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These days kayaks and the technology itself became sophisticated. But, at the same time – kayak manufacturers are paying close attention to the guys those are bit big and holds higher weight then the average kayaks. Its because fishing with kayak needs more maneuverability and controlling capabilities which are absent in typical recreational kayaks. When a big guy or girl pick a kayak – then their first priority would be a kayak that has bigger weights, better load capacity and bigger in sizes as well. Also these kayaks need to be super comfortable, sturdy and stable that should be specifically designed to provide the best support for big-frame individuals.

3 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000
3 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

So, are you a big guy who enjoys fishing but cannot find the right kayak? Worry no more. Below are my reviews of the best fishing kayak for big guys.

Top 6 Bestseller Fishing Kayaks For Big Guys

#ImageKayak NameSpecsTypeBest For
1image 1BKC PK12 Angler 12-Foot Sit On Top Solo Fishing KayakWeight: 78 lbs
Capacity: 480 lbs
Size: 12 foot

Our Best Big Picks

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and...
  • Comfortable for anyone: Kayak includes an adjustable inflatable seat with backrest; Cockpit designed for comfort and space
  • Dimensions: Inflated size 10 feet 3 x 3 feet x 1 feet 8 inch; Maximum weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Directional stability: Removable SKEG for directional stability
  • Increased visibility: In case of emergency, bright yellow color helps visibility
  • Made for smaller bodies of water: Explorer k2 is made for smaller bodies of water including lakes and mild rivers

More features from this kayak:

1. 400 pounds capacity which is astonishing

2. Re-entering on the kayak for big guys in the middle of the lake (while swimming) is easy

3. Tracks well with the skeg included

4. Budget Friendly

Fishing Kayak for Big Guys

My Top Picks To Kayaks For Big Guys 

1. ​Sun Dolphin Journey 12-Foot Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak

If you are looking to have fun on the water without breaking the bank, this kayak is perfect for you. This 12-foot kayak has a spacious cockpit that allows ease of entry. It also comes with adjustable thigh pads and leg braces. There are also two flush mount rod holders as well as a swivel rod holder.

The Journey 12’ is designed to hold a weight of 395lb. and intended for lakes and rivers, especially on hard-to-reach fishing spots. This fishing kayak is amazingly light so you can carry it anywhere you go.

It also comes with cargo storage with shock straps on the bow to enable you to store plenty of things. If you still need extra storage space, you can use the portable accessory carrier (PAC) that can be carried as a backpack.

Wins & Fails

1. Very spacious and features additional storage space

2. Stable and decent speed

5. Easy to get in and outs

6. Less maneuverable due to its length

7. Its 29.5 inches width affects its speed

2. Lifetime 10-Foot Two-Person Kayak

This kayak has a stable hull design with a weight capacity of 500lb and is constructed from polyethylene. This provides the boats with extra stability to allow you to stand firmly on it without tipping over. This is also a great vessel for kayaking with a friend due to the versatile design that makes it possible for solo and tandem paddling.

With a 10-ft length, it is easy to transport and store. It even comes with two paddles and two padded backrests. Along with three fishing rod holders, it’s also equipped with a 6-inch storage hatch for holding your fishing gears.

Wins & Fails

1. Extremely sturdy and durable

2. Can be converted to carry two people

3. Tunnel hull for stability making it impossible to tip over

4. Slow compared to other models

5. Not very long (just 10 ft)

3. Brooklyn Kayak Company UH 12.5-Foot Kayak

Are you planning for a lazy afternoon on the river with a buddy? Then you should consider this 12.5-foot tandem kayak which has a weight capacity of 450 lb and weighs 68 lb. the Brooklyn kayak has a rear storage area that is secured by a bungee tie-down system.

Its 34-inch beam enables the kayak to have impressive stability and tracking. This will allow you to stand without tipping over and keep you balanced in rough water. The Brooklyn kayak also comes with seven-rod holders: four-flush mounts and three of which are adjustable based on your preferences.

