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Kayaking is not only used for adventure purposes but also as a sports activity. These days kids also go for kayaking and it is very important for the parents to choose the best one for them which can give them an exciting experience as well as the safety that is the foremost demand of the parents. 

With correct knowledge about the particulars of kayaks, the kids can have an adventurous and safe experience with kayaking. This article will cover various aspects that need to be known by the parents of the kids to provide the best kayaks to their kids, which can meet all their requirements. This guide will tell you about various variants of kayaks that are providing different features to the customers, and also, the range of kayaks can surely fulfill the requirement of children of all ages.

Top 6 Kayaks For Kids In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Best Kids Kayaking
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Factors That One Should Necessarily Be Concerned Of For Buying Kayak For Kids

If the kids are about to kayaking, there are many specific requirements that can be safe and adventurous for the kids at the same time. It is advised to look at some of the aspects that would tell you about the best kayaks. These factors will help you learn about various precautions that you need to be aware of before buying a kayak for kids. 

  • Type Of Kayak

Kayaks come in various types which have various features for the best experience in kayaking. The kayaks have different sizes, different portability options, and many other features. The most common types of kayaks are surf kayak, touring kayak, folding kayak, inflatable kayak, sit on top kayak and modular kayak. 

  • Paddle Sizes 

Kayaks come with different paddle sizes. When buying kayaks for kids, you must consider the paddle sizes that can easily be used and handled by the kids. Big paddles can be dangerous for the kids as they may lose control because of the size and the weight of the paddle. The paddle size also depends upon the age and length of the child. It is advised to choose the paddle lengths that can be comfortable for your kid. 

  • Kayak Size

The kayak should be in an appropriate size for a kid. The size should not be too large as it makes the kayak very heavy and difficult to handle, which cannot be expected by the kids for sure. Also, the kayak should not be tiny so that it can withstand in sudden situations where the water flow is unpredictable.

  • Material Of The Kayak Body

It is very important to ensure that the kayak you are buying is made up of suitable material so that the kayak has a strength that can handle the kid’s weight and can withstand in sudden adverse conditions. For example, plastic kayaks are the best suited for most of the water bodies and can provide great stability in water. The plastic kayaks are light weighted and can be handled by the kids with a lot of ease. 

  • Hull Shape To Be Kept In Mind

Kayaks come with different hull shapes namely round-shaped, V-shaped and flat hulls. All the types of hulls have different features like speed and water resistance. For children, it is important to choose a kayak that provides a good water-resistance over the speeding feature. It is very important that the safety of children is the foremost priority. 

Following 6 Products Can Prove Out To Be The Perfect One for a Kid

The following products specialize in features that are dedicated to providing the best kayaks for kids. The products have features that can provide features that would provide the best adventure and full safety to the kids. 

1. Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak

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This kayak weighs around 80 lbs which makes it very light weighted and easy to handle for the kids. The paddles of the kayaks are around 6 ft long. There are color options available in this product. This kayak is an absolutely great product for kids around 10 years old age. 


  • Extremely lightweight for kids
  • Very easy to learn and master kayaking
  • The perfect paddle size for easy handling
  • Attractive color options for boys and girls both


  • Limited weight carrying capacity
  • Can be dangerous in fast-moving water conditions

2. Best Choice Products 6ft Kids Kayak 

This kayak is one of the best in terms of quality design and the comfort it gives. 6ft kids kayak comes with a very comfortable backrest which is padded for additional comfort even when kayaking in heavy water flow condition. It also gives space for keeping a water bottle and a cup which makes it extra beneficial. This kayak is very lightweight for easy handling and also is built up of quality material. 


  • The product is highly durable. 
  • The kayak is of appropriate size
  • Paddles of appropriate length with floating ability
  • The kayak is highly comforting 


  • The paddle is less strong
  • The kayak cannot exceed the weight of 120 lbs

3. Youth Wave Kayak

The product can handle weight up to 130 lbs and is considered best to be used by the kids who are 5 years or above 5 years of age. The kayak is highly durable with the best material used for its manufacture. All these features make the product one of the best of its kind.


  • Lightweight and very easy to handle
  • Holes at the bottom for water drainage 
  • Easy to handle paddles of appropriate length
  • One of the most sturdy kayak


  • The product can handle up to 130 lbs of weight only. 

4. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

This kid’s kayak is extremely stylish in terms of the design and weighs about 18 lbs and can carry weight up to 130 lbs. Slopped design at the end of the kayak makes it easy for a rider to recover in case of off balance. The product gives good footrests and good grip handles. The weight of the kayak is very lightweight. 


  • Manufacturing warranty extended up to 5 years time
  • Provides good resistance against the flow of water
  • Highly durable kayak
  • A wide stance gives the kayak great stability


  • Uncomforting backrest
  • Not that safe in heavy flow of water

5. Kayak Lifetime, 6′, Youth, with Bonus Paddle

This kayak comes with a 6 ft long paddle. The kayak provides a wide stance to ensure the safety of the kids. It is very strongly built to provide high resistance against flowing water. There is more than one footrest position available in the kayak for additional comfort which adds up to the factor of making this kayak one of the best kayak. 


  • Multiple footrests
  • Attractive yellow color
  • Good resistance and highly stable product
  • Good weight carrying capacity


  • No backrest available

6. Heron Junior Kids Kayak 

Heron junior kids kayak is a product that is super lightweight to enable the kids to maneuver easily. The padded footrest is available to provide better safety with additional comfort for the smaller kids. The handles of the kayak are extremely lightweight and very easy to handle for the kids. The kayak gives 115 pounds of weight carrying capacity to the customers. This product includes almost all the features which make this product one of the best kids kayak


  • Highly comforting due to the padded backrest
  • Easy to handle and learn due to the lightweight characteristics
  • Warranty available for this product
  • The product is highly durable


  • The product doesn’t come with paddles
  • The product can carry less weight

Almost all these above products meet all the basic requirements of parents. All the products have good stability and are lightweight facilitating the kids to learn and handle the product with a lot of ease. These products can make a child happy by providing them with the best adventure of kayaking, keeping their safety as the foremost thing in their mind. 

Get Ready To Pick Your Choice

Now as we have provided the aid that would help you answer all the questions related to kids kayak, you have to make the right choice for your kid. The features of all the kayaks are clearly specified which will give you the best help to choose the best one for your little kids.

The kayaks range in their designs, color, size and many other characteristics which would help you to choose one kayak over another. These are totally safe inside the water with various precautionary features in the kayak (as per our review). Get a suitable kayak for your kid today and let him get a very adventurous kayaking experience. 

It is worth mentioning that, all the beginner kayaks (specially made for children) are manufactured keeping in mind the fun and safety needed at its best. Also, these kayaks are the best for giving the satisfaction that the parents need for the safety of their kids.

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