Best Kayak Platforms, Decks, And Attachments For Dogs Reviewed; (All Your Dog Needs For Safe Kayaking!)

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Some of the best kayak platforms, decks, and attachments for dogs are Great Day Load-A-Pup pet platform, PetSTEP original folding pet ramp, PUNT SURF Non-Slip mat, Seattle Sports Multi Leash, Paws Aboard Pet life jacket, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • You should consider quite a few things before purchasing kayak platforms, decks, and attachments for dogs like comfort, safety, fun, easy to use, etc.
  • Great Day Load-A-Pup pet platform is made of lightweight material, aircraft aluminum that has gripping ridges that ensure a safe footing for your dog
  • Beavertail Stealth Dog Ramp is made of strong and tough polythene material durable to handle your dog’s weight
  • OCEANBROAD Non-slip deck pad grip mat is cut with diamond grooves, which makes the surface of this deck mat rough and anti-slip
  • Seattle Sports Multi Leash can retract to a length of 32 inches and stretch to 48 inches

Best Platforms For Dogs.

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2.Beavertail Stealth Dog ramp

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Best Decks For Dogs.

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Best Attachments For Dogs

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The above are our best platforms, decks, and attachments for dogs that we selected. We discussed them in detail, as we have provided important information that will be a great motivator on which accessory will satisfy you. Let’s start!

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Platforms, Decks, And Attachments For Dogs

With numerous kayak accessories for dogs on the market, you have to ensure that you purchase those that will leave a smile on your face by giving you an experience you want on the water with your dog. It requires you to be keen before selecting which accessories will fit your wants. Below, we have some of the critical aspects you must consider before deciding which one to buy.

Comfort. The best adventure on the water with your pet will be determined by how comfortable you are. You have to make sure that the accessory you purchase keeps you and your buddy comfortable. Despite the distance and time, you take on the water where your pet steps and sits, it should be comfortable enough to avoid it getting fatigued.

Safety. Any kayak platforms, decks, and attachments for your dog should be enough to prevent causing harm to your pet. For platforms, they should be non-slip to prevent your pup from sliding, which may cause damage to it. Decks should be waterproof, anti-slip, comfortable to avoid your dog getting tired. Life jackets should be buoyant and have strips that you can use to hold and rescue your dog when it’s swayed away by waves.

Ease Of Use. Buy an accessory for your pup that is easy to use without struggling. Avoid complicated accessories or any accessories that may be difficult for you to apply to avoid damages during installation or use.

Fun. What you want is to have an adventure that is fun with your pet on water. You have to purchase an accessory that will give you and your pup an enjoyment that you’re yarning for. After all,  what you are looking for, is having a great gun with your friend.

Comfortability. Every kayaker who loves to enjoy kayaking with their dog will want to ensure that it is comfortable throughout their time on the water. Therefore, you have to ensure that the kayak accessories you buy for your dog are comfortable enough to ensure it doesn’t get fatigued. It should be anti-slip to prevent your dog from slipping, which may cause harm to your pup.

Comparison Table

The tables below will help you to compare these accessories that we have researched. You will be able to see their differences quickly before going through the whole article.

Comparison Table Of The Best Kayak Platforms For Dogs 

NameMaterial Package dimension 
Great Day Load-A-Pup pet platformAircraft aluminum 
Beavertail Stealth Dog rampPolyethylene 36×18×12 inches
PetSTEP original folding pet rampPlastic37.15×18.8×7 inches

Comparison Table Of The Best Decks For Dogs

Name Material Package dimension
OCEANBROAD Non-slip deck pad grip matEVA foam15.12×10.16×1
PUNT SURF Non-SlipmatEVA foam20×20×0.1 inches 
Fancyes EVA Traction pad deck for dogEVA foam 

Comparison table of the best kayak attachment for dogs

Name Material  Package dimension 
Seattle Sports Multi LeashPlastic 7.9×5.2×2.4 inches
Paws Aboard Pet life jacketNeoprene 15.71×8.15×3.15 inches
Outward Hound Granby splash orange Dog life jacketNeoprene 10.43×5×3.7 inches

Best Kayak Platforms

The aim of having kayak dog platforms is to have your dog leave and re-enter your boat conveniently and efficiently after a swim. Please have a look at these platforms we have highlighted for you.

