Drift Sun Teton 120 Tandem Kayak Review; Includes Price, Features, And FAQs

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The Drift sun Teton 120 is a recreational hard-shell kayak designed for those looking to fish or paddle with a friend. You can use the Drift sun Teton 120 for recreational kayaking and kayak fishing or just chilling on the water. The kayak’s construction makes it ideal for comfortable cruising, touring, and fishing. This kayak is a combination of high-quality materials and accessories, workmanship, and an unmatched price.

Key Takeaways

  • The Drift sun Teton 120 has enough space to accommodate a small family and their luggage for short kayak excursions
  • The hull of this kayak is made from high-density UV-resistant polyethylene that is rotomolded
  • The Driftsun Teton 120 weighs only 72 lbs. which makes this kayak portable
  • The Driftsun Teton 120 kayak is fitted with four flush mount rod holders and two accessory mounting points
  • The EVA padded seats of the Drift sun Teton 120 ensure you are comfortable throughout the kayaking adventure

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Who Is The Drift Sun Teton 120 Kayak’s Target Market?

1. The drift sun Teton 120 is designed for those who want to experience kayaking with their partners and pet on board. It is spacious enough to accommodate a small family and their luggage for short kayak excursions. 

2. This kayak also targets users who don’t mind paying a higher price for excellent quality and durable vessels. The manufacturer went all out with the features, and this reflects in the kayak’s price.

How Much Does The Drift Sun Teton 120 Kayak Cost?

The Drift sun Teton is a high-end kayak model that is available to buy for $1,599.99. It is designed with high-quality materials and well-thought-out features to make it stand out. Considering the quality of this kayak and the durability you get, this kayak is worth the price.

Features Of The Drift Sun Teton 120 Kayak

1. Spacious Enough To Accommodate Two Adults And A Child

This kayak is designed to satisfy the needs of those looking to enjoy kayaking adventures with their family. It is spacious enough to fit two adult paddlers and a child or pet. When you buy the kayak, it comes ready with two paddles for the adults.

2. Features Durable Rotomolded Construction For Unmatched Durability And Strength

The kayak’s hull is made from high-density UV-resistant polyethylene that is rotomolded. This construction makes the kayak rugged and able to withstand whatever the water throws at it.

3. Lightweight And Easy To Transport

The Driftsun Teton 120 weighs only 72 lbs. making it easily portable. You won’t struggle to haul the kayak to and from the water.

4. Has A Weight Capacity Of 500 lbs.

The kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. which is enough for two adults, a child, and their gear. You will comfortably fit all your gear for a full-day trip and fishing accessories without the fear of the boat capsizing.

5. It Has Four Fixed Carry Handles For Easy Transporting

You won’t have to worry about hauling this kayak to and from the water. It comes with four carry handles (two on each side), making it easy to transport the vessel with your partner.  

6. Fitted With Four Flush Mount Rod Holders And Two Accessory Mounting Points

The Driftsun Teton 120 kayak comes ready for adventure; it has four flush mount capped rod holders and two mounting points for Scotty accessories. You can mount your phone, fish finders, and other gear that you wish.

7. Ample Storage Options For All Your Gear And Equipment

You won’t have to stress about leaving some stuff behind or where to put all your gear when you have this kayak.  It has a tank well storage with bungee for your dry bags and two watertight storage hatches with inserts to keep your equipment safe and dry throughout the adventure.

8. Has Paddle Holders That Secure Your Paddles When Not In Use

The paddle park holders come in handy when you need a hands-free experience on the water. When fishing, the paddle holders ensure your paddles stay safe as you focus on the fishing rods.

9. It Comes With Adjustable EVA Padded Seats With High Back Support

 The EVA padded seats ensure you are comfortable throughout the kayaking adventure. They have a high backrest that offers ample back support to prevent any fatigue.

10. Self-Bailing Design With Scupper Plugs For Smooth Drainage

The kayak is self-bailing, meaning any water that gets into the cockpit is drained even without input from the paddler. It comes with scupper plugs for the drain holes to ensure water doesn’t get in when paddling in flat water. 

