Intex Explorer K2 VS Tacoma K2 | The Differences & Review In Detail

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Using inflatable kayaks is the best way to go if you’re interested in getting into kayaking. Compared to the hard shell models, these inflatable kayaks offer the utmost comfort and efficiency, with a whole new world of convenience. They are portable, can be stored just about anywhere, and can as well fold up light. Getting the kayak down to the water does not require roof racks or an extra set of hands. 

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To suit all kinds of users, Intex Explorer K2 and Tacoma K2 are inflatable kayaks that come in various shapes and sizes. They have soft bottoms that make excellent sea kayaks and are ideally suited for the best kayaking experience, whether you are interested in speed and riding waves or want to sit back and gently paddle through nature. This article will look at the features, specifications, pros, and cons of both kayaks and show the differences that distinguish the two. Stick through to the end.

Description Of Intex Explorer K2 And Tacoma K2:

Before we get to the differences and specifications of the two kayaks, it is vital to describe each of them to understand how they differ regarding paddling. 

Intex Explorer K2:

For easy rowing, the Intex Explorer K2 is sporty and fun with a streamlined design. It is evident in the water due to its sporty graphics and bright yellow color. It is perfect for two adults and great for experiencing mild rivers and lakes in the company of a friend. Allowing you to take the fun of paddling wherever you go, it is easy to assemble in addition to being lightweight and compact. With your friends and family, it is cheap and ideal for a short trip to the lake. It is comfortable and stiff than most boats out there since it is made with a tough l-beam floor. Whether a pro kayaker or a beginner, the Intex Explorer K2 has a modernized design that makes rowing easy for anyone, with super easy instructions to get the most out of it.

Customer Rating By Features:

4.6 out of 5 stars

1. Easy to use 4.6 

2. Budget-friendly 4.5

3. Good quality 4.3


1. Easy inflation and deflation.

2. Has comfortable seats and space

3. Inexpensive

4. Lightweight design.

5. Included skeg

6. It is made from a sturdy material.


1. They are unsuitable for choppy waters.

2. Mediocre oars or paddles.


1. It has a designed cockpit for comfort and space, hence secure for anyone since it includes two adjustable seats with backrests. 

2. A repair patch kit, U.S Coast Guard I.D, and a grab line, and for your convenience, a handle at each end is provided.

3. The bright yellow color helps to increase visibility in case of an emergency. 

4. It has three separate air chambers and Boston valves for quick inflation and deflation.

5. Including lakes and mild rivers, Explorer K2 is made for smaller water bodies.

6. For comfort and rigidity, it has an inflatable l-beam floor and is made with rugged vinyl construction. At the same time, it has a removable skeg which provides direction and stability.

7. Since it is super lightweight, it is effortless to manoeuvre. 

8. It is durably made from heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl. 

9. The Intex Explorer K2 provides added accessories like an Intex high-output pump and two 86″ aluminum oars.


Altogether, the Intex Explorer K2 contains materials that help prevent accidents from happening and protect those who are paddling. The vinyl can surge against rough materials like vexing wood, blunt sticks, or rocks and even take some pretty harsh scrapping. The kayak comes with repair patches that you can use suppose anything manages to poke a hole in the material. 


Its material can ramble through debris in the water and take some scrapes against hardened and rough rocks due to its heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl. You’ll be able to return to land without stress because the combination of the rigid vinyl material, as well as the air chambers, hold the kayak up on the water and make it unable to sink. 


The centered l-beam will ease your mind if you’re worried about any weight imbalances. It will support and stabilize the construction, even with two of you sitting in it, one being heavier than the other. It keeps the kayak rigid and stable every time.


Intex Exterior K2 is recommended mainly for recreational kayaking with its low profile consisting of a flat hull. With a high nose and tail for balance and buoyancy, a comfortable amount of space, and a streamlined design, it is firm considering its design. The low and streamlined position allows simple and easy movement from the removable skeg that aids with balance and rigidity and additional support from the inflatable l-beam. 

