Best Motor Drive & Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak Of 2022 (Reviews, Types & FAQs)

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Do I get more fish in a motorized or pedal-drive fishing kayak? Is there really even a difference? There’s still a constant debate about which one is better, and as an experienced kayaker, I always get grilled with questions and more.

Let’s settle this debate once and for all, and I’m here to help. Below, I have provided a guideline on the key features and differences between motorized and pedal-drive fishing kayaks. I have also prepared a list of the best motorized and pedal-drive fishing kayaks in my opinion.

3 Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks
3 Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks

What is a Motor Drive & Pedal Drive Kayak?

Motor drive boats are propelled by an electric motor. The motor is powered by an on-board battery pack and can be plugged into a power outlet for charging. For some people, this offers the convenience of being able to pedal all day without needing to stop for battery changes or recharging.

Pedal drive boats are more traditional kayaks that are propelled by your own physical strength with your leg muscles. It is important to note that there are benefits and drawbacks of both types of kayaks, so if you're looking for the most efficient option it may be best to weigh your options and make a decision based on your requirements and needs.

The motor drive kayak is a kayak that moves with the help of an engine. The motor is usually located in the stern of the boat. Pedal drive boats are propelled by human power, using pedals that are located in the back of the boat.

Top Rated Motorized Kayaks | The Comparison

We have analyzed and reviewed top 6 motor and pedal drive kayaks and here is the comparison - 

Best Motor Drive & Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

Top 09 Motor & Pedal Drive Kayaks

Difference Between Motorized vs. Pedal Drive Kayaks 

Motorized and pedal drive fishing kayaks are modern designs of a kayak that vary considerably from the traditional paddled kayak. These are innovative designs that have made fishing easier. Both motorized and pedal-drive fishing kayaks have similar advantages of speed, hands-free propulsion, and reduced rider fatigue.

However, which kayak design is better in terms of these categories?


Motor Drive Kayak

Pedal Drive Kayak

Rider Exertion

It covers more distance at a faster clip and with no sweat. A kayak with trolling motors allows you to enjoy the view as you cruise, no matter the fishing environment.

Although you could do this as well with pedal-drive kayaks, it would still require a lot of physical exertion to propel the waters, especially in your legs and back.



If you opt for a pedal-drive kayak, choose a brand that has a comfortable, adjustable seat. A padded seat that can be reclined will help ease the tension in your back as you pedal in the waters. 


The fish might feel or hear the buzz of the electric motors as it nears the fishing spot and scare them away.

Pedal-driven kayaks tend to be quieter than kayaks with trolling motors. 

Getting Tangled

Motorized fishing kayaks face a threat of getting tangled in shallow waters.

Pedal-drive fishing kayaks face a threat of getting tangled in shallow waters.

Difficulties While Paddling

 Some brands include an emergency single-bladed or double-bladed paddle board in their package. However, if it’s not available, it is important to keep one when cruising. 

A paddle board will get you out of potential tough situations in the shallow waters.

My 10 Top Picks for Motor and Pedal-Drive Fishing Kayaks

1. Fissot 1-Person Plastic Kayak (Best Motor Drive Kayak For Storage)

Fissot Newest 1-Person Folding Canoe Fishing Jet Plastic Kayak

This kayak from Fissot is suitable for one person only but has large carrying capacity of up to 552 pounds. You don’t have to worry about your balance while standing up since this model has a bar you can grab and lean on.

The retractable stabilizers on the sides of the kayak enhance the buoyancy and make the ride more stable even when standing up. There is a built-in stool in the kayak. Unfortunately, it is not adjustable, removable, and has no back and arm support.

Although there are no other consoles or storage pockets, there is a single rod holder attached in the side of the kayak. Your extra clothes, phone, and wallets can be stored and sealed in the hatch located at the front side. You can store your materials without worrying about them getting soaked and damaged.


