering board.

3. Urethane tires with high load capacity, making it easy to pull the canoe or kayak on/off the trailer

4. No assembly is required, just fold and go. No hassle!

5. A stylish aluminum frame with tubeless PU tires makes it easy to transport and store.

6. Ultra-durable as a result of a unique design, with a patented folding frame and wheels that allow for easy stowing.

7. From the makers of the most popular kayak carts in North America, M-K Kayak Canoe Carrier is impeccably made, tough as nails, and ultra-solid.

8. A simple fold model that is easy to stow away, so you can take your kayak anywhere with you.

3. MorTime 27″ Heavy Duty Kayak Cart (Best Single Heavy Duty Kayak Carrier)

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Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎165 lb.
Material‎Anodized steel
Number of Wheels‎2

Highlighted Features:

1. This kayak trolley is sturdy and durable. It has a rugged aluminum frame with excellent stabilization controls.

2. The tires are 10″ D x 3″ W in size, which is an appropriate size for a car tire. They are made from high-quality polyurethane. They have no chemical smell and can be easily inflated with a bike pump or heavy-duty bike pump.

3. MorTime Trolley is a simple device with many beneficial features. It provides more weight capacity and is convenient to transport. There are bumpers on the feet and arms of canoes and kayaks to protect the materials from dents or scratches.

4. The MorTime Kayak Carrier is easy to put together and includes stainless steel fasteners that provide a sturdy design. The chrome lynch pin provides a secure design, allowing you to quickly change the tires on your carrier. Their canoes and kayaks are fully secured with a 12 ft tie-down strap and come in five designs to fit your preference.

5. MorTime makes two types of kayak carriers – You should buy a concealed-under kayak carrier or a universal trolley. Both products are convenient for storage and transport while offering you kayaking experiences that are enjoyable.

6. These tires are made of a high-quality material that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They can be inflated and rolled across rough surfaces with just a little effort.

7. What’s great about this trolley is that it can easily be loaded and unloaded by just turning a few screws. It also has grooves on the bottom to provide a more stable support system. Kayak Trolley has padding to protect it from dents. The toy also comes with bumpers on its feet for extra protection.

8. The design of this kayak carrier is effortless. It is easy to put together and provides a convenient 12ft. tie-down belt that you can use to secure your kayak. The chrome lynch pin makes it easy to get tires in or out of the carrier rather than taking the carrier apart unnecessarily.

9. A lot of people need to store their kayaks easily one day, and a lot of other people want their kayaks to transport from parking to a location they’re going to. Mortimer does both of these things well for the average person.

4. The Malone XtraLight trailer package (Best For Smaller Kayak and Canoes)

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Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎275-pound capacity
Material‎Marine-grade galvanized steel
Number of Wheels‎2

The Malone XtraLight trailer package comes with an L-style kayak rack as well as eight stacked blocks, which allows for the safe and secure transportation of up to four kayaks at a time. 

The trailer comes with a marine-grade steel frame and 58-inch steel loading bars. It features a two-piece extended tongue that has been reinforced for strength and durability and galvanized wheels for an incredibly smooth journey. It also comes equipped with DOT-approved lighting systems and a class II coupler, 2 inches in length, with a skid plate. 

The rack itself can carry up to 275 pounds of weight and is designed for kayaks of up to 14 feet in length and with widths of up to 58 inches.


1. 275lb carry capacity

2. Galvanised wheels

3. Four kayak capacity


1. Only for use with smaller kayaks

5. ​​​The Right-On Ruff-Sport Trailer (Best Lightweight Kayak Trailer)

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Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎210 Pounds
Material‎Alloy Steel
Number of Wheels‎2

Created especially as a corrosion-resistant trailer, this is suited to coping with sea kayaks that are coated in salty seawater, the Right-On Ruff-Sport trailer is made with a galvanized steel frame and comes with large wheels (4.8 X 12”). It is built to be lightweight and this makes it perfect for use behind a smaller vehicle.

The trailer is designed for all types of kayaks, boards, SUPs, bikes, and cargo boxes, making it a very good dual-purpose item. It can carry up to two kayaks at a time and a pair of bikes can also be taken along for the ride. It comes with LED lights as standard and a foldable locking tongue, too.


1. Lightweight

2. Large wheels for easy traveling

3. Crossbars included


1. Difficult to assemble

2. Crossbar padding not included

6. The Yakima Rack and Roll 78 Trailer (Best Yakima Kayak Trailer)

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Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎160 Pounds
Number of Wheels‎2

With a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and the option to upgrade to 300 pounds with the addition of Heavy Duty Shock springs, this simple and lightweight little aluminum trailer (which can be locked up on your wall in just sixty seconds) can carry a whole lot of cargo—up to six small kayaks worth, potentially!

