Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak Review; Price, Specs, And All You Need To Know

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Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak has outstanding features and comes with everything you need to get on the water immediately. It is also remarkably tough and durable, making it stand out. If you are looking for a great 2-person inflatable kayak, read this comprehensive review to decide whether the drift sun voyager is a good fit for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are looking for versatility and stability on a compact watercraft then you won’t find a better option than the Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak
  • Some key features of the Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak are adjustable EVA seats, two paddles, nylon oxford fabric, etc.
  • If you are planning to buy the Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak then it will cost you $729.99
  • The Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak is made from rugged and heavy-duty material that makes it resistant to tears and punctures

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Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak In Detail; What Is It?

Drift Sun Voyager 2-Person Kayak In Detail

The Drift Sun Voyager is a two-person inflatable kayak designed for those paddlers who want versatility and stability on a compact watercraft. It comes with adjustable EVA seats, two paddles, and nylon oxford fabric, making it incredibly rugged and durable. 

This kayak is also among the most reasonably priced high-end kayaks, and paddlers get to enjoy top-notch features without breaking the bank.

Who Is The Drift Sun Voyager Kayak Meant For?

The Driftsun Voyager is meant for the following user segments;

1. Paddlers looking for a boat that performs excellently in choppy and calm waters

2. Those who want unmatched buoyancy and stability in a vessel

3. Paddlers looking for a tough and durable inflatable kayak that is easy to transport.

How Much Does The Driftsun Voyager Kayak Cost?

The Driftsun Voyager is available to buy for $729.99. The manufacturer tried to make this high-quality performing boat so affordable, and we think it is worth the price. It is a durable vessel that will last years and offer immense value for money.

Features Of The Driftsun Voyager Kayak

1. Made From 840D Nylon Oxford Fabric Tube Covers And Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin Bottom

The kayak is made from rugged and heavy-duty material that makes it resistant to tears and punctures. The construction of this vessel guarantees years of use and durability

2. It Has A Pointed Bow, V-Shape Hull, And Rocker Profile That Improves The Kayaks Performance In Calm And Choppy Waters

The kayak offers excellent performance on choppy and calm waters, thanks to its design. The rocker profile, V-shaped hull, and pointed bow all work together to ensure it glides smoothly.

3. It Has High-Volume Side Tubes That Make It Stable And Buoyant

If you are looking for a kayak with unmatched buoyancy and stability, look no further than the Driftsun voyager kayak. The high-volume side tubes increase their buoyancy and stability and you won’t feel it tipping even when you stand on them.

4. Has Three Air Chambers For Increased Safety

The kayak has multiple air chambers that increase safety in the event of a puncture or leak.

5. Features Double-Threaded Boston Valves That Don’t Leak

Boston valves are the best and most popular type of valves used on inflatable boats. This is because they do not leak and make inflation and deflation fast. These valves are double-threaded to ensure they don’t leak and are durable

6. It Has A Removable Tracking Fin For Excellent Tracking

The kayak exhibits unmatched performance when the tracking fin is attached and tracks well in a straight line. When paddling in shallow water, the fin can be removed to prevent grounding.

7. Features Reinforced Carrying Handles At The Bow And Stern For Easy Hauling To And From The Water

The kayak comes with carrying handles on the bow and stern, making it more comfortable to get to the water and take out. The handles are ergonomic and reinforced to ensure they don’t come off easily

8. Plenty Of Storage On The Front And Rear Bungee Compartments

You won’t have to stress about where to put your dry bag and other gear while paddling on this kayak. It has storage compartments on the bow and stern with bungee lacing for securing your equipment in place.

9. Features Splash Guards That Prevent Water From Getting Into The Cockpit

The splash guards come in handy to ensure you stay dry even after a long day of paddling. They keep the water out of the cockpit, and paddlers can stay warm and dry.

1. Has Paddle Straps That Keep Your Paddles In Place When You Aren’t Paddling

2. It Comes With Two Adjustable EVA Seats For Both Paddlers

 The kayak comes with seats as part of the package; they are comfortable enough for long day trips and can be adjusted for customized comfort. The adjustment straps are corrosion-resistant, making the kayak even better for ocean and sea excursions.

