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The surf kayak is a relatively new kind of boat. It was invented in the early 2000s and has since been climbing in popularity each year. Surf kayaks are designed for surfing, but they can also be used for other things like fishing or paddling around on flat surfaces like lakes or ponds.

3 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000
3 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

A freak out in the lap of nature is the best way to de-stress. Rejuvenating yourself with some of the natural methods is the best gift you can offer yourself. A shire in freshwater is like a trip down the memory lane that instantly refreshes you. If you are a water ride lover with a lonely journey into your world, then Kayaks are the best companions for you. But often, the innumerable choices one encounters while zeroing in on one creates a lot of confusion.

In this post, we will go over some of the best options on the market today so that you know what to buy when looking for your next surf kayak!

Top Rated Surf Kayak | The Comparison

Best Surf Kayaks

Top 05 Surf Kayaks Of 2022

1. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

2. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak

3. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak

4. Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

5. Riot Kayaks Boogie 50 Whitewater Surf Kayak, Red

1. Sit-on-top Kayak – Ocean Kayak frenzy

If you are looking for a Kayak that can offer you anything from surfing to fishing and can reach out to the elements, then this sit-on-top kayak is the best one for you. This can go through any surface while maintaining the speed moderately. It is neither too big nor too low and is suitable for one person. Offering a comfortable drive up to 5 miles, it can also be used for surfing. 

Generally, other Kayaks of this length don’t offer you flexibility in tracking windy weather but this one, because of its long center keen line, makes tracking easy even in severe climatic conditions. 

Product specifications:

1. Number of people- 1

2. Capacity- 475 lbs

3. 12”1” * 33.”

4. Rotomolded polyethylene: Hull Construction 

5. Hull weight: 81lbs.

6. rigged weight: 99lbs

The Frenzy hull comprises an uplifting rocker that ensures the nose stays higher at all times; thereby allowing the user to surf comfortably high above the waves. Like other Ocean Kayaks, this kayak got excellent storage space with a capacity of around 350 lbs. 

Thanks to modern technology, this surf kayak contains a GPS holder to track your whereabouts. 

But unfortunately, it cannot take high speed. Also, the gear of the Kayak is not so extensive there are chances that you might get wet. 


1. It is unique and offers versatility in design and movement

2. Its stable movements are suitable for fishing

3. Allows easy propelling because of its unique driving system

4. Ample storage space for keeping various things

5. A lot of extra accessories that offer an excellent surfing experience

6. The paddles are strong and durable and allow smooth movement

7. The adjustable Vantage VT seat offers excellent comfort 


It is an ideal choice for people who want to get funny in choppy waters or have a jolly Kayak surfing. 

2. Kayak Perception Pescador 10.0

The perfect one for an active beginner, Perception Pescador 10.0 is the ultimate Kayak to choose. The length is good at 10 feet but not too long, hence ideal for tracking and maneuver.

It is very light in weight at just 52 pounds and can take nearly 325 lbs.  Its height is not a hurdle for its storage as it comes with two functional storage compartments, one big and another small. 

Product Specifications:

1. Can accommodate 1-person 

2. capacity 475lbs

3. Hull weight: 81lbs.

4. rigged weight- 99 lbs

5. 12’1” x 33.”

The material of the Hull: Rotomolded polyethylene

There are also other special features that make it a favorite to beginners like molded-in footwells, Comfort Seating System (CSS), paddle keeper where you can rest your paddles if you get tired. The seating system makes your surfing very convenient with its comfortable paddling, and the paddle keepers are placed by the side of the kayak. 

You might feel space constraints if you are a big person with proper height and weight. This is the only drawback else it is pretty okay for smaller people.


1. The design is versatile 

2. Maneuverable with its unique features

3. Fits best for fishing with excellent stability

4. Propelling made easy with a unique drive system.

5. Offers of a lot of onboard storage

6. Consists of many additional accessories

7. Carbon paddles with exceptional durability and long life

8. Offers exquisite Vantage VT seat which is also adjustable according to height


The all-new Perception 10.0 is the right choice if you are looking for comfortable pedaling and easy maneuvering. You can surely experience great kayaking.

3. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem beginner Kayak

This is yet another popular kayak for beginners; it is specially designed to accommodate small families like a kid or pet in the middle as it comes with two Seats. The front seat can be rotated to move towards the rear paddler and can also make room for another tiny guest like kids or pets. 