The Rack and Roll come with 78-inch crossbars and which allows it to carry not only kayaks but anything else you may wish to transport on your roof rack. It also boasts lockable levers to help prevent the theft of your trailer and LED lighting. If that wasn’t enough, this little trailer is designed with a useful little carry handle, making it a two-in-one trailer-come-cart. Because let’s be honest—no one enjoys hauling a kayak all the way down to the water, do they?


1. Large crossbars

2. Lockable levers

3. Carry handle


1. Better suited for small kayaks only

7. ​The Malone MicroSport Seawing Package (Best Trailer For 2 Kayaks)

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Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎197 Pounds
Material‎Aluminum, Steel
Number of Wheels‎2

Able to transport kayaks of up to 18 inches in length and weighing up to 355 pounds, the Malone MicroSport Seawing trailer is the ultimate trailer for longer models. It also comes with 65-inch crossbars for transporting any other roof rack items that you may be taking with you.

The galvanized frame makes this trailer ideal for outdoor storage and for use with wet kayaks as it won’t go rusty. Its assembly instructions are award-winning, meaning that they can be put together in as little as a few hours.


1. Award Winning Assembly Instructions

2. Galvanised Frame

3. 355lb capacity


1. Two kayaks only

8. The Right On Multisport Trailer

No products found.

Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎205 Pounds
Material‎Aluminum, Steel
Number of Wheels‎2

The Right On Multisport trailer does what it says on the label. It can easily be configured to carry all sorts of gear and equipment and comes with 64” rounded crossbars and a tongue stand as part of the package.

With a carrying capacity of 300 pounds and a second-tiered rack, it’s strong for a lightweight trailer as well.


1. Configuration possibilities

2. 300lb carry capacity

3. Lightweight model for smaller vehicles


1. Relatively small crossbars

2. Complicated assembly instructions

9. Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer (Best Trailer For 4 Kayaks)

No products found.

Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎250 Pounds
Material‎Alloy Steel
Number of Wheels‎2

The galvanized steel frame on the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport trailer is designed to resist rusting and allows it to support over 350 pounds of weight. By using the crossbars which come as part of the package, you can easily and safely transport up to four kayaks at once, as well as being able to use the trailer for other types of roof rack items such as bikes and cargo boxes.

The trailer is 78” in width and 164” long and is easy to assemble within a few hours.


1. Easy to assemble

2. Rust resistant

3. High-weight capacity

4. Four kayaks at once


1. Occasional aesthetic faults

10. The Portage Pal T-2000 Trailer

No products found.

BrandPortage Pal
Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎180 Pounds
Material‎Alloy Steel
Number of Wheels‎3 (2 big and 1 small)

The Portage Pal T-2000 Kayak Trailer is an affordable little trailer that can carry up to two kayaks of 12 feet in length.

The trailer is designed with a coil spring suspension which makes for a gentle and safe ride.


1. Affordable

2. Cheap to keep and look after

3. Galvanised and powdered steel frame


1. Two kayak capacity only

2. Short kayaks only—12 feet is shorter than many models

11. The Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit

No products found.

Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎‎220 pounds
Material‎Alloy Steel
Number of Wheels‎2

The Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer is a durable trailer that is suitable for all types of small boats and watercraft.

It is affordable and relatively easy to put together.


1. Easy to assemble without prior experience

2. Affordable

3. Suitable for multiple types of watercraft


1. Suitable for smaller kayaks only

2. Sometimes comes with aesthetic damage, though this is easily fixed

12. The Yakima Rack and Roll 66

No products found.

Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎‎200 pounds
Material‎Alloy Steel
Number of Wheels‎1

Made with premium quality, anodized aluminum frame, and alloy wheels, the Rack and Roll 66 trailer is great for those who want a trailer for their kayak.

 It is kitted out with shock absorbers and a carrying handle, as well as a locking lever to ensure the security of your trailer.


1. Can tow up to 250 pounds of carrying capacity

2. Carrying handle for easy kayak transport

3. Locking levers

4. Easy to store


1. Crossbars are only 66”—smaller than other makes, including the Rack and Roll 78

2. Can only transport smaller kayaks of 11 feet in length

13. The Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package

No products found.

Item Weight‎‎‎‎‎‎‎275 lbs.
Material‎Alloy Steel
Number of Wheels‎2

The Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package is ideal for any paddler who goes out on the water alone. It is lightweight and, as with all of the Malone trailers, it is made from marine-grade galvanized steel.

The leaf-spring suspension also makes it ideal for trips over rougher landscapes.


1. Lightweight and suitable for all terrain types

2. High-speed galvanized wheels

3. Galvanized steel frame

4. Affordable


1. Only for use with a single kayak at a time.No crossbars or additional storage spaces means it is a single-functionality trailer only  

6 Reasons To Get A Kayak Trailer

Reasons To Get A Kayak Trailer

Kayaks provide a new perspective on life. They are perfect for people who want to get out on the water and explore the world.

