NRS Women’s Dry Suit Review: Features, Strengths, And Weaknesses Explained

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The NRS women’s drysuit is a best seller and favorite among lady paddlers. NRS women’s drysuit is a garment designed especially for women paddlers to ensure they stay warm and dry as they enjoy their favorite water activities season after season. The drysuit is designed for comfort and durability to help you enjoy it for years to come. This drysuit has well-thought-out features that every paddler appreciates.

Key Takeaways

  • NRS Women’s Dry Suit is available in two types: The NRS women’s pivot dry suit and The NRS women’s crux dry suit
  • The NRS women’s drysuit will cost you $999.95 but if you consider the quality and features, the price is reasonable
  • This dry suit features a water-tight seal thanks to the 5” wide neoprene band overskirt
  • The back entry design improves flexibility and eliminates pressure points on the front of this drt suit

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What Are The Different Variations Of The NRS Women’s Drysuit?

When buying the NRS women’s drysuit, you have the option of choosing between

1. The NRS women’s pivot dry suit and,

2. The NRS women’s crux dry suit

These two are very similar even in price, with their only difference being the weight and entry style. The NRS women’s pivot dry suit weighs 3.2 lbs. and has a back entry style to take the weight off the chest, while the NRS women’s crux dry suit weighs 2.95 lbs. and has a front entry style.

 If you want a dry suit that is easy to put on and take off without assistance, we recommend the NRS women’s pivot dry suit. This variation is also lighter on the chest area, making it ideal for beginner paddlers. The drysuit you choose will be determined by your preference for the entry style since that is the only main difference between the two.

Who Is The NRS Women’s Drysuit For?

The NRS women’s dry suit is an excellent choice for paddlers exploring different water activities while still keeping dry and warm. You can wear the drysuit for an adventure to the sea, lake, or even white water kayaking. This drysuit comes in different sizes suitable for any body type. With the NRS dry suit, you are assured of finding the perfect fit for you.

How Much Does The NRS Women’s Dry Suit Cost?

 The NRS women’s drysuit costs $999.95 from amazon and the NRS store. The drysuit is of such good quality and has well-thought-out features for its price. We think it is worth every penny you spend on it for the durability and service you will get from this dry suit.

Features Of The NRS Women’s Drysuit

As mentioned earlier, this drysuit has a ton of impressive features that every paddler loves. Let’s look at these features in detail to help you understand what you are getting when you buy this dry suit.

1. Made From Premium 4- Layer Eclipse Fabric

The material of this dry suit makes it tough and breathable with superior dryness. With the NRS women’s pivot dry suit, you will not have to worry about durability or dryness since the material itself is a guarantee.

2. It Has A Back-Entry Design With An Aqua Seal zipper

The back entry design improves flexibility and eliminates pressure points on the front, making the dry suit super comfortable throughout your water adventure. The back entry zip also makes the drysuit easy to put on and take off without help.

3. Features A Water Tight Seal Thanks To The 5” Wide Neoprene Band Overskirt

This drysuit has an overskirt with a double-pull hook and loop closure that perfectly fits the spray skirt tunnel, completing a watertight seal. This will ensure you stay dry throughout your adventure since no water can sip through.

4. Double Seam Taping At The Toe And Heel For Extra Durability To The Fabric Socks

The dry suit’s socks are reinforced with a double seam taping at the heel and toe areas to ensure the fabric serves you for the longest time without wearing out. Other high-wear areas of the drysuit are reinforced with an extra layer of the eclipse fabric.

5. Features A Heavy-duty YKK Aqua Seal Drop Seat Relief Zipper With A Flap Cover

This type of zipper is super durable and waterproof. The zipper is easy to grab and pull thanks to its T-shaped handle

6. Has Neck And Wrists Over Cuffs To Protect The Top-Quality Latex Gaskets

 The over cuffs at the neck and wrists are volcano-style and self-draining neoprene to give maximum protection to the top-quality latex gaskets.

7. Has Stretchy Polyurethane Over Cuffs On The Ankles For Protecting The Eclipse Socks

To ensure the drysuit is extra dry, the manufacturers ensured that it has over cuffs to protect the inner parts. The over cuffs covering the eclipse socks are stretchy and have a hook and loop closure for a tight and comfortable fit.

Features One Splashproof Chest Pocket That Is PFD Friendly

Specifications Of The NRS Women’s Pivot Dry Suit 

Material 4- layer eclipse
Weight3.2 lbs.
Entry styleBack-entry
Neck closureLatex gasket with neoprene volcano-style over cuff
Wrist closureLatex gaskets with polyurethane over cuffs
Waist systemOverskirt with double-pull hook-and-loop adjustment
Ankle closureAdjustable hook-and-loop
Socks materialFabric 
sizeAvailable in sizes 4-18

How To Take Care And Maintain NRS Women’s Pivot Dry Suit

1. Below are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your dry wear.

2. If you were boating in seawater or saltwater, ensure you clean the dry suit with fresh water after use.

3. Only use cleaning products meant for technical outerwear garments such as Nikwax tech wash or Revivex synthetic fabric and follow the directions for use.

4. Do not use harsh chemicals, bleach, or laundry detergents to clean the dry suit.

5. Hand wash and air dry your garment as opposed to drying them in a dryer.

6. After drying your NRS dry suit, store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

7. For gasket care, avoid trimming them since they will stretch over time, and trimming may cause gasket failure.

8. Avoid bending zippers since you cannot repair them once broken, and replacing them is pretty expensive.

9. Always ensure you close all zippers before you get on the water

10. Remove excess air whenever you open or close the zipper since the excess air may affect the functionality of your dry suit.

Strengths Of The NRS Dry Suit

1. The back entry zipper makes it effortless to put on and remove without the help

2. Value for money from all the features you get

3. The zipper has a T-shaped handle that makes it easy to grab and pull

4. The back-entry design makes the dry suit comfortable at the front and rib areas.

5. It has a lightweight feel and increased mobility

6. Ideal for multiple applications such as kayaking, surfing, or rafting

Weaknesses Of The NRS Dry Suit

1. It doesn’t have pockets for stashing tiny essentials

2. Some people might struggle to put down the protective fabric cover over the zipper without help

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, the NRS women’s pivot dry suit is excellent for any woman looking to enjoy water activities without being exposed to the water. It is made of the best quality material and to the highest possible standard to ensure comfort and functionality. This drysuit is worth every penny you spend on it, making it an excellent investment for paddlers.

We are genuinely impressed with the dry suit and highly recommend this to paddlers of any size and expertise level. We think the NRS women’s dry suit is worth the hype, and you should already get one.


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