What Is The Kayak Cooler? (10 Tips To Choose The Best Cooler For Your Kayak)

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A kayak cooler is a type of small, lightweight cooler that can be easily attached to the deck of a kayak and used to store drinks and snacks while you are out on the water. There are some kayak coolers available that are designed to be used as a seat.

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing a kayak cooler, there are a few things to consider like water resistance, size, capacity, build quality, etc.
  • The cooler for your kayak should be small in size since most kayaks have limited storage spaces
  • You should buy a cooler that comes with an anchor point to offer you an option to fasten down the cooler
  • If you are planning to spend lots of time in the water then you will need a cooler with a larger storage capacity

How To Choose The Most Excellent Kayak Cooler?

During the purchase of kayak coolers, there are several elements you ought to look at to make an informed choice. However, your selection will generally be based on what you intend to use the cooler for and the amount of space available in your kayak. Below are many features to consider when choosing a cooler.

· Water Resistance

The cooler that you opt for should be watertight, even if it is a helium balloon cooler or is made of steel. The airtight, as well as leak-proof coolers, is right for you when kayaking because they will ensure that you don’t wet yourself.

Moreover, when servicing your cooler, make sure that the gaskets and O rings are integral to avoid mess during kayaking.

· Occupy small space

The cooler for your kayak should be small in size since most kayaks offer a storage space that is limited while other small kayaks have no space at all for coolers. However, other coolers glide at the back of your watercraft, so as not to take up any space. Also, stuffing a cooler ensures that you do it the right way to store the food fresh for a while.

· Robust

The materials used in constructing the cooler that you opt for should be durable, whether it is metal or soft-sided coolers to resist the punishment without no tipping out its contents into the sea.

·Anchors Points

Choose one that comes with an anchor point to offer you an option to fasten down the cooler so as not to shift in rough waters.

· Long-Lasting

Choose a model that will last you a long since you will not use it every day when kayaking.

· Capacity

When choosing a cooler, its capacity is a very crucial element to consider depending on the amount of food and water you intend to carry during kayaking. For example, if you are touring for a week, you need a cooler with a larger storage capacity, and if you are going for short-distance trips like a day, you need to choose a cooler that has a small storage capacity.

· High-Quality Interior Lining

The quality of materials used in making the interior lining of your cooler should be of high quality, particularly if you intend to use the cooler for kayak fishing. This is because high-quality interior lining offers protection to your hands against fish scales that are sharp. Also, the cooler with the most delicate interior lining maintains your food cold for a long.

· Portability

Often, you will have to trail from where you have parked your car to the sea, therefore, transporting your kayak cooler for some time. As a result, the cooler that you choose should be light in weight. Moreover, other coolers feature straps on the shoulders to facilitate their movement. Also, some of the coolers come with a handle guard that is padded to enable its transportation.

· Budget

When choosing a cooler, ensure that you have a budget at hand though most coolers are pocket-friendly. However, ensure that you budget depending on the number of times you are planning to use the cooler.

Mainly, if you intend to use your cooler on an occasional basis, you should watch out not to invest a lot of your money in it. Still, you should invest in the most excellent cooler if you want to use it every day.

· Minimal Maintenance

Advisedly, select a cooler that has a minimal maintenance cost. If you want to use your cooler to store, and then choose one that has an inside lining that is resistant to the stench, to avoid your house from smelling fish.

How To Transport A Cooler On A Kayak?

Undoubtedly, there exist several ways in which you can transport your cooler on a kayak though not all of them are sensible. Make sure that you position your cooler near you to be able to quench your thirst without taking a lot of time.

Nevertheless, if you place your cooler far away from your reach, you may be involved in accidents due to balancing issues. As a result, we have given you some places to position your kayak coolers to reduce stress when you want to sip your cold water.

· At The Back of Your Seat

Ensure that the front space of your boat is comprehensible to facilitate your arms to paddle efficiently. On the other hand, you should set aside space for positioning your rod for fishing if you are going fish kayaking. Alternatively, you can opt for the side at the back of your frontage space is not ideal for carrying your coolers.

Besides, other coolers require a belt to aid in maintaining items in place. Mostly, ships come with unique buckles within their boundaries to protect the straps. For example, if you want to secure it, just jog a Velcro strap through each buckle made of plastic.

Subsequently, submit much force to avert the cooler from sliding on the shell. However, if you want to raise the roughness and decrease movement, position a rubber pad between the surface of the vessel and the base of your cooler. Furthermore, considering the volume of your boat, you can go for a hard-sided or soft-sided cooler.

  • Hard Side Coolers

Coolers that are hard-sided offer a big storage capacity and guard your food items against damage. Besides, hard-sided coolers are ideal for boats that are large because they have adequate space at the back of the seat.

  • Soft Side Coolers

Soft-sided coolers are perfect for vessels that are small in size since their soft shell permits them to be compressed to fit well in minimized spaces.

·  Under Your Seat

You can opt to carry your cooler under your seats if you have a limited gap behind the bench. However, other vessels permit you to alter the height of the chair to enable you to store a lot of items in your cooler. Also, this arrangement is applicable if only you are planning to reserve cold drinks because it will damage foodstuff.

How To Mount The Shaft Holders To A Cooler?

Currently, most vessels have inbuilt rod holders in the punch or on the other surface though others do not possess these new designs. Moreover, if you intend to use your kayak for fishing, you must own an ice cooler to maintain your fish fresh for a long time. As a result, you have to attach a shaft holder to your cooler using; a shaft holder with a footplate, borer, a hand tool for driving screws, 1/16 size borer bit, and screw as well as following the steps below.

Steps Of Mounting A Kayak Cooler

1. Put one of the pedestal plates on the cooler side if you want to build up to two shaft holders on all side

2. With the help of a drill pop, four outlets on the four parts of the initial bottom plate. However, you should ensure that it hit it so deeply because it may result in a hole in the cooler, which will affect its function.

3. You should pop the second one on the right if you positioned the first bottom on the left.

4. Place the support nut on the footplate.

5. With the holes you made earlier, get the self-tapping screws and be vigilant not to drill them excessively.

6. Then seal all the holes you drill by placing them in all the screws.

7. You should obtain the first two top footplates build up with a support nut in them.

8. Subsequently, line up the rest footplates on the base.

9. Then, get the other base plate and repeat the drilling as you did on the one on the top. Also, do the identical thing on the other side.

10. Finally, your cooler will comprise four-rod holders that are built up.

Different Cooler Options For Kayak Fishing

Wrap up

Many kayak coolers feature a variety of figures and capacities. Other types of coolers can reserve only a few foodstuffs and drinks, while others come in significant sizes to hold a lot of food and beverages that can serve you for many days.

Indeed, you should choose a cooler depending on what you intend to use it for. However, always ensure that your cooler is durable, water-resistant, and within your budget.


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