I also love the fact that it comes in multiple anti-fade colors which blend easily with the environment.  It is also equipped with ergonomic seats and two bungee paddle rests for enhanced comfort.

Wins & Fails

1. Multiple carrying handles for easy transportation

2. Balanced hull for ultimate stability

3. Easy to maneuver

4. A bit heavy at 68 lb

5. Rudderless

​4. Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Explorer K2 is a sporty, fun kayak that is designed for recreational use in rivers and lakes. Its bright yellow color and design enhance its visibility and make it safe to use even in bad weather conditions. While it weighs only 37.5 lb, it has a weight capacity of 350lb and can fit two adults. It measures 10 feet and 3 inches long.

The cockpit is designed for comfort and space and is equipped with inflatable seats and an adjustable backrest. Compact and lightweight, this kayak is easy to assemble and transport. One of its features is its rugged vinyl construction and an inflatable floor that ensures comfort and rigidity. Besides, it comes with a repair kit and removable skeg that ensures directional stability.

Wins & Fails

1. Luminous color for great visibility

2. Spacious and comfortable seats

3. Inflates quickly

4. Paddles are not adjustable

5. Prone to over inflation

5.  Ocean Kayak Prowler Sit-on-Top

This is one of the oldest yet best kayaks on the market designed especially for fishing. It is popularly known for its versatility as it can be used in both calm and rough water. The kayak is also equipped with comfortable seats that provide excellent back support so you can have a relaxing experience.

At 13 feet long and 28 inches wide, this kayak has great secondary stability making it ideal for various water conditions. It also boasts great speed and efficiency due to its narrow hull and stability. This makes it easy to paddle over long distances, likewise making it a great fishing kayak.

Besides, the Ocean Kayak Prowler comes with carrying handles for easy transportation. This kayak has a large storage hatch at the bow as well as paddle holders at the side. There is also a large tank with bungee cords at the back of the seat for securing larger items like crates and cooler up to 475 lb.

Wins & Fails

1. Adequate storage

2. Great speed and efficiency

3. Versatile

4. Has only 2-rod holders

5. Seats not ideal for long-distance trips

6. Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak

This is the ultimate kayak for anglers who are looking for high performance and great features. The Pescador Pro is a great fishing kayak designed for fishing in lakes, flatwater, rivers, and ponds. With its 12-feet length, it is easy to maneuver while adding to its speed and stability. It features a removable stadium-style seat that comes in two positions: upright and incline.

If you compare this Pescador Pro 12 with their other models like Pescador Pro 10; then I would say – its definitely better for larger paddlers when you compare the size, weight, capacity and balancing capabilities for big guys. Here is a short comparison of different models.

Perception Pro 12Perception Pro 10
More load capacity and its 375 lbsLess load capacity and its 350 lbs.

The Pescador Pro is a durable polyethylene boat that comes with two-rod holders and a secure place to keep paddles. It also has adjustable foot braces to enable you to maintain the right paddling posture. The sit-on-top design allows for adequate storage. Additionally, it has a molded-in stern tank that features bungee keepers for additional storage.

Also, it has comfortable carrying handles for easy launching and transportation as well as a molded-in cup holder.

Wins & Fails

1. Good storage

2. Replaceable skid for enhanced durability

3. Comfortable seat

4. Limited dry storage area

5. Quite difficult to transport

7. Elkton Outdoors Tandem Kayak

Built with a durable rotomold injected body, the Elkton kayak is built to last. It’s designed with anglers in mind all thanks to its robust and lightweight structure. It is perfect for fishing in rivers, lakes, and oceans. It also comes with two adjustable comfortable seats and cup holders for an exceptional experience.

The mounted rod holders allow for a versatile fishing experience in any water surface or weather conditions. This allows anglers to set their rods in various positions for a great catch. Also, it features airtight internal storage compartments to secure your valuables while fishing. It also has additional storage for placing your fishing gear.

