Is Tritoon Better Than Pontoon? Complete Comparison

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Well, both Tritoon and Pontoon are almost similar, but what makes the difference is the number of tubes that make the boat’s hull. As the name suggests, the Tritoon has three tubes, while the Pontoon has two tubes.

Key Takeaways

  • The length of a Pontoon varies between 16 to 27 feet while for a Tritoon the length varies between 22 to 30 feet
  • Pontoon boats are best for calm water while Tritoon boats are best for calm, rough, and choppy water conditions
  • Tritoon has difficulties in handling and steering, making it hard to navigate, dock, or make a tight corner through small water bodies
  • Tritoon has a large storage capacity compared to Pontoon which is very conveninet

Pontoon (With Two Tubes)


The pontoon boat gained popularity way back in the 1960s when it was used for low-speed cruising on flat water. As time went by, builders decided to update and upgrade it, and that’s when they decided to add another tube to make it three, intending to improve boat performance, and named the new design tritoon as a trademark. Today, you can get pontoons with two and three tubes. You are not discouraged from using a double tube pontoon; you can use it, though it has some limitations, which we will discuss in this article.

Tritoon (With Three Tubes)

As discussed above, the tritoon boat has triple tubes that make it outshine double tube pontoon. If you want to purchase it, you have to ask yourself, do I want to paddle with many people? Do I have more items that require space? Is it worth it? These questions will help you make a sound decision about which pontoon to buy. Having this watercraft will give you an added advantage compared to the pontoon, which includes; The ability to cruise in rough water, having high speed due to a high horsepower engine, and ample space that will take care of the large engine and fuel tank. 

Comparison Between Pontoon And Tritoon

Pontoon Tritoon 
It has two air tubesIt has three air tubes
Length varies between 16 to 27 feetLength is between 22 to 30 feet
It can fit 8-20 peopleCan hold 14-25 people
Requires a motor with a minimum of 25 horsepowerRequires minimum 250 horsepower
The average price is $20,000The average price is $35,000

What Makes A Triton Better Than A Pontoon?

What Makes A Triton Better Than A Pontoon

1. Water Conditions

Pontoon boats are good when used in calm water, but tritoon boats are best used in calm, rough, and choppy water conditions. The buoyancy of the tritoon is at a high level as the three tubes escalate their stability. There is minimal bouncing and shaking when paddling because the dual engines make it too heavy to resist waves and strong winds that may sway it away. This makes it gives a pleasant and smooth ride that every paddler yarns to have and enjoy. Water sports that require a lot of power will be made great when a tritoon boat is used. If your paddling spot is calm and has no choppy water conditions, there is no need to waste your money; use pontoon boats. A point of caution is; tritoon has difficulties in handling and steering, making it hard to navigate, dock, or make a tight corner through small water bodies.

2. Best In Watersports

Wakeboarding and waterskiing are watersports that require speed and fast-moving motors, and the tritoon boat has all these. The three toons give adequate space to hold dual engines, making the boat much quicker and easy to maneuver through the rough waters. If you are new to the world of watersports, it’ll be essential to train and practice how to ride, handle and steer this boat, especially on how to dock, and make a corner in small spaces. Pontoon can also be used in watersports when equipped with a required motor of about 70 horsepower or more. If you want to carry many people on board, obviously you’ll use a tritoon boat, as it’s spacious enough to accommodate them as opposed to a pontoon, and the motor horsepower is excellent to support the people you will be taking along with you.

3. Best For Fishing

Any angling enthusiast who loves to fish in deep seas and oceans would prefer a tritoon boat over a pontoon. Having three tubes gives it maximum stability and great buoyancy, enabling it to withstand turbulent waves caused by fast-moving winds when the other boat is overtaking or passing by or when the boat is at anchor. Moving from one fishing point to another won’t give you much worry. Compared to a pontoon boat, a tritoon has a higher speed to help you access various fishing spots within a few minutes.

4. Storage Capacity

Tritoon is large, and we expect to have a large storage capacity where you can store your angling items, valuables, and other contemporary products required for your survival on the water during your time when paddling. The large size accommodates a large fuel tank, which will serve you for a long as you paddle to various places. This storage size can support your adventures in water if you decide to go for several days in a row. You will have enough storage space for food, water, and other essentials that you will need when you are gone.

Drawbacks Of Tritoon

1. Relatively Expensive

Cost is one of the critical factors you always consider before deciding what to buy. Sometimes the cost of the commodity you would like to purchase may be expensive, to the extent of leaving your pocket dry. The added tube and high horsepower engines are some of the items that make this boat expensive. If you do not like frugal expenditure, this type of pontoon doesn’t fit you.

2. Difficult To Steer

The addition of an extra tube makes the steering and handling of this boat more complex and complicated, making it a hard rock to crack when maneuvering and navigating through tight spaces that may need you to make sharp corners or try to dock the boat. You need a lot of maneuvering practice if you settle for this boat.

3. Additional Weight

Compared with a dual tube pontoon, tritoon is much heavier and more hectic to transport to and from the water. Its enormous size and heavy engines make it difficult to park in the lift or take on the road. The weight also makes it almost impossible to paddle in calm and shallow waters.

Advantages Of Pontoon Boat

We have discussed some of the features that make a triple toon boat outshine the pontoon and gone deeply to explain some of the benefits and shortcomings of this boat; now, it will be good to look at the positive side of a pontoon with two tubes.

1. Cost-effective

When it comes to the buying price, it is pocket-friendly compared to the tritoon boat. There is no additional feature on a pontoon that you will have to pay for. But for tritoon, it is expensive as it has features that you pay for such as that extra toon, and space.

2. Great In Shallow And Small Water Bodies

One of the significant benefits is driving it in less water without much struggle. Unlike tritoon, pontoon boats can be used in small water bodies and give you the best experience you want.

Quick Tips

If you want to buy or hire a boat, you must consider some factors. The advantages of a tritoon are more. However, you will have to consider factors that will drive you to buy. These factors are the activities you’ll be doing and the size of the boat you’ll need.

Wrap Up

In our article, we have discussed much the two toons, and from the information, we noted that the advantages of a tritoon boat are the drawbacks of a pontoon boat and vice versa. You have to make your own final decision and buy a toon that meets and even exceeds your expectations. The amount you want to spend, paddling areas, speed, storage, and others are the key factors that will guide you through buying the watercraft you want. We hope our discussion will positively impact you as you continue with your paddling activities.


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