1. Great Day Load-A-Pup pet platform

No products found.

Brand Great day
Item weight 8 pounds 
Item dimension24.5×17.5×3 inches

Don’t leave your dog at home alone distressed when you head out on the water. Having a  Great day load-a-pup pet platform, you will have kayaking fun with your pup. It is easy to install, as it will take you a few seconds to finish the installation as long as your boat has a boarding ladder. What you have to do, is to hook this platform to the ladder. Your pet will enter and exit the vessel without struggle. This platform is made of lightweight material, aircraft aluminum that has gripping ridges that ensure safe footing of your dog as it climbs to the boat. It won’t give you a headache to store it, as it folds flat, for easy storage. It is coated with an off-white powder that complements the factory finish and ensures years of dependability.

Safe Footing. Load-A-Pup ensures that your dog’s feet won’t be injured as it climbs into your boat after swimming because this platform is designed with gripping ridges to provide solid and safe footing for your pup.

Installation. This platform fits various boats, as long as they have a boarding ladder. The installation will take you a few minutes, and get on the water with your dog. You will just hook the platform to the boarding ladder, and it’ll be ready for use. Load-A-Pup is not compatible with pontoon boats.

Robust Housing. The platform is constructed from lightweight, aluminum aircraft and completed with an off-white powder coat that makes it durable. The powder also complements the factory finish.

 It is easy for your dog to leave and re-enter the boat from a swim without bending or tugging and without the help of anybody.

2. Beavertail Stealth Dog Ramp
Item weight150 pounds 
Item dimension 1×1×1 inches 

When you go swimming or hunt with your dog on water, you must go with a platform your pet will use to enter the water and back to your Kayak. Beavertail Stealth Dog ramp is one of the platforms that your pup can use. It is constructed from rugged polythene material that is tough and strong; your dog will use it for a long time before wearing it off, you will not have to replace it every time. It has a molded-in grab handle located at the stern to quickly help your pet get in and out of the Kayak.

Material. This platform is made of strong and tough polythene material durable to handle your dog’s weight. Due to the toughness of this material, it’s also used to construct the best fishing kayaks.

Grab-Handle. This handle is located at the stern to give your dog an easy time getting in and out of your Kayak.

3. PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp

No products found.

Brand Petstep 
Item weight22 pounds
Item dimension  36×17×5.7 inches 

Make it easy for your dog to get in and out of Kayak by ensuring that you have a suitable platform that will help it in the process. PetSTEP’s original folding pet ramp will serve it right. The gentle slope of this ramp helps dogs that have difficulties leaping to higher surfaces. It’s made from durable and robust plastic materials that make it a long life span. Your pet’s safety is given high priority, as this ramp has a non-slip ridged surface that will prevent your dog from slipping. At the end and edges of this ramp, heavy-duty rubber will keep it stable when in use. It is lightweight and can be folded in half, making it more portable.

Easy To Use. This ramp is foldable in half, and to use it is very easy; unfold it, and place one end against your Kayak, and the pet will gently walk up or down in an inclined manner without struggling.

Portability. Transporting this ramp in your car won’t give you a hard time; it is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store.

Quality Materials. It’s made from high-quality plastic materials and robust plastic to make it be used for a long. The unique non-slip ridged surface will protect your pet from sliding, which may result in injuries.

Best Decks For Dogs

Kayakers who like to have fun on the water with their dogs find it hard for their pet to enjoy the recreation, as they find it difficult to grip the Kayak due to the plastic materials that most of the kayaks are constructed from. Decking mats for dogs are designed to help you overcome these difficulties that your pet may face.  You will install these decking mats on any deck surface and give your dog the best grip.

1. OCEANBROAD Non-slip deck pad grip mat

No products found.

Item weight0.75 pounds 
Item dimension15×10×0.2 inches

Give your pup maximum comfort while on the water by having an OCEANBROAD Non-slip deck pad grip mat. Your dog will be comfortable stepping or sitting on this deck as it keeps the feet from getting fatigued and provides extra traction. It is durable, as it is made of a top-quality EVA pad and the marine grade adhesive material that makes it a long life span. It is perfect for DIY; you have to make sure you outline as required to make precise cutting. OCEANBROAD aims to meet customer satisfaction, and you will have a refund if the product doesn’t suit your expectations or is of low quality.