Its unique Tri-Form hull design holds speed, flat and rough waters, and thus it is one of the most popular kayaks in the market. It has a functional capacity of 425 lbs and can comfortably accommodate two adults with ease. It is very light in weight at just 57 pounds, and the width is 34 inches giving paddlers the fun of stable and smooth moves. 

Product Specifications:

Other vital features are gear straps and tank wells. Gear straps are specialized in stowing the gear with high flexibility. You can also enjoy solo paddling with its new overlapping footwells.  

1. It is a 1-person kayak; can also take another small being like pet or kids

2. Capacity- 475lbs

3. 12’1” x 33.”

4. rigged weight: 99lbs

5. weight of the hull: 81lbs.

6. The material of the Hull -Rotomolded polyethylene

The material is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It benefits you by lowering the occurrence of cracks. The skid plate that is one of the accessories offers high durability when beaching out. The seats, which are manufactured with nylon cloth, are UV resistant. There are also brass clips and springs to hold the hull in place. The unique design of logos, which sparkles in the dark, gives instant attraction. The self-draining holes are arranged on the side to help excess water drain out of the kayak.

Benefits Of Usages Of This Kayak:

1. Attractive and versatile 

2. Maneuverable easily because of its unique features

3. Ideal for fishing as it offers excellent stability 

4. Great onboard storage 

5. Easy propelling with the extraordinary drive system

6. Multiple extra accessories

7. Long-lasting material and durable carbon paddle

8. Adjustable Vantage VT seat with utmost comfort


It is the perfect combo of versatility and comfort. It is your partner even when you are alone or surfing with friends and family. 

4. Old Town Canoes and Kayaks Vapor Ten Recreational Kayak

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The Old Town Canoe Vapor 10 is an ideal choice if you are looking for entry-level kayaks. It provides fun as well as sustains for some days. 

It is a 10-foot vessel made of polyethylene. This allows it to be very light in weight and speedy while moving. The adjustable seat is comfortable, and there is enough storage as the cockpit gives a sufficient quantity of space to more significant people making inward and outward movements easy. 

Product specifications:

1. Suitable for one person

2. Hull weight: 81lbs.

3. rigged weight: 99lbs

4. 12’1” x 33.”

5. Capacity- 475lbs

The material of the Hull: Rotomolded polyethylene

This is a dual benefitting kayak that is suitable both for recreational kayakers and anglers.  The additional features like padded thigh braces and adjustable foot braces make paddlers attain the right paddling position. This unique feature by old town makes kayaking more comfortable than ever before. 

Just like Perception R15, it may not suit big paddlers so well because of its size. That is the only main drawback.


1. Maneuverable; offers free movement of legs

2. Attractive design

3. Suitable for fishing because of its stability 

4. Easy propelling by way of the flexible drive system

5. Contains vast onboard storage

6. Additional accessories to make surfing more comfortable

7. High quality durable and thick carbon paddle

6. Adjustable Vantage VT seat that offers excellent comfort


Old Town Canoe vapor 10 is the right choice that makes your surfing experience more thrilling. The price of this kayak is very reasonable.  

5. Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-foot sit-in kayak

One of the ideal choices for a sit-in kayak, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-foot Kayak is your perfect partner that offers you great kayaking as a beginner. The tools that make the ride comfortable are versatile.  It’s either the adaptable back pad that gives ultimate support or the flexible foot braces, Sun dolphin has brought in the best of features in a single kayak. 

Offering a lot of storage, it provides a handy Accessory Carrier that prevents water from getting in. There is a provision for two cup holders where you can place a cup of the drink of your choice for relaxation. The material of the kayak is polyethylene of high- quality, which helps in handling underwater obstacles. 

Kayak Specs:

1. Person kayak 

2. Length 10

3. Width 30

4. Weight 40lbs

5. capacity 250lb

6. UV-stabilized Forti flex High-Density Polyethylene

The most significant advantage that you get from this product is protecting yourself from water. It has a spray deflecting collar that helps the kayak in keeping dry.  

It has super-efficient stability and tracking as it consists of a bow and a thin stern which allows you to lay the kayak on track. This makes free slicing into the water.  The 30 inches width of the vessel and flat bottom offer stability and are ideal for beginners. 

But the main drawback of this kayak is the absence of pads on the seat. This makes seating very uncomfortable. It also doesn’t have great storage and is also not suitable for tall and hefty people. Since its capacity is just 2500 lbs, it’s good for small people. 


