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I still remember the days when I was using a Desktop computer, and I modified that a lot with new gadgets and stuff. I don't know why, but I loved modifying that, and it's addictive. People who own a kayak with having basic designs and features might want to add some personal customization to their kayaks. It is because any kayak, even with the best features, has a lot of scope for improvisation.

A list of Kayak Modification & Upgrade ideas will help people understand the additional features and inspirations that can be incorporated in the kayak to give it an overall astounding look and feel. Let's figure these out one by one below and make your ordinary kayak a beast. 

The Top Modification Ideas For A Kayak

  • Camera Mount: Kayaking can be more fun and entertaining by installing a camera that can be used to capture the scenic beauty of the places around as well as the waters. However, the camera should be placed on a safe spot. Usage of a camera mount in the form of a suction cup should be done to attach the camera at a more reliable spot. The mount should be such that it can fit onto a flattened surface. This way, it can be stuck to the yak of the kayak, providing a removable and easy arrangement.
  • Anchor: An anchor is one of the best augmentations which help to hold the position of a kayaker while his hands are busy. While on the adventure, people might want to take pictures of some wild animal that has spotted or make a halt near a popular fishing spot. Clicking an image is very difficult, while the hands of the kayaker are full. An anchor is an important element that helps the person to stay at a fixed location and prevents the person from floating in the currents of the wind. The anchors are compact in shape and can be folded for greater convenience.
  • Water Storage:  The watertight is used to store snacks, phones, keys, and fishing accessories and is one of the best modification ideas you can jump into. Small or large water storage can be used, which comes with a key-chain clip and tether. The watertight storage can be secured to a clip or eyelet on the kayak. 
  • Fishing Crate: The installation of a fishing crate can make a successful kayaking trip. The fishing crate can easily hold rod holders. A fishing crate can also be made using PVC pipes and a milk crate as a DIY task.
  • Seat Upgrade: Seat upgrades can make for the best investment if someone is planning to use their kayak for a longer time. A comfortable seat helps a kayaker to sit in a convenient manner, which allows him to stay longer on the waters. A seat must have a comfortable seat-back, and work with sit-insides as well as sit-on-tops.
  • Outriggers:  Outriggers can be added in case one believes that the kayak might trip. They create a much stable mechanism because they can transfer the weight to the sides of the kayak. That works for even small and narrow kayaks.

These Kayak modifications can be a great way to add an element of fun and own personalization to the kayak. It helps to curate an ideal vessel for oneself with the best features.

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