Durable.  The wear and tear of this deck shouldn’t worry you; the premium quality EVA pad ensures that the deck serves you for a long. The adhesive marine grade material helps it to be almost not possible to peel off. 

Non-slip Traction. The EVA pad is cut with diamond grooves, which makes the surface of this deck mat rough and anti-slip. You will not have to get worried about your pup slipping.

Comfortable. It’s very comfortable for your dog to stop and sit on this deck, as it is soft and elastic. Its texture also helps in extra traction, and it reduces the feet from getting fatigued.

Versatile. This deck is perfect for DIY; you’ll design it in a way that suits your desires. You are only required to outline as it should be to have a precise cutting.

2. PUNT SURF Non-Slip mat

No products found.

Brand Punt surf
Package weight0.18 kg
Package dimension 20×20×0.1 inches

Have a lifetime of enjoyment with your pet on the water with a PUNT SURF Non-Slip mat. It’s made with lightweight and high-quality marine-grade EVA foam that takes a long time before it wears and tears. The 3M adhesive helps this deck to stick to your Kayak forever. It takes a few minutes to install this mat to your Kayak; you can apply it all, trim it to various sizes of your choice, and peel and stick it to your boat. If this mat doesn’t satisfy you, you can apply for a refund or ask for guidance by contacting the company. The surface is anti-slip; therefore, there are no chances of you or your pet sliding.

Easy To Apply. Applying the mat to your Kayak is very easy and takes a few minutes. You can use it all or customize it by trimming it to different sizes of your desire, peel and sticking it to your watercraft. The adhesive factor will make it stick for a long time.

Ultimate Non-slip. The material gives you maximum Non-slip grip on your watercraft; there is no chance of sliding.

High Quality. PUNT SURF Non-slip Is made of premium 3M adhesive, marine-grade, and lightweight yet strong EVA foam that is durable and used for a long time.

3. Fancyes EVA Traction Pad Deck Dor Dog

No products found.

Brand Fancyes 
Item colorblack
Item dimension17.7×16.5×0.2 inches

Why miss an adventure with your pet when we have Fancyes EVA Traction deck for your dog? This deck is made from a lightweight diamond-grooved EVA foam that makes this deck an excellent grip. It’s easy to customize it to fit your needs, as you can apply whole or cut it into different sizes of your desire. The installation will take a short time; you trim, peel, and stick it to your Kayak. It is adhesive at the back, which makes it not tear and wear off quickly. Your pet is guaranteed comfort while on water and can also be used as a tail pad.

High-Quality Material. This deck is made from diamond-grooved EVA foam material that is lightweight, strong, and elastic, making it have a long life span. The grip on the surface will prevent your pup from slipping.

Easy Application. Don’t be worried about the application of this deck to your Kayak. You can install it whole or customize it to suit your needs. All you have to do is to trim it, peel and stick it to your boat.

Comfortable. Your pet will have the comfort it requires on this deck as it is designed for your pup. The grip makes your dog not slide while having fun on the water.

Best Kayak Attachments For Dogs.

To paddle easier or enjoy the water with your pup, you need an attachment to help you secure it. This section has the best attachments we have chosen for you that are currently on the market.

1. Seattle Sports Multi Leash. 

No products found.

Brand Seattle sports 
Item weight0.02 pounds
Item dimension 6.2×5.5×0.8 inches 

Secure your dog while on the water with Seattle sports Multi Leash. The adjustable hook and loop strap will ensure your pet is easily attached to the Kayak. It has a bungee sheathed in a green tubular web that is high quality and conspicuous for increased visibility. This attachment is elastic as it retracts to 32 inches and can stretch to 48 inches in length. The coil-less feature makes it not tangle with your dog. The quick-release buckle has a velcro closure that you will attach to your pet and a snap hook that you’ll secure to your Kayak.

Materials.  The internal bungee is covered with high-quality green tubular webbing that is conspicuous to ensure high visibility.

Secure. It has a quick-release buckle with Velcro closure to help you secure your pup and a snap hook to attach to your boat.

