Intex Dakota K2 Reviewed: Pros, Cons, And Everything You Need To Know

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Intex Dakota K2 is a popular inflatable kayak by Intex and is amongst the most affordable kayaks with a brand name. This kayak is great for recreational kayaking and can be used for camping and other water activities with family and friends. The kayak comes with the accessories you need to get onto the water at no extra cost. With this kayak, you get an air pump and 86-inch oars, which is an advantage, especially if you are a beginner.

Key Takeaways

  • An excellent inflatable kayak comes in handy for those moments when you want water adventure and the Intex Dakota K2 is a perfect inflatable kayak for such moments
  • This kayak is the best option for beginner paddlers who are looking for an all-inclusive kayak kit because it comes with a pump and paddles
  • The price of this kayak is $189.99 and it is an excellent price if you consider the features of this kayak
  • This kayak has three separate air chambers and an inflatable I-Beam floor for rigidity

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Who Is Intex Dakota K2 For?

Intex Dakota K2 is great for beginner paddlers on a budget or those who want an all-inclusive kayak kit. The kayak comes with a pump and paddles, and that’s all you need to start enjoying kayak adventures.

This kayak is also great for recreational kayaking and camping on the water. Paddlers looking for an affordable and easy-to-use kayak love the Intex Dakota K2.

How Much Does The Intex Dakota K2 Cost?

The kayak is available to buy at $189.99 at most large retail stores. However, the price may vary and fluctuate significantly around summer. If you are not in a hurry, you could wait and buy one when prices are lower. It is possible to get the kayak for as low as $120 on Amazon during the low-demand months.

Features Of The Intex Dakota K2 Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Dakota has some fantastic features that make the kayak stand out from the rest. Let’s have a look at our favorite features of this kayak. 

1. It Has A Maximum Weight Capacity Of 400 lbs And Can Hold Up To Two People

This kayak has a massive weight capacity considering it is an inflatable kayak. It can comfortably accommodate two adults and enough gear for a half-day trip without the risk of capsizing.

2. It Comes With Inflatable Seats With A Backrest

Finding an inflatable kayak with comfortable seats is such a challenging task, but that is not the case. It has inflatable seats that you can pump up to your desired stiffness. The backrest provides back support to ensure you don’t come back from your adventure exhausted and with backaches.

3. It Can Be Used As A Tandem Or Solo Kayak

The Intex Dakota k2 is designed for two paddlers but comes with removable seats making it possible to use it as a solo kayak. This versatility is what most paddlers enjoy about the Intex kayak. The kayak is stable when used both ways, and beginners can learn how to paddle solo or with a partner using the kayak.

4. It Has A Rigid Vinyl Construction

The manufacturer of this kayak says the kayak is made of heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl. Our kayak experience shows that it is a good-quality vinyl construction but can be prone to punctures, especially in shallow water. It would help if you were careful when handling the vessel in shallow water or other areas that risk puncturing your boat.

5. It Has Three Separate Air Chambers And An Inflatable I-Beam Floor For Rigidity

The kayak has three separate air chambers to ensure that you get to the shore if one chamber is punctured. The I-beam floor makes the kayak rigid, and you can stand with ease. This floor is what makes the kayak able to withstand the high weight capacity of the kayak.

6. Features Boston Valves For Quick Inflation And Deflation

The Intex Dakota K2 kayak has Boston valves which are one-way valves that have two caps. To inflate the kayak, you remove the top cap and pump air into the boat. These valves ensure air gets in without any of it escaping. You can set up the Intex Dakota K2 in under 10 minutes, including the seats.

7. It Comes With The Kayaking Accessories You Need To Get Started Right Away

The Intex Dakota K2 comes with two 86-inch paddles, a carry bag, two dry bags with carrying straps, and a double-quick hand pump. With these, you won’t have to spend an extra buck on accessories. You can get the kayak and head to the water without hesitating.

8. It Has A Long Skeg For Tracking And A Short Skeg For Easy And Fast Turns

The skegs provide directional stability in standard water depth and even in shallow water. With the Intex Dakota K2, you won’t struggle to maneuver or even paddle in a straight line.

9. Has Grab Lines On Both Ends For Straightforward Hauling To And From The Water

Thanks to the grab handles and lines at both ends, this kayak is easy to carry around even when inflated. Since hauling it is easy, you won’t have to worry about inflating your kayak far from the water.

Specifications Of The Intex Dakota K2

Brand Intex
MaterialHeavy-duty vinyl
Weight31 lb
Max. weight capacity400 lb
Height 1’8”
Package includesTwo dry bags, carry bag, hand pump, two paddles

Strengths Of The Intex Dakota k2

This kayak is popular among paddlers for a reason, it has many strong points, and this section focuses on some major pros of the Intex Dakota K2.

1. Lightweight and easy to transport since it comes with grab handles

2. Easy and quick inflation and deflation

3. It’s an affordable option that comes with all necessary accessories

4. Spacious enough for two paddlers or a solo paddler and their pet

5. Has excellent  maneuverability and tracking

6. It comes with dry bags and a carry bag for the kayak and all your gear

7. Has short and long skegs for improved directional stability and tracking

8. It comes with a pump and paddles making it ready to use as soon as you buy

9. Ideal for recreational kayaking and use on calm water

10. Weaknesses of the Intex Dakota K2

What are some of the negatives of this kayak? Does it have possible deal- breakers? Let’s find out

1. Might be prone to punctures

2. The kayak is broad and might require more effort to paddle with the provided oars

Final Thoughts

From our experience with the Intex Dakota K2 kayak, we think it is a great inflatable kayak for beginner paddlers. This kayak is affordable and comes with accessories, thus giving you value for money. It is easy to set up and deflate this vessel thanks to the Boston valves making it a good option when you are in a rush. Another thing we love about this kayak has to be the ease of transporting it. It comes with a carry bag and has grab handles that you can use to haul the kayak once inflated. The directional stability and maneuverability of this kayak are also outstanding and worth mentioning. 

If you are looking for an affordable inflatable kayak for recreational use, we recommend the Intex Dakota 2. The only thing you have to do is avoid any punctures and have a repair kit with you in case of punctures. Otherwise, it is a great kayak that is worth the hype.



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