How To Make A Fishing Rod At Home: Step By Step Guide And Instructions

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Ready-made fishing rods can be expensive, especially if you are a casual angler. So, in this type of situation, you can make your fishing rod at home. You will need a piece of bamboo cane, a fishing line, and a hook to make the fishing rod.

Detail Steps for Making a Fishing Rod At Home

Here we show you 5 steps for creating one of the best fishing rods in your home.

1. Get All The Needed Materials

There are various items required before you start to make a fishing rod at home. You need a piece of bamboo cane, a fishing line, and a hook. You can also get a floater of any size and heavy sinkers though optional. 

bamboo cane

The cost of all the items can sum up to $5. In the end of it, all the rod made is worth much more than the money spent. The bamboo cane should be 8-10 feet long and 1-2 inches in diameter.  Avoid the larger and bigger poles as they can be cumbersome to carry around and difficult to hold correctly.

2. Trim, Smooth, And Leave The Can To Dry

Use a sharp knife to trim away all the nubs or leaves from the body of the cane. Use the tip of the blade and slide it down the rod over again until it becomes smooth. In the thicker end of the fishing pole saw through the joint to get a closed end. To make it smoother, you can take a piece of sandpaper and use it to smooth the cane as much as possible.  

The bamboo should be left to dry in a warm, dry place. You can tie the narrow end with a string and hang it on a ceiling to ensure the cane dries evenly. It can take some time to dry, but once it dries, grab it and straighten it as much as you can.

3. Attach The Fishing Line

Once the bamboo is ready, you should make a line around it.  First, carve a small path and then do the same thing over again until you get a line measuring 3-5mm. Tie your fishing line around the already curved bamboo 1-2 inches from the handle and run it along until the end.

Take another piece of fishing line and tie it at the tip of the pole and the other 2 points. The hanging wire should be 2 feet longer than the pole. Note that after experimenting with shorter lines, you can try longer ones to cast further.

a. Attach The Hook

After the line is ready, you should now attach the hook to it. You can use a direct tie or clip connector to attach the hook.

bamboo rod fishing hook

Tie it properly to avoid losing it when fishing. Hook has a sharp end and therefore, should be handled with care.

b. Attach Floater And Sinker

Though the floater and weights are optional, using them can make the fishing experience better. Weight should be tied to the clip connector while the floater is attached directly to the line.

fishing rod floater and sinker

Fishing Rod Making At Home (Video)

Watch this video from Mr. Useful who is reliable and easy to follow –

Final Take

Following the above steps is easy, and when done, you are set to head out to your fishing location. The fishing rod is also durable and will give you quality services. Adjust the line accordingly, and enjoy fishing with your homemade fishing pole!




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