1. Very Light weighted

2. Easy to transport

3. Good quality material 

4. Offers stability and durability

5. Consists of paddling and Foot braces for extra comfort

6. Very affordable


If you are looking for a calm drive into still waters, then you can go with this. It’s lightweight and ideal for pure weekend fun in light waters. It has excellent tracking ability hence suitable for beginners. 

6. Sun Dolphin Bali ss 10- Foot sit-on-top kayak

Do you want to launch out to lakes and rivers for adventure? Then, have a look at Sun dolphin’s 10-foot sit-on kayak. Its hull design and the high-quality polyethylene are highly durable and withstand the rough and harsh effects of sea and regular water.  Additionally, the features like paddle holders, adjustable foot braces, and protective thigh pads, make it one of the most desired for beginners. It is also suitable for varying heights and sizes, thus making it a good pick for more significant people. 

Though the kayak is a single-person kayak, it is also fit for one more small kid or pet. 

Product Specifications:

1. length-10”

2. Width- 30”

3. Weight 40lbs

4. Capacity 250lb

5. High-Density Polyethylene UV-stabilized Forti flex

6. The single person sit-in design

Thanks to sun dolphin as it comes in different sizes to suit the requirements of various people. There are wide options to choose from, like 10-footer, 8-footer, or a more significant 12 foot one as well.


1. Available in various sizes and colors 

2. Economic and also durable

3. Many safety features to prevent dangers in water

4. Good tracking and stability 

5. Easy paddling and a fine ride

6. Light-weighted and transportable

7. Suitable for long rides and adventures.

How To Stay Safe While Surf Kayaking?

Safety is the most important aspect of surfing. Anyone in a boat needs to know how to avoid running into other boats and objects, like pilings or buoys. There are some safety instructions listed below for those who are considering kayaking in open water.

– Most surf kayaks have skegs (which are fins that steer the boat) and rudders which help with turning and steering respectively. If you don’t have these features, be sure to use caution when paddling out past any floating objects so as not to run them over by accident.

– Surf kayak safety also includes being aware of your surroundings–never paddle towards an area where waves might form unexpectedly! This will keep you out from under large breaking waves or surprises such as rocks that would otherwise cause serious injury if hit at high speed.

-It is important for the paddler not to be swept away by waves–especially when they are exhausted and their balance has been compromised from hours of constant paddling.

-There is a risk that your boat will get swamped with water, or you’ll capsize in big waves (this can happen even if you’re an experienced surfer because it’s hard to see what’s happening below). If this happens, make sure there are no holes in your kayak so that the boat doesn’t fill up with more water than it can hold! This could cause you to flip over again before you have time to react.-If a storm arrives while one is out on the ocean.

– A surf kayaker needs to know how to handle a paddle on open water.


What Size Waves Can Kayak Handle?

Surf kayaks have a wide range of uses. Their usefulness lies in their ability to handle different types of waves. The surf kayak can take on waves that are up to 15 feet high and they come with specialized features for handling these big waves like larger bows, taller decks, more stability at the bow so it doesn’t get pushed to the side.

Surf kayaks are often designed with three types of waves in mind: shore break waves, larger ocean swell surf conditions that come into the shoreline, and steep beach breaks which can also be called reefing points or point surfs. Shorebreak is typically small, gentle waves close to the water’s edge caused by the everyday wave action of wind and water. Surfers will often paddle out into these waves to get a ride back in or catch an even bigger one.

What Is The Most Stable Sea Kayak?

The most stable sea kayak is the Ocean Kayak Trident 13.0, which is the best option for sea kayaking in rougher water conditions like surf or waves.

How Do You Know What Size Kayak To Buy?

The surf kayak sizes are determined by the conditions you will be surfing in and how often you intend to use the kayak.

Ocean Kayak Trident 13 ft (best option for sea kayaking in rougher water conditions like surf or waves)

Current Designs Stingray 12ft Surf-Sail Yak (good starter surf kayaks on this list: Ocean Kayak Trident 13.0, Current Designs Stingray 12 ft Surf-Sail Yak)

Liquid Logic Remix Nirvana 17ft Longboard Recreational Kayak (another good starter surf kayak).

What Is A Good Beginner Surf Kayak?

