Top Fabulous Kayaking Destinations In Nevada You Shouldn’t Miss!

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So, you are in Nevada, and looking for the perfect outside activity?

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Kayaking is a fun activity. Whether it’s the Summer or the Winter in Nevada, kayaking is the perfect outside activity. Heading out on a kayaking tour is one of the best ways you can enjoy Nevada’s sparkling beauty. Go out in one weekend to enjoy the relaxing, incredible environment of Nevada.

The best thing about kayaking in Nevada is that it reveals distinct beauty during different seasons. Nevada has been my secret kayaking place for many years. Nevada is not the first place that many envision when thinking of kayaking. After all, where can you find water bodies in a seemingly desert-locked state?

That’s where you can be wrong.

Answer: 6 Best Kayak Spots In Nevada

6 Best Kayak Spots In Nevada

Why I Love Nevada For Kayaking

Nevada isn’t the best state for kayaking. However, it’s certainly not the worst. Nevada offers several options for kayaking. 95% of Nevada’s land is occupied by 25% of people. For those of you who love wild and open wilderness; Nevada is beckoning to you.

So, what about kayaking destinations?

Nevada offers plenty of kayaking destinations spread across this large state. There are also other opportunities for you to see nature and do other fun outdoor activities as well.

So, you may be wondering where you can go kayaking in Nevada?

This article is dedicated to the kayaking destinations in Nevada. Let’s get started:

Top Breathtaking Kayaking Destinations in Nevada

Top Breathtaking Kayaking Destinations in Nevada

Behold! I give you the must-explore kayaking destinations. Of course, there are many places to go for kayaking obviously with different kinds of kayaks besides visiting casinos and seeing all sorts of shows. Grab your kayak and find yourself the top destination near you.

Kayaking through the Colorado River

Who doesn’t know about the Colorado River?

The river zigzags through much of the United States. On its lazy path, the Colorado River covers the majority of the US. So, many of you obviously have heard of the river. You can too keep a piece of the Colorado River by kayaking through it.

The in and around the Black Canyon is unanimously the best place to explore the Colorado River via kayak. Although this is quite a spectacular place to visit, coming here for kayaking is not a popular option. That’s because the temperature over here tops 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Main Attractions

1. The volcanic rock canyon that is adjacent to Boulder City, NV.

2. Easily accessible

3. A beautiful, peaceful stretch

4. Lots of opportunities to view wildlife

5. Coyotes, eagles, falcons, and more are open for viewing

6. Nearby hot springs

Kayaking Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead spans parts of both Nevada and Arizona. It features the largest freshwater reservoir in the United States. The lake is formed by the renowned Hoover Dam. Moreover, it covers a vast expanse of 112 miles.

With its huge covering size, Lake Mead encompasses a huge surrounding area. As a result, it offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Kayaking in Lake Mead offers a truly exciting opportunity. It is because the water is crystal clear and surprisingly clean. You can have plenty of points to launch. There is plenty to see as well. However, what you need to note here is that you can’t start from the Hoover Dam base.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

You may have heard of this place from bird watchers. The vantage point of the kayak offers a unique spot to cover much of the area by kayaking. You are going to see so many different types of birds while kayaking.

The Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge comes with plenty of beautiful and well-preserved areas. If you think you haven’t seen any natural wonders yet, you can find plenty here. Kayaking through the area will give you an opportunity to see the area, and experience it.

Main Attractions

1. Bird watchers’ paradise

2. Beautiful, preserved areas

3. Natural wonders

4. Opportunity to view aquatic wildlife

5. Visible from the standpoint of a kayak

How Kayakers Explore Each Of Those Destinations:

Full-Day Black Canyon Kayak Tour

This is the most popular Colorado River experience. The tour can allow kayakers to enjoy an exciting and adventurous day on the river. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, then this tour should cover it.

1. Distance: 11.7 miles

2. Class: moving flat-water

3. Skill Level: Beginner +

4. Difficulty: Moderate

5. Popular Activities: kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming, etc.

Half-Day Colorado River Kayak Tour

If you want to experience kayaking in a bite-size package, then try this tour. The lower Colorado River is flowing with flat water with no rapids. The water glints off this beautiful hue that is extremely breath-taking.

1. Distance: 5-6 miles

2. Class: moving flat-water

3. Difficulty: Moderate

4. Skill: Beginner +

5. Popular Activities: kayaking, hiking, swimming, wildlife viewing, etc.

Bottom Line

If you are in the hands of a veteran guide, you will not be able to finish covering the kayaking destinations in Nevada. You are like to come back more and more. If you don’t believe me, then visit the destinations discussed above.

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