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Fact Checked By James A Rockey | Post Updated On: November 29, 2022
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. isn’t a legitimate website for buying Sun Dolphin kayaks. The official website of Sun Dolphin is “” Over the years, many scammers have created duplicate sites pretending to be Sun Dolphin Shops online. Many customers have become victims of these scammers. It has been a matter of great concern as it has affected the reputation of this company.

Key Takeaways

  • Sun Dolphin doesn’t have its own online store, so you can only find authentic Sun Dolphin products at Walmart, Amazon, dick’s sporting goods, home depot, etc.
  • The Sun Dolphin American Fishing Boat is very comfortable and affordable in price
  • Sun Dolphin kayaks are only recommended for rivers and calm lakes
  • There are two types of Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayaks available: sit-in and sit-on kayaks

Is Sundolphinshop.Com Legit Or Not?

Is Sun Dolphin Legit Or Not

Well, Sun Dolphin is a legit “company” that deals with kayaks, boats, and watersport accessories. However. Sundolphinshop.Com is not a legit platform to buy authentic Sun Dolphin products online. The official website of Sun Dolphin is “” You can also find the Sun Dolphin products at Walmart, Amazon, dick’s sporting goods, home depot, bass pro shops, and other outlets that deal with outdoor sports products.

Does Sun Dolphin Still Exist?

Yes, it still exists. Despite having claims of its collapse, the company continues making sure all its customers who order boats, kayaks, and even canoes, are well served most appropriately. 

It has also verified the site details and other ways to confirm whether they are working with scammers or with the actual company dealers.

The Customer Reviews Of Sun Dolphin And Their Products

As expected, the reviews are pretty negative as the customers are not even sure if the company still functions or has been overpowered by the scammers. It has a four-point rating as a fake company and a four-point five on Amazon. What does this show? 

It shows that despite having all the negative reviews and lack of faith from the customers, it still beats the odds as it is still a service provider. On Amazon, the top three products and items purchased worldwide include:

1. The Sun Dolphin American Fishing Boat

It comes in two distinct colors; beige and green. It is also very comfortable and affordable.

2. The Sun Dolphin Sun Slider

This slider keeps getting very high purchases, especially during holidays. Not only is it affordable but also very comfortable. It is a five-seater, therefore has enough space.

3. The Sun Dolphin Sport Kayak.

This is the 8.6 feet best kayak ever. If you have kayaked and never tried this, you are missing a lot of fun. Affordability, enough space, and an incredibly memorable experience describe the adventure with this kayak.

The Best Sun Dolphin Kayaks That You Will Never Notice Easily

If you are not sure where you can get that kayak at an affordable price, then Sun Dolphin may be the place you have been searching for. The best advice is that you should never go for expensive boats. It may be too expensive for you and end up serving you for a very long time. Go for what you can easily afford and later think about an upgrade after knowing what you are dealing with.

The kayaks discussed below are not that famous among people because they are the cheapest, and customers end up ignoring them, not knowing what a masterpiece they are leaving behind. Let’s head straight to the masterpiece that Sun Dolphin provides when it comes to kayaks.

1. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

With a ten feet length, a picture that spacing. Remember that it has a haul; therefore, its size comes in handy when maintaining its course.

It also has a large cockpit and a seatback that is padded and easily adjustable. 

Its only disadvantage is when you come face to face with storms that can quickly subside.

2. The Sun Dolphin Journey 15SS

When you mention a masterpiece, the lightest of them all will have to stand out. With only 44 pounds, solo paddlers can never be more covered unless under this kayak.

It has two fishing rod holders, one at the stern and obviously at the cockpit. The port-side paddle holder is also indispensable.

It has a good PAC system storage which keeps all your items safe.

It is best suited for lakes and rivers.

3. The Sun Dolphin Phoenix 10.4

For a company with the best experts in boats, canoes, and kayaks, this is one of their first recommendable kayaks for lakes and rivers, and it never disappoints.

First, it has super speed compared to the other kayaks. It has a big enough cockpit and adjustable feet and backrests, therefore you are assured of being comfortable at all times.

Its load capacity is 250 pounds; therefore, it is pretty accommodative with the features it is offering.

How To Choose The Right Sun Dolphin Kayak

Sun Dolphin Kayak

First, ask yourself which water body you are going to kayak on. Is it a river, a lake, or an ocean? This will help you select a kayak that can withstand the forces of water that come with the mass of water in the water body.

For Sun Dolphin, its kayaks are only recommended for rivers and calm lakes.

Secondly, determine the kind of fishing you wish to take. At times, you may be going for mass fishing and end up selecting a kayak that does not have enough space to accommodate your catch. This can be disastrous as an accident can quickly occur.

As a buyer, you can also take note of kayaks that come with extra features or goodies. These can be items such as paddles, life jackets, scupper plugs, carry bags, and a portable pump, among other things. These items come in handy when you want to save extra cash.

Sun Dolphin Boats

Sun Dolphin is known to have a variety of boats that range in shape, size color, and aim at satisfying the customers’ tastes.

1. Recreational Kayaks

Depending on the size of members who wish to kayak to the level of skill and even affordability, Sun Dolphin is known to have just the right boat for its customers.

Some of the recreational kayaks include:

The Aruba 8 SSIt has a size of 244cm by 71cmBali 6It has a length and width of 72″ by 25.3.”
The Aruba 10It is estimated to measure 292cm by 74cmThe Camino 8 SSIt has a length of 241cm by 80 cm
The Fiji 10 SSIt measures 293cm by 75cmBali 10 SSIt measures 291cm by 75cm
The Aruba 12 SSIt measures 364cm by 76cmCapri 10 SSIt measures about 306cm in length and 72cm in width
Bali 12 SSIt has a tandem sitIt measures 410 cm by 88cm

2. Fishing Kayaks

If all you have ever desired is peace of mind and comfort while fishing, Sun Dolphins’ Fishing Kayaks are the best.

They are also categorized into two: sit-in and sit-on kayaks.

The sit-out Kayaks are:

1. The Journey 10 SS 

2. The Journey 12 SS

The Journey 12 SS is the largest of the two, 364cm by 78 cm, while The Journey 10 SS measures around 291cm by 75cm.

The sit-in Kayaks are:

1. The Excursion 10

2. The Excursion 12 SS

3. Pedal boats

3. The Sun Dolphin 5

This is a five-seater pedal boat with a length and width of 244 cm and a width of 165cm.

a. The Sun Slider

It is also a five-seater 

b. The Laguna

This pedal boat has a length of 239cm by 165cm, a deluxe pedal boat.

c. The Water wheeler

This is a unique type as it is electric. It also has a length of 239cm by 165cm.

Final Word

Sun Dolphin has served its customers to its level best ability for several years, and there are a lot of testimonials for this. However, scammers have become more and more intelligent and have created websites where customers have lost a lot of their money. Therefore, it is essential that when purchasing anything claiming to be from Sun Dolphin, be very strict and request the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin to verify the ownership. If the sellers fail to provide this, do not waste your money under any circumstance. All in all, Sun Dolphin is legit, but take precautions when buying any product from its online shops and stores.


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