Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies For Kayak Of 2023

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Walkie-talkies are one of the most important safety gear that you should have when you are going out for a long kayaking trip. If you are planning to buy a walkie-talkie for kayaking then you must look for a walkie-talkie that is waterproof so it won’t be damaged if it falls into the water. Moreover, you should opt for a long-range walkie-talkie with excellent battery life for convenience.

It is very important to have a two-way walkie-talkie whenever you go out kayaking. There is various walkie-talkies model available in the market, and each model claim to be the best and suit your needs. So you may find it difficult to pick the right walkie talkie. There are a few things you should consider while buying your first walkie talkie. These factors include complex technicalities, budget, communication range, requirements, etc.

Factors To Consider While Looking For The Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies For Kayak 

These walkie-talkies come in a plethora of options and use different radio services. Various products among these are particular in usage. Some of them are good with their range; others have tremendous waterproofing qualities. But there are certain things you have to keep in mind to make sure that the product you buy doesn’t disappoint you. Moreover, it will ensure that you buy one of the best waterproof walkie-talkies.

1. Efficient Waterproofing 

Since the usage of walkie-talkies during kayaking is always around water splashes, the waterproofing of the walkie-talkies you buy is paramount. Be aware of the difference between being water-resistant and waterproof. Water-resistant products can resist water to a limited extent, while waterproof is 100% immune to any damage caused by water. 

Many walkie-talkie manufacturers provide models that can float on water. Hence, making it useful in case someone falls in the water and wants to communicate asap. 

2. Range Is Need Dependent 

Although this particular feature depends on your need, it is suggested that you use walkie-talkies with a long-range to be safe. With range, the radio service used by the particular product is important, like the FRS radio has a range of 6 miles while the GMRS can function efficiently up to 50 miles of distance. The range of any walkie-talkie isn’t permanent, weather conditions and altitude can affect the range of any communication system adversely.

3. Weight And Size 

Most walkie-talkies are complex machines and often heavy. You should try to strike a balance between the efficiency of the product and the variety of features it provides and the weight of the machine.

Many GMRS walkie-talkies are too heavy and complicated and hence reduce the ease of use. Though these are great machines but the ease of use while in the waters should also be kept in mind to avoid distractions that can lead to accidents.

4. Emergency Features 

The primary use of walkie-talkies while fishing or kayaking around in the waters is to ensure safety. Hence, the emergency features in the walkie-talkie are the most important features you should look for. The other additional features to make the experience enjoyable are also important but you should not jeopardize your safety and the product you buy should come in handy in case of emergencies. 

5. Price

How much should I be willing to spend? This is important because if you don’t consider your budget and go beyond it, then there will likely come a time in which this purchase may become an issue. For example, what if something happens with your income status or that of someone else who was assigned responsibility for paying things like bills? What would happen then? If you overspent out of excitement and were unable to make up for expenses later due to unforeseen circumstances, then being stuck with a product that can no longer be used could lead to a headache.

6. Channels

When purchasing walkie-talkies you should also consider how many channels there are (each channel allows radios on separate frequencies) on your walkie-talkie. The more channels, the more efficient they will be at preventing interference; how weatherproof they are – this matters when you want them around water or taking them outside where there may be dust particles/sand getting into places like buttons or controls which could cause issues later down the line.

After going through the factors, one needs to shortlist the best products available from different brands. This way, the choice becomes tremendously easier for you, and you’re more likely to end up with one of the perfect walkie-talkies for you.

Top 5 Waterproof Walkie Talkies For Kayak Of 2023 (Best Picks)

If you are looking for the best waterproof walkie-talkies for kayaking, then you will want to read this list. We have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite waterproof walkie-talkies that we think are perfect for any kayaking enthusiast. If you need some more information about these items before making your decision, be sure to scroll down and check out our reviews!

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Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies For Kayak

Top Picks Among The Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies For Kayak 

The top picks from the best waterproof walkie-talkies are from various price ranges and come with unique features of their own. The list given below is by no means exhaustive and buyers should conduct research of their own and make their own list. 

1. Retevis RT48 Waterproof Walkie Talkies 

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Number of Channels16
Tuner Technology           FM
Special Feature‎ License free, IP67 waterproof

Designed with I67 waterproof, these walkie-talkies can work efficiently even in noisy terrain. It runs on FRS radio channels and is moderate in the range it covers. Weighing at 4.96 pounds, this product works efficiently for short-term usage. 


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty 
  • Great Charging Capability 
  • Works efficiently even in noisy terrain. 
  • Clear and crisp audio 


  • Not efficient for very long term usage 
  • The warranty is not for the entire machine, the accessories do not come with a warranty as long. 

2. Midland – GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio 

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Number of Channels50
Tuner Technology           UHF
Number of Batteries‎ 3 AA batteries

This product is comparatively lighter in weight and is just 2.85 pounds. These walkie-talkies feature more than 50 GMRS channels and work efficiently even for longer distances. These options surely deserve a spot among the best two-way radio or walkie-talkies for a kayak. 