Tacoma K2:

Appropriate for users of every level of experience, Intex Tacoma K2 is a solid sit-on kayak meant for two people. Sunken into the spacious cockpit are comfortable and well-supported seats, including inflatable backrests with plenty of legroom. It could be a perfect choice if you are looking for a kayak with many extra features and fail-safes, besides good performance. For easy inflation, this kayak has three separate air chambers fitted with Boston valves. The floor has also been specifically designed to offer maximum stringency. In as much as it is a high-performing vessel, the combination of heavy-duty construction and an easy-to-carry-around kayak makes the Intex Tacoma K2 very convenient. 

Customer Rating By Features:

4.2 out of 5 stars

1. Durable 4.2

2. Easy to use 4.0

3. Stable 4.0


1. Its internal frame and low-profile deck make it highly stable.

2. The directionality is remarkable.

3. With lots of legroom, it is comfortable and spacious.

4. It has a strong and spacious interior.

5. Keeping you safe on the water, it has an extra durable exterior.

6. Portable and lightweight.

7. The Boston valves and separate air chambers enhance quick and easy inflation. 

8. It is an excellent product for the price tag.


1. It may not be suitable for extreme environments.

2. Even if they are well-built, inflatable kayaks are more inclined to punctures.


1. For ultimate comfort, it has two seats with back support. 

2. It is made from strong inflatable vinyl for extreme permanency.

3. It comes with a carrying bag for portability.

4. For stability, it has an l-beam floor, high buoyancy side chambers, and a low-profile deck.

5. For efficient inflation and deflation,  it has Boston valves and a high output pump. 

6. The purchase included accouterments such as two paddles, a two-person kayak, a hi-output pump, and a bag. 

7. It has three separate air chambers.

8. It is made from heavy-duty vinyl that is resistant to punctures.

Quick Inflation:

With three separate air chambers, Tacoma K2 is fitted with a high out pump and a special Boston valve. Unlike many other kayak models, these make it exceptionally quick and easy to inflate or deflate.


For ultimate durability, it is made from a super durable PVC pipe and external vinyl. It is tough to puncture and can withstand all the water conditions. The internal frames also provide additional support that keeps you safe in the water.  


It is effortless to carry from the handle, grab line, and the three air chambers, despite being as large as other standard kayak models. 


This kayak is fitted with two sit-on-top seats that allow you to paddle with a partner. The seats are equipped with comfy backs for extra support, keeping you comfortable during your journey. You can relax in your chair while enjoying your time outside, whether you sit in the front or back.


This kayak has several fail-safes put in place to ensure you stay safe and stable on the water. Balancing the weight even when it’s rocking or shifting, the l-beam construction in the floor helps to level the kayak in the water. While entering and leaving the boat, the low-profile deck helps weigh the kayak down in the water. Correcting any movements that tend to tip the craft, it has high-profile sides that make paddling safe. 


With a removable skeg, Tacoma K2 can steer quickly and accurately. You’ll never struggle to keep on the course or steer with this tool, which makes it more accurate in water, and let you improve the directionality. 

Differences Between Intex Explorer K2 And Tacoma K2:

Specifications:Intex Explorer K2:Tacoma K2:
Length:23.2 in23.8 in
Width:17.5 in16.3 in
Height:13.5 in13.3 in
Weight:37 lb35 lb
Colour:Yellow Blue 
Material:PolypropylenePVC vinyl

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Blow-Up Kayaks Stable?

They do not disappoint because stability is a very significant factor. These kayaks are very stable, with high-pressure inflatable walls and skegs. Each with unique levels of firmness, different models are more appropriate for different conditions.

2. Can Inflatable Kayaks Easily Burst?

No. Inflatable kayaks are made to withstand the elements, with some durable, heavy-duty materials readily available. However, they shouldn’t get any punctures or holes as long as you properly take good care of them.

3. How Long Does It Take To Pump Up An Inflatable Kayak?

In a matter of minutes, these kayaks are quick to inflate. To speed up the process, using a double-action pump will undoubtedly help. Depending on the size and volume of the kayak, inflation time will possibly vary. 


For anyone who wishes to visit the waters, Intex Explorer K2 and Tacoma K2 are 100% tested to ensure excellent durability, performance, safety, and stability. You can consider them if you love being outdoors and having fun on the water. Safety, durability, easy transport, and travel capabilities are some of the unique advantages. Be sure to consider them if you are planning on getting a new watercraft. Good Luck!

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