BKC PK13 Review 2023: (Features, Pros, And Cons Explained)

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The Brooklyn kayak company PK13 solo traveler kayak is designed for those paddlers looking to cruise all types of water at reasonably high speed. This kayak’s long and slender design ensures it slices through the water effortlessly while still maintaining stability. This kayak is equipped with a pedal-driven propeller with smooth and responsive pedals to give you impressive speed.

Key Takeaways

  • The BKC PK13 kayak has bicycle-style pedals that turn a high-efficiency propeller to give off your desired speed without using a paddle
  • If you are looking for a fast, functional, durable, and high-quality fishing kayak then the BKC PK13 kayak will be an excellent option for you
  • The BKC PK13 kayak will cost you $1537.30 and you can buy this kayak from Amazon or from the Brooklyn kayak company’s website
  • The aluminum frame padded seat of the BKC PK13 kayak is adjustable to multiple points so that you can easily find your desired control and comfort level
  • The BKC PK13 kayak has a weight capacity of 550 pounds, making it an excellent kayak for all-day excursions and multi-day adventures

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What Is The BKC PK13 Kayak?

The Brooklyn kayak company BKC PK13 kayak is a 1-person, foot-operated fishing kayak designed for functionality and speed. This kayak has bicycle-style pedals that turn a high-efficiency propeller to give off your desired speed without using a paddle. The kayak even comes with a paddle keeper to hold your paddle when you want a hands-free experience.

You can use the hand-operated rudder controls to make quick and sharp turns or enhance your steering capabilities. Our favorite thing about this kayak is that it comes with all the accessories you need to make your excursion enjoyable.

Who Is The BKC PK13 Kayak Meant For?

The BKC PK13 kayak is a versatile vessel that makes it suits the needs of different paddlers. This kayak is meant for the following user segments:

1. Paddlers Looking For A Fast And Functional Fishing Kayak– the BKC PK13 is a fishing kayak meant for speed and comes with all the accessories that a fishing kayak should have.

2. Those Looking For A Durable And High-Quality Pedal Drive Kayak – pedal drive kayaks come in handy when you want to enjoy a hands-free experience on the water. With this kayak, you can still enjoy the benefits of kayaking without having to paddle

3. Paddlers Looking For A Kayak That Can Handle All Water Types– if you are looking for a kaya that you can use on flat water and choppy waters, then this BKC PK13 kayak is perfect for you.

How Much Does The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK13 Kayak Cost?

 You can get this kayak for $1537.30 either on amazon or the Brooklyn kayak company’s website. The kayak is a high-end model that comes with great features for the price. If you want a stable, versatile, and fast kayak, then the BKC PK13 is worth investing in.

Features Of The BKC PK13 Kayak

1. It Has A Pedal Drive System That Improves Speed- this kayak has a pedal-driven propeller system that makes it move faster regardless of whether you are using the paddle or not. You can also add a trolling motor if you want to achieve higher speeds.

2. The Hull Is Designed For Superior Stability In Different Water Conditions- most kayaks designed for speed will compromise stability, but the BKC PK13 is an exception. This kayak exhibits excellent stability thanks to its 2.7 feet wide streamlined hull.

3. It Comes With Fishing Rod Holders To Make It An Efficient Fishing Kayak– this kayak comes with three fishing rod holders that come in handy to keep your lines in the water as you focus on paddling.  The foot pedals also enhance the fishing capabilities of the kayak, as you can use the pedals to cruise while you manage your fishing rods.

4. It Has An Adjustable And Ergonomic Aluminum Frame Seat For Ideal Comfort – if you are looking for comfortable seating on a kayak, then the BKC PK13 kayak won’t disappoint. The kayak comes with an aluminum frame padded seat with a backrest. You can adjust the seat to multiple points to find your desired control and comfort level.

5. Ample Storage Space For Long-Distance Travel- this kayak features a spacious rear cargo area with bungee tie-down straps that are perfect for securing a dry bag, cooler, or tackle box. It also has a built-in water-resistant storage hatch in the hull that comes with dry bags. It also has bungee straps at the bow that can be used for securing small items such as a helmet or raincoat.

