Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak Reviewed: Is It Worth Buying?

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The Elkton outdoors is a rigid, inflatable tandem kayak built with an angler’s needs in mind. The kayak has a drop-stitch floor that is an ideal fishing platform regardless of casting while standing or seated. This floor is designed to protect the kayak and rider from underwater obstacles known to tear other inflatable kayaks.

Key Takeaways

  • This kayak will be an excellent choice for anglers and recreational kayakers who enjoy paddling with a companion
  • The price of the Elkton outdoors steelhead inflatable fishing kayak ranges from $800-$1000
  • This Elkton outdoors steelhead kayak has a solid drop-stitch floor and it makes the kayak stable while casting or making a catch
  • The best part of this kayak is, it has adjustable EVA seats and they can be moved to accommodate paddlers of different weights and heights
  • This kayak is equipped with rod holders, downriggers, and bait trays which is very conveninet

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Who The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak is Best for?

This kayak is ideal for the following user segments:

1. Anglers And Recreational Kayakers Who Enjoy Paddling With A Companion– this is a tandem kayak that comes with two comfortable and adjustable seats.

2. Those Looking For An Easily Portable Fishing Kayak– if you have tried kayak fishing before, then you know that you need a spacious kayak to fit you, your gear, and your catch. You also need some accessories such as rod holders that make your experience more bearable and enjoyable

3. Anglers Looking For An Affordable Fishing Kayak– finding a good angling kayak under $1000 is an uphill task in the current economy. This Elkton outdoor kayak is a good budget option that will offer immense value for your money.

How Much Does The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak Cost?

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak Cost

The price of the Elkton outdoors steelhead inflatable fishing kayak keeps varying by season depending on where you buy. However, the cost will range between $800-$950+ most of the time. For the features of this kayak, we think it’s worth over $1000, and whatever price you pay for it is worth it.

Features Of The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

The Elkton outdoors steelhead has some fantastic and unique features that every angler loves. The features make you wish you bought the kayak earlier, but it’s never too late to start enjoying a premium kayaking experience. Let’s take you through these features in detail;

1. It has a solid drop stitch floor, making it stable as you stand to cast- as a kayak angler, you will need a strong kayak that you can stand on without fear of toppling over. At the correct inflation pressure, this Elkton outdoors steelhead kayak has a solid floor that you can leverage while casting or making a catch. This floor also protects the kayak in rough waters to prevent punctures, and you will feel as though you are on a fiberglass or rotomolded canoe.

2. It has a front bow spray shield that helps to keep the splashes away

 A spray shield comes in handy when kayaking in cold and choppy waters since it keeps water away and increases your comfort level.

1. It Has Cargo And Bungee Storage– as a fishing kayak, the ample storage spaces come in handy for your fishing gear and equipment. You will not be limited to how much fish you can catch since there’s enough storage space. This kayak has extra storage at the bow and stern and a bungee cargo area for all your storage needs.

2. Has Adjustable EVA Seats Can Be Moved To Accommodate Paddlers Of Different Weights And Heights –the kayak is designed for versatility and comfort thanks to the adjustable seats that can move backward or forward.

3. Includes Five Rigid Modular Equipment Mounts – these mounts make it easy for you to fit your vessel with rod holders, downriggers, and bait trays.

4. It Comes With Valuable And Well-Thought-Out Accessories– when you purchase this kayak, you will get extra accessories which include; 2 lightweight paddles, a removable skeg, a travel bag with backpack straps, two padded EVA seats with back support, two adjustable footrests, and a dual-action high volume pump.

Specifications Of The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Brand Elkton outdoors
MaterialLaminated PVC
Weight 44lbs
ColorOD green and black
Seating capacity Two persons
Max.load capacity 600lbs 
Dimensions 12’6” x3’3”
Storage compartments the bungee cargo area, bow, and stern storage
Package includes Kayak, two paddles, removable fin, travel bag, padded seats and footrests, dual-action pump

How Does The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Kayak Perform On The Water?

With all these incredible features of this kayak, you expect nothing short of marvelous performance. In this section, we share our experience on the water with this kayak. We are going to focus on stability, comfort, and maneuverability. We have also brought together reviews from other users to give you a comprehensive rating.


This kayak is meant for angling, and the first impression when you get on the kayak is how stable the vessel is. You can stand to cast or wrestle with stubborn fish without fear of toppling over. When the kayak is inflated to the recommended air pressure, the rigid floor feels as if you are standing on a hard-shell kayak. The kayak’s width also plays a significant role in ensuring it stays stable throughout your adventure.


Every angler that has used this kayak agrees that its comfort level is unrivaled. The kayak has adjustable seats with a backrest and adjustable footrests to ensure both paddlers are comfortable. It also has additional features such as the mounts for the rod holders and the bungee storage system to keep your gear organized. The manufacturer thought about everything that could make your adventure uncomfortable and fixed it. We love this kayak for its comfort and versatility.


The Elkton steelhead is designed as a touring and fishing kayak and is excellent for navigating shallow and deep water. This kayak can withstand class III and IV rapids, making it suitable for cruising in choppy waters. You won’t struggle to control this kayak regardless of the water condition.

Strengths Of The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

1. A superior quality inflatable kayak that gives value for money

2. Has a comfortable seat for daylong fishing adventures

3. The kayak can handle up to class III and IV rapids, thus guaranteeing safety in case of a sudden change in weather

4. Designed for fishing with accessories that make it best for anglers

5. Tandem kayak that can comfortably accommodate two anglers and their gear

6. Multiple storage options

7. Allows for casting as you stand without losing balance

8. Fast inflation and deflation

9. Can handle sharp objects in the water without getting punctured

Weaknesses Of The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

The included paddle might be too short for some paddlers


The Elkton outdoors steelhead is every kayak angler’s dream kayak. It has excellent features that are designed with the user in mind. It is a rigid and stable kayak that guarantees safe fishing trips. The fact that it is inflatable makes it convenient for those with limited storage space. For less than $1000, we think that this kayak is worth buying. We hope that this review is helpful to you. Would you please let us know when you buy your Elkton outdoors steelhead kayak so that we can share the joy? Happy kayaking!



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