Elastic. Multi Leash is elastic, as it can retract to a length of 32 inches and stretch to 48 inches.

2. Paws Aboard Pet life jacket

No products found.

Brand Paws Abroad 
Item weight12.3 ounces
Item dimension 15×7×2.5 inches

Every kayaker who loves kayaking with his dog has to ensure its well-being. It would be best if you had life-supporting equipment, such as a pet jacket, that will ensure your pet is safe on the water. Paws Aboard dog jacket is buoyant to make it float on water. It’s made of breathable neoprene fabrics that are quick-dry and lightweight to allow your pet to move on the water comfortably. The colors and reflective strips of this jacket increase the visibility of your dog day and night. Your dog will be healthier due to this jacket having a breathable mesh underbelly to improve water drainage and keep your pet dry. You have to make sure you obtain the exact measurements of your pet before placing your order so that you purchase the best fit for your dog.

Materials. This jacket is made of breathable neoprene fabrics buoyant and lightweight to enable your pet to move on the water all day comfortably. Also, the breathable mesh underbelly provides water drainage, hence keeping your friend dry.

Safety. It has colors and stripes that are reflective to enable the visibility of your dog as it plays on the water day and night. It also has rescue handles for grabbing it quickly in case it moves away.

Size. These jackets are in various sizes, and it will be better if you measure your dog before placing an order to make sure it fits your pet perfectly.

3. Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket

No products found.

Brand Outward hound
Item weight0.96 ounces
Item dimension 4.75×11×7 inches

If you love your dog and you want to have fun with it on water, then don’t miss having this life jacket for it.  The designation fits all dog sizes and shapes.  It is a flotation device that has thick foam to enhance maximum buoyancy. Your dog is catered for chilly days, as this jacket has thermal insulation to help it survive that weather on the water. The neck front floats, which allows the dog to keep its head above the water. Outward Hound Granby splash orange Dog life jacket has handles to grab and retrieve your pet in an emergency. The number of handles depends on the size of your pet. This jacket has dual rescue handles for bigger pups, and for smaller dogs, the jacket has a single rescue handle.

Sizes. It doesn’t matter how short, or long your dog is or how big or small it is. These life jackets are available in all sizes and shapes. You have to measure the size of your pet and purchase a jacket that fits it.

Safety. This life jacket has bright and reflective colors that increase visibility while swimming. The neck front floats to keep the head above the water, which helps not be drawn.

Rescue Handles. Outward Hound Granby splash orange Dog life jacket has handle (s) that you can use to retrieve your pet when it gets in trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

  1. What is the best Kayak to use with dogs?

It requires you to make big decisions when purchasing a kayak for you and your pup. You have to buy a comfy model for you and your pet to have a better experience on the water. Some of the best kayas that you can have included;

1. Intex explorer k2 Kayak

2. SUN DOLPHIN Bali SS 10-foot

3. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

2. How Do I Make My Kayak Dog-friendly?

At first, your dog may not like the water, though others will love to sit with you in the Kayak and enjoy the experience. What you have to do to make your dog Kayak friendly, is get a Personal Floatation Device (PFD); it will help to hold your pet when it jumps out. Familiarize your dog with a kayak, and a tandem kayak will work better, as you can paddle while your Fido is lying in the Kayak. You have to avoid taking your dog in fast-running water when for the first time taking your pet on water; it’s good to take it to slow-moving water. Take a friend to accompany you when taking out your dog, as you may need somebody to help you in case of trouble. Your day may get nervous in the Kayak, and it may be difficult for you to handle it as you paddle.

3. Are Sit-On-Top Kayaks Better For Dogs?

Sit-on-top kayaks are better for dogs than sit-in Kayaks due to their stability, and it’s easy to move in and out without struggles.

Wrapping  up

We hope this article will be of great importance to you and help you choose the best accessories for your lovely dog. The decision on which one to purchase will depend on your preferences. We decided on the Outward Hound Granby to splash orange Dog life jacket and Great Day Load-A-Pup pet platform as our pick because they are both suitable, as they are designed to make your dog have an easy time getting back into the Kayak. The life jacket has excellent buoyancy, which will help you rescue your pet in case of an emergency. Make bold decisions and buy the best accessory for your dog.



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