Step By Step Guide To Fiberglass Canoe Repair

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This step by step guide will help you in many ways to fix your canoe. Fiberglass canoes are highly durable. They can be durable and can consume numerous damage whether the frame has been accidentally blemished while in use, or it is simply faced wear and tear. If your fiberglass canoe has supported you a lot, then it can be productive to know how to fix it.

Repairing fiberglass canoe can cost less if you are doing it on your own rather than professionals do it for you. And it is also beneficial for you if you know how to fix fiberglass canoe, as you can buy an old one and make it look like brand new. 

How can fiberglass canoe be repaired?

Here are a few steps that will help you repair the fiberglass canoe:

  • Step 1: find the problem

Before you repair anything, you need to know about the problem. If the problem is the hole in the frame of the canoe, cut that area with the help of disc sander to enlarge the hole. This will remove the area around the hole, which may get weakened with the impact. Subside the edges, so it levels the frame.

  • Step 2: use cardboard to fill it

Now use cardboard to fill the hole. The cardboard should be bigger than the hole, note that cardboard should be only 2-3 inches extent than the hole. Then wrap it with plastic wrapper. Make sure you kept the plastic smooth and tight over the cardboard. 

  • Step 3: make your resin

Take a container, mix the resin with the hardener. Stir it gently and make sure that there are no bubbles. Also, keep in mind that it does not last long, as it starts to harden after a few minutes.

  • Step 4: put resin mixture on fiberglass

Put the resin mixture in the fiberglass cloth that is exactly the size of the hole you are going to cover. Make sure that fiberglass is completely covered.

  • Step 5: finally repair the damage

Now you have to cover the hole that is on the exterior of the frame with the soaked piece of fiberglass. The hole will not be filled with only one fiberglass cloth; you will need 5-6 layers of fiberglass cloths soaked in the resin mixture. 

  • Step 6: wait for it to dry

Once it is dry, you can remove the cardboard from the frame. You will notice that fiberglass is molded to the correct shape of the frame. Now you can smooth both sides with the help of sandpaper.

If you are still in doubt about the process; please check this video below (hope that will help you on the go)

Are you done with the first part? You are half-way (but major stuff is done) through. Let’s watch the second part of canoe fixation in detail.

We hope this guide helps you repair your canoe effectively. As fixing anything by own is more cheerful and exciting.

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