Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Review (Cost, Specs & Performance)

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The Intex excursion Pro is arguably the best inflatable kayak on the market today. This kayak is from PVC-coated polyester fabric and weighs 17 kg. The kayak can carry two persons and has a maximum weight capacity of 180 kg, making it ideal for carrying your gear. this kayak comes with an air pump for rapid inflation, two pug-in paddles, a valve key for tightening the valves, a repair kit in case of damage, footrests for both paddlers, a manometer for monitoring the air pressure, an inflatable seat pad, fishing rod holders, one shallow water skeg and one deepwater skeg.

Key Takeaways

  • The Intex excursion Pro kayak is specially designed for anglers, fishing enthusiasts, and any kayaker looking for a comfortable fishing kayak
  • The Intex excursion pro costs around $315 and it is a very reasonable price if you compare the features of this kayak
  • The Intex excursion Pro is made from lightweight and abrasion-resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric so it can easily withstand harsh conditions
  • The seats of this kayak are attached to the floor using a Velcro strip and can be adjusted according to the paddler’s height
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Below Are The Specifications Of The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak:

Material PVC-coated polyester fabric
Weight 17 kg
Maximum load180 kg
No of persons2
Length384 cm
Width94 cm
Pressure 0.08 bar

Who Is Intex Excursion Pro For?

The Intex excursion pro is designed for anglers, fishing enthusiasts, and any kayaker looking for a comfortable kayak that maneuvers smoothly. It is specially designed with anglers in mind and has outstanding features that make it an excellent fishing kayak. The kayak is relatively stable to help you cast with ease. It also comes with two recessed fishing rod holders, a swivel rod holder, and an adjustable and removable mounting bracket for extra accessories such as fish finders and GPS systems. If you are looking for an excellent inflatable kayak for fishing, this is your best bet.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Intex excursion pro costs around $ 315, which is reasonable for such a great quality kayak with all these features and accessories. 


The Intex excursion pro has a lot of unique and valuable features for the price:

1. Durable Construction 

This kayak is made from lightweight and abrasion-resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric. This material makes for a firm and robust kayak that can withstand harsh conditions. The material is tough enough for having your dog and cat without fear of them puncturing the kayak.

2. Easy To Inflate And Deflate

The kayak comes with a small pump that works well to inflate the kayak in a record 7-8 minutes. It has valves with valve springs for attaching the pump and easy inflating. The valve spring is covered with a screw cap to ensure it doesn’t open accidentally on the water. It has a manometer that helps you check if the chamber has the correct air pressure after the kayak has taken shape. You can inflate the sections up to 0.08 bar. We, however, noticed that the valve springs are not the easiest to handle, and you might have difficulties trying to open or close the valve spring.

3. Have Excellent Directional Stability Thanks To The Skegs

If you’ve used both a hard-shell kayak and an inflatable one, then you know that inflatable kayaks slack a bit when it comes to directional stability. The Intex excursion pro is different since it has excellent directional stability and paddling performance. It comes with two directional skegs; one for deeper water and a smaller one for shallow waters. Although the kayak is not the fastest inflatable kayak in the market, you will enjoy paddling it due to its maneuverability.

4. Comfort 

When it comes to comfort, this inflatable kayak tries to deliver. It has inflatable seats that are very comfortable for short trips. The seats are attached to the floor using a Velcro strip and can be adjusted according to the paddler’s height. The back support of the seats is adequate but may be unstable if you lean into it.  However, the backrest can be locked using the buckles on the seat to make them stable and reduce jerking. This kayak also has footrests with three different positions for extra comfort. Footrests give you a good hold when paddling and also make paddling a lot easier.

5. Storage 

One thing you will enjoy about this kayak is the generous amount of storage that it provides. The bow and stern offer more than enough storage space, and they also have D-rings to attach your gear and dry bags.

Convinced and looking forward to buying this kayak? Here it is –

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How Does The Intex Excursion Pro Perform On The Water?

The performance of the Intex excursion pro is top-notch and excellent. It is made from a durable material that is resistant to abrasion, sunlight, saltwater, and gasoline, making it able to withstand any water condition. The stability of this kayak is also something you will immensely enjoy while on the water. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, which makes it remain balanced even when carrying heavy loads. The boat’s width also contributes immensely to its stability, which makes for a great fishing kayak.

How To Set Up And Deflate The Intex Excursion Pro

Setting up this kayak is fun and easy since it comes with a manual with all the instructions. The vessel comes with a double-action air pump and has valves that make inflation enjoyable and smooth. It inflates to 0.08 bar and takes an average of 8 minutes to set up. This kayak comes with a pressure gauge that you can use to monitor the pressure in the tubes. 

This kayak is also easy to dismantle, and the material dries fast, making it easy to pack and transport. To disassemble the kayak, open the drain in the stern to drain any water in the cockpit by tilting the boat backward. Wipe down the kayak to dry it. Open the spring-loaded air valves at the back of the boat to let out the air or if you are in a hurry, use the pump to suck out any air in the tubes. After defeating the boat, start folding it from the front to enable any air still in the tubes to escape through the air valves at the back of the boat.

Strengths Of The Intex Excursion Pro

Despite being a new release, Intex excursion pro is quite popular as an inflatable kayak, and there are many reasons for this:

1. Easy To Assemble And Dismantle – the kayak comes with instructions to help you assemble with ease. It also has a pump that makes inflating fast and effortless. It is easy to deflate and transport thanks to the included carry case.

2. Excellent Performance On Water– this kayak offers an outstanding balance between maneuverability, speed, and directional stability.

3. All-Inclusive Package– our favorite part about this kayak has to be all the accessories it comes with. You won’t need extra equipment after purchasing the kayak.

4. Spacious And Ideal For Anglers– the kayak has good storage space and features such as fishing rod holders to help make fishing on it more enjoyable.

5. Robust And Excellent Quality Material– the kayak has a more rigid and better-quality skin than other Intex kayaks. This material is resistant to abrasion, oils, sunlight, and saltwater.

Weaknesses Of The Intex Excursion Pro

 Here are some of the weaknesses you need to consider before you decide to buy your first Intex excursion pro:

1. The paddles might be wobbly– this kayak comes with two double-bladed paddles that are five pieces. For more extended tours, the paddles might become shaky and less stable.

2. The spray covers lean inwards, thus allowing water to get into the cockpit.

3. Low air pressure makes the chambers soft.

4. Footrests might not be suitable for taller users.

The Takeaway 

In conclusion, the Intex excursion pro is a superior inflatable kayak that anglers and any other person who enjoys kayaking will love. It comes with all the accessories you might need for a comfortable kayaking trip. It is also quite affordable considering all that you get for that price. The kayak is durable, solid, and stable to enable you to enjoy the outdoors immensely.

If you are on the lookout for an excellent quality kayak, we highly recommend Intex excursion pro. Apart from the few weak points we’ve mentioned, this is a great kayak that will meet and exceed your expectations.


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