  • Comes with a weather scan feature 
  • Range up to 36 miles 
  • JIS4 waterproof 
  • Comes with several efficiently working privacy codes 
  • Call and vibrate alert 


  • Lacks in battery back up 
  • Does not function properly in a congested and crowded terrain 

3. COBRA CXT1045R-FLT-CAMO 37 Mi Waterproof Floating 2Way Radios Walkie Talkies

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Number of Channels22
Tuner Technology           UHF
Ranges‎Up to 37 miles

This two-way radio communication system is one of the floating walkie-talkies that are completely immune to any damage caused by water. It can scan the weather and alert you about any storm which may hit the waters you’re planning to kayak through. This product works efficiently for medium and short-range but can also be used for long-range purposes. 


  • Ranges up to 37 miles 
  • Rewind-Say-Again feature records the last 20 seconds of any incoming audio you’ve missed. 
  • 121 privacy codes and 2662 channel combinations available 
  • The rubberized grip makes it easy to carry around 


  • Can loose signal in noisy terrain 
  • Complex in usage 

4. Motorola Talkabout T460 Two-Way Radio 4-PACK Weatherproof 22 Channel Walkie Talkies

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Number of Channels22
Tuner Technology           UHF
Number of Batteries‎AA batteries required

This product is surely one of the top picks when looking for the best high-channel walkie-talkie for a kayak. Manufactured by Motorola, it is armed with PTT (Push-to-talk) easy-to-use features and it also has an emergency button. 


  • User-friendly with easy-to-use features and low battery alerts. 
  • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes with a built-in LED flashlight 
  • Compatible with all the radios 
  • Lightweight, weighing only 1.5 pounds, hence, easy to carry around 


  • Not as efficient for usage in crowded cities 
  • Warranty available only when buying the product from an authorized Motorola seller 

5. COBRA ACXT1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies

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Number of Channels2662
Tuner Technology           UHF
Talking Range‎37 Miles

Package includes ( 2 ) radios and ( 1 ) battery/charger. Additional batteries can be purchased later from their official site. The Cobra ACXT1035R is a two-way radio that works on FRS and GMRS frequencies. It has an easy-to-use menu system and a built-in flashlight for emergencies or late-night camping trips.

Some top features are Its Waterproof, Rechargeable, Long Range up to 37-Mile and come with a Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Alert & VOX.


  • 12-20 hours battery duration 
  • The best option for any distance between 37 miles. 
  • No complex settings are required, very easy to use. 
  • Splash-proof housing 
  • Lightweight product, easy to carry around. 
  • Can work efficiently in crowded residential areas for up to 30+ miles 


  • Efficiency reduces in very noisy terrain 

List Of 11 Reasons To Have Waterproof Walkie Talkies (The Benefits)

• Reliable communication without interruption is important for any type of boating/kayaking. If the boat is in a remote area and you need to contact someone on land, these walkie-talkies will get your message across successfully.

• You don’t have to worry about getting your phone wet or dropping it overboard.

• In case of an emergency, you need a way to call out for help.

• So that you know where each other is on the water (you’ll never get lost).

• It’s easier to find someone who needs help if they’re calling out from their walkie-talkie than if they were trying to yell and attract attention by waving their arms around. Besides–everyone has seen those movies where people drown because nobody saw them when they needed assistance!

• The range is greater so even though the boat might be farther away, you should be able to contact the other people on the shore easily.

• You’ll never be able to use a phone again on the water after using one of these!

• They’re weatherproof so they can handle some rain or light splashes. We recommend not submerging them, however. Waterproof walkie-talkies are best for kayaking because you never know when a storm might come up.

• They won’t break from being submerged in water or taking an accidental swim in your kayak’s cockpit. This is really important because you don’t want anything breaking when you’re out at sea and away from land (think shark attack!).

• They’re compact so they won’t take up much space when stored with your kayaking gear.

• You’ll be able to use them for all sorts of activities besides just kayaking too…think camping trips, a day at the beach, or any time that it may rain.


100 Mile Walkie Talkies – Do They Really Exist?

100 miles is a very long distance for Walkie Talkies. But do they really exist?

Walkie Talkies function by sending and receiving radio waves. The length of a wave is measured in meters, so 100 miles would take about 1000 waves. That’s just way too many to send through one Walkie-Talky system!

So the answer is sadly no – there are no water-resistant or waterproof walkie-talkies that can reach up to 100 miles.

What Is The Maximum Signal Range Of A Walkie Talkie I Can Reach With?

It depends on what you want out of the walkie-talkies. If you don’t care about being able to communicate more than 100 yards away, then they exist! They are cheaper and often have a much better battery life because there is no need for them to transmit over long distances.

In most cases, we would recommend that people who may be kayaking or hiking buy hi-powered waterproof radios at least with an advertised range of up to a mile. One good example is this Midland brand it has a range of 32 miles which should cover just about any situation where your walking partner might get lost you in the woods. The one drawback with these high-end models is their price tag but once again if someone can afford the $350 bucks then they will be able to afford the $100 bucks a year it costs for batteries and uses them all day long every time they go kayaking.