11. The Package Includes 2 EVA Padded Seats With High Back Support, Paddles And Scuppers Plugs

when you buy this kayak, you also get two adjustable seats, anodized aluminum paddles with ergonomic grip, and scupper plugs for the self-bailing ports. The kayak features a molded center cockpit seat that a child or furry companion can sit on. All these accessories will ensure you get to the water without spending an extra buck.

Specifications Of The Drift Sun Teton 120 Kayak

Brand Driftsun
MaterialRotomolded polyethylene
Weight 72 lbs.
Max weight capacity500 lbs.
Length 12.2 ft
Width32 inches 
Package includesKayak, two paddles, two adjustable EVA seats, scupper plugs

What Is The User Experience On The Driftsun Teton 120 Kayak?

The Driftsun Teton 120 kayak performs excellently on water and is designed to give you a comfortable experience as you paddle. Our overall rating for this kayak’s performance is 9 out of 10. Let’s look at some of the critical things users experience when paddling on this kayak. We have combined reviews from other users with our own experience to give you an overall rating.

Comfort And Stability

You can use the Driftsun Teton 120 kayak as a tandem or solo kayak. It has three seating positions to accommodate two adults and a child or pet. The child’s seat is molded in the center of the cockpit, while the other two are removable and adjustable EVA padded seats. The seats are comfortable even for long excursions on the water, and they provide ample support to paddlers.

This kayak is also remarkably stable and can be used by paddlers of all skill levels. It is designed for paddling on lakes, rivers, oceans, and flat water. It also handles choppy and windy conditions exceptionally well. The kayak’s wide balance hull gives it unmatched tracking and stability, making for a smooth ride. 

Maneuverability And Tracking

Most hard-shell kayaks have the upper hand in maneuverability; the Driftsun Teton 120 is no exception. It maneuvers excellently on water and is not thrown off by currents or wind. It also has excellent tracking ability, which is brought about by the kayak’s wide hull. You will enjoy paddling on this kayak because it glides smoothly and effortlessly on the water.

Strengths Of The Driftsun Teton 120 Kayak

1. Handles well and tracks excellent

2. Large and spacious enough for paddlers and their gear 

3. It comes with four flush mount rod holders and two mounting points

4. Ample storage options for dry bags and other gear

5. Self-bailing design with scupper plugs

6. Features built-in cup holders

7. Has paddle parks to hold your paddle when you aren’t paddling

8. Large weight capacity to fit enough gear and accommodate paddlers’ weight

9. Has quality and durable construction

Weaknesses Of The Driftsun Teton 120 Kayak

1. It might be heavy for one person to handle alone

2. Drain holes might let in too much water when paddling on flat water with scupper plugs removed

Frequently Asked Questions On The Driftsun Teton 120 Kayak

Q. Can The Driftsun Teton 120 Kayak Be Used By One Person?

A. yes, you can use the kayak as either a tandem or solo kayak. When one person is paddling, you need to ensure you sit at the center to maintain balance. A single paddler might need to use more force than when two persons are steering the vessel.

Q. Does The Kayak Flip Easily

A. No, the kayak doesn’t flip quickly since it is not designed to flip. It is designed for stability and stays afloat even in choppy water

Q. Is The Driftsun Teton 120 Kayak Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, the kayak is stable and tracks excellently, making it a great beginner’s kayak. However, it is relatively expensive, and beginners start with more affordable kayak options as they learn to paddle. If you like, you can make a one-off investment and use this kayak to learn.

The Takeaway

The Driftsun Teton 120 is an excellent quality kayak designed with all the features you might need in a kayak. The manufacturer paid attention to detail, and it shows in the kayak’s design and performance. We recommend this kayak for anyone looking for a versatile vessel that will not disappoint in terms of performance. You will pay a bit more when buying this kayak, but you will get immense value for money in the long run.



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