  • It includes a stand-up support for stability
  •  It has a sealed storage space for your items you want to keep dry


  • Too heavy at 110 pounds
  • Too expensive for a plastic material kayak
  • The seat has no back and arm support

2. ClearYup Electric Kayak with Trolling Motor (Best Corrosion Resistant Motorized Kayak)

ClearYup Electric Kayak with Remote Control Jet Kayak with Trolling Motor See Through Kayak Clear Bottom Boat 2 Seater Kayak Made by Fiberglass and Polycarbonate

The water’s view from above is crystal clear with the transparent polycarbonate hull of ClearYup’s see-through kayak. Kids will surely enjoy the view of a fish getting caught in the hooks. The glass is low-maintenance since the material already has double UV-protected layers and anti-yellowing to keep it transparent and protected from shattering due to extreme heat or cold weather. 

You can cover more areas to explore with the electric motor that can last for around 2-4 hours. It is powered with a rechargeable battery with a remote control to help you track down the battery status. As such, there’s no need to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. But in any case, the package comes with two double-bladed paddles to help you move with ease or paddle safely if the battery dies out on the middle of the lake or sea.


  • Shatter-resistant and corrosion-resistant see-through fiberglass hull material
  • Includes two double-bladed paddles
  • Weighs only 62 pounds and can carry up to 440 pounds


  • Requires assembling that might seem complicated for beginners
4 Stroke Engines Gasoline Powered Jet Kayak Motorized Canoe Shipped by Air 55 Km/h professional high tech exhaust system.

The Macraft jet kayak has enough space for one adventurer at a time. This four-stroke gasoline-powered jet kayak will get you to places swiftly. With a speed that can go up to 55 kilometers per hour, you can surely get to your destination fast. 

However, I have to say that this is more ideal for exploration and looking for fishing spots than fishing. Although it would be a fun and speedy ride, there are no fishing accessories or rod holders included. Also, it only has a maximum capacity of 100 kg. 

The hull and cockpit are made of fiberglass material so it is tough and impact-resistant. 


  • Jet-powered design allows it to cover more area for exploration
  • Made of a durable material


  • It has a low storage capacity of up to 100 kg
  • No fishing accessories included
  • No rod holders

4. Waterblade Motorized Electric Sup (Best Portable Motorized SUP) 


The Waterblade has an integrated electric motor which allows you to briskly move around the water at approximately 5 miles per hour completely hands-free. It is powered by a lithium battery which is encased in a water resistant box. With its stability, two people could position themselves whether they are standing up or sitting down. 

The hull is made of high quality drop-stitch material and covered with additional PVC layer to make it sturdy and durable. Plus, there’s an added feature of water-resistant Bluetooth speakers so that you can blast out some tunes while cruising. 

It does not take up a large storage space in your garage because it is inflatable and foldable. You can easily assemble and disassemble within minutes. The air pump comes with the package.


  • It comes with a water-resistant Bluetooth mini speaker
  • Portable since it’s inflatable and foldable


  • It lacks other accessories which you can find in a typical kayak

5.  Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak (Best Motor Drive Kayak For Maximum Load Capacity)

Hobie Pro Angler 14 Olive

Hobie has first introduced to the world the first design for pedal-driven kayaks since 1997. The other brands have followed suit, but this brand is known for their Mirage Drive kayaks that are perfect for recreational fishing.  

The Mirage Pro Angler 14 is no exception. It comes with a lot of accessories and storage space that is perfect for any fishing environments. It has accessible tacklers, cutting board, horizontal storage for four fishing rods, and two vertical storage rooms for fishing rods. 

You can comfortably pedal the waters with the built-in vantage seat that is padded and adjustable. You can even carry an ice box and you would not even worry have to worry about it being overloaded as it can carry up to 600 pounds of weight. 


  • It can support up to 600 pounds
  • It includes a lot of storage space for your fishing gear and accessories


  • Difficult to control over rapid currents unless installed with the sail kit

6. Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal Kayak (Best Budget Friendly Motorized Kayak)

Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal Kayak

The Ocean Kayak Malibu is set in bright hues of blue and green. This kayak gives off a relaxing summer beach vibe. For beach enthusiasts out there, you can enjoy idly kayaking as you sit and pedal with their PDL pedal drive system. There is a comfortable built-in beach seat included. The seat may not offer enough backrest though, especially for older people or people with back problems.

