While Boating, See a Red Flag With a White Diagonal Stripe | What This Means?

All things to keep in mind while diving and kayaking

Water adventure and sports are a big part of many people lives, but also the chances of accidents are quite imminent. Therefore one need to aware of all kind of situations and how to handle them carefully. One such important tool is the signal flags which can help the divers and kayakers to notify the nearby boats and divers of any emergency situation.

What is a diver down the flag?

One must have thought while boating, you see a red flag with a white diagonal stripe. what does this flag mean? It is called as diver down flag, as this allows the others to know that the divers are in the water. This flag should always be hoisted on a vessel, kayak or on a floating buoy from where it can be easily spotted by other divers, kayakers and boat drivers. During night mostly the white diagonal line is made of reflective material so that it can be easily visible.

Guidelines for the divers and kayakers

Diving, kayaking, or while performing any kind of adventure water sport, safety comes first. Anything can happen at any time and therefore most of the water sports associations come up with various guidelines to keep the divers safe from any kind of danger and imminent accidents.

Some of the rules to be followed are:

  • Always enter the water after the boat engine is shut down or else the chances of getting hurt become high. it is better to have a proper line of communication with the people on board or with the group of people who have gone for kayaking. 
  • Make proper evacuation and emergency plans in case of any kind of injury or accident. Read the procedures properly and make an action plan accordingly. Also, it is advised to vigilant at all times to keep an eye out.
  • Always take help of diver down flags in case of injury or any other emergency situation so that one can be visible to the boaters and other help coming your way/

Guidelines for the drivers of boats

If one is the driver of a boat then there are many guidelines and rules that they need to follow as well, so as to make sure that the kayakers and divers around the vicinity of the boat remain safe.

Some of the guidelines to be followed are:

  • The first and foremost guideline that a driver of the boat is always told to follow is to look out for divers in the water so as to avoid any kind of accident.
  • Always have all kind equipment and supplies on the boat for any kind of first aid situation or for helping divers using the communication system or oxygen units.
  • Switch off the engine around the diver’s area so that they any kind of accident due to the propeller can be avoided.
  • Look for diver down flags in the water and try to look carefully because many times the divers may not be visible due to glare, waves or weather conditions.

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