Kayak Handles (5 Questions About Kayak Carry Handles Answered)

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Kayak Carry Handles are made from tough, lightweight plastic and have a convenient loop at the end for carrying on your kayak or canoe. They are designed to attach easily to the hull of your boat. This offers convenience with an added level of safety. The Kayak Carry Handles are perfect for solo kayakers who want a secure handhold that is also easy to mount and remove.

Key Takeaways

  • Depending on your needs, you can attach the kayak handles on the ear part, front or side part of your kayak
  • If you put the kayak carry handle t the rear end, it can provide a basis for anchoring or a connection point to a fishing tool
  • Kayak carry handles can be helpful when sporting, fishing, adventure, and transportation on water bodies
  • Installing the carry handle on the front works better because it provides much versatility

Where Do We Put Kayak Handles In A Vessel?

Like any other equipment, it is good to understand where the handles can be placed. Depending on your needs, you can attach the grip on the ear part, front or side part of your kayak. The important thing is to ensure the holders serve their purpose effectively. Below we explained these locations for better understanding.

Ear part

You can fix the handle at the back of the kayak, depending on the need. If set at the rear end, it can provide a basis for anchoring or a connection point to a fishing tool. Fishing boats are better if grips are fitted at the back. They can aid one in easily attaching the fishing equipment to the water vehicle without any trouble.

Front Handling

Fixing a handle point at this part of a motor is more convenient when one has to pull it across a water body. In case of any failure, it is more flexible, given that you can easily get help from other water users by being pulled across the river. The front part works better and is always the most recommended part to fix the holders as it provides much versatility.

Kayak Side Part Handle

Sides can also be fitted with grips, which make the boat more portable as they allow an easy way to carry a kayak. Either two or more people can easily take hold of the vessel and move it to a boathouse for parking, or to the shore when going out into the water.

Can You Drill Holes In A Kayak?

Yes, you can drill holes in your kayak if you want to attach some accessories like sails. Mostly, the plastic ones make it easy to make an attachment point through drilling.  If, for instance, you desire a certain feature on your boat like extra handles, then you can modify it to your liking by drilling holes.

You have to be careful when doing so to avoid damaging your vessel. Here is the guide on how to drill the holes effectively.

How To Drill A Hole For The First Time

1. Make sure you set a fit on the hull.

2. Make the position of the first hole by using either a pin or a screw.

3. Leave the first fit and drill the first hole.

4. Now use the fitting to make the remaining hole with either pen or screw again.

5. Now drill the remaining hole.

6. Now fix your fitting.

If you want to drill a hole in your motorboat, then go ahead as it is something that manufacturers do recommend, with a good understanding of security measures.

What Is The Difference Between Self-Drilling And Self-Taping?

These are two different types of screws that are used to drill metalwork construction, such as when making holes in a boat. They can be used for other purposes by engineers and those that need to do some repairs. Though most people use the two interchangeably, they work in different ways, as explained below:

Self-Drilling Screws

Also known as Tek Screws, they are famous for their shaped pointed design.  These types of screws are designed for a variety of applications ranging from metal applications to wood ones. When using the screws, you have a pilot hole; thus, it saves time. Self-drilling is possible, and it keeps on time and the need to call for help, for instance, when fixing the handles on the kayak.

Self-Tapping Screws

This one has the capability of taping threads to the material; they are used in all ground applications such as woodwork, metalwork, and brick screwing. They do require a pilot hole, which distinguishes them from the self-drilling type. The pilot drill creates a small hole where the screw thread taps while the screw is being installed.

Can You Add Rod Holders To Your Kayak For Fishing And Other Uses?

Yaks are vessels more appropriate for fishing and water transport in areas that have less pressure for angling and water bodies that require crossing, respectively. In this case, the vessel can easily help you to explore new fishing grounds.

Kayak fishing is not possible minus a rod holder, and this equipment is more valuable and important whenever one goes for lake, river, or sea angling. It also provides a basis for anchoring other tools for fish trapping and extraction. The costs of these rods are different, and at times they can easily add up to a point considered too expensive for a local angler.

Rod holders are handles for fishing nets and other equipment necessary for carrying out the practice. Here are the different types to consider:

Flush Mount Rod Holders

These are kayak gears that are fitted to a vessel that was not bought primarily for water fishing. It brings a certain level of flexibility as you can change a kayak that was not meant for fishing to an angling boat. They convey a more basic style of rod-holding handle, which is mounted in a group of two behind a seating chair.

Installation requires an expert to set them at an angle of 45 to access the back tank well storage of a kayak.  The kayak gear does come with an integrated for mounting, creating a connection point.

Rod Holder Extender Kit

These are universal kits that are used on vessels already having flush mount rod holders; they are to rectify the effect of a reel being too close to water, making them get wet. It is a rare case of vessels going through the surf to boats having a lower profile.

Reels that are too close to the water are not recommended in kayaks that fish in saltwater given that saline water can have some drawbacks on the performance of your reels. To rectify this, one has to use rod holder extenders. They are universal in that they can fit most flush rod-holding gear. They elevate a rod by nine inches over the deck of your yak.

Yak Gear Build A Crate Rod Holders

In most cases, vessels are created to hold milk crates for carrying off this inside yak. The containers are more appropriate for the storage and carrying of the items because a boater can easily access them. It comes with needed installation hardware in numbers of one, two, and three-rod holders, making it easier to load and unload the vessel.

Railblaza Rod Holder

This is a light rod holder that has a stretching strap on the fore of the rod to hold and accommodate a convenient universal casting. It is made to have a long-lasting lifespan by fitting a fiber gala with glass integrated.

Railblaza Rod Tube

This is a rod holder positioned in front, allowing you to stage it more securely. You can use two hands to remove the hook making it easy to manage the fish caught. This is because it has a mechanism to reach your catches while controlling the trap of sea waves and splashes.

Rod Floats Handlers

Yak gear rod floats offer you and your catch out of leashes and is more recommended for kayak anglers that occasionally wade fish. They give real protection to the caught fish and are therefore highly recommended in cases of straps.

Can You Hang A Kayak By The Handles?

When it comes to the most common tasks in outdoor activities, there is probably nothing more important than the task of hanging a kayak from your car by its handles.

Hanging a kayak can be a difficult process if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important for beginners to know how to properly hang their boats and kayaks. If you know what you’re doing, this process will take less than one minute.

If you want to hang your kayak by the handles, you should first make a hole in the boat and then insert the kayak’s handles into it.

To do this, use a drill that is at least 3/8-inch (10mm) in diameter. Make sure that the drill bit is at least 3/4 inch (19mm) long and fits snugly within the shaft of an electric drill.

Hanging a kayak by its handles requires drilling a hole into it and inserting its handles into it.

A good way to avoid damaging your car is to use ratchet straps or bungee cords instead of a rope for hanging your boat or kayak. This will help protect the paint job and minimize the damage done to your car if something were to happen during installation.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, kayak handles are an important accessory for all kayakers, whether fishing or sporting, or sightseeing. You get to control your vessel conveniently, and it makes carrying stress-free. Not to mention parking that requires you to hold the kayak appropriately to avoid damaging it. Rod holders are also essential for anglers to get a platform for attaching their fishing tools.

The good thing is that you can always install handles if there is a need to replace or install a new one in a different location. Do so with no worry as you can drill holes for attachment as long as you practice caution.


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