This kayak is perfect for calm recreational rides and fishing in calm waters. And when you have decided to go back to the shore, there is an efficient and easy tilling system. With a movement of the dial, the attached rudder will be moved from left to right and eventually steer you back to shore. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Can carry a maximum of 450 pounds
  • Applicable for cruising in open water


  • Lacks storage space and holders for fishing gears and accessories
  • The seat is not padded so there’s no back support

7. Old Town Predator PDL Kayak (Best Automatic Motor Kayak With Adjustable Seat)

Old Town Predator PDL Kayak - Brown Camo

This kayak from Old Town is well-equipped for fishing and has a large storage capacity of up to 500 pounds. It has an exo-ridge tank well to store your cooler or gearbox. There are also accessory mounts ready in the hull for additional accessories. If you would like to secure your materials from getting soaked, there are two hatches with click seal covers, one in the front and one under the seat. 

The seating system allows you to adjust the seat. Pedal-drive kayaks in shallow waters can sometimes be a problem, but this model has a removable pedal drive to navigate or dock with minimal problem. 

Moreover, it has scupper holes to remove any water that has got inside. The integrated transducer scupper feature makes water draining fast to avoid slipping or sinking. This brand offers a variety of attractive designs – the brown camo option is my personal favorite.


  • Adjustable seats to accommodate any height
  • The model has a brown camo option design 
  • Adjustable pedal drive system for shallow waters navigation
  • Large carrying capacity up to 500 pounds


  • Navigating waters with rapid currents would be a struggle

8. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Kayak (Best Motor Kayak For Fishing)

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Kayak

The Mirage Pro Angler 12 is for perfect for the individual who prefers to fish solo. It is made of tough polyethylene material and has ample storage for fishing rods, mesh storage pockets, cargo area, and utility trays.

You can sit like a king while waiting for your line to get caught. It is adjustable, so whether you decide to recline or move the seat forward, you can stretch your legs with the wide space available. 

Just like the Mirage Pro Angler 14, this kayak has a MirageDrive 180 for that trusted pedal-drive system. The ST Turbo Fins this model has makes it easy to maneuver. And when you’re ready to go back to the shore, the rudder control will help you swiftly steer.


  • It includes Turbo fins for easy pedaling
  • Comes with ample storage space for gears and accessories


  • It does not include a cup holderNo emergency paddles included

9. Perception Pescador 12.0 Pilot Kayak (Best Motor Drive Kayak For Dog)

Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot

Perception Pescador is made for fishing in slow-moving rivers, calm coastal waters, flatwater lakes, and ponds. You can carry a cooler, a pint of beer, or even your dog and it still would not be overloaded. It can carry a maximum load of up to 475 pounds.

Your storage needs are taken into consideration with the front and rear open storage, consoles, and rod holders this kayak features. 

Manufactured in the USA, this model has been approved by the US Coast Guard-compliant hull identification number. This means that it is a guaranteed safe and stable kayak. The hull is made of high-density polyethylene that makes it UV-protected, impact-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. A worthy investment with the durable material it’s made of.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Has a convenient drink holder to avoid spillage
  • Ample open storage for fishing gear and other accessories


  • Not ideal for rapids and strong currents

10. Hobie Oasis 14 Tandem Kayak (Best Motor Drive Tandem Kayak)

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat Detachable Back Backpack/Bag Canoe Backrest

Exploring in a new, unfamiliar place in the Hobie Oasis 14 makes looking for a fishing spot easy. The reversible MirageDrive 180 pedal-drive system allows you to forward or reverse the waters easily. Your fishing environment will not always be calm waters and zero winds, but the sail mount feature will assist in maneuvering the kayak even during the windiest situations. 

Just like the other Hobie models, the durability and stability of the hull are ensured since it is constructed from a polyethylene material.


