Why Should You Use a Kayak Cover? (5 Tips To Protect Your Kayak From Sun & Rain)

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There are many valid reasons you should use a kayak cover. One main reason is kayak covers can protect your kayak from various damages. Moreover, if you store your kayak outside then cover will protect your kayak from sun, rain, and snow. A kayak cover can also protect your kayak from various debris, such as leaves, twigs, small objects, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Using a cover can help keep your kayak clean and make it easier to maintain for future use
  • Living your kayak uncovered can prompt small animals and insects like wasps, mice, and geckos to move in and damage your kayak
  • Kayak covers are available in different colors, sizes, and styles to fit your model to protect your boat
  • Storing a kayak vertically is one of the best positions to keep your boat from warping

How Do You Cover A Kayak?

It’s pretty easy to cover your boat when you have a kayak cover that perfectly fits your model in terms of size and style. But before that, kindly follow this process to ensure your boat is ready for protection, or you might lose it all plus your cover! We want your model to remain in that perfect condition just the way it’s now. Here we go with the process:

1. Keep Your Kayak Dry And Clean.

When you go kayaking, it’s usually normal for mud, sand, silt, algae, and other substances to accumulate inside and outside of your kayak. All these elements can have an adverse effect, especially on the kayak exterior finishing. To avoid this, ensure your boat is cleaned after every use and make it your habit. You can simply use your garden hose to spray any crud, and then aid dries your kayak for short-term storage.

But if you are going to store your kayak for the long term, clean it thoroughly using mild water and soap. Then allow your kayak to dry thoroughly before storing it. Remember, water inside the boat can easily promote fungus and mold, which frequently deteriorates plastic material.

2. Just keep critters out.

When your kayaks are clean and appropriately dried both inside and outside, close your hatches and water compartment carefully. Leaving it all open can prompt small animals and insects like wasps, mice, and geckos to move in and start troubling your peace of mind. For a sit-in kayak, consider buying the cockpit cover to keep pests away.

3. Check For Missing Parts, Tighten Screws, And Oil All The Metal Parts.

You are using your boat regularly, especially for kayak fishing every weekend. Screws tend to loosen up quickly while others go missing without your knowledge. So, when preparing your kayak for long storage, it’s necessary to go through well while cleaning to ensure everything is in order. Make an arrangement and replace all the missing screws and parts during this period as you await the spring season to come.

Yes, your kayak metal parts are designed for use in water, but they can corrode and rust over a long period, especially if you are kayaking in salt water regularly. To avoid this, ensure you oil all of your kayak metal parts to be in perfect condition. Grease the threads of screws and bolts plus your kayak accessories.

4. Look For A Perfect Place To Store Your Kayak And Cover it With Your Kayak Cover.

You can store your kayak indoors or outdoors. For indoor shade, garages and workshops will be the perfect place to store. For outdoor, find a place out of the sun, UV rays can damage your kayak no matter the materials used. Store your kayak undercover in a spot that has shade all the time. If you feel your boat might be exposed to the sun, use UV protective sprays to avoid the risk.

Some covers come with manuals on how to go about it. But if it doesn’t have, worry less, it’s just basic knowledge. We have elastic covers, zipped ones, while others have heavy threads that are pulled together while closing the lid, only a basic understanding. We have stretchy covers and zipped ones while others have heavy threads pulled together while closing the cover. Get the correct size and the right style for your model for comfortable protection. If possible, go for colors that deflect the sun for your interiors to stay as calm as before.

How Do I Protect My Kayak From The Sun?

Kayak needs to be protected from the sun since its UV rays can easily damage the surface if exposed for a more extended period.  Some Kayaks are made of plastic, with others have metallic parts, making them age quickly, especially when exposed to the sun. Though your boat can serve you for some time, if you protect it from sun rays, remember to clean it regularly and make sure you store it properly. To protect them from the sun, consider one of the following three ways:

1. Purchase A Kayak Cover

One of the ways to protect the vessel from the sun is by the use of tailor-made kayak covers. A cover deflects the sun’s damage on your boat while keeping the inside clean and dry. These covers are available in different sizes and styles; we have ones that cover the entire body and those protect the inside like a cockpit cover. Choose wisely one that fits your vessel for perfect storage.

2. Store Your Kayak Out Of The Sun

While your kayak is not in use, store it in a place out of the sun. You can store it indoors in a garage, basement, or workshop or have extra space in your house.

Building a lovely shade also can protect your boat from sun overexposure. Placing it upside down and off the ground is another way to protect your kayak.

3. Consider Investing In A Kayak Protectant.

Kayak protectant is a spray commonly used by kayakers to apply on their vessel, just like the sunscreen we use to protect our skins. This spray deflects the sun’s rays while preserving the brittle plastic underneath. Applying it on your boat is very easy and relatively inexpensive and can be used barely in all watercraft.

Is It OK To Leave A Kayak Outside?

Kayak can be left outside for short or long-term storage. Many people store their kayaks indoors, but due to lack of space, some are forced to leave them outside. To ensure the vessel is well protected, you need to invest in a kayak cover to use in protecting it when stored outdoors.

Leaving your kayak out means it’s exposed to many risks that can damage it partly or entirely. Some of these risks include the UV sun rays: small animals and insects, winds, and winter seasons. But if you can follow up on storing your kayak correctly, it will remain in good condition until you are ready to use it again. So, have peace of mind and order kayak covers if you have to leave your kayak outside.

Is It OK To Store A Kayak Vertically?

Yes, it’s OK! Storing a kayak vertically is one of the best positions to keep your boat from warping. To store vertically, stand your kayak upright on its stern and then allow the hull flush to lean against a wall to minimize the stress on your hull.

Most homes don’t have the space to accommodate twelve-plus foot kayaks. But if you can manage to store your boat vertically, it will be the safest and most convenient way possible.

What Is An Important Consideration When Selecting A Kayak Cover?

Apart from the size, style of your kayak model, and your preferred color here are the other important consideration you should put in your mind:

1. Transportation

If you need to trail your boat, consider the Carver Custom Fit or Styled-to-Fit Boat covers, which are generally great for travel, especially when tied down perfectly. Look for a better trip for a blanket with proper fitting, as it will protect your boat entirely.

2. Location

Depending on the weather condition on your site, you need to choose a perfect cover to withstand the temperatures. For extreme weather changes go for a durable fabric cover

3. Storage Period

If you plan to store your kayak for an extended period, maybe off-seasons go for an economic Flex fit cover. Considering the worth of your investment and accessories determines the protection that will secure your financing correctly.

4. UV Sun Rays

Go for the cover that can be able to protect your kayak from the UV sun rays as this can cause severe damage to your kayak. The right cover will prolong your boat’s beauty, such as seats, instrument panels, accessories, etc. Haze Gray and Beige colors are great when it comes to sun deflection and keeping your boat interior perfect.

Install Touring Covers For Kayaks

Final Word

After investing a lot of money in a kayak and its accessories, you must go the extra mile and purchase the kayak covers. These covers will save you a whole lot more than you can imagine! Just think of repair money that will not guarantee its normal state or, better yet, the cost of a new model! However, if you don’t have one, we urge you to consider having one and thank us later.


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