Bestway Hydro-Force Kayak Review

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The Bestway hydro-force kayak is a very popular budget kayak, and most people love it for its versatility and comfort. The kayak comes with everything you need to get started on the water. It has been designed for flexibility and with the users’ comfort in mind.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are looking for a 1-person inflatable kayak to explore the open water then you won’t find a better kayak than the Bestway hydro-force kayak
  • The price of the Bestway hydro-force kayak is $143.98 and it is a very reasonable and affordable price compared to other inflatable kayaks
  • The weight capacity of this Kayak is 220 lb and it is mainly designed to fit one person comfortably and, all the gears that you will need for the trip
  • The removable fins of this kayak improve directional stability while kayaking

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What Is The Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Kayak?

Bestway hydro-force is a one-person inflatable kayak that is perfect for exploring the open water. The kayak is lightweight and compact, making it convenient for travel. This kayak comes with a patch, paddle, and pump to ensure you get on the water as soon as you receive it. This kayak is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy solo kayaking without having to spend much on a kayak.

How Much Does Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Kayak Cost?

Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Kayak Cost

The Bestway hydro-force kayak costs $143.98, which we think is affordable compared to other kayaks from different brands.

Features Of The Bestway Hydro-Force Kayak

This kayak has many outstanding features that make it popular among anglers of all ages and sizes. Some of the features of the Bestway hydro-force kayak include:

1. Made Of Sturdy PVC Material, Which Makes The Kayak Durable And Strong

The Bestway hydro-force cove kayak has been designed for durability and strength. It is made of high-quality PVC that ensures the walls are supportive as you kayak. The kayak’s material supports a significant amount of weight while still ensuring the kayak remains lightweight and portable for easy transport.

2. One Person Kayak With A Maximum Weight Capacity Of 220 lb

The kayak is designed to fit one person comfortably and all the gear they need for a short day trip.

3. The Kayak Comes Complete With The Accessories You Need To Get Started

When you purchase the hydro force cove kayak, it will come with accessories that most people find helpful. The package includes an air hammer pump that gives you maximum airflow and quickly switches from inflating to deflate mode. You will also get adjustable double-bladed aluminum oars that are lightweight and very convenient for any paddler. The kayak also comes with a removable fin that gives you excellent tracking and allows you to keep a good heading.

4. It Has A Comfortable Cockpit With An Inflatable Seat

The cockpit is designed to be super comfortable for you to enjoy your adventure to the maximum. The inflatable seats are adjustable and have a backrest for lumbar support and comfort.

5. Has Multiple Storage Areas That Are Enough To Fit All Your Equipment And Necessities

The kayak has storage compartments where you can tuck away all your essentials safely, making it very convenient.

6. Lightweight And Compact, Thus Easy To Transport

The best part about having an inflatable kayak is the ease of transport, especially if you love traveling. You will only need a few minutes to inflate and set up the kayak and start enjoying kayaking. Deflating the kayak is also straightforward to make it easy to transport.

7. Has Removable Fins That Improves The Kayaks Directional Stability

The removable fin helps the kayak track properly in the water. This type of fin is convenient because it doesn’t hinder storage.

8. It Has A Wrap-Around Grab Rope Surrounding The Exterior Of The Kayak

This grab rope helps you tie and transport the kayak with ease. You can also tie it up to anchored support or a dock.

9. It Has A Quick-Release Valve That Guarantees A Secure Seal, Proper Inflation Pressure, And An Effortless Takedown


Weight21 lbs
Max. Weight capacity220 lbs
Package includesAluminum paddle and hand pump with pressure gauge
Inflated dimensions9FT X 32IN

How Does The Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Perform On The Water?

1. Portability And Setup

The Bestway hydro force cove has lots of positive reviews, and today, I will share my experience with this kayak. First, the kayak is easy to set up and will take you about 8 minutes to inflate it using the provided hand pump. It is lightweight, and carrying it to the water is such a breeze. 

2. Comfort And Stability

When you get on the water, the vessel is comfortable and gives a good ride. The inflatable seat is adequate and comfortable enough for half-day trips. The kayak is stable on the water, and if you attach the fin, you will get excellent tracking and directional stability. When the fin is connected, the kayak is prone to grounding, especially on shallow water and shores, so you need to be extra careful when handling it. The kayak is excellent for rivers, lakes, and calm waters. If you want to explore calm waters near you, then this kayak is perfect enough.

3. Dismantling And Storage

This kayak comes with a wrap-around grab rope that can tie the vessel to anchored support or a dock.  This feature is essential if you’re on a picnic with friends, you can secure your boat and enjoy time together on the water.

Deflating the kayak is easy and requires little effort and time. I noticed that you need to wipe down the hull after use since it takes a long to dry on its own. Ensure you wipe the kayak using a dry cloth to prevent growth and mold.

Strengths Of The Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Kayak

 Bestway hydro force cove champion is a popular inflatable kayak because of its outstanding features. Let’s have a look at some of the pros of the kayak:

1. Great Price – the Bestway hydro force kayak is of good quality and stable and comes at a reasonable cost. The kayak is affordable and ideal even for those on a budget.

2. Comes With Accessories -the kayak comes with accessories you need to get started, so you don’t need to spend extra on accessories

3. Easy to set up and deflate

4. Solid workmanship and outstanding features

6. Very comfortable and stable

7. Enough weight capacity to accommodate a paddler and all their essentials

8. User-friendly and easy to store

Weaknesses of The Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion Kayak

1. Paddlers might have a hard time trying to put equal amounts of air pressure in the chambers, thus affecting balance as they kayak

2. It doesn’t have a drain plug, and draining water from the cockpit is a bit tiring

The Takeaway

The Bestway hydro force cove champion is an excellent solo kayak for those on a tight budget. For its price, you get what you pay for: an above-average kayak with outstanding performance. Suppose you want a solo kayak that you can use for water adventures on calm water. We would recommend this kayak as one of the most affordable options. If you are keen on details and love a kayak that can handle rapids, you will have to keep searching. We hope that this review helps you decide if the Bestway hydro force cove champion fits your kayak needs. If it does, don’t hesitate to buy it.


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