Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak Review

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The Driftsun Almanor kayak is designed for comfort, durability, and high performance to ensure you enjoy your adventure on the water. is a set of two inflatable kayaks designed to satisfy the needs of those paddlers looking to kayak on flat water. Paddlers have the option to choose between a single-person kayak and a tandem kayak for two adults and one child

Key Takeaways

  • The Driftsun Almanor kayak is available in three models: The Driftsun Almanor 110, The Driftsun Almanor 130, and The Driftsun Almanor 146
  • The Driftsun Almanor kayak is made from high-quality and durable material, designed for excellent performance on the water
  • The Driftsun Almanor kayak has a long waterline that gives speed and long glides
  • The seats of this kayak are EVA padded high back seats and the best part is they are adjustable for customized comfort

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What Is The Driftsun Almanor Kayak, And Who Is It For?

The Driftsun Almanor is a series of inflatable kayaks that consist of Driftsun Almanor 110,130, and 146. These kayaks are made of the same material and have similar features but different sizes and weight capacities.

Each of the kayaks in this series is designed for different user segments in terms of space needs. 

1. The Driftsun Almanor 110 is meant for solo paddlers looking for a compact kayak that can be carried along for adventures. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds which is sufficient for the paddler and their gear. 

2. The Driftsun Almanor 130 is slightly larger than the former and accommodates two paddlers. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. that caters to the paddlers’ weight and gear.

3. The Driftsun Almanor 146 is the largest and is meant to accommodate two paddlers and a child or pet. It comes with two adult seats and a padded child’s seat at the center. Its weight capacity is 600 lbs. and makes a great family kayak.

How Much Do The Driftsun Almanor Kayaks Cost?

Each of the kayaks in the Driftsun Almanor series costs $699.99. They are made from high-quality and durable material, designed for excellent performance on the water, and come with everything you need to start your kayaking adventure. They are worth more than what you pay for them.

Features Of The Driftsun Almanor Kayaks

 All three kayaks in the Driftsun Almanor series have the same features except for the weight capacity and sizes. This section looks at all the other common features of these kayaks. We shall tackle the sizing information of each kayak in the specifications section.

1. It Has A Long Waterline That Gives Speed And Long Glides

The kayaks are designed with a long waterline making them great for distance paddling on flat water and mild ocean chop. The kayaks are best for recreational kayaking and touring.

2. Hull Is Made With Rugged 600D Polyester That Makes It UV Resistant

When you buy this kayak, you are guaranteed long-life fun because of how durable the vessel is. The hull’s material is rugged and offers UV protection to ensure the kayak isn’t damaged by exposure to sun rays. 

3. It Comes With EVA Padded High Back Seats That Are Adjustable For Customized Comfort

The Driftsun Almanor kayaks come with EVA padded seats with high back support. These seats provide a high level of support and cushion to ensure your back and rear are comfortable. You can adjust the seat to any seating position that feels comfortable for you. The Almanor 146 features a padded center seat for your child or pet to ensure comfort throughout the trip.

4. Designed For Durability And Safety

The Driftsun Almanor kayaks are designed to ensure peak performance and safety of the paddlers. The hull is made with rugged material, and the air bladders are the best 24-gauge air bladders in the market today.

5. Features A Highly Rigid I-Beam Floor

The kayaks have an I-Beam PVC floor that offers stability and buoyancy when inflated to the recommended air pressure (1 PSI).

6. Has Boston Valves For Fast Inflation And Deflation

The Almanor kayak series has Boston valves that allow for quick and easy inflation and deflation. Kayakers prefer Boston valves since they are compatible with most pumps, and no air is lost during inflation.

7. It Has A Removable Skeg That Improves Directional Stability

The kayak comes with a removable tracking fin that makes paddling in a straight line effortless. The skeg also enhances directional stability and gives you excellent maneuverability.

8. Features Paddle Parks To Keep Your Paddle When You Aren’t Paddling

The kayak has paddle parks on each side to hold your paddle. These holders come in handy when you want a hands-free experience or retrieve gear from storage.

