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A quality kayak trolling motor ensures that you have more fish on the stringer. Once you have learned how to use a trolling motor, I am sure you will never want to forgo the machine.

Picking out the right trolling motor isn’t an easy task. Since it’s an electrical machine, there are many things you need to factor in, i.e. voltages, different sizes, and different features.

To aid you on your journey to buying a trolling motor, I am going to introduce you to five of the best trolling motors available on the market in the USA.

Let’s get started!

Comparison of Top Rated Kayak Trolling Motors

We have analyzed top 6 kayak trolling motors based on their dimensions, weight and other features like prices, power and everything. Here you go and pick the right one.

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Best Kayak Trolling Motors
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My Recommended Top 5 Trolling Motors for 2021

1. ​Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust Trolling Motor

  • Overview Featuring 55 pounds of thrust, the Newport Trolling Motor is designed to be used in either freshwater or saltwater. This is a hand operated trolling motor that comes with an array of convenient features and speeds.
  • Background Any angler knows that the cost of using cheap trolling motors. You can’t gamble with trolling motors that work as the soul of your kayak. You can’t afford to have a botched up fishing trip after all the effort it requires. So, it’s important that you choose a quality trolling motor.Newport Vessels has been a prominent name among anglers because the brand is synonymous with quality products that stand the test of time. And, the 55 Pound Thrust Trolling Motor from Newport features the latest design and great performance!
  • Versatility While the most trolling motors are freshwater based, the Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust suits both freshwater and saltwater. Therefore, if you want a versatile kayak trolling motor, this is paramount.
  • Construction The Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust comes on a transom mount. You may be familiar with bow-mounted motors, but transom motors are becoming popular once again because of cost effectiveness. Therefore, this trolling motor will be less expensive than most other motors.
  • Durability The motor head is made of aluminum. The aluminum-based construction make the trolling motor perfectly capable of withstanding constant use. The shaft has fiberglass composite that ensures durability as well.
  • Speed

You will have 8 speeds to choose from with this trolling motor. 5 speeds will move you forward, while 3 speeds will go in reverse.


  • Strong and intelligent construction


  • No significant cons

2. Minn Kota Terrova 80 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

  • Overview Minn Kota is the most popular brand name in the world of trolling motors. The Terrova 80 is built with the enthusiasts in mind. It features everything you need to get started with trolling. The high quality build, loads of features, and a few great gadgets make this product an attractive one.
  • iPilot The Terrova 80 uses GPS technology to find you your best fishing spots. iPilot is probably the biggest influential factor for the purchase of this trolling motor.
  • Control You can gain up to 80 lbs of thrust with this trolling motor. The power will allow you to get by most inclement conditions effortlessly. The Terrova 80 has Cruise Control, which ensures extra safety.


  • Highest quality construction
  • iPilot & Cruise Control
  • Incredibly easy to use foot paddle & No hassle


  • A bit expensive

3. Intex Trolling Motor for Inflatable Boats

  • Overview The trolling motor is suitable for inflatable boats under 16 feet. The trolling motor is powerful enough to transport four people on the kayak. Acceleration, battery power, and durable construction make the Intex Trolling Motor supreme.
  • Thrust The Intex Trolling Motor generates 40 lbs of thrust. The thrust results in great acceleration. Acceleration makes it easy for you to survey and move around the river with ease.
  • SpeedThe Intex Trolling Motor can gain a maximum speed of 7 knots. When you are on your kayak, adjust the speed at a favorable setting. A comfortable speed will ensure that you fish effortlessly.
  • Battery PowerThe battery power of the Intex will sure awe you. It’s quite extraordinary. The Intex Trolling Motor can propel your kayak for extended periods. When I first put the motor to use, it only lost 20% of the power after 2 hours of use.


  • Very powerful
  • Strong battery life
  • Great acceleration


  • No significant cons

4. ​Haswing and Aquos 12V 20lbs Electric Trolling Motor

  • OverviewThe Haswing and Aquos is one of the least expensive motors available. Although it is cheap in price, its quality is no cheap in any ways. The trolling motor produces thrust up to 20 pounds. It is very effective for smaller boats.
  • Amenities The Haswing and Aquos works perfectly for many anglers. It has an integrated LED display to deliver information on battery usage. This feature is only available on expensive models. Adjustable depth collar and a shaft length of 23.6 inches are some of the features.
  • Adjustable HandleThe Haswing and Aquos comes with an adjustable handle. The handle can be changed to achieve desired preferences.


  • Works perfectly for smaller inflatable boats
  • Integrated LED display
  • Adjustable depth collar with Four different speeds


  • Not suitable for large vessels

5.  ​GoPlus New 86lbs Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

  • OverviewThis is quite an incredible trolling motor for the price tag it has. It is a high performing trolling motor. It has quite a number of gadgets as well, which is really surprising for its price.
  • Thrust The GoPlus New can deliver up to 86 lbs of thrust. For its price, the thrust is incredible. This is powerful enough to power a vessel measuring up to 21 ft. This type of thrust is only available in trolling motors costing double the amount.
  • Amenities The GoPlus New can generate up to eight speeds – 5 speeds will move you forward, and 3 will go in reverse. A six-inch adjustable handle, a three-blade propeller, and a LED indicator make the vessel quite an irresistible product.