6. Has a weight capacity of 550 pounds, making it an excellent kayak for all-day excursions and multi-day adventures – this kayak has the weight capacity of most tandem kayaks in the market. Its weight capacity is ideal to ensure that the paddler and all the luggage they need for a long adventure fit comfortably in the kayak. This ample capacity ensures your vessel remains stable when you have carried a lot of gear and equipment.

7. Has Scupper Holes For Draining Any Water That Gets Into The Kayak- the scupper holes come in handy for expelling any excess water to keep the cockpit dry. These scupper holes come with scupper plugs that you can use to seal the holes.

Features a paddle keeper system that allows you to secure your paddle to the hull when it’s not in use.

Has four carrying handles that make hauling the kayak or loading it on the car easy and safe.

Comes with accessories that make the kayak more functional

Specifications Of The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK 13

Brand Brooklyn kayak company 
MaterialHigh-density polyethylene
Weight 80 pounds
Length13 feet
Width33.25 inches
Height15.75 inches
Max weight capacity550 pounds
Included accessoriesOne instant pedal drive, seat, paddle, rod holders, eight scupper plugs, one paddle park, pedal cover with cup holder

How Does The BKC PK13 Kayak Perform On The Water?

In this section, we take you through a review of the kayak’s overall performance. We are going to look at stability, speed, comfort, and maneuverability as our guiding tools. Our rating for this kayak’s performance is 9 out of 10. Here’s why; 


This BKC PK 13 kayak exceeded our expectations with how stable it is. Most touring kayaks that deliver on speed often compromise on stability, but that is not the case with this one. You get to enjoy a stable vessel, and as a fishing kayak, this is a great feature. You can cast and wrestle with your catch while standing without fear of toppling over. This vessel is also easy to get on and off due to its stability. We credit the stability to the kayak’s width and material. 


This kayak was designed for cruising at great speed, and it actually delivers on speed. It comes with bicycle-style pedals that turn a high-efficiency propeller to give off the desired speed. Together with the paddle and hand-operated rudder controls, these pedals improve your steering capabilities to allow you to make quick and sharp turns. You will enjoy paddling long distances since you don’t experience any fatigue. You can customize the vessel by adding a trolling motor for higher speeds and more effortless cruising.


Comfort is vital when it comes to a kayak’s performance. You can have an excellently crafted kayak that is meant to handle all water conditions, but you won’t enjoy it if it is not comfortable. The BKC PK13 kayak is designed to give you a comfortable paddling experience; it has an adjustable padded seat that provides the desired lumbar support. It also has fishing rod holders to keep your lines in place as you paddle and ample storage space for securing your gear. You will enjoy cruising on this kayak as you will hardly get fatigued on this vessel.


The kayak has excellent maneuverability and tracking thanks to the hull’s shape and rudder control system. It slices through still and choppy waters effortlessly. The rudder control makes it easy to steer the kayak, and you can make sharp turns fast and smoothly. The kayak lets you explore the option of adding a trolling motor if you want even better maneuverability and higher speeds.

Strengths Of BKC PK13 Kayak

1. Has a pedal drive system that comes in handy for extended trips or fishing

2. Stellar build quality for durability and high-performance

3. Comes with a sturdy and adjustable aluminum frame seat

4. Has plenty of storage space to fit all your gear

5. It has three flush-mounted rod holders that keep fishing poles out of the way as you paddle

6. Super comfortable and ideal for different paddling situations

Weaknesses Of BKC PK13

1. Relatively expensive

2. Requires ample space for keeping the kayak when not in use

Frequently Asked Questions On BKC PK13

Q. Can I Remove The Pedal System?

Yes, you can choose to completely remove the pedal system and use the kayak as a paddle-only vessel. You also have the option of raising the propeller system out of the water temporarily to avoid shallow obstacles.

Q. Does The Kayak Come With A Paddle And Seat?

Yes, the kayak comes with one seat and one paddle as part of the package

Q. Can This Kayak Be Used Saltwater?

Yes, this kayak is made from a corrosion-resistant material that withstands saltwater. It is advisable to rinse the kayak with fresh water after saltwater excursions to reduce the buildup of mineral deposits.


From our experience with the BKC PK13 kayak, we can guarantee that it is a quality vessel well worth the hype. This kayak gives you immense value for your money and exceeds your expectations with its performance. Without a doubt, this kayak is worth investing in!



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