9. Has Integrated Splash Guards With A Bungee Storage

Splashguards come in handy to ensure you stay dry and warm throughout the kayaking adventure. The kayak also has bungee storage for keeping your dry bags in place safely.

10. It Comes With Extra Accessories That Make Kayaking Fun And Comfortable

When you buy these kayaks, you get all the accessories you need to get on the water immediately. The package includes the kayak, two adjustable EVA padded seats with high back support, two dual-blade kayak paddles, one child seat, one deluxe dual action pump, one quick-release fin, two footrests, and one travel bag.

Specifications Of The Driftsun Almanor Recreational Kayak

Brand Driftsun
Material600D polyester with UV protection
Inflation time 9 minutes
Floor inflation pressure1 PSI
Side inflation pressure 2 PSI
FloorI-Beam floor
Primary useRecreational touring 
Valve typeBoston valves
Hull weight Almanor 110: 23lbs Almanor 130:33 lbs.Almanor 146: 36 lbs. 
Dimensions Almanor 110: 11 feet 34 inchesAlmanor 130: 13 feet 39 inchesAlmanor 146: 14. Feet 40 inches 
Load Capacity Almanor 110: 1 person or 300 lbs. Almanor 130: 2 people or 400 lbs.Almanor 146: 2.5 person or 600 lbs.

What Is The Users’ Experience With The Driftsun Almanor Kayaks?

This section takes you through our experience with the Driftsun Almanor kayaks. We have also gone through reviews from other users and brought together those that we resonate with for a detailed rating. Below are the ratings for different features and performances of the kayaks.

Ease Of Setup

All the Driftsun Almanor kayaks are easy to set up and inflate. Inflation takes less than ten minutes with the provided dual-action pump. When inflating, you need to start with the floor and inflate to 1 PSI, then inflate the sides to 2 PSI, and you’re ready to go. The manufacturer misprinted the information on the user manual and advised paddlers to follow the inflation pressure indicated on the valves. Once the kayak is inflated to the correct air pressure, place the seats and footrests comfortably, assemble your paddles and get on the water.

These kayaks are also easy to deflate and fit perfectly in the provided bag. The bag also packs up well in any car trunk and is easy to carry after your adventure.


The Driftsun Almanor kayaks are designed to ensure the paddler is comfortable and enjoys their kayaking experience. They come with an EVA padded seat with a high backrest to ensure your back and rear are well supported. They also have adjustable footrests that you can place on the kayak’s floor for customized comfort.

Our favorite comfort feature that is well-thought-out has to be the paddle parks. These come in handy to hold your paddle in place when you are not paddling. The paddles won’t get in your way when retrieving gear or when you are just chilling in the water.


The Driftsun Almanor kayaks offer incredible stability on the water and let paddlers concentrate on paddling. Getting on the kayak is easy and safe, and you can stand on the kayak without tipping. The I-beam floor, together with the kayaks’ width, ensures they remain stable throughout. You only need to inflate the kayak to the recommended inflation pressure, and you are good to go.


These kayaks have excellent directional stability and tracking thanks to the removable skeg. You won’t struggle to track in a straight line or maneuver on flat water.

Pros Of The Driftsun Almanor Kayak

1. Offers immense value for money

2. Stable and tracks excellently

3. Lightweight and easy to transport

4. A great recreational kayak for lakes and oceans

5. Durable construction for high performance

6. Relatively fast with long glides

7. Easy to inflate and deflate

Cons Of The Driftsun Almanor Kayak

There’s a misprint of inflation pressure on the manual, which may affect the functioning of the kayak. Paddlers should follow the inflation guidelines indicated on the tags at the inflation valves.

The Takeaway

The Driftsun Almanor kayaks have been designed for those paddlers who want durable and high-performing kayaks for recreational touring on flat water. The kayaks give users different options to choose from depending on their specific need for space and load capacity.

We recommend these kayaks as their construction is top-notch; they have functional features and come with everything you need to start paddling. They are also ideal for paddlers of all skill levels, thanks to their stability.



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