Included are accessories such as double-sided oars, bungee cords, a repair kit, and two paddles. It comes with two carry handles for easy transport and measures 12 feet in length and 3 feet wide. Due to its size, the Elkton kayak is capable of accommodating two people.

Wins & Fails

1. Strong and durable construction

2. Retains air better

3. Easy to transport and store

4. Can be difficult to set up

5. Not tear-proof

8. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler Kayak

This is a sit-on-top kayak that offers great performance on lakes, bays, and ponds. Its smooth paddling design enables it to track and turn easily. The Tarpon kayak is 10 feet long and 30.5 inches wide and comes with a larger tank well compared to similar models.

Its intuitive design allows for easy access to the gears for anglers of different body sizes. This versatile kayak also comes with an adjustable foot brace system, padded backrest, and phase 3 AirPro seats for added comfort. The hull is constructed with high-density polyethylene to provide enhanced durability.

It has a weight capacity of 325 pounds, a slideTrax accessory for attaching the rod holders, and other accessories. Additionally, its molded-in stern storage with shock cord keeps the crate and dry bags secure.

Wins & Fails

1. Superior construction quality

2. Great speed

3. Spacious storage

4. Weight capacity of only 325lb

5. Molded foot can be frustrating at times

9. Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120 Sit-on-Top

The Skipjack 90 is a one-person sit-on-top fishing kayak that performs well in flat water and rivers. With a length of 12 feet and a weight of 72lb, the kayak can provide you with impressive maneuverability. Its wide beam which measures 32 inches also makes it pretty stable and allows you to stand up and fish without tipping over. Its small size makes it very portable and flexible which can easily fit at the back of a car.

This kayak comes with a deluxe seat, paddle, 4 flush mount rod holders, and an optional mounting location. With its capacity of 500lb, it is suitable for anglers who’re looking for something light yet capable of storing plenty of gears.

In fact, it has a large bungee rear tank well and two sealed dry storage hatches with bag inserts for storing your valuables. I like that it comes with 5 grip carry handles for easy transport and portability.

Wins & Fails

1. Highly adaptable to various water conditions

2. Extremely affordable

3. Short and maneuverable

4. Weigh capacity of 500lb only

5. Shorter length compromises tracking

10. Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak

This is the perfect kayak for novice anglers who are looking for something stable, compact, and offers a lot of volumes. Equipped with a large cockpit opening, this kayak allows for ease of entry and exit for anglers of all sizes. The Vapor 10 provides a high level of comfort with its adjustable seats, solid quick-drying cushion, and foot straps. It also features padded thigh braces for increased comfort in the cockpit.

This kayak is constructed with a single layer of polyethylene which is easy to clean and extremely durable. I also love its intuitive design which includes an in-molded paddle holder and an anchor. The molded-in cup holder can be used for storing baits and lures. With the design of the streamlined hull, any angler will be able to turn the boat without much effort.

Wins & Fails

1. Built-in grip carry handles

2. Adjustable comfort seat

3. Open cargo well in the stern for easy access to items

4. Its lightweight can make it unsuitable for rough water

5. Not suitable for stand-up fishing

Which Type Of Kayak Is Ideal For The Big Guys?

There are various styles and types of kayaks in the market; however, not all are designed for the big guys. Each of the kayaks made for big anglers has its own pros and cons. Thus, your choice will depend on requirements as well as personal preferences. Below are the different types of kayaks:

1. Sit-on-Top Kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaks are highly recommended for big guys. They come with a larger cockpit that makes it easier for bigger individuals to get in and out of the boat. As a result, they are unlikely to tip. They also allow the paddler to sit comfortably with their legs in front and on top of the kayak rather than inside of it. They feature plenty of leg room without needing you to sacrifice storage space for your valuables and fishing gear.