1. Transport Your Kayak In Style

You can push or pull your kayak in a trailer without straining your muscles. A kayak trailer is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time to go paddleboarding or just want to take their sport with them wherever they go.

2. Get Better Access To The Water And Save Money

Kayaks are heavy, which means you might have problems carrying them on public transportation. Using a kayak trailer allows you to take your sport where you want without having to worry about getting it from point A to point B

3. Save Money By Leasing Instead Of Buying A Kayak.

4. Get More Time On The Water: If you have a smaller area of land, this is the best way to allow yourself to enjoy time on the water without having to carry your boat everywhere. Plus, you won’t have any additional storage space.

5. Discontinue Costly Storage Options: A kayak trailer will allow you to stop paying for expensive storage units at home or pay for high-end storage options when traveling in hotels or vacation rentals. Save major expenses by using this affordable option.

6. More gear: If you do want extra gear, such as an anchor and paddle float system, then you won’t have to worry about carrying them with you anymore.

Choosing The Right Specifications For Your Trailer

Before purchasing your kayak trailer, it is important that you first check that the trailer you have chosen is the right one.

For a start, your kayak’s width and length will most likely be different from those kayaks made by other brands, and as such, it is important that you measure yours first to check that it will fit on your new trailer. There’s nothing worse than making a trailer purchase, only to find out that your kayak is hanging off the end and is going to end up skidding down the road!

Furthermore, you should always think about how many kayaks the trailer will need to be able to transport, and what weight it can carry; larger trailers will be required for transporting multiple kayaks at once. Different models have different weights, too, and if you don’t take the time to check that your new trailer can support your kayak’s load safely, you could end up in a rather bad situation when it falls apart!

Storing Your Trailer Comfortably

Don’t forget about storage, as well. There will come a time when the kayak should be packed away for the year—no one likes going out in the cold winter waters—and as such, the trailer will also need to have a home. If you want to leave it outside you will need to check that your kayak will be capable of coping. A rusty trailer will be useless when you try to go out again when the weather warms up!

A galvanized steel trailer has a zinc coating which prevents rust from being able to take hold and destroy your trailer, and it is a strong material that will be especially durable when off-roading and navigating rough terrain. However, a galvanized steel trailer is much heavier than a cheaper aluminum trailer and will take a toll on your vehicle.

Both galvanized steel and aluminum trailers will be able to withstand the toll of water and saltwater, though, but an ungalvanized steel trailer won’t be able to and will be likely to rust, which means that all kayaks should be fully dried before loading to ensure the life of your trailer.

If you are lucky enough to have space for the trailer in your garage you should always remember to check the availability of space and whether or not your trailer will fit. You should always be sure to consider how the length of the trailer’s tongue will affect things; this could make the difference between your new purchase fitting and not fitting.

As a final point, you should always remember to consider the other people in your household as well. If the trailer fits perfectly, but there is no space for anyone else’s things, you’ll only end up fighting with your family.

Moving Your Kayak Trailer

Next, you should remember to consider where you will be taking your kayak and trailer—and, notably, if the suspension on your trailer will allow this. Very few of the best kayaking areas are located in an easily-accessible place; if you end up having to take country lanes, dirt tracks, or do a lot of off-roading to get to your destination, excellent trailer suspension is necessary.

Once you have considered all of these points and have chosen your requirements, you then have to choose which model of the trailer is right for your needs. And, whilst you may be tempted to head into town to find your trailer, it is also important to remember that in the modern world and with the rise of the internet, excellent models can be found and ordered online. As such, we have made a list of our favorite Amazon trailers to make your choice as easy as possible.

How Much Does A Kayak Trailer Cost

A kayak trailer will typically cost anywhere from $50 to $1250 depending on what it is made of, where you purchase it from, and the size of the trailer. Some places require that you have a current Kayak Transport Permit so be sure to check with your local government office before buying one.

SerialKayak Trailer BrandsPrice
1.QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart, FatTire Off Road Cargo Trailer$339.00
2.Rambo Bikes and Canoe Trailer, Black$271.05
3.Radz Sport Kayak Trolley$50.64
4.Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart$214.99
5.MaxxHaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender$102.03


Kayak Trailers vs Kayak Roof Racks – Pros & Cons

Kayak Trailers vs Kayak Roof Racks: Kayak roof racks are better than kayak trailers because they offer a lot more functionality. They have the ability to keep your kayaks protected and safe, while also working as a cart.

Advantages Of Using A Kayak Roof Rack Over A Kayak Trailer:

1. More secure. It is easier to get in and out of the roof rack, which is not possible with a trailer on top of your car.