  • Gives you more bang for the buck
  • Incredible thrust
  • Eight speeds with Adjustable handle


  • No significant cons

What Is This?

Very few hobbies are as enjoyable and thrilling as fishing out there. Fishing opens up new possibilities and gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature at its purest form. The best outcome from fishing could be bringing back fish for dinner.


For many experienced anglers, trolling is what defines fishing the best. Trolling tests your angling skill. How skilled you are at angling will be put to test when you are trolling. It is because trolling requires ingenuity and fishing skill that is not easy to master.

Trolling on Kayaks

When you are using your kayak to troll, a few usual items won’t cut it. You may need a few items that you may have never used in the past, or you didn’t think they would come handy. The items you will need when trolling are:

  • Spreader boards
  • Planer boards
  • Paravanes
  • Downriggers
  • Outriggers

All these items will be in vain if you don’t have the most important piece of equipment. Yes, the most important piece of equipment you are going to need for trolling is the trolling motor.

What’s a Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor fuels your vessel and maximizes your fishing prowess. You attach a trolling motor to either the stern or bow of your kayak or canoe. However, usually a trolling motor is installed on the stern.

A trolling motor is a sophisticated piece of apparatus that is built with a motor, propeller, and the controls in a self-contained unit.

Trolling motors are electric machines. And, they are powered by batteries. However, it is not uncommon to see trolling motors powered by gasoline. A trolling motor is named after the form of fishing, known as trolling.  The fishing method of trolling involves the fishing line moving slowly through the water to attract fish to the bait.

What Do You Need a Trolling Motor For?

Paddling your way while trolling is likely to disturb the fish you are trying to attract. A trolling motor allows you to move through the water without being noticed. When you are paddling and trying to catch fish, you may end up disturbing the fish.

However, with a trolling motor, you can relax and sit without paddling. The biggest advantage of owning a trolling motor is that it doesn’t generate a loud sound. A vessel with a large propeller engine is likely to generate earth-shattering noise. However, a trolling motor wouldn’t.

A trolling motor is quiet, offers just the type of tranquility you require when fishing. A trolling motor allows you to move silently and gradually through the water. While moving, the motor heaves your baited fishing line along behind your kayak as well.

One of the other advantages of a trolling motor is that they allow you to focus on your fishing, while still moving along the water. Sure, you don’t want to juggle handling your vessel and catching fish. Juggling can be dangerous as well while moving along the water.

Therefore, no matter how you look at a troll motor, it is a significant piece of equipment to carry when kayak fishing.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Trolling Motor

Trolling motors come in a variety of models and types. There is a type of trolling motors that are bow mounted. While there is another type of trolling motors that allow you to use foot paddles to move.

What could be a bit surprising to you is that there are also trolling motors available that can be controlled remotely. Sure, they are more expensive.

So, what the above discussion reveals is that you have certain factors to consider when shopping for a trolling motor.

The discussion below is dedicated to the prerequisites you need to consider before buying a trolling motor. Let’s get started:

  1. Installation Before going out to shop for a trolling motor, you need to make sure your kayak is suitable for a trolling motor installation. Factor in the length and weight of your kayak as they will play an important role for thrust generated from the motor.Usually, the thrust is around 2 pounds for every 100 pounds of vessel weight.
  2. Installation Equipment In order to install a trolling a motor, you need right tools to do so. Actually, the installation of a trolling motor is built upon the installation of several other tools. Here are the tools you are going to install:- You will need to install a mount on your kayak- It’s recommended that you use steel bolts to install the mount on your kayak- Then, you can proceed to attach the trolling motor to the mount
  3. TaxationOnce you have upgraded your kayak to a trolling motor, it may be subject to taxation. You may also require to register your kayak with local authorities. Henceforth, your kayak will be defined as a motor vessel.
  4. Length of the Shaft A trolling motor has a certain length of the shaft. And, it is determined by the type of kayak you have. The top section of the motor should be submerged at least 12 inches under the water.
  5. Saltwater or FreshwaterTrolling motors are manufactured based on the water type they will favor. There are trolling motors that are designed for use in the sea. And, there are motors that are designed for freshwater.There is also a type of trolling motors that favor both saltwater and freshwater. This type of trolling motor can be a great option if you are looking for versatility and cost effective option.What mainly makes the difference between the saltwater motor and freshwater motor is the anode at the bottom. On a saltwater motor, there is an anode at the bottom, while the freshwater motor doesn’t have one.
  6. Blades Trolling motors come with blades on their propellers. Some tend to have more blades than the others do. More blades on the propellers give the trolling motor sturdy construction, thereby allowing you to move your vessel through the seaweed or glass.Moreover, more blades result in better thrust than others.

Final Notes

This article will provide you with clear insight on everything, from how to choose a trolling motor to the best ones available on the market.

You will never go wrong if you follow the discussion of this article.

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