Driftsun Rover 120 Inflatable Whitewater Kayak Review 2021: (Features, Cost, And Everything You Need To Know)

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The Drift sun rover 120 inflatable kayak is popular with paddlers who love white water kayaking. This kayak is lightweight, easy to set up and deflate, and can handle class III and IV rapids. It is a rugged, high-performance, and incredibly comfortable kayak.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are an intermediate or expert skill-level paddler and looking for a durable, high-quality yet affordable kayak then the Drift sun rover 120 will be an excellent option for you
  • The Drift sun rover 120 inflatable kayak is best for both flat water and rough white water
  • The drift sun rover kayak costs $729.99 and if you consider the features and accessories that come with the kayak then this kayak is worth the price
  • The side tubes of this kayak are made from 1000D reinforced and layered PVC to give it long-lasting protection
  • The drift sun rover 120 has multiple air chambers that guarantee safety in the event of a puncture

What Is The Drift Sun Rover 120 Kayak?

The drift sun rover is an inflatable single-person kayak perfect for casual paddlers or those looking for a thrilling experience on the water. The kayak performs well in flat water and rough white water. It combines the highest quality materials with artistry and top-notch accessories. If you are on the hunt for a great quality inflatable kayak that can handle whitewater, consider the drift sun rover 120.

Who Are The Target Users Of The Drift Sun Rover 120 Kayak?

The drift sun rover 120 kayak is an excellent raft for intermediate and expert skill level paddlers looking to try whitewater kayaking. The kayak is designed to take on rapids and water pressure with ease. If you love the thrill of whitewater kayaking, this vessel is meant for you.

What Are The Variations Of Drift Sun Rover Kayak?

When buying the drift sun rover kayak, you have an option between the drift sun rover 120 and the Driftsun 220. These kayaks are almost similar, with the only difference being that the drift sun rover 220 is longer, has a higher weight capacity, and is a tandem kayak. Here’s a link to the drift sun rover 220 if you’d like to have a closer look at its specs;

How Much Does The Drift Dun Rover 120 Kayak Cost?

The drift sun rover kayak costs $729.99, it might sound like a high price for an inflatable kayak, but the kayak is worth more. It is built for durability and comes with some accessories that will make kayaking more enjoyable for you. For an inflatable kayak that can withstand whitewater kayaking, we think it is worth the price.

Features Of The Drift Sun Rover 120 Kayak

This kayak has some interesting and functional features that we love. Paying attention to detail is what the manufacturer did when making this kayak. Let’s have a look at these outstanding features in detail:

1. Made Of Quality And Durable PVC Material

This kayak is made with the most durable and highest quality PVC to give it long-lasting protection. The side tubes are made from 1000D reinforced and layered PVC, while the bottom is made of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin to ensure it is protected from punctures.

2. Lightweight And Easy To Inflate

 When you hear of an inflatable kayak that can handle whitewater, what comes to mind is a heavy vessel that will probably take an hour to inflate. But that is not the case with this drift sun rover 120 kayaks; the vessel weighs only 22 lbs. and takes 5 minutes max to inflate. You will not struggle to carry the kayak to the water or even set it up for your adventure.

3. Highly Maneuverable And Stable 

This kayak has a rigid high-pressure floor, a removable tracking fin, and a rocker profile that helps to deliver unmatched control and stability in flat water and rough water.

4. Has Three Different Air Chambers That Guarantee Safety In The Event Of A Puncture

Although punctures are rare and unheard of with the drift sun rover 120, it has multiple air chambers just in case. These chambers help to ensure your kayak stays afloat until you get to the shore.

5. Has An Aesthetically Pleasing Sleek Design That Also Improves Performance

One thing everyone agrees with about the drift sun rover is how beautiful it is. It has a sleek and elegant design brought about by the pointed nose entry and rocker profile. This design improves the kayak’s performance in both rough and calm glasses of water.

6. Features 5 Self-draining Ports That Are Excellent For White Water Kayaking

When kayaking in white water, your cockpit will get water in, and having a kayak that drains the water with minimum effort is every paddler’s dream. The drift sun rover 120 has drain plugs that ensure water gets out of the kayak to keep the cockpit dry.

7. Comes With A Removable Skeg That Provides Better Tracking And Speed In Deeper Waters.

The kayak has a removable tracking fin that makes tracking in flat water a breeze. When kayaking in rough or shallow water conditions, you can remove the fin and use it in calm and deeper waters.

8. Comes With A Comfortable EVA Padded Seat With Back Support And Footrests For Increased Comfort

Even if you will be cruising for long hours, this kayak ensures you’re comfortable throughout. The padded seat and adjustable footrests make your adventure worthwhile. The kayak also has paddle straps that make cruising and drifting easier.

9. Has Rugged And Ergonomic Handles For Easy Transportation Of The Kayak

This drift sun rover 120 kayak has four ergonomic handles that make hauling the kayak to and from the water after inflation is quite easy and comfortable.

10. Comes With Extra Accessories To Ensure You Get Straight To The Water Without Spending Extra.

Once you purchase this kayak, it will come with an adjustable paddle, a deluxe double-action pump, and a rugged travel bag. With these, you don’t need to make an extra purchase before you can enjoy your kayak.

Specifications Of The Drift Sun Rover 120 Kayak

Brand Drift sun 
MaterialHeavy-duty PVC
Weight 22 pounds 
Max weight capacity300 pounds
White water rating Suitable for up to class III and IV rapids 
Color Orange and grey
Side pressureThree psi
Floor pressure Six psi
Kayak dimensions 8”5’ x 36’ x 13’

Pros Of The Driftsun Rover 120 Kayak

1. Lightweight and easily portable

2. Durable construction that is resistant to abrasion and impact

3. Has features that make it whitewater friendly

4. Has a camera mount for placing your camera as you capture details of your adventure

5. Ample legroom and weight capacity for a single paddler 

6. Comes complete with all the accessories you need

7. Features a comfortable seat, adjustable footrests, and paddle straps for comfort

8. Has a splash guard to protect you from choppy waters

9. Has excellent tracking and maneuverability

Cons Of The Driftsun Rover 120 Kayak

1. Has limited storage options 

2. Not stable enough for beginners

The Takeaway

The drift sun rover is an excellent kayak option for any paddler looking to enjoy whitewater kayaking without committing to hauling a hard-shell kayak each time. The kayak is lightweight and easy to carry around, and you can bring it along to your travel adventures. This kayak is easy to inflate thanks to the high-pressure valves and pump. It will take you five minutes or less to get the kayak up and ready. It also has a durable construction that handles abrasion well.

We highly recommend this kayak for solo paddlers who want to kayak in rough water. If you want to enjoy all these kayak benefits with a partner, you can consider the driftsun rover 220, which is a tandem kayak. We hope that this review helps you make up your mind on whether the driftsun rover 120 is the perfect fit for your whitewater kayaking needs.



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