They also offer adequate room to move around and make you more comfortable during your fishing expedition. Besides, when compared to sit-in kayaks, sit-on kayaks are more exciting as they allow you to have a great kayaking experience. They are more stable and allow you to stand and fish. These kayaks may be expensive but worth investing in since they will serve you for a long period of time.

Which Types Of Kayaks Are Not Ideal For Big Guys (Over Weight People)

1. Inflatable Kayaks

Although durable, buoyant, and affordable, inflatable kayaks are not ideal for larger individuals. They have a low weight capacity which may not accommodate anglers of various sizes. While there are some inflatable boats with a decent weight capacity, they will probably not last long.

2. Sit-In Kayaks

Similarly, sit-in kayaks are not designed for bigger guys. They feature a narrower beam and a small cockpit. This makes it difficult to enter and exit from the boat and could result in a tip. However, they offer great protection for the lower body and are great for individuals who want to stay warm and dry while kayaking. These kayaks are also recommended for individuals who want to kayak all year round.

Kayak For Big Guys

Features To Consider If You Have A Huge Frame

Purchasing the right kayak for your size and weight can be daunting. There are various features that you should consider in order to find a kayak that meets your needs and requirements. Here are some specs to consider if you are a big guy.

1. Weight Capacity

When choosing a kayak, it’s important to note that each boat has its own weight limit. Thus, it’s essential to know the weight limit that the kayak of your choice can handle and ensure that it is close to your own weight. In addition, you should consider the weight of your fishing gear and other items that you intend to carry on board. Most kayaks for heavy individuals have a capacity of around 200lb up to 500lb.

Besides, in my research and experience in kayaking, I have realized that tandem kayaks have a high weight capacity since they are designed for two people.

2. Weight Of The Kayak

The weight of the kayak is another feature that we big guys should consider when searching for the perfect kayak. Most kayaks are lightweight, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy to break. If anything, lightweight kayaks are built to be durable and highly resistant to bumps and rocks in the water.

Lightweight kayaks are also ideal for huge frame individuals since they are easy to move around. You won’t need to put in much effort while you are kayaking.

3. Material

The material of the kayak will directly impact its weight as well as durability. You are making a big investment, so you want to ensure that your choice of a kayak will last for years of good use. There are different types of kayak materials, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Polyethylene is a great material since it has a longer shelf life and better resistance against impact and water. Softshell kayaks are not popular but have great resistance to abrasion and punctures. Composite is yet another kayak material that includes fiberglass. Fiberglass is rugged, lightweight, and expensive but is less likely to get damaged.

4. Comfortable Cockpit

Choosing the right cockpit in relation to your body is important. A roomy cockpit allows better maneuverability even in rough conditions. If you have taken a kayak that does not allow ease of entry and exit, it is a waste of money and effort. Besides, there are different types of kayak cockpits that you can choose from.

The keyhole cockpit is wide and measures 32 inches long. They are also adjustable to allow a comfortable sitting and provide plenty of legroom. The ocean cockpit, on the other hand, comes in various shapes including round oval and elliptical. It is also wide, compact, and has a snug space for comfortable sitting. Generally, it measures 20 inches wide and 26 inches long.

The other type of cockpit is the recreational cockpit that generally measures 20 inches wide and 36 inches long. It comes with an oval and square shape and offers plenty of space for entry and exit.

Recommended Kayak Sizes & Limits For Everyone

Kayaker WeightKayaker Height Sizes Recommended Kayak Size
225 lbs6 ft+12 ft
140 – 190 lbs5.7 ft 5.10″10 ft – 12 ft
140 lbs+5 ft 68ft – 10 ft

Final Notes

As mentioned above, there are various types of fishing kayaks for big guys. This makes it daunting to make the right choice of a kayak if you have a big frame. It is therefore important for any big guy to know what they are looking for so as to make the right purchasing decision.

The list that I have created above is bound to help you narrow your search for boats that are above 200lb. With these top 10 best fishing kayaks for big guys, you are more likely to enjoy your time outdoors.

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