  • It can seat up to two persons
  • It comes with a sail mount It has a rudder control


  • It includes no rod holder

Features of a Motorized Kayak You Should Check Before Buying

Essentially, what makes motorized kayaks different from other designs are its two parts: the electric motor and the tiller system. The electric motor for kayaking is also known as trolling motor. It moves in slow motion as it imitates the average speed a paddler can go. Trolling motors will not scare off any fishes nor damage the body of water as there are no gas leaks, smoke emissions, and loud sound.

There are two types of electric motor: built-in motor and mounted motor. Some prefer the latter since an add-on mounted electric motor is less likely to be damaged by whatever’s at the bottom of the water.

Integrated motors are located at the bottom of the kayaks which makes them more prone to damage. If your fishing spot is at a distance from the shore, motorized kayaks provide greater area exploration with lesser energy exertion. 

A tiller system is easily accessible to navigate the waters. Just as with the electric motors, a wood drift, seaweed, or plastic could potentially get tangled in the rudders. If this happens, you might have a hard time untangling the material without getting wet. Therefore, it’s important to be careful when you’re moving around in the shallow waters. It is recommended to keep a paddle handy to move with ease and to avoid the damage threat.

Features of a Pedal-Drive Kayak You Should Check Before Buying

As mentioned, pedal-drive kayaks were introduced by the brand Hobie in 1997. Their MirageDrive kayaks were an innovation that was welcomed by a lot of recreational fishers and anglers. In 2008, Native Watercraft soon followed suit and introduced the brand’s version of pedal-drive kayaks.

There are two main forms of pedal-drive kayaks: rotational pedals with propeller and pedals with fins. For the first form, a movement of the pedals will power a part called a driveshaft. As this part moves, the power will transfer to the propeller below the kayak, thereby causing it to spin. You can move your kayak forward by pushing your pedals forward; pushing it backward will move it to the reverse direction.

Pedal-drives have the advantage of a hands-free navigation. With your legs doing the work, your hands are free to set up your fishing gears and wait. With your leg muscles in constant movement, this can exert a pressure in your back. Thus a kayak with a good seat is an investment you should splurge on for full comfort.

A rotational pedal-drive model with a propeller will find a limited movement in shallow waters. Weeds and propeller is a bad combination that will lead to a tangling mess. However, there are brands available in the market that don’t use a propeller; they instead have “fins”. Another advantage is stealth. When you’re close to your fishing spot, you can swiftly and silently pedal without scaring the fish away. 


Selecting the best kayak motor is not a decision to be taken lightly. You need to consider various factors, such as your budget, how often you plan on using it and what type of fishing you will be doing.

There are many different types of motors for fishing kayaks that can help make the process easier. For example, if you choose a gas-powered motor then there will be no need for fuel because they run off propane or gasoline.

If you want something more economical then an electric trolling motor may work better for your needs. The following FAQ section goes into detail about these two options and also offers some other important considerations when selecting the best fishing kayak motors!

What kayaks can you put a motor on?

Here is a list of Kayaks on which you can mount a motor on.

  • Ocean Kayak Frenzy 11.0 fishing kayaks
  • Hobie Outback Angler fishing kayaks: 15' and 17'
  • Old Town Predator 13.0 fishing kayaks
  • Jackson Cuda 12 Fishing Kayak
  • Hyside Sportfisherman 16 Fishing Kayak with Motor Mounting Kit (110V)
  • Mongoose Boarfish 14 fishing Kayaks w/Motor mount kit, includes Yamaha SSR150F trolling motor
  • 20" shaft length only fits 16 to 18 ft boats!

How fast can a kayak go with a trolling motor?

The speed of the kayak will vary depending on the type of trolling motor and battery but generally, a fishing kayak with a good 140-lb thrust trolling motor can go about two to three miles per hour.

The speed of the Kayaks will depend on what kind of engine it has as well as how long your boat is! The longer your boat the faster you are going to be able to go because there is more area for water to push against if they have been put in the back. If you want a really quick ride through the water though we recommend looking into one that's shorter or even using an electric option like this Hobie Mirage Adventurer 13 Fishing Kayaks.