The best starter surf kayaks are on this list: Ocean Kayak Trident 13.0, Current Designs Stingray 12 ft Surf-Sail Yak, Liquid Logic Remix Nirvana 17ft Longboard Recreational Kayak.

Is It Dangerous To Kayak In The Ocean?

It’s not dangerous if you know what you are doing. If you can swim and take enough safety gear with you, you should be able to kayak in the ocean.

What Is Safety Gear That Should Always Be Taken On Surf-Kayaking Trips?

A paddle leash and can also attach to your board if you are not surfing. A life vest with a personal locator beacon so people know where you are when they see from afar or by calling for help; will save lives as well as give them peace of mind when their loved ones go out into the water.

What Is The Difference Between An Ocean Kayak And A River Kayak

Ocean Kayak and River kayak is different in many ways like the weight and the materials.

Ocean kayaks are typically made with a foam core, while River Kayaks are usually constructed from plastic or fiberglass.

Some Ocean Kayaks have skegs that help provide directional stability in rough ocean conditions; some river kayak models will have fins for maneuverability on white-water rivers.

Sea and surf kayaking is very similar to canoeing because you paddle it like that but there’s no roof over your head so it can be more difficult if waves hit you on top of the boat when it’s not closed enough.

River paddling has been around longer than sea/surf kayaking (since 1769) so people know how to do this better since they’ve done it longer.

How Do You Over Wave A Kayak?

The best way to over wave a kayak is to have someone who knows how to do it help you.

If that’s not an option, the next step would be for you (or your buddy) to climb into the front of the boat and try leaning back until he or she can get their weight on top of one side enough so they are temporarily balanced there while you paddle in order to keep them from flipping over. If this doesn’t work then you’re going to want to brace yourself with your feet against something solid like the bow of the boat as well as use some form of support such as another person or rock because if both people fall out then it’s game over!

How Far Can A Sea Kayak Go?

Sea kayaks are capable of going anywhere from three miles to twelve miles. The average kayaker will go about ten-twelve miles in a day, with some people getting as far as twenty before stopping for the night and others taking more than one day to make it that distance.

The boat itself (not including paddles or life vest) weighs anywhere from forty pounds up to seventy pounds all depending on size so carrying this weight while you travel is not always easy–but luckily there are ways around this problem like putting your gear into dry bags which helps reduce how much water can get inside if something goes wrong!

Can I Use A White Water Playboat To Surf Ocean Waves?

No, but a sea kayak can be used to surf ocean waves.

The type of boat you’ll want for surfing is different than the one you would use in white water rafting! A multi-day expedition or fishing trip will require a large and heavy sea kayak meant to withstand long days on rough waters as well as keep your gear safe while hiking over rocks and through streams. This means it should also have extra storage space that’s accessible from the inside (so things don’t get wet) along with comfortable seating–especially important if paddling all day long without stopping! Plus, some people may even recommend adding paddle rests so that paddles aren’t constantly getting knocked into each other when not being used.

What Is Surf Kayaking?

Surf kayaking is a sport in which the paddler uses a surfboard-shaped paddle craft to maneuver their way through waves. Surf kayakers usually have longer and wider blades on their paddles than those of traditional sea kayaks, as well as different types of rigging that are designed for surfing. The boats resemble seaworthy vessels with larger decks to accommodate standing height in rough water conditions. They often have detachable skegs or fins–or rudder systems–that help them turn easily while also reducing drag from side winds and currents when the boat is moving straight ahead.

A surfer can use any type of vessel (including an inflatable raft) but they should be properly fitted based on skill level: advanced, intermediate, and beginners.

What Time Of Year is Best for Kayak Surfing?

The best time is mid-October to early April.

How Big Is A Surf Kayak?

The surf kayak is typically 66 inches wide and 17 feet long. It also weighs about 90 pounds.


It is a good choice to purchase this product from Sun dolphin. It has many safety features and so can be used in even terrible situations. Since it also has large storage, you can carry all your needs to places. 

Now that, you know the basics of Kayaks, and how they can be helpful to beginner surfers. So it is easy to make a decision afterward. Most of the Kayaks are a one-person seating capacity, and many of them carry additional features which are ideal for beginners (if you are). Depending on your requirements and your size and height, you can shortlist a few and decide on one best fitting one. Check various features to look for as a beginner till you get familiarised with surfing. Check multiple safety features that the kayak is offering and get set for jolly and adventurous kayaking. 

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