10. It Has A Rear Drain Plug For Easy Draining

The kayak has a drain plug that makes cleaning and draining smooth and effortless

11. It Comes With All Accessories You Need For A Comfortable Adventure

When you buy the kayak, you also get two EVA padded seats, two aluminum paddles with ergonomic handles, a deluxe double-action hand pump, a rear tracking fin, and a travel bag. These essential accessories ensure you don’t spend any extra money before you start enjoying your favorite watersport.

Specifications Of The Driftsun Voyager Kayak

Brand Driftsun 
Material 840D coated nylon oxford fabric
Weight 27 lbs.
Max weight capacity400lbs
Side inflation pressure2psi
Floor inflation pressure1psi
Width 35 in
Depth 16 in 

How Does The Drift Sun Voyager Kayak Perform On The Water?

This kayak offers the best deal in the market for an inflatable tandem kayak. Its compact design, functionality, and reasonable price make the kayak stand out as a worthy buy. The kayak also performs excellently on the water, and most paddlers love it for its performance. 

Our rating for the kayak’s performance is 10 out of 10 because it exceeded our expectations. Let’s have a look at what stood out for us with this kayak.

Ease Of Setup

This kayak inflates in less than five minutes and gets you on the water faster than any other vessel. The Boston valves make inflation fast and easy and ensure air doesn’t leak out.


The kayak’s design makes it able to withstand different water conditions and remain stable. Its rocker profile makes it stable on choppy water; its pointed nose also helps it slice through the water and glide smoothly.

The high-volume side tubes also work to improve the kayak’s stability. These tubes make it buoyant, giving paddlers an easy time getting on and off the kayak.


The kayak is comfortable to paddle on, which is the first thing you notice when you get on the vessel. It comes with EVA seats that are adjustable, and you can customize them to your desired comfort level. These seats offer ample back support and keep you cool on warm days.

It also has paddle holders that come in handy when you need a hands-free experience on the water. You will enjoy paddling on this kayak because of how comfortable it is.

Maneuverability And Tracking

The Driftsun voyager kayak tracks excellently regardless of the water condition. It has a pointed nose that cuts through the water excellently and also comes with a tracking fin. The quick-release adjustable fin makes the kayak track excellent, and you won’t struggle to paddle in a straight line on this kayak.

Strengths Of The Driftsun Voyager Kayak

1. Fast and easy to inflate

2. Compact and lightweight kayak

3. Designed for high performance in all water conditions

4. Reasonably priced 

5. It comes as a complete package ready for adventure

6. Has EVA foam seats

7. It comes with high-quality accessories

Weaknesses Of The Driftsun voyager kayak

1. It takes longer than average kayaks to dry

2. Limited storage space for two paddlers’ gear

Frequently Asked Questions On The Driftsun Voyager Kayak

Q. Does The Kayak Come With A Pump?

Yes, the kayak comes with a double-action pump that helps you set up the boat in minutes. When buying the kayak, other accessories you get are; two paddles, a removable skeg, 2 EVA sets, and a carry bag.

Q. How Many Air Chambers Does The Kayak Have?

The kayak has three air chambers in total. Two on the sides and the bottom chamber. It is designed to ensure paddlers can get safely o the shore in case of a puncture.

Q. Can Taller Paddlers Fit In This Boat?

Yes, the cockpit is spacious, and the seats are adjustable so paddlers can customize their position according to their height.


The Driftsun Voyager is an excellent kayak option for anyone who wants a versatile, durable tandem kayak that is reasonably priced. The kayak comes with the best features and is designed to ensure comfort and excellent performance on the water.

If you want to invest in an excellent quality tandem kayak that is portable, easy to set up, and makes your adventure worthwhile, consider getting the Driftsun voyager. We love that it comes with all the necessary accessories so you won’t have to spend more before you start enjoying the water. Get this kayak, and remember to share your experience with us, happy kayaking!



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