Do I need to register my kayak with a trolling motor?

Registration is not required in every state, but many states require the registration of vessels operating on public water. Contact the USCG for current boating requirements in your area to register a motorized fishing kayak with trolling motors.

In general, you're going to want to fill out and sign a Powerboat Registration form (Form CG-1230) if:

  1.  The vessel has more than one propulsion power source other than oars or paddles (e.g., an electric trolling motor). In this case, include all power sources including batteries used by any auxiliary engine that drives an impeller blade or screws attached directly to the drive shaft of the boat's main engine; or
  2. You are 16 years old and want to operate the vessel without a fishing license.
  3. If you are 15 years old or younger and want to operate your boat with only one motor, you may do so but must have an adult supervising you during the operation of the boat (either onboard or ashore).

Do you have to register a kayak with a trolling motor in Florida?

In Florida, there is no registration requirement for a vessel with an electric trolling motor.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission does not require the owner of a boat powered by an electric trolling motor to have any fishing licenses. However, all boaters must obey regulations in Chapter 327, Part IV, Subsection 328.405(11) on fishing from vessels without motors when they are within 200 yards of shore or while in inland waters of state parks and wildlife management areas where there are established fisheries (Resolution #2011-17).

The following information should be included:

Type I - The name or identification number assigned to the engine;

Type II - The horsepower rating at which the rate per hour is measured for the purposes of determining whether this type meets the criteria or not.

How much is a jet powered kayak?

The average cost of a Jet-powered kayak is around $700.

Buying a jet-powered kayak is an expensive decision, but think about how many people are going to be in the boat or fishing at one time. If you want to go alone, it's probably not worth paying this much for the equipment; however, if there will be multiple passengers on board then this will pay off more and have less wear and tear than with gas-powered engines.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of kayak that suits your needs. There are many different types of motorized fishing kayaks, such as inflatable or hard-sided hulls. The next step is pricing and budgeting for how much money you want to spend on a new jet-powered fishing boat. You can find prices ranging from $300 up to $5000 depending on the size and features offered by each model.

Can you drill the hull on a kayak to install an engine mount?

Yes, it can be done but it is not recommended. The drilling process may weaken the composite laminate and cause cracks in your boat from continuous stress of repetitive propeller movement or even fishing gear hitting rocks while trolling. An easier option would be buying a pre-made motorized fishing kayak with mounting holes already drilled out for ease of access at installation time or buy adapters that slip under existing mounts to accommodate larger motors.

Are kayak motors any good?

The motorized kayaks are great for fishing but they are not really designed to handle the waves.

You may have seen an increase in people using motorized kayaks and wondered what all of this is about? A lot of anglers prefer them because it's easier than paddling or rowing, especially if you struggle with back problems like I do! It also has other benefits such as making your fishing trip go a little faster when trying to reach a certain spot on time (especially if you need to get back before sunset) so that can make things more enjoyable. They're great for trolling too which helps fishermen catch their prey much quicker!

How to choose the best fishing kayak with an electric motor in 2021?

Here is the list- of the factors you should consider before buying a fishing kayak with an electric motor:

  • Budget: Consider your budget and do not exceed it. Usually, these motors are quite expensive so if you're on a tight budget, then it’s best to avoid them altogether. The cheaper option is always an inflatable kayak which can be carried around easily as well as being less costly than most other types of fishing boats within this category.
  • Boat length: Try to buy a boat that's at least 11 feet long because when the water starts getting rough or choppy, longer vessels will generally handle very poorly in contrast to shorter ones that remain stable much better even in difficult conditions.

Final Notes

It’s easy to get swamped with options you find in the market, but if you keep our top 10 best motorized & pedal-drive fishing kayaks in mind, you wouldn’t have to look further. I swear on those brands as they have been tried and tested. 

At the end of the day, motorized and pedal drive fishing kayaks all have the same recreational purposes. Before you hop on your choice, don’t forget to grab your fishing gear and bait. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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