Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC UH-RA220 Review

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The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC RA220 Angler has everything an angler needs for the ultimate adventure on the water; with this kayak, you only need to bring along your bait, reel, and some good luck to make huge catches. This kayak is designed to address the specific needs of anglers and features almost everything you might need on a fishing kayak.

Key Takeaways

  • The price of BKC UH-RA220 is $1497.00 and it is a very reasonable price compared to the build quality of this Kayak
  • This Kayak has paddle parks to secure the paddles to the hull using bungee rests while you are fishing
  • This Kayak has a large weight capacity of 550 pounds to support you and all your kayaking gear and essentials
  • The BKC UH-RA220 is about 34 inches wide so it will provide excellent stability and you won’t wobble or tip over even if you stand on it

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What Is The BKC RA220 Kayak?

BKC RA220 is a fishing kayak from the Brooklyn kayak company designed to meet any angler’s needs. The manufacturer describes this kayak as the swiss army knife for solo fishing. The kayak has everything you might think of in a fantastic fishing kayak. It features ample watertight storage space and comes fully loaded with accessories. The kayak’s stability will excite you; it gives a smooth ride and is stable enough to stand on while casting.

Who Is BKC RA220 For?

This kayak is meant for any angler looking for a vessel designed with their specific needs in mind. If you are on the lookout for a high-quality and affordable fishing kayak, then look no further than this. The kayak comes with most features you’d wish to have on a fishing kayak, including a foot-operated rudder and plenty of storage space.

How Much Does The BKC UH-RA220 Cost?

The BKC UH-RA220 is available to buy for $1497.00, which is a reasonable price for this high-quality fishing kayak.


1. Three different watertight storage compartments

2. Has a large cargo area for extra storage space

3. Has paddle parks to secure your paddle to the hull using bungee rests while you fish

4. Sturdy and rugged construction for durability

5. A stable platform that can withstand standing as you cast without fear of falling overboard

6. Has twin flush mount rod holders to help you keep your fishing rods out of the way as you paddle

7. It has a foot-operated rudder that improves the maneuverability and performance

8. It has a large weight capacity of 550 pounds to support you and all your kayaking gear and essentials

9. Made from durable rotomolded plastic material


Brand Brooklyn kayak company
Material Polyethylene
Color Available in army green, camo, and grey camo. red/yellow and sky blue
Width 34”
Weight 68 pounds
Max weight capacity550 pounds

Below is our user experience with this Brooklyn kayak. We have also read reviews from other users and included those we resonate with to give you a detailed and comprehensive review.

Build Quality

This kayak is built from high-quality polyethylene, which makes it sturdy and durable. It has a 550 pounds weight capacity which is more than enough for a solo paddler. With this, you can carry all your gear and accessories safely.

The BKC RA220 has side-mounted carry handles that make hauling it to and from the water easy and enjoyable. It also has a carved handle on the bow, which is very convenient when launching it solo. The details on this kayak are every angler’s dream; the manufacturer took time to make a high-quality and functional vessel. 


The BKC UH-RA220 is about 34 inches wide, and this width contributes greatly to the vessel’s stability. The kayak is unlikely to wobble or tip over even if you stand on it. The hull of this kayak has molded channels that help to improve stability. It also has a standing platform that makes it easy to stand as you cast without fear of falling over. The kayak’s stability as you enter and exit is also quite remarkable. We highly recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a stable vessel. If you are a beginner in kayak fishing, you will love to have a very stable kayak that lets you concentrate on fishing, and this here is the perfect kayak for that.


 If you are looking for a super comfortable kayak, this is not one of those, but it does have some features that make it comfortable for your short kayaking trips. The kayak has an adjustable high-back seat that provides the comfort you need as you fish. The seats have an aluminum frame that is designed for ergonomic comfort and support. The kayak has a roomy cockpit that allows plenty of legroom, thus adding to its comfort. It is safe to say it is quite comfortable for its price point, but there’s still room for improvement.


This kayak has an impeccable amount of storage space for a single angler kayak. Our favorite feature about the vessel is the massive storage space that ensures you fit all your gear and accessories without a hassle. This watercraft also has a high weight capacity of 550 pounds, accommodating an adult paddler and all essentials for a multiple-day adventure. The BKC RA220 has three watertight storage hatches and a large cargo area that fits all your stuff and keeps them dry throughout the trip. The rear cargo space that has a bungee cord will come in handy for your fishing stuff and outdoor gear.


The best and most popular part about this kayak is that it comes fully loaded with accessories to make your next adventure comfortable. It comes with an ergonomic aluminum frame seat, adjustable aluminum paddle, three waterproof hatches, a pedal-operated rudder, two flush-mount rod holders, two paddle parks, and a bungee cord tie town/


The BKC RA220 has excellent maneuverability and tracking thanks to its well-thought-out design. It has long and deep channels in the hull and an angular bow that makes it maneuverable enough to access those fishing spots that are tight and tricky to access. The kayak also has a foot pedal-operated rudder to give you ultimate control in different water conditions without needing to use a paddle.

Strengths Of The BKC RA220 Kayak

1. Has three different waterproof storage hatches to keep your gear safe and dry

2. It has a standing platform and remains stable when you’re standing

3. High-quality and durable construction

4. Impressive weight capacity to hold enough gear and accessories for multiple-day adventures

5. Has carry handles for easy hauling

6. Affordable yet great quality giving value for your money

7. It comes with most accessories you might need in a fishing kayak

8. Has  excellent tracking and maneuverability

Weaknesses Of The BKC RA220 Kayak

1. Somewhat heavy for a one-person kayak

2. The seats are not comfortable enough for some kayakers

Final Verdict

The BKC RA 220 is a great kayak for anglers of all skill levels. If you are a beginner looking for a stable kayak, we highly recommend this vessel. You will enjoy stability on the water and also stand to cast with ease. The kayak’s tracking and maneuverability are also great if you want to enjoy your aquatic adventure smoothly. We think this kayak is great and comes at the best price, thus giving you value. We hope that this review comes through to help you make up your mind about purchasing the kayak. If you buy it, please let us know what you love most about it. Happy kayaking!


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