The Best Lifetime Youth Kayak Reviewed For 2023 (Factors, Comparisons, And FAQs Explained)

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The lifetime youth wave kayak is designed for kids who weigh 130 lbs and below or age five and up. It has a wide stance that provides a stable paddling platform to ensure your child is safe in the kayak.  If you want your kids to enjoy kayaking while still being safe in the water, consider getting this lifetime youth kayak.

Key Takeaways

  • The Lifetime Youth Kayak is made out of high-density polyethylene makes it lightweight and durable
  • The price of this kayak ranges from $150 – $180 and the actual price depends on color and design
  • This kayak has a reverse chine and wide stance for better stability
  • The molded finger handles on the sides of the kayak ensure easy transport of the kayak from one place to another

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What Is The Lifetime Youth Kayak?

The lifetime youth wave kayak is an excellent quality kayak designed for kids learning how to kayak. The kayak is made out of high-density polyethylene which makes it lightweight and durable. This kayak is among the most stable kayaks on the market and comes with very functional features. If you are looking to buy a recreational kayak for your kid, we highly recommend this particular one. It is designed with safety in mind and is also quite durable.

Who Is The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak For?

The lifetime youth wave kayak is meant for kids aged five years and above. It is designed for comfort and stability to make it easy to teach your kids how to kayak. The kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 130 lbs and can be used by kids for many years before they outgrow it. The lifetime youth wave is perfect if you want to buy an excellent quality yet affordable kids’ kayak.

How Much Does The Lifetime Youth Kayak Cost?

You can buy the lifetime youth wave kayak on Amazon for as little as $157. We noticed that with this particular kayak, the price might vary depending on the color you choose. Some popular colors, such as green, cost $177, so consider this if you are on a budget and not particular about specific colors.

Features Of The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

1. Ergonomic Cockpit Design That Helps The Paddler Attain Balance As They Gain Motor Skills

This kayak is probably the most comfortable sit-on-top kayak that you can buy for your kids. It is stable, and your kids will paddle boldly on their own. The kayak has a reverse chine and wide stance for better stability. Its cockpit also has scupper holes to help drain any water that gets into the cockpit. For its design, the kayak is reasonably priced and will help you teach your kids safe kayaking without breaking the bank.

2. Has Molded Finger Handles On The Sides Of The Kayak To Make It Easy To Transport The Kayak To And From The Water

Having a kid’s kayak that is easy to carry to and from the water is every parent or guardian’s dream. This kayak has molded finger handles and is also very lightweight, making it possible for the kids to carry the kayak themselves.

3. It Has A Swim-Up Step That Allows The Paddler To Re-Enter The Kayak From The Water

Have you ever fallen off your kayak and had a hard time trying to re-enter? It happens, and it can be frustrating. With this lifetime youth wave kayak, re-entering the kayak is easy, thanks to the swim-up step. Your kids will enjoy getting back on the kayak with ease.

4. Lightweight And Ideal For Children Above Age 5

This kayak only weighs 18 lbs, and kids can carry it and lift it with ease. It has a weight capacity of 130 lbs which is suitable for kids and pre-teens.

5. Has Scupper Holes For Draining Any Water That Gets To The Cockpit

When kayaking, water is prone to get into the cockpit of your kayak, and this can be uncomfortable if the water stagnates there. The lifetime youth wave kayak has scupper holes that help drain any water in your cockpit. Draining the water as it gets in helps ensure the kids are comfortable and prevent the kayak from sinking.

6. It Has A Reverse Chine For Better Stability

The reverse chine on a kayak works like training wheels on the bike to ensure that the kayak remains straight. This enhances the kayak’s directional stability and comfort and allows the paddler to focus on paddling.

7. It Comes In Fun Colors That Kids Love

Ask your kid what their favorite color is and whatever their answer is, there’s probably a lifetime youth wave kayak in that color.  These kayaks come in bright and fun colors that kids love—the most popular being green and orange. These bright colors are also advantageous because they increase visibility in gloomy weather.

8. It Has Multiple Footrest Positions Making It Comfortable For Kids Of Different Sizes

This kayak has multiple footrest positions for maximum comfort regardless of your height. Adjustable footrests help you customize the cockpit according to your size and liking.

9. It Comes With Lifetime’s Youth Eco Sport Elite; Double-Sided Black Paddle, Which Is 183cm Long

You won’t need to purchase a paddle since it already comes with one. The paddle is long and comfortable enough for kids to use with ease.


Brand Lifetime
MaterialHigh-density polyethylene
Weight18 lbs
Max. weight capacity130 lbs  
Length6 feet

How Does The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Perform On The Water?

The first thing you notice about this kayak when on the water has to be its stability. The kayak stands nicely on the water, and kids have an easy time getting on the kayak. It has a reverse chine hull that makes it more stable since it supports the kayak’s sides.

The lifetime youth wave kayak has excellent directional stability and tracking, making it a perfect choice for someone learning how to paddle. We noticed you could stand on this kayak without fear of toppling over. When you get onto the water, getting back on the kayak is easy, thanks to the swim-up step.

The kayak performs excellently on the water, and it will exceed your expectations with its stability and tracking.

Pros Of The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

1. Comfortable enough even for long hours of paddling thanks to its ergonomic cockpit design and multiple footrest positions

2. Durable, thus giving you value for money- the lifetime youth wave kayak is made from high-density polyethylene resistant to UV light and abrasion.

3. Weight capacity of 130 lbs makes the kayak usable even when your children become teens

4. Easy to transport due to its lightweight and finger-molded handles

5. It comes with a strong paddle, and you won’t need to purchase an extra paddle for this kayak

6. Affordable 

Cons Of The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

It doesn’t come with a seat or seat pad. If you love having a seat pad on your kayak, then you will have to purchase one separately since it is not included in the pack.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

Q. Can I Use The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak On Rivers?

A. yes, the kayak is stable enough for use on rivers with slow-moving waters. We recommend using the kayak on still waters such as ponds and lakes before venturing into the rivers for kids who are just learning.

Q. Does This Kayak Come With Paddles?

A. yes, the kayak comes with lifetime youth Eco Sport Elite paddles that are 183 cm long and ideal for kids.

Q. Does The Kayak Come With Seat Pads?

A. No, seat pads are not part of the package when you purchase this kayak because it is designed to be comfortable even without seat pads. If you need a kayak seat pad to use with this vessel, you will have to buy one separately.

The Takeaway

Lifetime youth wave kayak is an excellent choice for kids who want to learn and enjoy recreational kayaking. The kayak has been designed with the user’s safety in mind, and you won’t have to stress about your kids drowning or such problems. It has excellent features for its price, and your children can enjoy kayaking without you paying an arm and a leg.  We love that this kayak comes in fun, bright colors that kids love. These colors also help enhance the visibility of the kayak in gloomy weather keeping your kids safe from oncoming motorboats.

If you want a kayak that your kids will use for years and hand it down to future generations, we recommend this lifetime youth wave kayak. You will get immense value for money, and your children will enjoy a watercraft they can use for years. So go ahead and make that purchase, and you will always be happy that you did.


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