Lifetime Lotus Kayak Review 2021;( Price, Features, And Specs Explained)

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Lifetime Lotus Kayak is best for anyone looking for a compact size and affordable sit-on-top recreational kayak. This kayak is designed for recreational kayaking on calm waters. The kayak is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport to and from the water. It also has a compact size and can be carried without needing a cart or truck bed extender.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are a single paddler and looking for a lightweight, stable, and easily maneuverable kayak then the Lifetime Lotus Kayak will be an excellent option for you
  • The price of this kayak is $420 and you can buy it from Amazon or Lifetime’s official website
  • The lifetime lotus features a backrest and multiple footrest positions to ensure you are comfortable while kayaking
  • The kayak is made from high-density polyethylene, which makes it the toughest and most enduring kayak

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What Is The Lifetime Lotus Kayak?

The lifetime lotus kayak is a great and budget-friendly kayak designed for recreational kayaking. It is portable and compact. You can easily carry it for all your adventures. The kayak is highly maneuverable and stable, thanks to its width. It is an excellent watercraft for paddlers looking to enjoy a calm day on the waters. The kayak is quite affordable, making it popular among kayakers.

Who Is The Lifetime Lotus Kayak For?

 This kayak is meant for recreational paddlers who enjoy kayaking on calm waters. It is a lightweight and compact kayak that you can carry with ease. The kayak has excellent stability and maneuverability and is ideal for accessing tight spots that other wider kayaks cannot reach. The kayak is great for this group of paddlers:

1. Those on a budget looking for an affordable kayak

2. Single paddlers looking for a lightweight kayak that is easily portable

3. Kayakers looking for a stable and maneuverable kayak

How Much Does The Lifetime Lotus Kayak Cost?

The lifetime lotus kayak is available to buy at $ 420 from their website if you buy one. If you buy more than one kayak, you get a discount and end up paying $320 for each kayak. If you are keen on getting the deal, you could team up with a friend and buy together to save some bucks.

Features Of The Lifetime Lotus Kayak

This kayak has numerous functional features that make it a worthy buy. The features are nothing out of the ordinary, but they all come together beautifully to make this kayak impressive and useful.  Let’s have a look at these features in detail:

1. The Hull Is Designed To Make The Kayak Stable And Track Well

This kayak is quite stable, and you can comfortably stand on the kayak without fear of toppling over. This stability is what makes the kayak great for beginners and kids transitioning from a kid’s kayak.

2. Features A Backrest And Multiple Footrest Positions

The lifetime lotus is designed to ensure you are comfortable as you cruise and enjoy the calm waters. It has a rigid adjustable backrest that offers ample lumbar support and footrests that cater to different-sized paddlers.

3. Made From A Durable High-Density Polyethylene Making It Solid And Rugged

The kayak is made from high-density polyethylene, which makes it the toughest and most enduring kayak. With this, you are guaranteed years of use without needing to repair or replace your kayak. This material is also UV-protected to ensure your kayak doesn’t crack, peel or fade.

4. Has A Tank Well Storage With Bungee Cord Lacing For Securing Your Loose Luggage 

This kayak has a tank well at the back, which comes in handy for storing your gear and kayaking essentials. This tank well has bungee cords that help keep your stuff secured in place. With this as the only provided storage space, you will have to manage it properly to fit what you need for your adventure.

5. Has Scupper Holes At The Cockpit For Effectively Draining Water

As you already know, sit-on-top kayaks are prone to get water in the cockpit from splashes or waves. The lifetime lotus features scupper holes that help drain water fast and efficiently to avoid a flooded cockpit.

6. The Kayak Is Lightweight And Easy To Transport

One thing we appreciate about the lifetime lotus is how light it is. This kayak weighs only 38 pounds, and even a kid can carry it to and from the water. The weight makes it more functional as a single-person kayak since you won’t need help when hauling the vessel. 

7. Has T-handles At The Bow And Stern And Another Handle At The Center

You will not have to worry about how to haul your kayak to the water. It has enough ergonomic carry handles that make it easy to carry this lightweight vessel.

8. It Has A Weight Capacity Of 250 Pounds Which Is Enough For A Paddler And Their Gear

This kayak has an impressive weight capacity that can accommodate you and your gear. Considering you have limited storage space; we think that the weight capacity is sufficient for those calm adventures on the water

9. Features A Molded Paddle Cradle To Hold Your Paddle

The lifetime lotus has this unique feature that comes in handy when you aren’t paddling. It has a paddle holder that keeps your paddle secure as you enjoy the scenery or maybe catch some fish.

Specifications Of The Lifetime Lotus Kayak

Brand Lifetime 
MaterialHigh-density polyethylene
Weight 38 pounds
No of personsOne person
Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
User-levelBeginner and intermediate
Water typeSlow rivers and small lakes
Intended useRecreational 
Dimensions 94.8” x 27.5” x 9”
Warranty 5-year limited 

Pros Of The Lifetime Lotus Kayak

1. It has a stable hull design

2. Has multiple footrests for extra comfort of different paddlers

3. Compact and lightweight kayak

4. Has a tank well for storage of essentials

5. Features self-draining scupper plugs

6. Molded paddle cradle

7. Inexpensive and quality kayak

8. Great maneuverability and tracking

Cons Of The Lifetime Lotus Kayak

1. The seat bottom is not as comfortable for long paddling

2. Has limited storage options

Frequently Asked Questions On The Lifetime Lotus Kayak

Q. Do I Need A Carrier When Transporting This Kayak?

A. This will depend on the model of your car. The lifetime lotus kayak is compact and lightweight and can fit on a standard roof rack of most vehicles. You will only need to secure it with a rope or bungee, and you are good to go. If unsure, measure the width of your luggage rack to compare if it can fit the kayak before buying an additional carrier.

Q. What Is The Difference Between The Lifetime Lotus Kayak And The Lifetime Day Lite?

These two kayaks are the same; their only difference is the color. The lifetime lotus is blue, while the lifetime day lite is red.

Q. Are Replacement Parts For This Kayak Available?

Yes, replacements are available and can be ordered through the customer service department. Check out their website for contacts in case you need to reach out to them.

Q. Is The Lifetime Lotus Great For Beginners?

Yes, as a beginner, you need a stable and lightweight kayak that is easy to handle, and this kayak is just that. It is also affordable, making it a great option to start experiencing kayaking before you commit.

Final Thoughts

The lifetime lotus is a great and affordable kayak that will help you enjoy the benefits of hard-shell kayaking without spending much. The kayak is stable and lightweight making it an excellent option for beginners and kids. We recommend this kayak to paddlers who are just learning and those of intermediate skill level. We hope that this comprehensive review gives you an insight into what you are getting when you buy this vessel. Good luck as you get one and enjoy your kayaking adventures



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