2. It-Easier to store and transport since you can fit it inside the roof rack rails or attach it to the hitch on your car.

3. Doesn’t require carrying around additional materials like long straps, ropes, etc., just strap your kayak onto it for easy transportation and security.

Who Makes The Best Kayak Trailers?

The best kayak trailer for you will depend on your situation and what you want to use it for. Some people need a kayak trailer that is easy to carry around, while others need something more sturdy for their longer trips.

In general, the best type of kayak trailer will be the one with the most features that you need or would prefer for your needs. There are also different materials used in making these trailers, so it’s important to consider what you’re into when purchasing one.

Here are some kayak trailer brands that have the best deals, best quality, and most efficient trailers on the market.

HitchMate Kayak Trailer is a top-notch manufacturer of kayak trailers. They have been in business for over 50 years and are continually innovating their products to meet the needs of their customers.

The Stowaway was created for people who need a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use folding kayak trailer that doesn’t take up too much space in their vehicle or home. It’s sturdy enough to haul heavy loads but small enough to be car-friendly.

What Kind Of Kayak Trailer Do I Need For Kayak

There are many different types of kayak trailers to choose from, and you should consider what is most appropriate for the type of activity you do with your kayak.

Some kayak trailers have wheels that can be easily fitted onto the trailer, while others have a retractable axle so they can be towed behind smaller vehicles.

If you’re an urban paddler who needs an easy way to transport their paddle and chair across town, then you’ll need a trailer that has wheels. If you’re an expert paddler who doesn’t need any extra gear, then consider buying a retractable axle trailer.

How Long Should A Kayak Trailer Be?

When choosing a trailer, it is important to make sure that it fits your needs. For example, if you are a bigger person, you should choose one with more length and width in order to accommodate your physical size.

The overall length of the trailer is 12’-6″; with the bunk setup you possibly have, three boats can be hauled on edge.

How Do You Secure A Kayak To A Trailer

Kayaks can be secured to a trailer using bungee cords, ropes, or even straps if they aren’t heavy enough for bungee cords. The best way to secure the kayak is by tying one end of the rope around the kayak, and then pulling it across to tie it onto the other side of the rope.

Does Harbor Freight Sell Trailers

Harbor Freight is an American company that sells tools and accessories. On their website, the company claims to have been building and repairing cars since 1923.

Harbor Freight sells a variety of trailer products under different brands such as Dexter, Stiga, Kool Stop, and others.

Malone Kayak Trailer Overview And Facts

Malone Kayaks is one of the top kayak brands in America. Malone’s products are made from high-quality materials and have been known to be durable and reliable.

This Malone trailer overview will help you get the most out of your company’s Malone product line.

Malone Kayak Trailer Overview:

1. The Malone trailer is a high-quality, stable kayak trailer with a hitch that can handle up to 6000 pounds.

2. This unit offers a number of upgrades that make it able to tow more than 1,000 pounds with ease.

3. The durable aluminum hitch has also been designed to resist corrosion over time.

Yakima Kayak Trailer Overview And Facts

The yakima kayak trailer is designed to transport your kayak from your vehicle to water or vice versa in a secure and safe way. It also features an integrated cargo net with four pockets that will help you organize your gear while transporting it.

Yakima Kayak trailers can be towed behind most cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, RVs, or vans on the road today. This makes them ideal for those who have minimal storage space in their vehicle but still need to transport their kayak in a safe manner and securely while not having to worry about damaging the kayak.

What Sort Of Weights Can These Kayak Trailers Carry?

Kayak weight capacity is determined by its length, width, and depth. Most kayaks will hold up to about 300 pounds with room left over for a few people or gear. One thing to keep in mind is that a longer kayak will typically carry more weight than a shorter one because it has more space for load capacity without sacrificing maneuverability

Your average kayak probably weighs around 40 lbs while the typical single kayak trailer you would fit into has a weight limit of around 200 to 300 lbs.

Is Kayak Trailer Installation Easy?

While the installation process is relatively easy, there are some tips that will make it even easier.

First, if you have your kayak already at home, you can skip the installation process and start using it right away.

Second, if you are not sure what type of kayak will work best for your needs then take some time to research before buying one so that when it arrives it’s ready to use right away.

Third, once you’ve bought your kayak always make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly store and transport your kayak as these instructions may differ depending on the type of boat.

Final Notes

Deciding which kayak trailer is best will depend on your requirements, as everybody’s requirements are different and the ideal trailer will depend on a number of factors including your storage space; the number of kayaks you will be transporting; the size and towing power of your vehicle; your equipment requirements; and your budget for a new trailer.

All of these factors should be carefully considered before making the final decision on which trailer is the ideal one for you.

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