Why A Waterproof Or Floating Two-Way Radio Is Important While Kayaking?

If you’re kayaking on a river or lake and go over the side, your two-way radio will still work to get help from those who are watching for you. Even if it’s just in case of emergencies because once again there is always that chance that something could happen where someone needs rescuing even after all safety precautions have been taken.

In some cases, people have found themselves needing rescue when they were not at all expecting it so why take any chances? It doesn’t hurt to be safe as well as being able to tell what might end up happening with things like water levels rising quickly during storms since we don’t know how long these types of events may last. So many accidents can occur while out kayaking especially around rivers with strong waves.

What Is The Difference Between Marine Radios And Walkie Talkies?

Marine radios (like VHF radio or vhf marine radios) are not the same as marine walkie-talkies. This is due to more advanced features on marine radio, which can be used for emergency communication in case of an accident or even during bad weather conditions when a boat may need to call out another boat.

Walkie-talkies on the other hand serve practical purposes such as keeping up with someone else who might be kayaking next door so that you don’t have to keep looking back and forth at each other’s boats.

It’s best not to get one without knowing what it would be good for since there are different styles of both types; Marine Radios and Marine Walkie Talkies.

Can I Use A Marine Radio For Kayaking?

No, you cannot use a marine radio for kayaking because they are not waterproof. Marine radios do have some of the same features as walkie-talkies though and if you’re looking for something with a higher range than an average two-way radio, then it may be worth considering. It’s really important to note that there is no guarantee your marine radio will work on both channels so make sure to learn more about them before making your purchase!

What Are Some SOS Signals Every Kayaker Should Know About?

SOS is the internationally recognized distress signal. In order to communicate that you need help, here are some SOS signals every kayaker should know about:

– A Mayday call indicates a life-threatening emergency and consists of three short blasts on the horn or siren followed by one long blast with an interval of two seconds between each sound – this translates into “MAYDAY” in Morse code. This usually means there’s someone who needs assistance from other boats nearby…or they’re sinking!

– The hand pointed up at different angles (okay sign) – while not quite as effective as blowing your horn for a mayday, it can be used if you don’t have any other way to get attention quickly.

– The Morse Code for SOS is three dots and a dash – “…”.

– Putting your hand on top of the head to indicate that you need medical attention.

– Pointing in different directions with an arm or leg to communicate direction. For example, if you are looking back towards land, point your arm behind you; this would be telling others where they should come to get you from. If someone else was coming up alongside them but needed help getting back into their boat, tell them what side to turn onto by pointing left or right with either one of your legs.

What Is A Walkie-Talkie?

A Walkie-talkie is a two-way radio that can be used to communicate with other Walkie-talkies from a distance. These are often used in conjunction with vehicles, such as boats or helicopters.

A walkie-talkie is a good thing to use when you are out in the forest or in the middle of the river/ocean. It will not matter if your phone does not work because you can still talk to your partner.

What Are The Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies?

A basic waterproof walkie-talkie can withstand rainfall or snow, while the more advanced ones are designed to function at varying depths underwater and even allow for help to be signaled in emergency situations.

What Is The Distance Range Of CXT1045R?

The Midland Consumer Radio GXT1030VP4 has a much shorter range than our other reviewed walkie-talkies, but it still provides you with enough coverage to stay in contact.

Does The GXT1000VP4 Float?

Midland GXT1000VP4 CHECK LATEST PRICE The Midland GXT1000VP4 is sturdy and water-resistant, but won’t float if dropped in the water. It also offers a 36-mile range of communication.

Can I Submerge The Midland Radio In Water?

However, you shouldn’t submerge the walkie-talkies in water as they aren’t completely waterproof.

What Batteries Are Included With The Midland?

You can either use the rechargeable battery (with 11 hours of runtime on a full charge) or 4 AA alkaline batteries.

What Is The Waterproof Rating Of COBRA CXT1045R?

The COBRA CXT1045R is built for any weather. It’s waterproof (IP-X7 rated).

Final Verdict

Although the above-mentioned picks are surely the ones you should give a check, they are in no way the only ones that can suit your needs and fit in your budget. The choice is tough because of the increasing number of options adding up every day to the already lengthy list. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the factors mentioned above in mind while looking for the right walkie-talkies.

These factors range from battery backup and ease of use to range and immunity to the weather conditions and splashing of water that might damage weak devices. Similarly, knowing the difference between waterproof and water-resistant is also important. For kayaking, waterproof is what you need, and you should not settle for water-resistant walkie-talkies as they will succumb to water damage after a certain limit.  

It is wise for you to make a shortlist of the walkie-talkies you consider best suited to your needs and fit in your budget. Only you would know what your needs are for kayaking walkie-talkies. Hence, it is advised that you keep your mind clear before placing your order to prevent yourself from making a deal; you will go on to regret it.

Before you hit the market to find the best waterproof walkie-talkies for kayaks, do go through guides and be aware of every relevant aspect.

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